Chapter 55 The World Knew

    Book 8 Chapter 55 The World Knew

    "It's actually the Nine Leaf Red Lotus. The Nine Leaf Red Lotus actually exists in this world!" Teng Qingshan was astounded, excited, and exhilarated at the same time.

    The Blazing Flame Red Lotus was divided into a Three Leaf Red Lotus, a Four Leaf Red Lotus, and a Five Leaf Red Lotus. In the past, the discovered red lotus with the highest number of leaves had been the Seven Leaf Red Lotus. The number of leaves represented the number of seeds. Each seed could create one Innate Expert, which meant that the Nine Leaf Red Lotus could create nine Innate Experts!

    Nine! The entire Gui Yuan Sect only had three or four Innate Experts.

    Before Qing Hu Island, one of the eight Supreme Sects, suffered a great loss, it had 20 Innate Experts. However, after the incident at the Great Yan Mountain, Qing Hu Island only had nine Innate Experts left! As such, these nine made up the total number of Innate Experts Qing Hu Island had.

    One Blazing Flame Red Lotus was equivalent to the total number of the remaining Innate Experts in Qing Hu Island.

    In the Nine Prefectures, this Nine Leaf Red Lotus would arouse a great struggle between the supreme sects, let alone in Duanmu Continent where there were even fewer Innate Experts.

    "I acquired this Dark Blaze Rod in the God of Heaven Mountain at the Great Prairie of the Nine Prefectures. I didn't expect that it would be of great help today, aiding me to acquire the Blazing Flame Red Lotus." A million thoughts flew past Teng Qingshan's mind. Despite the fact that he was excited, he didn't show any hesitation as he immediately stepped on the lava.


    He dashed speedily toward the Blazing Flame Red Lotus, and with a stretch of his hand, he grabbed it.

    Flames were prancing on the surface of the Nine Leaf Red Lotus and a great amount of red luminescent spots gathered there. However, when Teng Qingshan grabbed the red lotus, the flames on the surface of the Nine Leaf Red Lotus instantly sunk into the flower, and the red luminescent spots disappeared. At a glance, Teng Qingshan saw nine pitch-black seeds, which looked like black pearls, on the pod of the red lotus.

    "Nine seeds!" Teng Qingshan grinned.

    "Eh?" Suddenly, Teng Qingshan's facial expression changed precipitously.

    A figure enshrouded by a silver-colored frosty battle armor was about to emerge from the lava beside him. The figure stared at Teng Qingshan and simultaneously noticed the Blazing Flame Red Lotus in Teng Qingshan's hand.

    "Nine Leaf Red Lotus!" The person shouted out in shock.

    "Hmph." Teng Qingshan's facial expression immediately changed, and instantly, he made a decision. He thought to himself, "This person must die!"

    The Nine Leaf Red Lotus was a treasure which could make the people of the entire Duanmu Continent go crazy. Teng Qingshan wasn't afraid of the sinister tricks and schemes of the ordinary people. However, he was afraid that once the people of the continent knew he possessed the Nine Leaf Red Lotus, the Tianfeng Martial Immortal and the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal would be tempted to take action!

    It was true that he had a good relationship with the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal. However, the Blazing Flame Red Lotus was something which could create nine Innate Experts. The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal would definitely ask him for a few seeds, while the Tianfeng Martial Immortal, who had no relation with him, would show no mercy.

    "Whoosh!" Even before emerging completely, the figure enveloped by the frosty battle armor instantly dashed back into the boiling lava.

    Just when Teng Qingshan was about to take action, the figure had already disappeared.

    "Without even a trace of hesitation..." Teng Qingshan sighed as he praised the figure's decisiveness.

    As Teng Qingshan couldn't see in the lava, he wouldn't know which direction to go even if he wanted to pursue and kill the figure.


    Enveloped by the frosty battle armor within the burning lava, the Steel Sword Martial Saint, Helian Haoyan, shuddered as he recalled the scene earlier. "Thank goodness I reacted fast enough and escaped immediately. Otherwise...... Teng Qingshan will definitely have killed me to prevent the outside world from knowing about the Nine Leaf Red Lotus." While living in this chaotic world, Helian Haoyan had naturally seen many deaths.

    Anyone who could become Martial Saint would have done the same thing at that moment.

    "Teng Qingshan, I do admire your skill and ability, but..."

    "That is the Nine Leaf Red Lotus!" Helian Haoyan's eyes glowed as he said to himself, "The Tianfeng Clan must obtain it!"

