Chapter 115 - No! Dont Spread It Out.

    Chapter 115 - No! Don't Spread It Out...

    Within the Ten Thousand Snakes Valley, not a single snake remained; only Bai Xiaochun was left who stood in a daze within the formation array. Glancing at the bare and empty surroundings, a shiver ran down Bai Xiaochun's body. "BOOM!" Countless rocks began to fall. With a piercing scream, Bai Xiaochun hastily dashed out and retreated anxiously through the exit.

    His scalp became numb and his heart palpitated wildly; this time, he knew clearly that... he had created a huge mess. Each time he recalled the moment all the snakes of Ten Thousand Snakes Valley had all escaped, his heart felt as if it was bursting out from his chest.

    "It's over, it's over, it's all over..." Bai Xiaochun was on the verge of tears. He quickly ran out of the Ten Thousand Snakes Valley and the moment he came out, he immediately heard countless howls of anger that resounded from the three mountains of the South Bank. He could even vaguely hear his own name from within those shouts.

    Bai Xiaochun forcefully grabbed onto his hair in exasperation; he felt that he was extremely innocent and had never been more indignant.

    "I really didn't mean it... I only... only wanted to let those snakes be a little bit more cuter." Bai Xiaochun had a depressed expression on his face. Along the way, his heart palpitated wildly; if he could disguise his face right now, he would definitely do it without any hesitation, simply because of the fact that he was terrified if someone would recognise him.

    "What should I do? What should I do... There's no choice, I can only hide in my Master's stone cave for the time being. At that place, there shouldn't be anyone who would be able to find me..." Bai Xiaochun clenched his teeth and muttered under his breath. From his storage pouch, he took out a new set of clothes and quickly put it over his head. The wings on his back furiously flapped as he used his utmost speed and flew straight for the Zhong Dao Mountain.

    As of this moment, chaos enveloped the three mountains as cries filled the air. Currently, Bai Xiaochun felt regret because he was too famous in the sect after all these years; his fame has reached the point where anyone could recognise him. The only thing Bai Xiaochun was able to do was lower his head and proceed as quickly as possible. Along the way, he not only unleashed his fastest speed, he also hid at the slightest movement of the grass that was blown by the wind.

    Fortunately, it was currently a chaotic period and most people had no time to pay attention to their surroundings as they were all busy dodging the Horned Snakes. Along the way, Bai Xiaochun witnessed the angry cries and rage of the people which caused his heart to shiver uncontrollably. Taking advantage of the chaos, he hastily ran up the Zhong Dao Mountain. The moment he reached his destination, he let out a sigh of relief. Bai Xiaochun hesitated as he turned his head and took a glance before once again, lowering his head and sprinting straight towards the back mountain of the Zhong Dao Mountain, reaching the stone cave where his master had passed away in.

    To anyone else, this place was a forbidden ground, however, for Bai Xiaochun, he was extremely familiar with this place as if it was the back of his hand. In a flash, he dashed in and sat before his master's portrait; it was as if he was on the verge of tears.

    "I really didn't mean it... Master, you know me right, Xiaochun is a good person." Bai Xiaochun looked pitifully at portrait, at his master whose face wore a light smile with an aura and features of an immortal.

    At the same time, all the elders of the South Bank's three mountains all sprang into action; Li Qinghou and Xu Meixiang, and even the ancestor of the Green Peak Mountain had also appeared. With their teamwork, they finally removed the countless of Horned Snakes, and the whole snake disaster slowly died down.

    As the Foundation Establishment cultivators were controlling the snake disaster, the disciples of the three mountains all charged madly into the Ten Thousand Snakes Valley. A force of tens of thousands of people charged in with a mighty aura, but the moment they saw that the place had collapsed, and there wasn't a trace of Bai Xiaochun, they all started to search the entire South Bank.

    This was an independent, spontaneous action; it was the only action that every single South Bank disciple was currently doing. Luckily, Bai Xiaochun quickly reacted and escaped; if he had delayed any further, he would have definitely been caught.

    "Beat down Bai Xiaochun!"

    "And that Parrot Rabbit, it must also be destroyed!"

    "Beat down Bai Xiaochun! Beat down the Parrot Rabbit!"

    After searching for numerous hours, they had almost turned the entire place over, but they still failed to find Bai Xiaochun. One by one, the eyes of the disciples were turning blood shot; some of them even went out of the sect and expanded their search outside. A few of those who were short-tempered irritably screamed at the top of their lungs.

    "Bai Xiaochun, we will definitely find you!"

