Chapter 74 The Treasure of Tianfeng Clan

    Book 8 - Chapter 74 The Treasure of Tianfeng Clan

    "Treasures that they have kept for thousand years!" No matter how steady and calm he was, his heart still palpitated involuntarily.

    In the Duanmu Continent, the chaos of war was endless. Hundreds of clans contended with one another. It was once said, upon reaching the pinnacle of power, one will fall. No clan is able to remain prosperous forever. Therefore, all of the great clans would conserve resources in preparation to rise again if they fell. For example, the Godly Axe Mountain's descendants and the Fu Clan were able to exist for six thousand years due to the fact that they had made all sorts of preparations that had allowed their clan to flourish again within several hundred years!

    Presently, the Tianfeng Clan was the number one clan of the Duanmu Continent! It was a clan that had remained strong for over thousand years!

    They also would have to conserve resources for themselves.

    If a clan hoped to rise again, precious treasures, secret techniques, and great wealth were necessary!

    "The Tianfeng Clan dominated the Northern Frosty Region and was called the number one clan of the world. How great are the precious treasures that they have kept for over thousand years? As Mu Wang thought, he couldn't help but feel his blood boiling in excitement.

    "The Tianfeng Martial Immortal had died! Although the Tianfeng Clan had a great number of men and mounts, without a Martial Immortal...the Tianfeng Clan would have no right to dominate the entire Northern Frosty Region." The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal expounded deeply, "The Tianfeng Clan absolutely did not expect that their Martial Immortal would die. The treasures are most likely in the Helian Residence. Let's head to the Helian Residence at once."

    Immediately, the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal and the Great Elder Mu Wang flicker as they disappeared amidst the crowd.

    After the Undying Phoenix burned the Tianfeng Martial Immortal to death, it hovered in mid-air and raised its head as it emitted an exciting and happy cry.


    The loud and high-pitch sound was stunning. The several tens of thousands spectators all yielded to the Undying Phoenix. Many were even stupefied. The members of the Helian Clan widened their eyes in disbelief. None of them could believe that their Martial Immortal just died!

    "Haha..." Teng Qingshan guffawed and walked towards the Undying Phoenix. Li Jun, Teng Shou, Yang Dong, and Fu Yuping followed by his side.

    "Little Blue!" Teng Qingshan walked over and shouted with a grin.

    The Undying Phoenix turned and a pleasantly surprised expression flashed in its eyes. It immediately appeared beside Teng Qingshan and the others as though it had teleported.

    "Little Blue, you are so powerful." Li Jun couldn't help but to caress the Undying Phoenix's feathers. At this moment, the fire that had enveloped the Undying Phoenix completely vanished. Simultaneously, it emitted several cries and screeches towards Li Jun.

    "Qingshan, Little Blue said that it is extremely grateful to you for helping her reach Emptiness Realm and evolve into the Undying Phoenix," said Li Jun with a smile. Teng Qingshan sighed emotionally and said, "Thank me? If it weren't for her, killing the Tianfeng Martial immortal would be impossible. Hence, we must thank Little Blue."

    Li Jun also emitted several screeches towards Little Blue.

    The Undying Phoenix lowered its head and nudged Teng Qingshan softly to show its gratitude. Almost all the Emptiness Realm Experts in the world had comprehended Dao, yet none of them could describe this Dao. However, Teng Qingshan was able to express his understanding of Dao through his fist art. Originally, the Internal Martial Art was cultivated through the practice of fists.

    Thus, Teng Qingshan naturally transformed his understanding of Dao into fist arts.

    "Eh?" Teng Qingshan frowned and turned to look behind. "What is Older Brother Mu doing?" He could distinctly sense the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal's aura leaving rapidly his domain.


    With reddened eyes, the Steel Sword Martial Saint Helian Haoyan rushed towards the Tianfeng City at an incredibly fast speed.

    "How could this happen?"

    "How could teacher die? It's impossible!!!" The Steel Sword Martial Saint could distinctly hear the discussions of millions of spectators. The more he heard, he more pain he felt. "No way! Teacher is a Martial Immortal. He shouldn't die! He shouldn't die!" The Steel Sword Martial Saint could distinctly remember his teacher's words-

    "Haoyan, if you reach the Emptiness Realm, achieve the Harmonization of the Spirit with the Heavens and Earth, then achieve the Harmonization of the Body with the Heavens and Earth. By that time, even if you are weaker than the other Martial Immortals, it'd be impossible the other Martial Immortals to kill you."

