Chapter 66 Hand him over!

    Book 8 Chapter 66: Hand him over!

    With terrifyingly red eyes, Yang Dong suddenly cried respectfully, "Yes, teacher!"

    "Mister Teng!" Mu Yunji said. "The Helian clan is watched over by the Tianfeng Martial Immortal. We should not be so reckless."

    He had also heard Teng Qingshan had entered the Emptiness Realm. However, even Mu Yunji, who only had a slight knowledge of what the Emptiness Realm was, could tell that Teng Qingshan had only just entered Emptiness Realm.

    As for the Tianfeng Martial Immortal, he had attained the Emptiness Realm for 200 years. It was needless to say who was more powerful.

    "Qingshan......" Li Jun looked at Teng Qingshan with concern.

    "Don't worry," Teng Qingshan said as he looked at his wife. "Little Jun, I told you before, it's extremely hard for one Emptiness Realm expert to kill another Emptiness Realm Expert."

    "Okay." Li Jun became slightly less worried.

    "Let's go!" Teng Qingshan glanced at Yang Dong.

    "Yes, Teacher!" With a murderous look, Yang Dong followed Teng Qingshan out of the building. Beside the lake, the beautiful divine bird, the Blue Luan, paced back and forth leisurely, like a beautiful princess. Teng Qingshan's 'Spirit' naturally connected with the Power of the Heavens and the Earth.

    He urged his ideas to Blue Luan.

    "Eh?" The Blue Luan turned and looked at Teng Qingshan, then it opened its wings and flew above him.

    "Let's go!" Teng Qingshan grabbed Yang Dong and leapt on top of the Blue luan.

    Under Teng Qingshan's guidance, Blue Luan let out a excited screech, "Yoooooo~~~" and its voice echoed throughout the east garden.

    With a streak of hazy flames in the sky, they disappeared from the lines of sight of Li Jun, Fu Yuping, and Mu Yunji.


    At ten thousand feet high above in the air above the clouds, Blue Luan was like a fiery red shooting star as it flew with an astonishing speed.

    "Blue Luan is so fast. But now, since I have entered Emptiness Realm, I should be able to make it go faster." Teng Qingshan had seen how the Tianfeng Martial Immortal had used the Power of the Heavens and the Earth to make a normal eagle go almost as fast as Golden Dan level beasts.

    Struck by this thought, Teng Qingshan summoned a great amount of Fire Elemental Power around the Blue Luan.

    The Fire Elemental Power was one of the Powers of the Heavens and the Earth.

    Under Teng Qingshan's control, a portion of the Fire Elemental Power eliminated the air resistance, allowing the Blue Luan to fly more easily. Simultaneously, it also circled around the Blue Luan's surroundings, increasing the speed of the Divine Bird .


    The Blue Luan's speed increased six or seven times.

    How much faster was six or seven times more? The Blue Luan's speed was generally a lot faster than that of the normal Golden Dan flying beasts. Now that it had increased six or seven times more, it was probably almost as fast as the beasts which had entered the Emptiness Realm.

    "The result is this good?" Teng Qingshan was slightly shocked.

    "Oh, that's right. Blue Luan is a fire elemental divine beast, so the results are the best when it is assisted by the Fire Elemental Power," Teng Qingshan thought and nodded to himself.

    "Whoosh~~" The Blue Luan felt its speed increase and could not help shrieking out in excitement.

    Its screech resonated throughout the sky.

    However, Yang Dong, who was beside Teng Qingshan, appeared to be in distress. He stared toward the north. Even though he was mature and clever, in the face of something like this, Yang Dong was on the verge of a mental collapse. He only had one thought in mind-to seek revenge!

    He would avenge his father!

    Yang Dong would finish what his father hadn't been able to... He would kill Helian Haotong!

    Tianfeng City was huge with a population of over a hundred million, and Helian Inner City was the city inside it.

    The whole Helian Inner City was also known as the Helian Residence!

    Several ten thousand clan members resided there. If the elite army were to be included, then the city actually held over a hundred thousand men. The Helian Inner City had four gates, one each in the east, west, south, and north. One of the four gates, Western Punisher Gate, was where the Tianfeng Clan (Helian Clan) beheaded prisoners and used that to intimidate evildoers.

    The midday decapitation of the prisoners was an event which happened often.

