Chapter 22 Bloodbath in Brothel

    Book 9 Chapter 22 Bloodbath in Brothel

    After Xue Xin became Teng Qingshan's disciple, he no longer needed to be an escort of the Security Office. He secretly left a letter in the Chang Sheng Security Office and departed quietly with Teng Qingshan.


    In the study room within the inner court of Jing Residence, the mansion that Teng Qingshan had recently purchased in Wuan County City:

    "From today onwards, you shall live in this mansion." Teng Qingshan said. He lit a candle and turned to take a seat. With a smile on his face, he looked at Xue Xin, who was carrying a bundle on his back, and said, "Xue Xin, sit down first and tell me the full story between you and Qing Hu Island."

    "Yes, Teacher."

    Xue Xin sat beside Teng Qingshan and began his story.

    He talked about the strong bond between his parents, sisters, and the others. He also elaborated on the process of the disaster. He even enunciated the whole process of how he tried to kill his enemy with poison.

    "Scholars are useless!" Xue Xin shook his head and guffawed. Yet, tears filled his eyes. "What's the use of studying? If I started learning martial arts at a young age, I understand that I might not be able to compete with the phenomenal Teng Qingshan of Gui Yuan Sect, who became a True Dan Innate Expert at the age of 17, but I would at least be able to kill one of those three bastards!"

    That experience was the hardest blow in his life, which caused Xue Xin to think that studying was useless.

    Since that experience, he devoted himself to the cultivation of martial arts.

    "Xue Xin, what's your relation with Gui Yuan Sect?" Teng Qingshan inquired.

    Xue Xin stared at Teng Qingshan in shock. He then nodded and asked, "Teacher, how did you know?" Xue Xin's response surprised Teng Qingshan. Xue Xin continued, "In the past, I trained arduously in the mountains. After I ate the azure-colored fruit, I made achievements in my training. Later on, I ventured through the Land of the Nine Prefectures and luckily befriended some Black Armored Soldiers of Gui Yuan Sect."

    Teng Qingshan nodded.

    "Xue Xin had always wanted revenge, but he was incapable of exacting it." Teng Qingshan sighed to himself.

    "Xue Xin, do you want revenge?" Teng Qingshan asked.

    "Of course I do." Xue Xin's eyes shone. He immediately shook his head and said, "However, I am too weak. I can't even win against that 'Zhao Xi,' not to mention Zhao Guangzuo, the provincial official of Wuan County City." Xue Xin had three enemies.. They were 'Zhao Fu,' the man that demanded the Flowing Cloud Manuscript, 'Zhao Guangzuo, the one that accused and killed the entire Xue Clan, and 'Zhao Xi,' the inept advisor throughout the entire course of events.'

    "If you are unable to get revenge, I will impart to you the skills to aid in your revenge." Teng Qingshan stood up and instructed, "Stay here for a while!"

    "Yes, Teacher." Xue Xin was slightly nervous as he watched Teng Qingshan leave.

    In the empty study room, Xue Xin was the only one left. As Xue Xin stared at the guttering candle, his eyes burned with anger. He gritted his teeth and muttered to himself, "I, Xue Xin, finally have a teacher. The gods had treated me unfairly. I will practice a hundred times more diligently than before! Father, Mother, Grandmother, Second Uncle, Sister... I will definitely slice those three into pieces and get revenge for you guys!"

    After a while.

    Tap! Tap! Tap! The sounds of Teng Qingshan's footsteps rang out.

    Xue Xin immediately regained his composure. He turned and saw Teng Qingshan stepping in with a jade box in his hands.

    "Xue Xin." Teng Qingshan opened the jade box.

    Xue Xin immediately scrutinized the item within the jade box. A tiny two leaved grass was placed within the jade box. Although the grass had been plucked long ago, it still appeared lively. It was as though dewdrops could be seen on the leaves of the tiny grass. Teng Qingshan smiled and explained, "This spiritual herb is named 'Morning Dew Herb' and possesses magical effects. This herb will open up the meridians of your entire body!"

    "Eat this first." Teng Qingshan instructed.

    "Open up the meridians of my entire body? This..." Xue Xin quickly stood up. He gulped and looked nervously towards Teng Qingshan. "Teacher, this is too precious. I..."

    "Stop hesitating. Just eat it." Teng Qingshan chided coldly.

