Chapter 48 Successfully Conquered

    Book 8 Chapter 48 Successfully Conquered

    Standing on top of the mountain, Teng Qingshan turned and looked to the west..

    "It's the army of Duan Clan." At first glance, Teng Qingshan could tell that the unit charging in through the western entrance of the Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon was reinforcement for the Suan and Fu Clans. The few thousand soldiers of the Tantai, Wu, and Dong Clans were cut off due to Teng QIngshan blocking the eastern entrance to the canyon. They became as water without a source.

    "Quick flee!"


    The frenzied soldiers panicked as they fled. All of them tried to clamber over the many rocks that blocked their way. Some of the more nimble of them succeeded, but most had no chance of escape.

    "Those who surrender will not be killed!" "Those who surrender will not be killed!" "Those who surrender will not be killed!" .....

    The joint force of the Fu and Duan Clans let forth numerous ear-piercing shouts.Simultaneously, they brandished their sabers and long spears as they slashed their way forward. The soldiers who were unable to escape could only throw down their weapons and kneel on the ground. The soldiers of the Fu and Duan Clans naturally spared the lives of those who surrendered.

    On Duanmu Continent, a hundred clans strive against each other for predominance. Accepting surrendered soldiers into an army was common practice.

    In such a chaotic world, it was impossible for those soldiers to resist when it was obvious that they would die.


    At this moment, because Teng Qingshan had blocked the eastern entrance, the forces of the Tantai Clan, Wu Clan, and Dong Clan that originally held an advantageous position lost their reinforcement, causing the soldiers of the three clans to panick and the army's morale plummeted. Now the joint army of the Steel Sword Martial Saint's alliance was gaining ground as the many soldiers of the Tantai, Wu, and Dong Clans began to surrender.

    If this were to continue for another fifteen minutes the alliance headed by the Steel Sword Martial Saint would be able to occupy the northern hill.

    Unfortunately, reality did not meet the Steel Sword Martial Saint and the other two clans' expectations.


    "Quick climb!"

    While the combined forces of the Duan Clan and Fu Clan charged into the canyon, many elite soldiers of the Duan and Fu Clans rapidly climbed up to the peak of the northern hill using the ropes and ladders previously left by the soldiers of the Tantai Clan, Wu Clan, and Dong Clan.


    "Die!" The elite soldiers of the Duan Clan and Fu Clan roared as they charged towards the enemy forces. Amidst the elite soldiers were some special soldiers-These soldiers held gigantic machetes and tied two small axes around their waist. They donned completely black, oddly shaped armor that covered their entire body!

    This group of special soldiers remained silent. They only waved and brandished the machetes in their hands.

    Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

    They either slashed people in two or sent the heads of the enemy flying into the air...

    This group of silent soldiers holding their gigantic machetes instantly caused the Duan and Fu Clans to gain advantage they forced the opposing troops back.

    "This unit is really powerful. Whose special force is this?" Teng Qingshan praised, "They are very disciplined.They all killed silently, with machine-like precision. Moreover, they could wield such massive machetes with ease... It's obvious that they are Second Rated Warriors."

    The quality of the force before Teng Qingshan's eyes was comparable to that of the Black Armored Army of Gui Yuan Sect!

    "Is it the Fu Clan's Divine Blade Guardians or the Dreamy Cloud Guardians of the Rising Sun Trading Company?" Teng Qingshan knew that his coalition had two special units. However, he had never seen either of the troops. "However, Mu Yunji said that he was not willing to commit the Dreamy cloud Guardians to battle. I suppose these must be the Divine Blade Guardians!"

    "Fu Clan...A small clan that merely controls a town could actually nurture a troop like this!"

    "The Fu Clan is not as simple as it appears." Teng Qingshan said to himself.

    Amidst the army of the alliance headed by the Steel Sword Martial Saint:

    "Brother Helian, the northern hill will soon be taken by the Duan Clan. The Wintry Vanguard have just arrived. Why aren't you ordering the Wintry Vanguard attack?" Xiahou An asked worriedly.