    After the attainment of the 'Harmonization of the Body with the Heavens and Earth, the speed of the Emptiness Realm Experts would be almost the same. Even if an Emptiness Realm Expert gained an advantage and was slightly quicker, the slightly slower experts could change directions erratically as they escaped and because typical Emptiness Realm Experts could move one-to-two Li within a flash, the pursuer would be caught unprepared by the abrupt changes. As long as the difference in speed wasn't too great, it would be impossible for the enemy to kill the Emptiness Realm Expert!


    The Tianfeng Martial Immortal encountered the Undying Phoenix this time! The best of the avian demonic beasts and were much more faster than the typical avian demonic beasts. The Undying Phoenix's speed was twice the speed of the Tianfeng Martial Immortal! The difference was too great. Moreover, the flames of the Undying Phoenix weren't simple techniques. Instead, it was a skyful of flames that would surge directly towards the target, leaving the target nowhere to escape.

    "I must survive."

    "I must escape thirty-four Li away from the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal and the Blazing Flame Martial Immortal and hide cautiously until the day I reach the Emptiness Realm. Only then, would there be hope for the Tianfeng Clan to rise again." The Steel Sword Martial Saint's heart was filled with pain, but he was still thinking rationally. Without the protection of the Tianfeng Martial Immortal, the Tianfeng Clan would definitely be torn apart by the great clans of the continent!

    The clan that will strike the fiercest would undoubtedly be the Mu Clan!

    "Helian Haoyan." An elderly voice rang out.


    A blurred image flickered before the Steel Sword Martial Saint and soon actualized. It was the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal carrying a huge wolf-headed war saber on his back.

    "The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal!" Seeing the person before him, the Steel Sword Martial Saint's face turned pale. He forced a smile as he asked, "Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal, w-what are you doing?"

    "Helian Haoyan, you should know what I am about to do," the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal smiled and said, "Tell me. Where are the hidden treasures of your Helian Clan?"

    When the Steel Sword Martial Saint heard this, he understood that he has no other choice. He immediately guffawed furiously as he said, "Old Man Mu, you covet the hidden treasures of the Helian Clan as well. Haha....dream on! I wouldn't tell you even if you kill me. The Helian Clan will rise to prosperity once again in the future!" Before his voice even faded, a 'Psh' sound rang out as a streak of saberlight slashed past the Steel Sword Martial Saint's throat.

    The bloody head flew into the air; madness could still be seen in the eyes of the head.

    "Courting death indeed," The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal shook his head as he smiled. In Helian Clan, the Steel Sword Martial Saint was the person with the most potential to reach Emptiness Realm. Thus, it was naturally impossible to allow the Steel Sword Martial Saint to live.

    The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal was just about to leave when suddenly-


    The Power of the Heavens and Earth vibrated as a figure appeared beside the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal. It was Teng Qingshan.

    "Qingshan!" the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal smiled and shouted.

    "Old Brother Mu, where are you going?" Teng Qingshan flicked a glance at the dead Steel Sword Martial Saint. In this chaotic world, even the Tianfeng Martial Immortal could be killed. Therefore, the death of a mere Martial Saint wasn't surprising at all. Teng Qingshan completely understood the reasons... After all, the two most powerful clans of the Duanmu Continent, the Mu Clan and the Helian Clan, secretly contended with each other.

    Thus, the Mu Clan would naturally grasp the chance to strike when the Helian Clan had fallen!

    "Qingshan, Helian died and the Steel Sword Martial Saint has also died! The Tianfeng Clan is no longer protected by a powerful expert. How is it possible for the Tianfeng Clan to dominate the entire Northern Frosty Region?" The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal smiled as he spoke, "Moreover, the death of the Tianfeng Martial Immortal was witnessed by over millions of people. The Tianfeng Clan cannot keep this secret at all. Therefore, the Tianfeng Clan will definitely move the hidden treasures of the clan somewhere else."

    "Hidden treasures?" Teng Qingshan immediately understood.

    When he first arrived at the Duanmu Continent, he was able to find the treasures of the Liu Clan of Dark Steel River who were slaughtered on the island. The Liu Clan of Dark Steel River was considered as a small clan in the Duanmu Continent, yet it was still able to possess such a great amount of gold. Even the Fu Clan that had laid low for a few thousand years had managed to train one thousand Divine Blade Guardians! The Tianfeng Clan was the number one clan of the continent and it had been in control for over a thousand years. How astonishing would the hidden treasures of the Tianfeng Clan be?

    "Qingshan, how about we search for the treasures together?" The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal smiled and said, "If you don't search today, it will be very difficult to find it in the future."

