Chapter 16 Nine Ringed Mountain

    Book 9 Chapter 16 Nine Ringed Mountain

    In the Land of the Nine Prefectures, Qingzhou was the most populated prefecture.

    Now, a terrifying force suddenly emerged in the region of Qingzhou, endeavoring to destroy Xiao Yao Palace with a power like the waves of a torrential sea. In the beginning, only the super powerful sects in the Land of the Nine Prefectures knew of this news. However, as the great army of this mysterious force advanced together and proceeded to attack from three different directions, the entire Qingzhou region became aware of this mysterious force.

    This mysterious force was named-Heavenly God Palace!

    For a time, everyone in the Land of the Nine Prefectures commented on this 'Heavenly God Palace' which emerged out of nowhere. The 'Heavenly God Palace' actually dared to challenge Xiao Yao Palace, one of the eight Supreme Sects. Why had this sect never been known by anyone in the past? It was really too mysterious.

    However, many people in the Land of the Nine Prefectures believed that Xiao Yao Palace would would definitely be the final winner. The eight Supreme Sects had existed for over one thousand years in the Land of the Nine Prefectures. Their existence had been deeply rooted in everyone's mind.

    Chunfan County, a county located in the mid-south of Qingzhou.

    Currently, ruins and remains could be seen above the walls of Chunfan County City. There were numerous corpses everywhere in Chunfan County City. The burnt corpses below the city wall, the broken city gates, as well as the dried bloodstains on the city wall, evidently indicated that a fiery battle had happened in Chunfan County City.

    "Utterly weak!" The Superintendent of the Red Fiery Division laughed out loud as he stood on top of the city wall.

    The superintendent of the Azure Dragon Division, the Second Saintess, the three Elders, as well as Teng Qingshan and Li Jun, all stood on top of the city wall.

    "Chunfan County City has only one innate expert and that innate expert was just a True Dan Innate Expert." The Superintendent of the Azure Dragon Division stroked his beard and burst out in laughter, "With so many people working together, and with Foreign Dignitary Huhe amongst us, the obliteration of Chunfan County City was done without any effort."

    "Indeed. However, Foreign Dignitary's help was really unnecessary during the attack on Chunfan County City," the three elders said while grinning from ear to ear.

    The Second Saintess, too, faked a smile.

    Seeing this, Teng Qingshan chuckled. Ever since he threatened the three Elders, Second Saintess, and the Superintendent, the five people became very well-behaved. They no longer dared to put on airs in front of him. The Second Saintess and the others knew well that Teng Qingshan would never negotiate or reason with them. Moreover, Teng Qingshan wasn't a member of the Heavenly God Palace. The people that dared to provoke Teng Qingshan probably thought that they had lived for long enough.

    "We managed to conquer the city with just one battle. Although we were fast, it is already October 28th." Li Jun said solemnly, "According to the Sovereign's order, we must conquer Muyang County before December! We will rest and rehabilitate in Chunfan County City for three days and then depart to Muyang County!"

    As the commander, Li Jun behaved like one!

    Li Jun was young. She was weaker than the others, and wasn't respected by the Superintendent of the Red Fiery Division and the others. However, a terrifying man existed right by her side-Huhe! If Teng Qingshan flicked a glance at the five people, they would immediately respond with ingratiating smiles.

    Thus, no one dared to disobey Li Jun's order.

    "Commander." The Superintendent of the Azure Dragon Division frowned and said, "We conquered Chunfan County City with just one battle. Although an innate expert was amongst them, it's obvious that the army of Chunfan County City wasn't that powerful. According to our investigation, elite troops named the 'Black Scale Army' were deployed in all fifteen counties controlled by Xiao Yao Palace. However, the 'Black Scale Army' never appeared.

    The elite troops of the super powerful sects also had different ranks.

    Take Qing Hu Island as an example. The Silver Dragon Army was the elite troop, but the Golden Scale Guards were the elite of the elite.

    The Black Scale Army was the most elite troop deployed by Xiao Yao Palace in each of the fifteen counties.