    Yan Baihou looked at the Steel Sword Martial Saint anxiously as he said, "Only the Wintry Vanguard can stand against that giant machete-wielding special unit!"

    "It's useless."

    The Steel Sword Martial Saint looked at the peak of the mountain and said, "Previously, the Tantai, Wu, and Dong Clans suddenly attacked. Fortunately, the Wintry Vanguard was there to lead the other soldiers defense against the attacks of the opposing three clans and we managed to gain an advantage and counterattack. However, at present, although the Wintry Vanguard managed to arrive from the battlefront to here in time, but Teng Qingshan is on top of the mountain.

    "With Teng Qingshan and that unknown, machete-wielding troop, we would be sending the Wintry Vanguard to die," The Steel Sword Martial Saint shook his head and said.

    "Can we just admit defeat like this?" Yan Baishou asked nervously.

    "Of course not!"

    The Steel Sword Martial Saint's eyes instantly turned cold as he said gravely, "The Tianfeng Clan absolutely won't admit defeat. However, it is obvious that we are at a disadvantage now. It is not suitable for us to attack forcefully now! As expected, the Rising Sun Trading Company is powerful... They actually managed to find such a special troop and acquire the help of the Most Powerful Martial Saint Teng Qingshan!"

    The fact that the Fu Clan had the Divine Blade Guardians was a big secret!

    The Rising Sun Trading Company managed to find out its existence, but the Tianfeng Clan didn't.

    "Now, we can only retreat temporarily!"

    "We are feeling bitter, but the same goes with the alliance of the Tantai Clan, Wu Clan, and Dong Clan!" The Steel Sword Martial Saint said. Rage could be seen in his eyes as he gazed towards the northern hill. "Teng Qingshan is powerful. However...if we allied with the Tantai Clan, Wu Clan, and Dong Clan, and attacked them with a great army of over three hundred thousand soldiers! At that point I doubt that the Duan Clan and weak Fu Clan could defend themselves from us!"


    The situation was just as the Steel Sword Martial Saint had imagined. During a battle for dominance, it is rare that one's enemies remain the same.

    Previously, the alliance of Tantai, Wu, and Dong Clans fought frenziedly with the alliance headed by the Steel Sword Martial Saint.

    However, now... The Duan Clan and Fu Clan had already occupied the Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon. This resulted in the alliance formed by the Tantai, Wu, and Dong Clans and the alliance headed by the Steel Sword Martial Saint to have a common goal and a common enemy-the alliance of the Duan Clan and Fu Clan!

    In the Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon:

    "Haha, Mister Teng. It's all thanks to Mister Teng this time," Mu Yunji guffawed and said as he walked over. Beside him, Fu Dao, Fu Yunzhan, and Duan Shijin were also smiling brightly.

    Fu Dao even laughed out loud and remarked, "That stomp of Mister really shook the earth and swayed the mountain!"

    Hearing this, Teng Qingshan also laughed.

    Everyone was happy...because they had occupied the Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon.

    "Now, the Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon belongs to us." Mu Yunji stared at the canyon that was dyed red by the fresh blood and laughed heartily. Mu Yunji knew that priceless Fiery Gilt Steel Ore Deposit lay buried beneath the canyon floor.

    "It's still too early to be happy." Duan Shijin said.

    "Yes." Fu Dao and Fu Yunji responded with a nod.

    "We have conquered the Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon. However, it is impossible that the Yan, Xiahou, Tantai, Wu, and Dong Clans will leave peacefully." Mu Yunji said solemnly, "It's highly possible that those five clans will combine forces and besiege the Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon. However, we...do not fear them!" Mu Yunji grinned.

    "Haha, we managed to occupy the Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon. Do they think we can't safeguard it?" Fu Dao laughed.

    "Brother Duan."

    Mu Yunji stared at Duan Shijin and said, "The northern and southern hills border either side of the Fiery Gilt Steel Canyon. Dispatch 5,000 soldiers to the peak of the northern hill and 800 soldiers to the peak of the southern hill. Issue a clear order...Strike down any enemy that climbs up!"