    "Alright," Teng Qingshan smiled and nodded.

    "Let's just see who can find it first." The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal smiled and said, "Whoever finds it first, takes it."

    If this was before the birth of the Undying Phoenix, it would be impossible for the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal to say such words. However, after he witnessed the terrifying strength of the Undying Phoenix, Teng Qingshan's status rose extremely high in the eyes of the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal!

    "Haha, alright. Let's see who finds it first."

    Teng Qingshan and the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal vanished simultaneously and had already entered the Tianfeng City.

    The Helian Residence was the base of the Tianfeng Clan and had remained peaceful for over a thousand years!

    Presently, the hearts of men are filled with fear!

    When the arrogant members of the Helian Clan received news of the Tianfeng Martial Immortal's death and that the person they depended on most had collapsed, they experienced a mental breakdown. When the bodies of the few important figures, the Steel Sword Martial Saint, Helian Haoyan, and Patriarch Helian Haofan, were discovered, the clan fell into an unprecedented pandemonium.


    The great snow had stopped. On the rooftop of a random palace in the Helian Residence, Teng Qingshan and the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal stood shoulder to shoulder, while Mu Wang stood at the side.

    "Where did they hide the treasure?" The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal said with a frown.

    "Older Brother Mu, didn't we find one location?" Teng Qingshan smiled faintly as he asked.

    The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal frowned and shook his head as he said, "No, only an extremely small number of people know the location of the most important treasure of a clan. It's possible that the Tianfeng martial Immortal may had been the only one that knew. It was also possible that the Tianfeng Martial Immortal, the Steel Sword Martial Saint, and the Patriarch were the only three people that knew. Helian Haoyan and Helian Haoyan, who were killed, would rather die than tell us anything. Of all the other elders, only one begged for mercy...However, I reckon that the location which he revealed only had ordinary treasures. It was impossible for an elder to know the location of the true treasures."

    As the saying went, a crafty rabbit has three burrows. The Tianfeng Clan definitely hid the treasures in many different locations!

    The Tianfeng Clan never expected that their collapse, therefore, they must have hid most of the treasures somewhere in the Helian Residence," the Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal said in a deep tone, "But...we just can't find it."

    The Emptiness Realm Experts have their own domains.

    However, the domains could only detect some life forms. It was impossible to detect some dead organisms such as wood and axes with their domain.

    "The location of the hidden treasures is extremely hard to find," Teng Qingshan smiled and continued, "Since there are many precious items in there, such as the nine lotus seeds that they took from me."

    "Older Brother Mu, I will be leaving first," Teng Qingshan's eyes lit up. As his body blurred, he had arrived far away. He then called out, "Little Blue!"

    "Teacher, what is Qingshan going to do?" Mu Wang was slightly surprised.

    The Dreamy Cloud Martial Immortal gazed at Teng Qingshan's back quizzically as he remained quiet.


    Teng Qingshan looked up at the Undying Phoenix diving down from high altitudes. Immediately, he leaped a height of fifty-to-sixty Zhang and descended onto the Undying Phoenix's back.

    "Qingshan, did you find the treasure?" Li Jun asked.

    "No," Teng Qingshan smiled and looked at Li Jun as he said, "Little Jun, give me the wooden box."

    The huge wooden box that Li Jun carried on her back was opened and the Splitting Mountain Axe, the Dark Blaze Rod, and many small jade boxes could be seen inside. One of the jade boxes were used to store the Dreamy Cloud White Fruit. The items in the box were items that Teng Qingshan valued the most. If he placed these precious items in the Eastern Flower Garden of the Dreamy Cloud Ancient City, he wouldn't feel at ease. Therefore, he asked Li Jun to bring the huge wooden box along.

    "Qingshan, what are you doing?" Li Jun asked in bewilderment.

    "Treasure hunting," Teng Qingshan grinned as he took the Dark Blaze Rod.

    When Teng Qingshan previously mentioned the nine lotus seeds, he recalled, "The nine lotus seeds are the core of the Blazing Flame Red Lotus. I relied on the Dark Blaze Rod to find the Blazing Flame Red Lotus! Which means that it is possible to search for the nine lotus seeds with the Dark Blaze Rod. The nine lotus seeds are extremely precious and are definitely hidden with the most significant treasures of the Tianfeng Clan. Therefore, if I find the location of the nine lotus seeds, I will have found the location of the most significant treasures!"

    "It all depends on you now, Dark Blaze Rod." Holding the Dark Blaze Rod, Teng Qingshan leaped off the Undying Phoenix and descended towards the chaotic Helian Residence.
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