Chapter 113 - Something Huge Is About To Unfold

    Chapter 113 - Something Huge Is About To Unfold...

    The Grade 3 spirit medicine gave off a hazy feeling, however, the quality of this medicine was extremely great. Unexpectedly, it was not just a Low Tier spirit medicine, but it was almost at the Middle Tier! Bai Xiaochun was pleasantly surprised as he immediately suppressed his anger towards the rabbit and grasped the medicine pill in his hands.

    "This miracle pill can change the fate of the Ten Thousand Snakes Valley... One spirit medicine... can silence all the snakes in this valley!" Bai Xiaochun proudly laughed. However, his heart began trembling every time he thought about the rabbit. Hesitating, he listened to the ear piercing hisses of the snakes outside of the formation array, and the slamming sounds of the snakes hitting the formation array.

    "Noisy!" Bai Xiaochun glared as his heart turned ruthless; he immediately took out the Turtle-shell pot. He actually wanted to use Spirit Refinement on this medicine pill... and not just twice, but thrice!

    A silver light shined, and after Spirit Refinement occurred three times, the impurities in the medicine pill rapidly decreased, impressively entering the Middle Tier from the Low Tier!

    Holding the medicine pill, Bai Xiaochun walked out of the stone room. He stood in the formation array, looking at the countless snakes outside spitting venom at him. He also saw the movements of shadow as the scene of the formation array being continuously rammed appeared before him.

    "Half a year ago, this Grandfather Bai once said that he would let you know my awesomeness. Remember this, you are the ones who forced me!" Bai Xiaochun suddenly waved his right hand. Immediately, the medicine pill rapidly flew out of the formation array, falling into the group of snakes.

    Bai Xiaochun had specially added a drop of his blood into the medicine pill, so that it would cause countless snakes to quickly charge at it the moment it fell, rushing to devour it. Quickly, a Flower Eyed Snake that was comparable to the fourth layer of Qi Condensation devoured it, and its body suddenly shook as its eyes let out a mysterious light.

    Bai Xiaochun excitedly looked over. But at this moment, a Blood God Snake at the eighth layer of Qi Condensation tyrannically rushed over, sweeping away all the other snakes, causing many of them to be turned into a bloody mess. This Blood God Snake unexpectedly swallowed the Flower Eyed Snake in one gulp.

    Bai Xiaochun widely opened his eyes and quickly looked at the Blood God Snake. That snake indifferently stared at Bai Xiaochun as it slowly slithered over to a rock that was far away and coiled itself.

    Bai Xiaochun was slightly nervous as he patiently waited for the pill to take effect. After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, that Blood God Snake's body shook, as if it wanted to open its mouth to hiss. Alas, it was obvious that when it opened its mouth, its mouth unexpectedly had an abundant sticky substances, and it pulled out many threads that looked like they were stuck to the snake's mouth, causing the act of opening its mouth to be difficult.

    The moment Bai Xiaochun saw that the pill was effective, he madly laughed, waiting for the second effect of the pill to happen.

    After another incense stick's worth of time, the amount of sticky substances in the Blood God Snake's mouth increased, to the point where it couldn't even open its mouth. Its eyes were bulging, and the originally ice-cold eyes looked like a goldfish at this moment as it stared blankly at Bai Xiaochun. Looking at it now, it actually didn't look vicious, instead it was a bit cute...

    Quickly, a banging sound unexpectedly came out from the body of the Blood God Snake, and from its butt, countless gaseous substances were released, as if it was farting. This gas was pink in colour, and it condensed into a fog, instantly spreading out to the surroundings.

    The banging sound did not stop, and it seemed like there was no end to the Blood God Snake's farting. Under Bai Xiaochun's excitement, the Blood God Snake actually farted nonstop for a whole day.

    Inside the cave, everything that wasn't in the formation array was filled by a pink fog. Gradually, after the fog was inhaled by the other snakes, they started secreting the sticky substance, and their eyes began bulging. Soon after, they also started farting.

    The banging sounded like thunder as the fog unceasingly spread inside the cave.

    Even the gaze that came from the deepest parts of the cave, which had made Bai Xiaochun fearful, had slackened at this moment. After that, it let out an even stronger banging sound.

    After a few days when all the fog had dissipated, Bai Xiaochun stood in the formation array while looking outside. The entire snake cave was silent, with no hissing and no venom being spewed out. The mouths of all of the snakes were sealed shut, their eyes bulging, looking dazed.

    Bai Xiaochun stood in the formation array, looking upwards as he madly laughed. Only after a long time did he lift up his chin, feeling proud of himself. He involuntarily assumed the melancholic appearance of an unfathomable expert and flourished his small sleeve.

    "I, Bai Xiaochun, have made all of the snakes in the Ten Thousand Snakes Valley shut up in the time taken to snap my fingers. To commemorate this spirit medicine, I will name this the... Mouth Shutting Pill!"

    He assumed the appearance of an unfathomable expert and walked out of the formation array into the horde of snakes. Looking at the cute snakes that were all around him, he smiled brilliantly in his heart. But at this moment when his feeling of being an expert was the strongest, suddenly, the entire body of a One Step Snake that was not far away from him instantly turned red, as if it had a rise in temperature. In a speed naked to the visible eye, its body was seemingly mutating, and after a while, it unexpectedly turned extremely rabid, rampaging all around the cave.

