Chapter 46 The Strongest and Sharpest Blade

    Book 8 Chapter 46 - The Strongest and Sharpest Blade

    "Yunji." Teng Qingshan gazed at Mu Yunji, "You mean, the Duan Clan gets 20%, Fu Clan gets 15%, I get 20%, and your Mu Clan gets 45%?"

    "Yes." Mu Yunji nodded with a slight smile.

    In Mu Yunji's opinion, Teng Qingshan should be satisfied with his cut. After all, his share was equivalent with the Duan Clan, who had dispatched 80 million troops.

    "Yunji." Teng Qingshan stared at the latter, "I want 30%!"


    Fu Dao, Fu Yunzhan, Duan Shijin and Mu Yunji all received a big scare.

    The Duan and Fu Clans were only to receive 35% in total, while Teng Qingshan wanted 30% for himself?

    "Mister, t-this won't do..." Mu Yunji smiled bitterly. The Rising Sun Trading Company had already reached an agreement with the Duan Clan. The Rising Sun Trading Company would receive a 20% share, no less. As for the Fu Clan...he, Mu Yunji, had already agreed that they would receive 15% once they mobilized their Divine Blade Guardians.

    If Teng Qingshan received 30%, that meant the Rising Sun Trading Company would only get the remaining 35%!

    "That is absolutely impossible." Mu Yunji shook his head, "Mister Teng, please don't place me in a difficult position... Our Mu Clan is only receiving 45%, and that is already our bottom line.

    "Bottom line?"

    Teng Qingshan shook his head, "Alright, I shall also take a step back. Yunji, I don't care about the other details, but if you want me to join your alliance, it is a simple choice! I get a 30 % share, though if the the 30% exceeds 100,000 Jin worth of Fiery Gilt Steel Ores, then I will take only the Fiery Gilt Steel ores, and your Mu Clan can have the rest."

    "That is my only requirement. If you do not agree, then let's drop the discussion," Teng Qingshan said.


    Mu Yunji began to hesitate.

    If Teng Qingshan insisted on a 30% share, Mu Yunji really had no clue on how to proceed. However, Teng QIngshan's demands left a certain leeway.

    If a 30% share of the ore deposit were less than 100,000 Jin, then Teng Qingshan would choose the former.

    If the 30% share exceeded 100,000 Jin, he would only take the 100,000 Jin worth of Fire Gilt Steel Ores!

    "Mister, you're really placing me in a difficult position." Mu Yunji smiled bitterly.

    To the side, Fu Dao, Fu Yunzhan, and Duan Shijin said nothing because they knew that this was a contest solely between Teng Qingshan and the Mu Clan of the Rising Sun Trading Company. If Teng Qingshan received a higher portion of the spoils, the Mu Clan would obviously receive less. Furthermore, the Duan and Fu Clans' shares would be untouched.

    "Would you guys mind leaving us alone for a moment?" Mu Yunji turned toward the three men.

    "Haha, sure. You and Mister talk." Fu Dao laughed as he left with Fu Yunzhan, Duan Shijin following behind.

    Only Teng Qingshan and Mu Yunji were left in the tent.

    "Yunji, what's your decision." Teng Qingshan looked to Mu Yunji.

    Mu Yunji said helplessly, "In all honesty, Mister Teng...just sending me here was a gesture of respect toward you by the Mu clan. Our clan's bottom line has to remain at 40%! That's as low as we can go...and now Mister wants 30%? That would leave us with 35%, T-this...""

    "Yunji, what if this ore deposit produces a large amount of Fiery Gilt Steel Ores? If the amount is really high, 10 or 20% would be worth 100,000 Jin. All I am requesting is 100,000 Jin of Fiery Gilt Steel Ores. Doesn't this leave your Mu Clan with a large profit?" Teng Qingshan laughed.

    "Mister Teng."

