Chapter 109 - The Drizzle At The Purple Cauldron Mountain

    Chapter 109 - The Drizzle At The Purple Cauldron Mountain

    During the first month at the Purple Cauldron Mountain, Bai Xiaochun's immortal cave was silent; he didn't affect the Purple Cauldron disciples in the slightest, causing Zhang Fatso One to be relieved. Even on the several occasions where he had visited Bai Xiaochun, he would always find him refining. Slowly, the visits he paid had gradually lessened.

    However... One month later.

    Bai Xiaochun's eyes shone brightly as he gazed at the pill in front of him. Upon closer inspection, he began laughing loudly; his excitement was obvious from his expression. For the past month, he had heated the furnace four times, trying to discover a new method in order to get rid of the impurities, and at this moment, he finally found a new method!

    "The Thunder Cleansing is one method, and at the same time, cleansing the pills of impurities from within is also a viable method!"

    "I, Bai Xiaochun, really am a genius! Haha! I'll be using the law of the herbs allelopathic nature, and in the time when I refine the medicine, I'll use this method to create a burning effect; forcing out the impurities in the medicine! This way, a newly refined pill will no longer be a toxic pill!" The more Bai Xiaochun thought about it, the more excited he became. Taking a deep breath, he immediately heated the furnace.

    Stalks after stalks of herbs were placed into the furnace. After he arranged them, he applied his own thinking; he added a number of unnecessary herbs which weren't used in refining. He constantly took note of every minute detail.

    Four days later, Bai Xiaochun sunk into madness once again; he repeatedly spun the furnace while adjusting the earth fire, adding in extra herbs in the process. He would increase or lessen the amount depending on the situation.

    It was late at night in the same day when Bai Xiaochun noticed something and glanced at the furnace. I began to shake and a cracking sound resounded from within the furnace. Black smoke rose and burned Bai Xiaochun's throat, seemingly carrying some trace of poison in it. With a wave of his arm, Bai Xiaochun quickly sent the black smoke out of his immortal cave. It floated up in the sky and a great half of it stayed within the layers of clouds above the Purple Cauldron Mountain, while the other part drifted away in the wind; it silently made its way towards Green Peak Mountain.

    Only after the immortal cave was clear of the black smoke did Bai Xiaochun go back to the furnace, gazing at a pill below him. Picking it up, Bai Xiaochun saw that even though it was still a toxic pill, the impurity level was only above ninety percent; it was ten percent lower.

    Bai Xiaochun had instantly become pleased; he believed his speculation was correct. The only thing needed now was endless refining until he discover the refining method.

    "Haha... My refining method this time around isn't very disruptive. No lightning nor tremors, and it didn't affect any other disciples at all!" Bai Xiaochun was happy; he didn't want to enrage the other disciples due to his own refining problems.

    Bai Xiaochun was satisfied. He sat in a corner and crossed his legs. After finishing his daily cultivation training with the Elephant Dragon Ocean Forming Technique and the Undying Longevity Technique, he also trained the Water Nation Technique.

    After finally completing his cultivation, he went back to the Medicine Refinement Room and began refining medicine once more.

    This time, he was bursting with excitement. Almost everyday, he refined medicine at least four to five times, and every single time he refined, he would send the black smoke out of his immortal cave.

    Ten days later, he had a pleasant discovery; for every ten pellets he refined, only four were toxic, which only had ninety seven or ninety eight percent impurity; their impurity level was lower than the hundred percent before.

    In the six instances of success among the ten, the impurity level had decreased as well! If this continued, refining medium quality Grade Three medicine is just around the corner!

    Bai Xioachun's eyes burnt with passion; he didn't seem care for anything at all, as though he was in secluded cultivation. He began his insane routine of medicine refining, constantly recording and changing his notes. His daily furnace usage count reached around seven and eight; masses of black smoke spread out from his immortal cave everyday, floating up in the sky and dissipating. Half a month passed and he excitedly learned that the impurity level of his toxic pills lowered to ninety-five percent.

    During Bai Xiaochun's two month stay at the Purple Cauldron Mountain, many disciples of the Scented Cloud Mountain all let out a sigh of relief. They didn't know where Bai Xiaochun went, and they were just pleasantly enjoying the new tranquility of the Scented Cloud Mountain.

    Other than Zhang Fatso One, the disciples of Purple Cauldon Mountain had no idea that Bai Xiaochun was currently refining medicine in Purple Cauldron Mountain, and slowly, everything concerning the troubling events of which Bai Xiaochun's pill refinement had caused began to spread in the Purple Cauldron Mountain. Zhang Fatso One became worried, he began bothering Bai Xiaochun more frequently.

    He would have never thought that Bai Xiaochun would have made such a huge disaster in the Scented Cloud Mountain. But although he was worried, when he saw that Bai Xiaochun was quiet, and seeing that he didn't cause any trouble, Zhang Fatso's heart gradually calmed down.

    Time quickly flew as another month passed by. Bai Xiaochun's medicine refinement had been going on for three months now, and from his immortal cave, even more black smoke emerged; it attracted the attention of other disciples from the Purple Cauldron Mountain, but they didn't think much about it...

    Zhang Fatso One, on the other hand, was as unworried as ever. The only troubling thing was the rain that recently started in the Purple Cauldron Mountain. The rain was extremely peculiar, only appearing on Purple Cauldron Mountain and nowhere else.

    The rainwater was slightly dirty, forming spots of dirt whenever it landed on someone. As time passed by, many disciples of the Purple Cauldron Mountain began to believe that something was amiss. Bai Xiaochun's insanity for medicine refinement reached an unprecedented height... The frequency of his furnace usage daily had gone above fifteen!

