Chapter 250

    The Outing's Conclusion

    Previously: We bought bananas from a grocer.

    Honestly, a few people have been following us for a while now.

    Are they Mai O'Doll's acquaintances...? There're two or three adult males who look a bit shady, like they feel like they're about to rob someone.


    Maybe they're guards the lord sent out to guard her from behind the scenes.

    As evidence of that, they haven't made a move on us. A genuine thief would've already had a decent number of chances to cause a stir and swoop off with her.

    But sure, this works.

    Mai O'Doll still looked like she wanted to go somewhere, but it's about time for us to head back to the mansion.

    "Mai-sama, let's head back."

    "Eeeh I wanted the date to last a bit longer... can't we?"

    "No. You're being escorted... Please, look that way secretly. See the men that look like a thieves?"

    "Eh!? .... I-is there? Aren't they from the Pavuera family?"

    Oh, was that it? Nobles spying on each other?

    ... Von O'Doll making me into her guard was probably also to show off and get information. Let's hurry up and head back by devoting myself to my job as her guard. If I keep doing my work here indifferently, even they shouldn't misunderstand.

    "Which is why we'll be ending our stroll here. Alright?"

    "Ae back. That went fairly quickly, I thought you would have played for a bit longer?"

    "Yeah, we had finish early due to a few suspicious fellows. Also, is it alright if I complete the guard escort commission with this?"

    "Sure. What sort of fellows were they?"

    I briefly explained the characteristics of the men I saw. Von O'Doll nodded, his expression unchanging for the most part. I guess it was the Von O'Doll sent them as guards route after all? It was a great excuse.

    "... So, what about you? Have you decided to become Mai's fiance?"

    He said it like me becoming her fiance was a done deal.

    But I refuse.

    "On that, I shall refuse."

    Right next to me, Mai O'Doll seemed to deflate when I said that.

    "Hmm... might I ask for your reason? You two only met yesterday, but I assume you would have learned at least a little about her in that time?"

    "First off, nothing's changed in the past half day. Secondly, honestly, I prefer my women bigger."

    "Hmm... that so?"

    Ah, he hasn't given up. He looks like he's thinking about what hand to play next right now.

    But you've activated my trap card! I'll stop that train of thought in its tracks!

    "Could I say something, Von O'Doll-sama? On this matter, I do have an idea."

    "Hmm? What?"

    "Before that-"

    I took a glance at Mai O'Doll. Von O'Doll seemed to have guessed my intention.

    "Mai, please head back to your room."

    "... Amend that Kuro here be used for Mai-sama's feigned engagement."

    Very straightforwardly, I presented Meat to him.

    "I have several reasons... but mainly, she's my party member, so she has the same achievements as me as an adventurer. Moreover, I can guarantee that she has a proven track record in the administration of Golen Village. All of my achievements are thanks to Kuro."

    And I guarantee that all of my achievements are actually entirely because of Meat! I will continue to insist this, I will not accept any objections!

    Meat looked my way. She was surprised. Von O'Doll was surprised, too.

    "So, is there any other prestige she'd need?"

    "... Well, let's say that her being a woman is alright. She's even close to Mai in age... But isn't she a slave? She has a collar on."

    "Kuro just likes wearing it. I am more or less supposed to be her master, but Kuro only wears that because she has a master fetish and can't settle down without wearing it. Von O'Doll-sama, you had a son, correct? In other words, even if I married Mai-sama, it isn't like I would become the lord... it's not like it matters either way, though. At any rate, it's just a feigned engagement, so it isn't as though the marriage would actually happen."

    I prattled on and on with a sound argument, causing Von O'Doll to flinch somewhat.

    "Y-yeah...? Could I consider it?"

    "Then for your consideration, I shall add this."

    Time for the final blow. I took out Meat's Adventurer Guild Card and showed it to him.

    It was what we got from Haku-san... Ventulier, was it? I'm sure it had a noble rank like that. In other words, her B-Rank Guild Card was also proof of her nobility.
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