    Mu Yunji heaved out a sighed deeply as he looked toward Teng Qingshan, "For just this affair, our Mu Clan has expended huge effort. We provided highest quality armor to the Duan Clan. We also dispatched 1,500 'Dreamy Cloud Guardians' to turn the tide of battle at a crucial moment...As we were facing the combined might of several great clans, we put everything on the line, so even if we receive the entire mine, our Dreamy Cloud Guardians would still suffer heavy casualties.

    "Mister, don't you have a divine bird that possessed the ability to spew fire?" Mu Yunji inquired.

    "Old Brother Mu Wang told you?" Teng Qingshan laughed.

    Previously, the Blue Luan had taken action and repelled the Six Legged Bladelike Chi, saving both Teng Qingshan and the Great Elder Mu Wang. He would never forget this 'Blue Luan,' no matter how long he lived.

    "Teacher told me about it" Mu Yunji nodded, "It was extremely hard to train these Dreamy Cloud Guardians... if Mister Teng were to repel the enemy troops at a critical juncture, allowing the Fiery Blaze Divine Bird to act...I believe you would have better results than our 1,500 Dreamy Cloud Guardians."

    "If you can do all of this, then I will accept your conditions.." Mu Yunji looked at Teng Qingshan, ""I will take responsibility for this."

    "The Blue Luan?"

    Teng Qingshan pondered for a moment.

    Obtaining 30% of the shares from the Mu Clan was like extracting a tooth from a tiger's mouth. Even using the Blue Luan...perhaps it would not be harmful to show a bit of its prowess. If he did, he might even be able to intimidate the major clans of Duanmu Continent.

    "Alright." Teng Qingshan nodded.

    "Ha ha..." Mu Yunji began laughing, "We'll do it that way then. My Mu Clan gets 35%, Duan Clan gets 20%, Fu Clan gets 15%, Mister gets 30%! Of course, if the 30% exceeds the 100,000 Jin, Mister will only receive the 100,000 Jin of Fiery Gilt Steel Ores while the rest goes to our Mu Clan."

    "Yes." Teng Qingshan agreed.

    "Brother Duan, Mister Fu, come on in." Mu Yunji turned around and yelled.

    Henceforth, the shares of the Duan Clan, Fu Clan, Rising Sun Trading Company, and Teng Qingshan were decided!

    In fact, on the evening of the same day, within a pavilion of the Tantai Clan barracks:

    "Ha ha... Brother Tantai, Elder Dong, now that our forces have joined hands, we'll be able to sweep everything in our path." Wu Clan's Lord 'Wu Baiwei' chortled heartily, "At present, or combined forces numbered over 200,000. That equals nearly half of the might of the 7 Clans together. This fiery Gilt Steel Ore Deposit will surely be ours!"

    The silver-gowned and -haired elderly gentleman was none other than the Dong Clan's Great Elder.

    Since the capture of Dong Zhezi, the prestige of the newly appointed Dong Clan Lord was lacking. Major affairs such as these were left to this particular Great Elder to decide, all while the Patriarch of Dong Clan listened at the side.

    "Everyone, you absolutely must not belittle another." The aquiline-nosed, thin, middle-aged man smiled, "According to my calculations, whether it be the Tianfeng Clan or the Rising Sun Trading Company, neither has resigned itself to leaving the ore deposit in our hands. They will definitely support the other clans in contention from the shadows.

    "If the other clans have the support of the Tianfeng clan and the Rising Sun Trading Company, we can't afford to lower our guard, even if we have half the total troops present," the aquiline-nosed middle-aged man warned.


    The silver-haired elder and Wu Baiwei both nodded in agreement.

    "According to plan, tonight before daybreak we will fire signal arrows, then begin our assault." The aquiline-nosed middle-aged man said.

    "Let's take advantage of this opportunity now that Teng Qingshan has left the northern hill. We must conquer the mountain in one fell swoop." Wu Baiwei nodded in agreement, "When he returns to find thousands of troops stationed on the mountain peak, even the 'Most Powerful Martial Saint' will be unable to do anything but stare when faced with several thousand troops, even if he is the most powerful martial saint!"