    The One Step Snake had no way of hissing after its mouth got sealed, which caused it to be even madder. With its rampage, its body appeared to suffer immense pain, causing it to be turned into a bloody mess. However, it still continued rampaging.

    Bai Xiaochun was frightened and wanted to block it. However, he noticed that the One Step Snake was still as mad as before and continued rampaging. Bai Xiaochun's expression changed, but he was absolutely horrified to discover that all of the snakes were quickly turning rabid at this moment; their bodies were releasing a high temperature as they rampaged all around, jumping up and down.

    Especially the Blood God Snake which swallowed the medicine pill, its body had clearly become bulkier. In a flash, it joined the rampaging snakes as it also moved around in a fit of madness.

    At this moment, a booming sound was let out from the deepest parts of the cave. Following that, all of the snakes in the snake cave became even more rabid, twisting their bodies as if they were mad. Some snakes even smashed themselves at the rock wall.

    Bai Xiaochun widened his eyes, quickly retreating back into the formation array. But in the moment when he entered the formation array, over half of the countless snakes rammed themselves on the formation array. When the formation array shook, Bai Xiaochun looked at the snakes all around that had turned insane as his scalp felt numb.

    "Shit! Shit! These snakes are mad. If they keep on assaulting the formation array, this formation array might cave in!" Bai Xiaochun was extremely nervous. He originally desired to force these snakes shut up, however, he didn't expect that there would be such a side effect. The thought of Li Qinghou finding about the conditions of the snakes cause Bai Xiaochun to tremble from the bottom of his heart; he knew that Li Qinghou would be exceedingly furious.

    Bai Xiaochun anxiously and hastily rushed back to the stone house and heated his furnace; taking out a large number of medicinal herbs. He wanted to refine another pill in order to solve this dilemma. At this moment, he no longer had the arrogance he had earlier, and instead, he was sullen while trembling in fear. After a few days, Bai Xiaochun's ran out of the stone house with bloodshot eyes and messy hair.

    His hand was grasping three medicine pills. These three pills were the result of him not sleeping nor resting for three days, spending the entirety of his time to refine a medicine pills in order to temporarily solve the problem. Following this thought, Bai Xiaochun wanted a pill which could ease the rabidness of the snakes in order to get enough time to let him refine the complete antidote.

    The moment he walked out of the stone room, Bai Xiaochun was stupefied by the scene in front of his eyes. All of the snakes were rabid, unceasingly ramming the rock walls, causing the walls to have countless holes. There were even snakes still ramming themselves into a bloody mess.

    Bai Xiaochun almost cried and immediately threw out the medicine pills. These three medicine pills exploded in midair with a banging sound, turning into boundless fog which spread out. All of the snakes which were enveloped by the fog instantly quietened down, stopping their rabidness. Even the naked eye could see that their bodies were actually healing at a high speed...

    After a few days, all of the snakes in the snake cave lost their rabidness, and Bai Xiaochun was only relieved after seeing that the cave was once again calm.

    "You scared your Grandfather Bai to death, and I actually thought that it was a big deal. Humph, with your Grandfather Bai's attainments in the Dao of Medicine, this is not a problem!" Bai Xiaochun was pleased with himself. When he was about to continue refining the antidote, his footsteps suddenly stopped. He swallowed some saliva and looked at a snake that was not far away from him.

    That was a Flower Eyed Snake. After its high speed recovery, an astonishing aura unexpectedly exploded out from its body. This aura was extremely strong, but it was not the undulations of cultivation. It was, instead, the simple strength of its fleshy body. Its body slightly twisted, and a big rock by its side unexpectedly got squeezed until it exploded.

    This scene made Bai Xiaochun's eyelid jump; although there were many Flower Eyed Snakes in this cave and its venom could frighten people, its body was very weak, and it could not possibly have this much strength. However, this scene was truly happening in front of Bai Xiaochun.

    Bai Xiaochun's breathing quickened as he suddenly looked at the other snakes. Gradually, cold sweat appeared on his forehead as he lost his voice.

    "How could this be!"

    He saw that the physical strength of all the snakes in the four corners of this room instantly and violently increased. Although it wasn't rabid, if they moved a bit, the ground would slightly shake, and countless rocks would shatter into small pieces. How could this be a snake, this was clearly a whip which could destroy all obstructions if held in the hands of an expert.

    All of the snakes became extraordinarily strong, with a valiant fleshy body. At this moment, there was booming everywhere, and many snakes lifted their heads and looked towards Bai Xiaochun, directly heading for him.

    Originally, the formation array could block the snakes. But now, it was violently shaking as cracking sounds echoed out. There were even signs of the formation array shattering. If the formation array broke, Bai Xiaochun could not think of any way to single-handedly deal with so many extraordinarily strong snakes.

    Especially at this moment, those few Blood God Snakes which were comparable to the eighth layer of Qi Condensation clearly had a fleshy body that was more valiant than the other snakes. When they collided with the formation array, an incomparably huge snakehead, which was one zhang long, extended out of a distant passage. Its eyes were bulging as it glared at Bai Xiaochun.

    The head of this huge monster was already one zhang long, and the size of its main body could be imagined to be even bigger. The frightened Bai Xiaochun let out a screech. It was at this moment that Bai Xiaochun knew... he fxcked up. He quickly ran back to the stone room, immediately starting his furnace, making the most of all his remaining time to try and solve this problem.


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