    Immediately, a cold glint flashed in Helian Haoyan's eyes. Then while he was still in the boiling lava, he roared loudly, "The Most Powerful Martial Saint, Teng Qingshan, has obtained the Blazing Flame Red Lotus! The Blazing Flame Red Lotus is a Nine Leaf Red Lotus!"

    This thunderous roar......

    It rang out instantly throughout the entire volcano, and as it resounded continuously within the heart of the volcano, incessant echoes rang out.

    "Teng Qingshan obtained!" "Teng Qingshan obtained!" "Teng Qingshan obtained!" ......

    "It's the Nine Leaf Red Lotus!" "It's the Nine Leaf Red Lotus!" ......

    The echoes in the volcano rang out continuously. Containing True Origin, the roar of the Northern Frosty Region's number one Martial Saint was undoubtedly prodigious. Simultaneously, as the soundwaves resonated within the volcano, they rushed out of the volcanic throat and resounded throughout the heavens and the earth of the Blazing Flame Territory...... The thousands upon thousands of people near the volcano instantly heard the roar.

    They all looked up at the throat of the volcano.

    "It's a Nine Leaf Red Lotus! It's actually a Nine Leaf Red Lotus!" The people who had spent seven to eight days searching arduously were all flared up.

    After placing the Blazing Flame Red Lotus into the inner pocket of his leather jacket, Teng Qingshan held the Dark Blaze Rod and darted upward rapidly.

    However, just when he was about to leap up-

    He heard the shout, "The Most Powerful Martial Saint, Teng Qingshan, has obtained the Blazing Flame Red Lotus! The Blazing Flame Red Lotus is a Nine Leaf Red Lotus!"

    "Oh, no!" Teng Qingshan's facial expression changed drastically.

    "How could Helian Haoyan be this ruthless?!"

    When Teng Qingshan heard this shout, he knew that...... the situation had already reached the worst case scenario.

    "Hmph. So what if the people in the continent know? I can just leave temporarily with Little Jun and the others, and search for a place with no signs of human habitation. With Blue Luan and the Six Legged Bladelike Chi as my rides...... In a world this big, I can go anywhere!" Teng Qingshan instantly made up his mind. Without decelerating, he continued rocketing upward.

    The burning lava couldn't break through his fiery battle armor.


    A great number of Martial Cultivators around the Magma Lake were all currently staring at the lava, and all of them had heard Helian Haoyan's roar.


    The lava splashed about, and a figure enshrouded by a fiery battle armor landed beside the lake.

    "Is he?" The eyes of the Martial Cultivators in the vicinity widened. However, they had no audacity to identify the figure enveloped by the fiery battle armor.


    Teng Qingshan didn't stop at all. Every one of his steps covered a distance of seven to eight Zhang, and it was as though he was teleporting. Within a few steps, he rushed out of the volcano entrance, leaving behind the many Martial Cultivators stupefied. However, at this very moment-

    "Bang! Bang! Bang!"

    Three successive bangs rang out.

    Although the three figures arrived at different timings, the difference wasn't great. One of the three transformed into a streak of lightning and dashed toward the volcanic throat, while another followed, leaving a silver-colored afterimage. The last person transformed into a flowing red light. The three of them were exceedingly fast. As the great number of Martial Cultivators observing by the Magma Lake blinked twice, the three had already charged out of the volcanic throat.

    "Bang! Boom!"

    One after the other, the Martial Saints rushed out of the Magma Lake. Since Teng Qingshan had already obtained the Blazing Flame Red Lotus, the group of Martial Saints naturally wouldn't remain foolishly in the Magma Lake.

    "So many Martial Saints!"

    "The one that transformed into a streak of lightning is the Rising Sun Martial Saint. I have seen him perform Qing Gong before!" Someone yelled.

    "And the other figure with a streak of thunderbolt is the Thunder Blade Martial Saint, Fu Dao."

    The Martial Cultivators all discussed the names of the different Martial Saints.

    "The Most Powerful Martial Saint, Teng Qingshan, was probably the first to rush out. He's probably that extremely fast fiery red figure."


    The instant Teng Qingshan leaped out of the volcanic throat, he scanned the surrounding and was greatly astonished. He saw thousands upon thousands of people gathered around the volcano, and they were all staring at the volcanic throat.


    Teng Qingshan stomped on the mountain rock and immediately darted down the mountain like an arrow set loose. The volcano had an altitude of several hundred Zhang, but Teng Qingshan was able to descend onto the bottom with just one extremely fast leap. None of the other Martial Saints pursuing him had the audacity to do that.