    The commanders of the three Great Clans shared a desire to occupy the northern slope. The firmly believed that, with their combined troop strength occupying the northern hill, they would finally own the Fiery Gilt Steel Ores Deposit!


    Fu Clan barracks, Teng Qingshan's tent:

    Teng Qingshan sat cross-legged, cultivating in silence with the Splitting Mountain Axe beside him. No one could tell that marvelous axe and fist techniques surfaced in his mind at that very moment. Move after move of the axe art had emerged in his mind, been dissected, purified, and understood, laying bare the true concepts behind the axe art.

    Night had passed unknowingly.


    Abruptly, before the arrival of daybreak, an ear-piercing whistle resounded before a series of deafening yells rang out.

    "What is going on, has a fight started?" Teng Qingshan was startled. The ground began to tremor faintly.


    Teng Qingshan lifted the tent flap and immediately strode out.

    "Big Brother Teng."


    Li Jun and Fu Dao approached Teng Qingshan from different directions. The sky was pitch black at the moment, and one could see the moon and stars.

    "They have begun battle on the northern hill."" Fu Dao cast his gaze toward the distant northern hill, "It should be the Yan Clan, Xiahou Clan, and Tantai Clan fighting each other."

    At this moment, Fu Dao had no knowledge that the Tantai, Wu, and Dong Clans had formed an alliance, and become the largest force.

    "Let's not be hasty." Teng Qingshan looked toward the northeast area and said, "Wait for a moment, that Mu Yunji should be rushing over soon."

    As expected, in a moment's time, Mu Yunji rushed over.

    "Mister Teng, Mister Fu." Mu Yunji face was full of smiles.

    "It seems that Brother Mu is very confident. It looks like this Fiery Gilt Steel Ore Deposit belongs to us." Fu Dao could not help but laugh.

    "I am filled with confidence because of Mister Teng's support." Mu Yunji looked at Teng Qingshan with a smile.

    "Mu Yunji, you need Big Brother Teng to do something?" Li Jun inquired with shock.

    "There's no rush; it isn't time yet." Mu Yunji looked toward Fu Dao, "Mister Fu, your Fu Clan's Divine Blade Guardians should be done with their preparations right?"

    "Brother Mu, please do not send my kinsmen to their deaths." Fu Dao said with a solemn expression. The Fu Clan was a clan with very limited forces, but its Divine Blade Guardians were actually strong enough to be valued by the Rising Sun Trading Company. Through this, one could see how much effort the Fu Clan had expended on the Divine Blade Guardians.

    Mu Yunji smiled "Rest assured."

    "I am ignorant of military affairs. If you need me to do something, just let me know." Teng Qingshan immediately returned to the tent with Li Jun.


    Despite being in the tent, Teng Qingshan could hear the terrifying clashes from the northeast. The sounds seemed like they would shatter the skies a make the earth tremble.

    One hour later.


    Screams were ringing in their ears, the troops in the Fu Clan's bivouac began to mobilize.

    "Mister Teng," a voice rang out from outside.

    "Enter." Teng Qingshan calmly remained seated in a cross-legged position, while Li Jun sat beside him.

    When Mu Yunji came in and noticed Teng Qingshan's calm mien, he could not help but laugh, "Mister actually seems to not be anxious about your own shares of the Fiery Gilt Steel Deposit."

    "You already said you had full confidence, so why should I worry." Teng Qingshan's lips curled up into a slight smile.

    "Is Big Brother Teng going to take action?" Li Jun inquired from the side.

    Mu Yunji smiled as he nodded, "Of course, even more than the Divine Blade Guardians or the Dreamy Cloud Guardians...Mister Teng is our sharpest blade. I can only rest easy if Mister Teng takes action. I have to leave right now to attend to something serious that may very well affect the entire situation. If Mister will excuse me."

    "Speak, what's the issue?" Teng Qingshan got up.
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