    "Indeed. We did not see the Black Scale Army." The superintendent of the Red Fiery Division knitted his brows and responded, "What is Xiao Yao Palace trying to do? Avoid us when we are at our strongest and assemble their elite troops together during this time to fight a decisive battle against us?"

    "Hmm, it's very possible," The rotund elder muttered.

    Li Jun turned and looked at Teng Qingshan as she asked, "Big Brother Huhe, what's your opinion?"

    "We act according to the situation." Teng Qingshan smiled and replied, "Why should we worry? The Heavenly God Palace has many scouts. Thus, if Xiao Yao Palace really did assemble a great army somewhere, we definitely could investigate it first. If the result showed that we are no match against the great army, then we should just notify the Heavenly God Palace!"

    The few people nodded.

    No matter what, they were just members of the Snowy Lotus Cult, a branch of the Heavenly God Palace.


    After resting for three days, and after the restoration of Chunfan County, the great army that Teng Qingshan and Li Jun commanded took in thirty thousand new soldiers. Hence, the fighting force of the army rose to over two hundred and twenty thousand. The grand army of two hundred and twenty thousand people left Chunfan County on the 1st of November, rushing towards Muyang County.

    However, the two hundred and twenty thousand soldiers actually advanced at a slow speed.

    On the seventh day of their journey.

    Like a wriggling dragon, the great army advanced on the official road. Many soldiers were riding war horses; however, because the army was really too enormous, there were not enough horses. Therefore, over half of the soldiers were infantrymen.

    The sun started setting in the western sky.

    The long line formed by the army seemed to stretch to the ends of the earth. Teng Qingshan and Li Jun were located in the center of the army. Both of them rode Dark Demonic Horses, slowly progressing forward.

    "Report!" A scout approached from ahead, galloping his horse towards the commander.

    "Eh?" Teng Qingshan raised his brows.

    The scout leapt off the war horse and respectfully presented a roll of paper as he announced, "Reporting to Commander, I have news from the scout located in front."

    Li Jun took the the roll of paper and was shocked by what she read. She then handed it to Teng Qingshan.

    "As expected." When Teng Qingshan perused the secret letter, his expression changed slightly. "Xiao Yao Palace really isn't willing to just accept the obliteration... Xiao Yao Palace is really brave and decisive. They didn't really guard and defend the cities that we attacked. It seems like Xiao Yao Palace have decided to share Qingzhou with Heavenly God Palace."

    While Teng Qingshan was reading the letter, Li Jun commanded her subordinates to ask the three Elders and the others to arrive in front of them.


    The three Elders, two Superintendents, and the Second Saintess drew closer.

    "The situation is not good." Li Jun bit her lips as she expounded, "It's just as we have guessed. Xiao Yao Palace easily gave away Chunfan County. They are indeed assembling the elite troops on the Nine Ringed Mountain, and are probably awaiting us on the Nine Ringed Mountain, endeavoring to stop us from moving westward!"

    "Nine Ringed Mountain?" The six people were astonished upon hearing Li Jun's explanation.

    "Oh no!" The facial expression of the superintendent of the Azure Dragon Division changed drastically as he exclaimed, "If we advance westward, we will definitely pass by the Nine Ringed Mountain. It's unavoidable. Over ten Li of the official road is within this Nine Ringed Mountain. The meandering official road only allows three war horses to pass through simultaneously. Mountain walls are on both sides of the official road. Hence, we will be in trouble if they have entrenched themselves in a favorable location in the Nine Ringed Mountain and fight us with all their strength."

    Hearing this, Teng Qingshan was secretly shocked.

    Mountain walls on both sides? Over ten Li?

    The superintendent of the Red Fiery Division said in a low voice, "When we enter the Nine Ringed Mountain, we won't be able to take care of the front and rear at the same time because of the meandering and twisted official road. We won't be able to command the entire army at the same time...It's no wonder they moved the elite Black Scale Army somewhere else. The precarious environment of the Nine Ringed Mountain requires one to possess the skill to pass over mountain ridges and climb dangerous mountain walls, something ordinary students can't do. However, the elite troops are like tigers and wolves in the mountain forest...They can also wantonly attack our army in the Nine Ringed Mountain."