    "Third brother, you are bound for good fortune after averting this great disaster."

    "Thank you for the blessing. F*ck. That one-eyed blind man actually dared to charge into the base of the Tianfeng Clan." Helian Haotong and a middle-aged man, who looked similar to him, stood shoulder to shoulder on the third floor of a pavilion, staring at the black corpse hanging high up on the Western Punisher Gate.

    "Fortunately, the sword did not thrust the vital parts of my body. That one-eyed blind man... seriously......" Helian Haotong rubbed his chest softly as he recalled what had happened yesterday morning, still feeling slightly afraid.

    Helian Haotong's appearance wasn't bad. In fact, he was rather handsome. However, his eyes just looked lewd and evil.

    "Third Brother, I think you should refrain from flirting around. It is extremely terrifying to provoke a swordsman like this. Fortunately, he died," the middle-aged man remarked and sighed.

    "His sword art was indeed powerful." Helian Haotong cursed, "If I knew that he would be so f*cking strong, I would have killed him back in the day at all costs. However, it's good now...... He helped me killed that bitch, Wu Shuang. I have wanted to kick away that bitch, Wu Shuang, but she was too devious to the point that she managed to control me!"

    Helian Haotong laughed as he stared at the corpse hanging on the Western Punisher Gate. "I have to thank this Yang Wang for helping me deal with that bitch."

    "Hey, Fifth." Helian Haotong looked at the middle-aged man beside him and said, "Did you really not manage to find Yang Wang's Secret Sword Technique?"

    "I really couldn't find it," the middle-aged man answered.

    Helian Haotong was slightly disappointed as he said, "If I had known about it in the past, I wouldn't have killed Yang Wang's parents...... Now, it's impossible to even trace the source of Yang Wang's sword art." Yang Wang had been able to kill over 107 people while being surrounded by a great number of experts. His sword art had long since attracted the attention of the Tianfeng Clan.

    Yang Wang's sword art was definitely a top-notch sword art! None of the saber arts and sword arts of the Tianfeng Clan could be compared with it.

    "Third Brother, let's go. There's no point in continuing to look at that here," the middle-aged man at the side said.

    "You can leave first."

    Helian Haotong carried a chair over and sat down with satisfaction. He lifted his legs and rested them against the building's railing and gazed into the distance at the corpse hanging on the Western Punisher Gate.

    Smiling sinisterly, he said, "That one-eyed blind man... Although I'm already this old, I have never experienced such great suffering. It sure feels good to see his corpse exposed under the blazing sun."

    Seeing this, the middle-aged man could only shake his head as he left, leaving Helian Haotong behind.

    However, it must be said that yesterday, Helian Haotong had been really scared. He had been so afraid that he had even dreamt of Yang Wang chasing after him and killing him at night.

    Now, he mumbled continuously to himself as he stared unwaveringly at Yang Wang's body hanging on the gate.

    "Eh? What is that?" Helian Haotong saw a blazing stream of light shooting toward him from the south.


    "Look, what is that?!"

    "That's the Divine Bird, the Blazing Flame Divine Bird! There's even someone is sitting on the bird!"

    "Moreover, there are two people!"

    In Tianfeng City, the great number of people entering and leaving the Western Punisher Gate could see the scene in the sky.

    The Blue Luan spread its wings as it hovered above the Western Punisher Gate of Tianfeng City. Standing on the Blue Luan was a cold-looking azure-cloaked young man, and beside him was a teenager whose eyes were red with fury.

    "Western Punisher Gate!"

    Teng Qingshan lowered his head and stared at the western gate of the Helian Inner City. The corpse hanging on the western gate had already turned black. It was extremely scrawny like a skeleton. Almost all the flesh of the four limbs had been shaved off, and the white bones could be seen underneath. The only body part which remained intact was the head, thus, the face of the corpse could still be seen.

    'Reporting to Boss, my name is Wang Yang. Boss can just call me Old Wang.' The scene of Teng Qingshan recruiting Old Wang as his coachman seemed like it was just yesterday.

    However, Old Wang's corpse was now hanging on the western gate.

    "Father!!!" A hysterical shout rang out.

    Teng Qingshan looked down and saw Yang Dong, whose eyes were filled with tears.

    A great number of soldiers stood on the walls of the Helian Inner City.