    The Land of the Nine Prefectures did have Spiritual Medicine that could open up the meridians of one's entire body. Such Spiritual Herbs and Spiritual Fruits were considered high-quality. However, this 'Morning Dew Grass' was a Spiritual Herb which Teng Qingshan incidentally acquired while he was searching for the 'Dreamy Cloud White Fruit' in the Duanmu Continent! Actually, Teng Qingshan possessed many Spiritual Fruits and Spiritual Herbs.

    Firstly, he searched for some of those that he possessed.

    Secondly, most of the Spiritual Herbs and Spiritual Fruits that he possessed used to belong to Tianfeng Clan. Back when Teng Qingshan was in Duanmu Continent, he looted the Tianfeng Clan, the number one clan of Duanmu Continent, and took many Spiritual Herbs, Spiritual Grass, and Secret Manuals of Martial Arts back to the Land of the Nine Prefectures.

    How many Spiritual Treasures did the Tianfeng Clan possess after the accumulation of a thousand years? It was obvious.

    Therefore, the 'Morning Dew Grass' really was nothing.

    "Gulp~~" Xue Xin felt very grateful. At the same time, he took the Morning Dew Grass and swallowed it. The strange thing was that when Xue Xin placed the Morning Dew Grass into his mouth, the Morning Dew turned into a juice-like liquid. Xue Xin then swallowed the liquid as though he was drinking water.

    "My entire body feels numb." Xue Xin's facial expression turned weird and his body began writhing involuntarily.

    "I feel so hot!"

    Grey and black impurities began seeping out of the pores of Xue Xin's skin. As the 'Morning Dew Grass' modified Xue Xin's body, Xue Xin felt that time had stopped. After fifteen minutes, Xue Xin heaved a deep sigh. A sense of joy could be seen on his grimy face.

    "Thank you, Teacher." Xue Xin said as he knelt.

    "Open your mouth!" Teng Qingshan commanded.

    Xue Xin froze briefly. He then did as told.

    A drop of liquid flew out from the jade bottle in Teng Qingshan's hands, falling into Xue Xin's mouth. Xue Xin widened his eyes in shock... However, after a while, a joyful expression showed on his face. This drop of liquid was the precious 'Elixir of the North Sea.' Just one drop was able to help an expert reach the peak of the Postliminary Realm and improve one's meridian.

    "Opening up his meridians would only bring Xue Xin benefits in his future cultivation of the internal Martial Arts." Teng Qingshan nodded with satisfaction. "

    "Teacher." Xue Xin could sense that his body was going through an astonishing change. He felt exceedingly grateful towards Teng Qingshan. Ever since his family died and his home destroyed, Teng Qingshan was the one nicest to him. Although he had made other friends...but it was apparent that the person nicest to him was his teacher, the one before his eyes.

    Xue Xin had experienced the fickleness of human nature. Therefore, he remembered every favor he owed.

    "Stop acting like a fool." Teng Qingshan instructed, "When I was on my way here, I had already commanded the servants to boil hot water for you. Go take a shower. Keep in mind...The servants are not allowed to enter the inner court. You will have to carry the buckets of hot water into the room by yourself."

    "Alright." Xue Xin glanced at himself and couldn't help but laugh as he noticed how dirty he looked.

    In Wuan County City, the Warm Breeze Brothel was the most luxurious brothel. In this brothel, even the lowest expense was over several dozen silver taels. The cost of several dozen silver taels was equivalent to the annual earnings of ordinary countrymen.

    On the third floor of the Warm Breeze Brothel, some poems and drawings done by famous figures were emblazoned on the walls. Several delicately carved tables were arranged nicely below the viewing platform of the third floor. Pots of high-quality tea were placed on each and every table. It was evident that the business was good. The tables below the viewing platform were filled with people. Everyone chatted softly as they listened to the melody of the zither.

    Although it was winter, warm air permeated the entire third floor. It was not cold at all, as though it was spring.

    On the viewing platform, two pretty girls with alluring figures could be seen. They wore a layer of gauze, indistinctly revealing their almost naked bodies. One was blowing a flute, while the other was playing the zither. It was a flute and zither duet and the melody resonated within the third floor.

    In the left corner of the area below the viewing platform sat Teng Qingshan and Xue Xin.