    For a moment, no one could think of any solution.

    The official road in the Nine Ringed Mountain was an unavoidable path.

    "If only we had an Emptiness Realm Expert amongst us," the rotund Elder remarked.

    "If an Emptiness Realm Expert was among us, we could decapitate all the leaders of the enemy troops, one after the other. By that time, the formation of the enemy forces would be a mess."

    As a member of the Heavenly God Palace, all of them knew the power of an Emptiness Realm Expert.

    Li Jun turned her head and stared at Teng Qingshan. Teng Qingshan smiled and said, "The Heavenly God Palace will soon know about this. Don't worry."

    In the vast horizon above the layers of clouds.


    A high-pitched screech rang out. In the sky, a gigantic Godly Thunderbolt Hawk was seen soaring. Dressed in a long blue cloak, the High Priestess of the Snowy Lotus Cult sat cross-legged on the back of the Godly Thunderbolt Hawk. Besides the High Priestess who rode the Godly Thunderbolt Hawk, there were two men flying by controlling air. One of them carried a black godly sword on his back, he had suave long black hair, and donned a long black cloak. The only white color on his body were his eyebrows.

    The black cloaked, white browed man carried the godly sword and flew right beside the High Priestess, who rode the Godly Thunderbolt Hawk. Before them was an ordinary looking man, who wore grey long jacket and simple black pants. This ordinary looking man was slightly chubby and had fair skin, as well as appearing to be very amiable.

    This ordinary looking man was Pei San.

    "Teacher." The black cloaked, white browed man said respectfully, "Now Xiao Yao Palace has deployed a great number of elite troops and powerful innate experts in the Nine Ringed Mountain, Steel Feathery Canyon, and the Liushou City, aiming to guard these three areas! These three areas are all considered the most dangerous areas...Especially the Nine Ringed Mountain! The official road in the Nine Ringed Mountain is over ten Li long...It's obvious that Xiao Yao Palace is trying to guard these three places in order to guard all eight counties!"

    "Hmph, Father."

    Riding on the Godly Thunderbolt Hawk, the High Priestess shouted, "Xiao Yao Palace is still thinking of guarding their land. The Sovereign of Xiao Yao Palace actually escaped without even fighting. He wasn't even in Xiao Yao Palace, so the time it took for us get there was wasted. I'm angered whenever I think about this; however, if that old fellow wished to guard the eight counties, then we must ensure that his wish will never come true. Father, the capture of the three areas will be difficult, right?"

    Flying in the sky, Pei San replied with a faint smile, "Don't look down on that old fellow of Xiao Yao Palace. Escape? He's very smart... Now, I think that the obliteration of Xiao Yao Palace won't be easily completed."

    "Ah Chao," Pei San called out.

    'Teacher," the white browed man in black cloak answered with respect.

    "Of those three areas, the Nine Ringed Mountain is the most difficult and dangerous area. If the both parties fought forcefully, we would most likely lose all two hundred thousand soldiers." Pei San said as he smiled, "Ah Chao, go lead the two hundred thousand soldiers and break through the Nine Ringed Mountain."

    "Yes, teacher." The black cloaked, white browed man responded respectfully.

    "Great Martial Brother, thanks for making a trip to help your younger sister's army," the High Priestess said with a smile.

    A helpless and bitter smile crept up onto the white browed man's face. He couldn't do anything to his younger martial sister because she was his teacher's only family member. Therefore, he, the older martial brother, as well as everyone else, could never win against the younger martial sister.

    Seeing this, Pei San erupted into laughter.

    "Ah Chao, you should depart now," Pei San smiled as he instructed.


    The black cloaked, white browed man bowed. He ignored the snickering High Priestess beside him. Turning into a streak of light, he swiftly flew towards the south, quickly fading into the layers of clouds in the distance.
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