    One of the leaders appeared slightly afraid, but he still shouted toward the sky, "Whoever you are up there, this is the residence of the Tianfeng Clan. Please leave now."

    Teng Qingshan looked down at the leader of the soldiers.

    "Hmph!" A deep-sounding scoff rang out in the leader's ears.

    The leader then immediately shrieked in pain, "Ah!" He covered his ears and collapsed on to the ground, curling up in pain.


    In a flash, Teng Qingshan moved, leaving an afterimage as he arrived above the city walls. He hovered in the sky and held Old Wang's black corpse, which had been slashed a million times, and descended down to the ground gently.

    "Old Wang......." Teng Qingshan looked at Old Wang's face.

    "You suppressed this hatred within your heart for such a long time, yet you didn't want to tell me because the enemy is from the Helian Clan?" Teng Qingshan said with a sigh.

    When they dwelled on the Godly Axe Mountain, Old Wang had seemed the most conspicuous, but he had actually been the most diligent and sincere person. Old Wang had been the one who fed all the War Hous and Hunchbacked Beasts.

    It had also been Old Wang who drove the carriage when Li Jun and Little Ping went to buy groceries.

    He had never complained!

    TLN: Isn't that his job as a coachman? ;-;

    "Whew!" Carrying Old Wang's body, Teng Qingshan leaped several Zhang and descended on the Blue Luan's body, causing the spectators in the entire street to cry out in shock.

    "Father, father." Yang Dong held Yang Wang's body tightly.

    "Helian Haotong, Helian Haotong!" Yang Dong suddenly raised his head. "Teacher, where is Helian Haotong?"

    Teng Qingshan nodded his head and looked at the Helian Clan before them.


    "Patriarch, it's over there. Look, right there."

    "He has already taken the body on the Western Punisher Gate."

    "Patriarch, is this person...... The Most Powerful Martial Saint, Teng Qingshan?'"

    A crowd surrounded the clan's patriarch, Helian Haofan. When Helian Haofan raised his head and saw the person in question, his expression changed drastically. "Yes, it's him. It's Teng Qingshan."


    Looking down from high above, Teng Qingshan's gaze swept across the tens of thousands of Helian Clan members who were gazing up at him. Teng Qingshan took a deep breath and then yelled in a voice as loud as roaring thunder, "Helian Clan, listen up. Hurry up and hand over Helian Haotong, or else I will burn the entire Helian Clan into the ground!"

    "Into the ground!" "Into the ground!" "Into the ground!".......

    Like the rumbling of thunder, Teng Qingshan's words reverberated continuously throughout Tianfeng City.

    There was someone who dared to threaten the Tianfeng Clan? The citizens of Tianfeng City all crowded toward the Helian Residence excitedly.

    "Mister Teng!" A voice rang out from far away, "This Yang Wang killed over a hundred of the Helian Clan's men....."

    "I'm telling you to hand him over!"

    Teng Qingshan's voice was so loud that it scared everyone who heard it. "Hand over Helian Haotong in ten seconds. You people...... have no right to negotiate with me!"


    The approximately hundred thousand people inside the Helian Inner City were in an uproar, including the Patriarch of the Helian Clan. He had found out from the Tianfeng Martial Immortal that Teng Qingshan was already a Martial Immortal level expert. Without the Tianfeng Martial Immortal, who would dare to touch Teng Qingshan? Moreover, they had also seen the Weird Blazing Flame Bird's terrifying power at Ox-Head Mountain.

    In a pavilion, Helian Haotong was curled up in the corner of a room.

    "Hurry, hurry! Find Helian Haotong. He is in this building!"


    Amidst the chaos, Helian Haotong covered himself with a woven mat. He was trembling all over.

    "How could this happen? How could this happen? How could that one-eyed bastard be with the Most Powerful Martial Saint......?" Extremely afraid, Helian Haotong's face turned pale from fear.

    TLN: Just incase anyone misunderstood, Teng Qingshan is now an Emptiness Realm Expert, a Martial Immortal.

    He could hear the sounds of urgent footsteps approaching.

    "Pucchi!" The woven mat was suddenly ripped off, and Helian Haotong, who had been cowering behind it, was discovered.

    "Found him, found him!" A loud voice cried out.

    "Mister Teng, we'll hand him over!"
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