    "Don't worry. This is easy." Duan Shijin said confidently.

    Once a force managed to secure the mountain peak, even if the enemy was endlessly reinforced, it would still be nearly impossible for a hostile force to take the area!

    "Mister Fu." Mu Yunji stared at Fu Dao and said, "Mister Teng has blocked the east entrance, but...the rocks used to block the east entrance only formed a several Zhang high wall.. The enemy could still climb over. Therefore, the Fu Clan will handle the east entrance. Don't let the enemy cross the stone barricade and enter the canyon."

    "No problem." Fu Dao said with a confident smile.

    The east entrance only had a width of several Zhang and it had been blocked off by a wall of boulders.

    If a few hundred Divine Blade Guardians were dispatched there, they could cut down everyone that tried to climb over.

    "Now, the western entrance is the most danger area!" Mu Yunji pointed westward and expounded, "The western hills extend a length of 300Zhang while the northern hill extends a length of 400 Zhang. It's two different lengths... we have an army of about one hundred thousand soldiers. Although the canyon isn't small, it still cannot hold our entire force. Many of our soldiers remain outside the vale."

    It will be very difficult to defend against the enemy forces."


    When Teng Qingshan arrived the western area, he finally knew why Mu Yunji was worried.

    If the southern hill and the northern hill were a hundred Zhang longer, it would be able to accommodate everyone. If so, it would be easy to defend. However...now, the Duan Clan and Fu Clan could only build some simple defensive structure with rocks and trees and a great amount of soldiers arrayed behind the barricades.

    On the afternoon of that day.

    Outside the westward defensive structure, the massive opposing army assembled. It was evident that the five great clans had formed an alliance.

    "Duan Shijin, Fu Dao!" Wu Baiwei, the Patriarch of Wu Clan, stood beside the Martial Saintess and shouted loudly, "It is impossible for your two clans to seize the Fiery Gilt Steel Ore Deposit! We should sit together and discuss the distribution of this deposit. Isn't that a better idea?"

    Behind the defensive structure, Duan Shijin, Fu Dao, Mu Yunji, and Teng Qingshan stood together, while Li Jun, Teng Shou, and the others were at the side.

    "Haha...Wu Baiwei, why didn't you think of negotiating with the Fu Clan on the distribution of the Fiery Gilt Steel Ores earlier?" Fu Dao laughed and mocked, "Haha...Now that I have seized this deposit, you want me to share it with you? Do you think I am a fool? Or do you think of yourself as a fool? Haha..."

    Fu Dao's guffaw caused the countenance of Wu Baiwei, who was amidst the opposing troop, to turn ghastly.

    "Duan Shijin, Fu Dao, Why? Do you guys really want a river of blood to flow?" A deep-sounding voice rang out. It was the extremely furious Yan Baishou.

    "Whether a river of blood will flow or not is up to you guys!" Duan Shijin answered loudly, "If you guys don't attack, do you think we will attack you?"

    The voices from both sides resonated above the Ox-Head Mountains.

    "Duan Shijin, Fu Dao, you two should stop trying to fight a hopeless battle," the Great Elder of Dong Clan said as he gazed over with fierce, cold-looking eyes.. However, at the sight of Teng Qingshan, his eyes flinched. WHen Teng Qingshan had captured Dong Zhez, the great elder had been booted into the sky.i

    At this moment, it was apparent that both sides refused to yield.

    Behind the barricade:

    "Mister Teng." Mu Yunji whispered.

    "Eh?" Teng Qingshan replied as he directed his eyes towards him.

    "Mister Teng, I said earlier that we might have to ask the Fiery Blaze Divine Bird to attack! If we want to defend against the attack of so many soldiers, my plan will result in many casualties for the Dreamy Cloud Guardians. However, if the Fiery Blaze Divine Bird is willing to take action, we will achieve better results." Mu Yunji whispered.

    Teng Qingshan gazed into the distance. The overwhelming enemy force had limitless soldiers and the end of the army could not be seen.

    If those soldiers were burned by the blaze of the Blue Luan...What would happen?

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