    "Teacher, Zhao Xi is the one sitting there." Xue Xin hinted with his eyes as he whispered, "The skinny young man sitting at the frontmost table."

    "Oh." Teng Qingshan responded as he glanced at the skinny young man.

    The frontmost table was the best table of the brothel and three people sat at that very table. The three were a seemingly handsome young man and two charming twin sisters. The twin sisters were peeling the grapes and placing them into the handsome young man's mouth.

    The handsome young man appeared very leisurely.

    Behind the handsome young man stood two valiant guards.

    "When Zhao Xi was originally a servant of Zhao Clan, he was purchased by the Zhao Clan at a young age. He was purchased to accompany the direct descendant 'Zhao Fu.' He was the one that practiced martial arts and studied with Zhao Fu. Xue Xin whispered, "However, this Zhao Xi is very cunning. He is also a strong and capable person. Not only was Zhao Xi able to please Zhao Fu, Zhao Xi was also able to befriend all types of people in Wuan County City.

    "He..is even the sworn brother of General Li, who is the leader of the army in Wuan County City! Not only that, he's also doing business secretly. Moreover, the Patriarch of Zhao Clan accepted Zhao Xi as his adopted son."

    "Now, in Wuan County, Zhao Xi is a remarkable figure that can drink and chat merrily with General Li and the provincial official."

    Xue Xin said in a deep voice, "I have to admit that this Zhao Xi is a very powerful figure. In my opinion, he is even more powerful than Zhao Fu, the young master of Zhao Clan."

    Teng Qingshan nodded in agreement.

    As a servant, he actually managed to rise to such a level. Thus, one could imagine how scheming he was...

    "When Zhao Xi was following 'Zhao Fu,' he helped Zhao Fu obtain everything that Zhao Fu desired and perfectly solved every issue! Zhao Xi was the one that told Zhao Fu about the news of the 'Flowing Cloud Manuscript. In addition, Zhao Xi was the one that did the framing and arranged for the confiscation of property to happen." Xue Xin's eyes turned frigid as he said, "I can only feel content after I kill Zhao Xi!"

    Although Teng Qingshan had prevented the others outside of this boundary from hearing Xue Xin's words, but-

    The twin sisters that served Zhao Xi faraway seemed to have sensed the murderous intention in Xue Xin's eyes as they suddenly turned and shot a glance at Xue Xin. At that instant, Xue Xin's expression normalised.

    "Ah Bao." Zhao Xi suddenly stood up and cast a meaningful glance at the two beauties beside him.

    "Brother Xi?" The two sisters stood up quizzically.

    "Let's go."

    Zhao Xi used one of his hands to pull the hand of one beauty and placed his other hand on the waist of the other beauty. He immediately led the two beauties and two guards towards the door.

    "Master Zhao." The Brothel Keeper, a beautiful lady that appeared to be around thirty-years-old, simpered as she approached. "Leaving so early?" She asked.

    "Yea. I still have an errand to run." Zhao Xi grinned as he stuffed a silver note in the Brothel Keeper's bosom and stroked her bust in a convenient manner.

    However, at this moment, Zhao Xi's facial expression changed slightly.


    Teng Qingshan and Xue Xin also walked towards the staircase.

    "Eh?" Without making a sound, Zhao Xi moved a step back, retreating behind the Brothel Keeper and the guards.

    Thump, thump, thump...

    Xue Xin had already arrived beside the guards. He appeared to be walking past the guard and heading towards the staircase.

    "Zhao Xi." Xue Xin suddenly turned back and stared at Zhao Xi.

    "Oh, you are?" Zhao Xi asked as he looked at Xue Xi with a smile. Simultaneously, he held the beauty before his body, using her as a shield. "Please forgive my bad memory. You are?"

    "I am the one that will take your life!" Xue Xin thundered.


    The light of the saber flashed!

    Immediately, the guards, the beauty, the Brothel Keeper, and the courtesans behind the Brothel Keeper screamed in pain.


    The saber slashed the shoulder of the beauty in Zhao Xi's arms. The clash of metal sounded as blood splattered. Zhao Xi actually bumped against the wall to the side. As a smashing sound rang out, a hole was formed on the wall and Zhao Xi leaped out of the hole.


    Like a tiger storming down, Xue Xin went through the hole. With bloodshot eyes, he gripped the horse-slaying saber, which was dripping blood, and leapt down!
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