    However, they were dashing at the utmost speed and could cover a distance of several hundred Zhang within a few seconds. Thus, Teng Qingshan naturally couldn't drastically increase the distance between him and the other Martial Saints.

    "Teng Qingshan, the Nine Leaf Red Lotus is the treasure of this continent. Don't even think about possessing it by yourself," A deep voice resonated between the heavens and the earth.

    Teng Qingshan couldn't even be bothered paying any attention to the voice.

    Martial Saints?

    He didn't even care about that group of people. He was only worried that the Nine Leaf Red Lotus would arouse the greed of the two Martial Immortals. The people pursuing Teng Qingshan also knew that...... even if they managed to catch up to him, they wouldn't be able to take the Nine Leaf Red Lotus. However...... it was only possible to grasp the chance to obtain the Nine Leaf Red Lotus if they followed Teng Qingshan. Otherwise, they would have no chance at all!

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    At the front, one person was fleeing, while at the rear, streaks of flowing light pursued him at flying speed.

    "Oh, heavens."

    "Qing Gong can actually reach such a fast speed."

    The great number of Martial Cultivators on top of the volcano looked down and watched over a dozen flowing lights pursuing the earthy yellow figure. However, as the chase continued, the distance between the earthy yellow figure and the pursuing Martial Saints became increasingly greater.

    The scene caused the Martial Cultivators to exclaim in astonishment, "The Most Powerful Martial Saint is indeed the most powerful one. Even his Qing Gong is the strongest!"


    In the Magma Lake, it was best to use the Fire Elemental Supreme Force. As for the ground perambulation arts, the combination of the 《Crossing Worlds》 and the Earth Elemental Supreme Force would produce a better effect.

    During the dark night on the mountain range, beside an official road of the Eastern Flower Region:


    A streak of thunderbolt darted all over the mountain range. With a flash, the streak of thunderbolt had arrived the easternmost area.

    The streak of thunderbolt was the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal, who was carrying the wolf-headed war saber on his back.

    In terms of speed, the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal was much faster than Teng Qingshan, Mu Wang, and the others.

    "I didn't expect that the birth of the Blazing Flame Red Lotus could actually cause a vibration of the Spiritual Power of Fire. I could feel it even when I was in the Dreamy Cloud Ancient City. This only happened during birth of the Seven Leaf Red Lotus. This time, the vibration of the Spiritual Power was even stronger than the previous vibrations recorded in the books of my clan. It seems like the Blazing Flame Red Lotus this time has even more leaves than the Seven Leaf Red Lotus!"

    When red clouds enshrouded the sky, the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal had been at the Dreamy Cloud Ancient City, which was too far away. Thus, he hadn't been able to witness it.

    However, he'd felt the vibration of the Spiritual Power.

    Therefore, he rushed over!


    In the night sky of the Eastern Flower Region:


    A completely white condor flapped its wings and flew southward, piercing through the air. A black-clothed, silver-haired man, with an indifferent and frigid expression, sat cross-legged on the condor's back. Simultaneously, a flowing silver-gray light surrounded the vicinity of the man and the white condor. The flowing light which enveloped them aided the great condor, increasing its flying speed drastically.

    "Blazing Flame Territory!" The Tianfeng Martial Immortal swept a glance downward as his ears pricked up.

    "Eh? The Nine Leaf Red Lotus has been taken by Teng Qingshan? Moreover, it's a Nine Leaf Red Lotus!"

    "Yes, I must obtain this Nine Leaf Red Lotus. With nine Innate Experts, the possibility of a Martial Immortal emerging in Helian Clan will be much higher."

    TLN: Just incase anyone misunderstood.. Tianfeng Clan is Helian Clan. Helian is the surname of the members of the Tianfeng Clan. This clan has two names. One was based on their surname, which is Helian, while the other name was based on the location of their base, which is near the Tianfeng Canyon.

    "This Teng Qingshan is quite brave. He actually attempted to take the Nine Leaf Red Lotus. He is indeed courting death! Good! This time, I will kill him as well."

    The Tianfeng Martial Immortal emitted a bizarre sound.

    The great snowy white condor he mounted seemed to have understood as it didn't descend and flew toward the Ox-head Mountains in the south instead.


    The strange flowing light enveloped the snowy white condor, and with a flash, the great condor disappeared into the night sky.
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