    "Even if you are hiding at the edge of the sky or the corner of the ocean, we will still find you!"

    "Goddammit, just where is he hiding?!" Countless of people shouted in frustration. Their voices echoed throughout the surroundings; even Bai Xiaochun who was hiding in the Zhong Dao Mountain could vaguely hear the voices in the distance, causing his heart to tremble.

    "I was also wronged; it's all the fault of that damned rabbit, I... I... I also did not want it to turn out this way." Bai Xiaochun was anxious as he repeatedly sighed. After waiting for a long time, when he finally heard that the voices from outside had weakened, he lifted his head to look at his master's portrait as his heart skipped a beat.

    "Master, you have to pray for me that I do not get found by those bad people..." Bai Xiaochun quickly kowtowed; every once in awhile, he would anxiously glance at the cave entrance. When the voices outside had weakened even further, he then slowly let out a sigh.

    "It's a good thing that I, Bai Xiaochun is smart, no one would ever think that I am hiding in my Master's stone cave."

    "But this is not a solution either, I would eventually have to go out... What should I do, what should I do?" just as Bai Xiaochun was cracking his brains over this, he suddenly felt a gaze watching him. With a shock, he immediately turned his head, only to see, to his horror, at the position of the cave entrance, there currently stood...with ears erected and looking at him, it was the mysterious and elusive Parrot Rabbit.

    At the instant that he saw this rabbit, Bai Xiaochun suddenly widened his eyes. He could not imagine that this rabbit was elusive to this extent, that it could even enter the forbidden area. Very quickly, Bai Xiaochun immediately remembered the words that he had just muttered. Instantly, he could feel every hair on his body standing on its end as he immediately let out a tragic cry.

    "No! Don't spread it out..."

    The moment the rabbit saw Bai Xiaochun, it disappeared with a swoosh. In the distance, it pulled the vocals of its voice and started broadcasting once again, other than those sentences, it had now added a few more sentences.

    "Master, you have to pray for me that I do not get found by those bad people..."

    "It's a good thing that I, Bai Xiaochun is smart, no one would ever think that I am hiding in my Master's stone cave."

    "But this is not a solution either, I would eventually have to go out... What should I do, what should I do?"

    "No! Don't spread it out..."

    Bai Xiaochun felt as though he was struck by a bolt of lightning; he watched blankly as the rabbit rapidly dashed off into the distance; the piercing voice of the rabbit continuously echoed in his ears. He felt as if his mind had been blown into a million pieces as he stood there in a daze.

    "Goddamn rabbit, I want to boil you alive!" Bai Xiaochun howled with rage as emotions of despair and anger filled him, he felt like crying yet no tears seems to come out.

    At this moment, the disciples of each mountain on the South Bank had searched almost everywhere, but they could not find a single trace of Bai Xiaochun. Each of them suppressed their raging anger and tried to speculate where Bai Xiaochun had went.

    "Just where is this Bai Xiaochun hiding, we even checked the sect's entrance, there was no records of him leaving, this means that he is still hiding in the South Bank!"

    "Scented Cloud Mountain, Green Peak Mountain and Purple Cauldron Mountain. We checked everywhere, every area, every house, every cave!"

    "We even searched through the Handyman Area a few times. This Bai Xiaochun, don't tell me he is hiding in a crack!"

    Just as they tried to suppressed their anger, all of the sudden, the mimicry voice of the rabbit, accompanied by the quick sprinting along the road, echoed throughout the surroundings. Especially the very last sentence, it was filled with tragic despair.

    "No! Don't spread it out..."

    Everyone was stunned for a moment as they heard that, they quickly lifted up their heads with gazes that shone brightly, especially for Shangguan Tianyou and Lu Tianlei. They clenched their fists and cracked their knuckles. Following closely, every single disciples cocked their heads and laughed out loud heartily.

    "Good rabbit!"

    "Although this Parrot Rabbit is mischievous, it had still finally done a good deed!"

    "Forget it, we shall spare this Parrot Rabbit just for today and slay Bai Xiaochun instead..."

    In no time, tens of thousands of people charged towards the Zhong Dao Mountain; each one of them cracking their knuckles, boiling with killing intent and moving forward without hesitation.

    Within the stone cave, the hatred that Bai Xiaochun had for the Parrot Rabbit has far exceeded that of Elder Zhou's bird. At this moment, his body was trembling. He was just about to escape, but when he heard the raucous at the bottom of the mountain and saw the silhouettes of countless of people, his scalp had gone numb as he quickly hid himself back inside the stone cave.