    There was barely any resting time in between, causing Bai Xiaochun to become extremely pale; his impure pills, on the other hand, had a rapid decrease in the impurity rate, reaching ninety-two or ninety-three percent.

    "Only a few more months and then I'll be confident that the impurity rate will drop below ninety percent, making them low tier medicine!" Bai Xiaochun excitedly shouted, once again submerging himself in medicine refinement when an uproar began in the Purple Cauldron Mountain.

    Zhang Fatso One, who was currently walking somewhere in the Purple Cauldron Mountain, suddenly noticed that the rain got heavier. His eyes widened as he noticed the smell of acid within the raindrops. As it landed on his body, no harm was done to the body. However, at the moment the raindrop touched his clothes, it began to... melt...

    Zhang Fatso One's eyes were wide open, and after a brief moment of staring blankly, he yelped, realizing that his clothes were almost gone, prompting him to hastily return to his courtyard.

    The screaming Zhang Fatso One couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the clothes of all the disciples getting melted in the entire Purple Cauldron Mountain. Any disciple who were wettened by the rain had their clothes quickly melted. Some especially unfortunate people had no clothing at all; they shrieked in agony.

    "Oh my god! What... What is going on?!"

    "My clothes!"

    "What type of rain is this? It's kind of sour and doesn't harm anyone, but it's actually melting clothes?!"

    "Dammit, even protective light is useless against it!" The Purple Cauldron Mountain, at this moment, went insane. Unless one hid under shelter, even if new clothes were put on, everything would instantly melt under the rain.

    With a glance at the Purple Cauldron Mountain, anyone could see that it was in utter chaos. Some older inner sect disciples were going crazy as well; they had never encountered a situation like this before, while the female disciples shrieked endlessly.

    Even the elders of the Purple Cauldron Mountain were shocked; some of them even used spells outside as rain poured on them, creating a cool sensation in the atmosphere...

    At the same time, many people saw masses of black smoke rising up to the sky from Bai Xaiochun's immortal cave, and as more went up, the stronger the rain's acidic effects.

    At the moment this new smoke emerged, one inner sect disciple with clothes barely covering his body was flying quickly with a panicked face, only to slam into the screen of black smoke.

    When he re-emerged, all traces of clothing on his body vanished completely... The disciple stared blankly for a moment, before distressingly shouting in agony as electricity exploded around him, covering him as he quickly put on new clothes which, were obviously still melting...

    "What's going on? Who's in this immortal cave? Get out at once!" This inner sect disciple... was the one and only Lu Tianlei.

    Other disciples, as of this moment, also found the root of the problem; all of them began furiously yelling.

    "Dammit! It's coming from there! I knew something was wrong; this immortal cave shouldn't have anyone living in it, but black smoke has been coming out from here for these last few months!"

    "This black smoke is the culprit! It flew up in the sky these few months, affecting the weather, causing this sort of acid rain to pour down!"

    Just as the crowd was yelling angrily, Zhang Fatso One hid under a roof, staring blankly at the scene; his mind was going completely insane as he stared at the rain. He suddenly understood the feelings of all the disciples in the Scented Cloud Mountain.

    On the peak of the mountain, Ancestor Xu Meixiang of the Purple Cauldron Mountain gazed at the event with a blank face, staying inside her loft, afraid to go out. Raising her right hand and pointing towards the sky, the Purple Cauldron Mountain was instantly covered by a layer of protective light. With the emergence of that light, rain from the sky was completely cut off from the mountain.

    However, it was futile; even this protective light quickly melted from the rainwater.

    Taking advantage of this opportunity and protection from the rain, all the Purple Cauldron disciples speedily put on new clothes, filling the air with rage and killing intent as they charged straight towards Bai Xiaochun's immortal cave.

    At the same time, many of the disciples on Scented Cloud Mountain saw the protective light covering the entire Purple Cauldron Mountain as well as the rain, making the disciples feel surprised.


    "What's happening at the Purple Cauldron Mountain?"

    But to their surprise, a sudden burst of countless voices reverberated through the heaven and earth, full of rage as it spread out from the Purple Cauldron Mountain.

    "BAI! XIAO! CHUN!"

    The reverberation of voices resounded everywhere, even slightly shaking the Purple Cauldron Mountain! Meanwhile, all the disciples on Scented Cloud Mountain mind's shuddered; they instantly understood what was going on.

    "Bai Xiaochun went to the Purple Cauldron Mountain to refine medicine!"

    "That must be it! The ancestor didn't let him refine in the Scented Cloud Mountain, so he went to the Purple Cauldron Mountain instead!"

    Just as the disciples of the Purple Cauldron Mountain were going insane, Bai Xiaochun cried out in agony as he was blown into the air. He was so terrified that his heart felt tremors. He had a look of helplessness on his face; he was passionately refining medicine when a sudden eruption of countless spells burst into the immortal cave he was in. Raising his head in confusion, he was stunned as he met the furious glares of countless disciples around him.

    Especially Lu Tianlei who had lightning permeating around his body. He was the first one to charge at Bai Xiaochun.

    Bai Xiaochun was extremely shocked, but he quickly recovered as his wings were instantly released from his back. He hastily charged out, escaping as fast as possible from the wrathful disciples behind him. Over ten thousand of Purple Cauldron's disciples were furiously chasing after him.

    Zhang Fatso One, who was watching the scene on the mountain, swallowed a mouthful of air; he pretended to be unaware of the events which had just happened. He decided that he would never let anyone discover that it was him who agreed to let Bai Xiaochun refine here, and the fact that he was the person who found an immortal cave for him.

    While the disciples of the Purple Cauldron Mountain were furiously chasing after Bai Xiaochun, suddenly...

    A cry of exclamation sounded out from the Green Peak Mountain...


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