    "Over, it's over, it's over..." Bai Xiaochun looked at his master's portrait with a gloomy expression and spoke with grief and indignation.

    "Master, can't you old man help me this once, quickly descend some spirit light, if not... this Honourable Disciple that had bled for the sect will be beaten to death... eh?" Just as Bai Xiaochun was wallowing in his despair, his pupils turned all of the sudden to look closely at the portrait. Instantly, his eyes shone with a bright radiance as he slapped on his thigh in enlightenment.

    "Haha, thank you Master for your reminder, your disciple understands!"

    At the same time, on the Zhong Dao Mountain, Sect Head Zheng Yuandong, with all the other ancestors and elders from the South Bank's three mountains, were all gathered in the great hall. All of them had grave expressions on their faces as they look towards Zheng Yuandong with a serious gaze.

    They had been here for two hours already, and they had all opened their mouths and talked to Zheng Yuandong, each expressing their thoughts about Bai Xiaochun.

    "I beseech the Sect Head to reconsider, Bai... Junior Brother Bai has unprecedented talent, to leave him in our South Bank is really burying this gem."

    "That's right, even though Junior Brother Bai is the Sect Head's junior brother, but we are after all sect mates, there is no need to avoid arousing suspicions; such a talented cultivator should definitely be put in the North Bank who possesses countless of advantages, it is only then could Junior Brother Bai's shocking talent would be brought to its fullest potential."

    Other than the ancestors of the three mountains, all the elders present said their piece.

    Zheng Yuandong felt his head ache badly. With great difficulty, the Spirit River Sect had achieved a hard-earned peace during these two years, but he could have never Bai Xiaochun to pop out and create another huge mess. This time, during the breakout of the Ten Thousand Snakes Valley, even Zheng Yuandong felt his heart tremble when he witnessed every single scene. With regards to Bai Xiaochun's destructive ability, he had completely admitted defeat.

    As for such a character, deep in his heart, he thought to just continue leaving him in the South Bank. After all, Bai Xiaochun was originally a disciple of the South Bank. Moreover, the South Bank had already ended up in this state; to continue creating any mess couldn't possibly make it any worse. It was better not to throw him to the North Bank. Iif Bai Xiaochun also did such things in North Bank... then the people that would come looking for him in the future, would probably be all the elders and ancestors from both the North Bank and the South Bank.

    "Although Junior Brother Bai might be mischievous, he is still an Honourable Disciple. Cough! Cough! Also, he is still young, just leave him in the South Bank. I have confidence in the South Bank." Zheng Yuandong gave a dry cough as he quickly opened his mouth to reply.

    "I beg you Sect Head to show mercy..." Within the crowd, Elder Zhou walked out, his eyes tinged red as he looked towards Zheng Yuandong.

    "Sect Head, Xiaochun, this boy, is learning the Water Nation at the moment, I believe you know about this technique; one can only observe the various beasts by going to the North Bank. Moreover, not many people have mastered this skill for over ten thousand years; I have personally seen before that Bai Xiaochun has already broken through the first step and only lacks a Life Spirit. It's better... to let him go to the Northern Bank."

    "That's right, Sect Head. Bai Xiaochun is cultivating the Water Nation technique, and is the Heaven's Chosen of his generation. Looking through the history of our Spirit River Sect, this is not an easy matter!"

    "Sect Head, you should not delay Junior Brother Bai any further. This will be the greatest loss of all our Sect's ten thousand years of history!" The old man, who was the ancestor of the Green Peak Mountain, quickly opened his mouth. Following closely, the surrounding elders also joined in.

    Seeing the determination of their eyes, even Zheng Yuandong could insist no longer. After a moment of hesitation, he laughed bitterly as he looked at the rest; he was just thinking of a way to politely reject them, when all of the sudden, from outside the great hall, a disciple's voice resounded in.

    "Sect Head, something big has happened... Senior Uncle Bai, he is in the old patriarch's stone cave... He... He..."

    Everyone was stunned for a moment as they each spread out their divine sense to look towards the place of the stone cave. When they finally saw what was going on, all of their expressions turned weird. Zheng Yuandong felt an ominous feeling looming as he immediately swept the area with his divine sense. When he saw his master's stone cave, his eyes suddenly widened and his pupils almost popped out. His entire body trembled as he felt anger boil from his heart.

    "This little bastard, alright, the matters that you people said, this old man here is agreeing to it. Send him to the North Bank!"


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