Chapter 28 Unsheathe and Slaughter

    Book 9 Chapter 28 Unsheathe and Slaughter

    He destroyed the cultivation of a Golden Dan Innate Expert and still dared to say that he did it out of respect for the Blind Swordmaster?

    No matter how well the Blind Swordmaster could control his temper, he was still enraged!

    When Tie Fan, the Lord of Qing Hu Island, heard Teng Qingshan's words, his face turned purple with rage. "This person named Jing Yi is far too arrogant! He ruined Elder Zhao's life and came here to show off his strength. He even asked us to discipline the Qing Hu Island disciples.... He's far too arrogant! Too arrogant!"

    If Jing Yi wasn't an Emptiness Realm Expert, Tie Fan would have already ordered Teng Qingshan executed.

    "Tie Fan." The voice of the Blind Swordmaster sounded in Tie Fan's ears.

    Tie Fan was shocked at first. He immediately understood that the Martial Ancestor was using the Sound Transmitting Technique.

    "Endure! I have never heard of this Jing Yi. He should be a carefree hermit who managed to attain the Emptiness Realm! It's best to not provoke this type of person." The Blind Swordmaster advised, "They're old and all their relatives have died. They're carefree, without any bond in this world! They have the strangest temperaments! The ones who provoke them will be in deep trouble!"

    "Let's just endure today and forget about this."

    "If we don't control ourselves and force a fight with him, then Qing Hu Island will be in great trouble," the Blind Swordmaster instructed Tie Fan with the use of the Sound Transmitting Technique.

    In the Land of the Nine Prefectures, the most terrifying people were not the transcendently powerful experts like the Blind Swordmaster, but the carefree Emptiness Realm Experts. Besides feeling indignant because of this powerful expert named 'Jing Yi,' the Blind Swordmaster also felt troubled.

    "Tie Fan," the Blind Swordmaster spoke.

    "Martial Ancestor," the Lord of Qing Hu island answered respectfully

    "Help Zhao Danchen hobble over to the side," the Blind Swordmaster instructed.

    "Yes, Martial Ancestor." Tie Fan forced his anger down into the pit of his stomach. He walked beside Zhao Danchen and pulled Zhao Danchen up. "Crick, crack." Tie Fan treated Zhao Danchen's dislocated joints. Zhao Danchen then stood up by himself. He glared with hate at Teng Qingshan. But he didn't dare make a sound.

    Tie Fan and Zhao Danchen stood on one side of the Dragon Bolt Attic.

    Although the Blind Swordmaster's eyes were closed, he faced Teng Qingshan and said indifferently, "Jing Yi, Qing Hu Island will discipline the disciples. Thank you for sending Zhao Danchen back here.... I still must cultivate, so I will not be seeing you off."

    "Oh. This Blind Swordmaster has good endurance." Teng Qingshan rubbed his nose and began pondering.

    Suddenly, an idea struck him-

    "Hm, there are many people outside."

    Indeed. At this moment, a great number of Qing Hu Island's disciples had gathered outside the courtyard of the Dragon Bolt Attic. There were also many Elders and Protectors.

    "What? Someone caught Elder Zhao and went in?"

    "We didn't see him going in. However, the man dressed in the white cloak was heading in this direction."

    "Elder, what should we do?"

    Teng Qingshan could hear the voices outside with ease. Actually, it was not strange for the disciples of Qing Hu Island to be nervous... since a powerful expert who could easily take Zhao Danchen hostage had just barged into the residence of the Island Lord. Thus, how couldn't they worry? Importantly, Zhao Danchen was slightly stronger than the Island Lord, Tie Fan.

    If the Island Lord of Qing Hu Island was killed, then Qing Hu Island would become the laughingstock of the world


    In the Dragon Bolt Attic.

    "Island Lord, the Elders requested your presence," a guard disciple standing afar notified respectfully.

    Tie Fan frowned as he heard and was about to order the people to leave.

    The Blind Swordmaster was displeased and was also about to scold those people. However, at this very moment, Teng Qingshan spoke with a faint smile on his face, "Tie Wu, why are you asking me to leave so quickly?"

    "What is wrong with this person?" Hearing this, Tie Fan felt even more angry.

    The Blind Swordmaster's face, which was expressionless as a carved stone, darkened. He replied in a low voice, "Jing Yi, what else do you need?"

    "Sending Zhao Danchen here today is just an act of convenience.... Today, I have come to ask you to hand over someone on Qing Hu Island. This is this most important thing." Teng Qingshan said with a smile, "This person's name is Zhao Fu. He is a core disciple of your Qing Hu Island. Give me this person and I will leave immediately!"


    The Blind Swordmaster's eyes, which had always been closed, suddenly opened widely, revealing the grey and white pupils. However, a black glint flashed in the grey and white pupils, making Teng Qingshan's heart shudder.

    "Jing Yi, don't you think your actions are a bit too outrageous?" the Blind Swordmaster asked menacingly. He sounded full of indignation.

    "Too outrageous?" Teng Qingshan stared at the black-robed, blind man and said, "Tie Wu, I am definitely taking this Zhao Fu with me!"

    Tie Fan, who was off to the side, couldn't help but interrupt, "Senior Jing Yi, you-"

    "Shut up." Teng Qingshan cut him off. He scoffed and flicked a glance at Tie Fan as he chided, "I'm talking to Tie Wu. Who are you to interrupt!"

    Tie Fan's face immediately flushed, but he could only hold it in.

    It was true that he, a Golden Dan Innate Expert, had no right to interrupt.

    "Jing Yi." The Blind Swordmaster sounded enraged. He thundered, "This is Qing Hu Island! If this disciple named 'Zhao Fu' provoked you, Qing Hu Island must conduct an investigation. If it actually did happen, we will send him into your hands and let you punish him. However... you forcefully tried to take away a disciple of Qing Hu Island. Aren't you looking down on Qing Hu Island!"

    This was not just a matter of losing a few disciples! This concerned the reputation of Qing Hu Island!

    If Qing Hu Island gave away their core disciple just because Teng Qingshan said something, how would the world view them?

    "There's a great hatred between my disciple and this Zhao Fu," Teng Qingshan said coldly.

    "What hatred? Tell us... I will order an investigation conducted. If things really happened like you said, I will certainly let you do anything to Zhao Fu. If what you said never happened, Qing Hu Island will not give you a core disciple just because of a few lines you said." The Blind Swordmaster sounded extremely cold. It was obvious he was stifling his rage.

    After living for four hundred years and after attaining Emptiness Culmination, he had never been bullied.


    Now, Qing Hu Island had to deal with external forces, the Heavenly God Palace, and the forces in Yangzhou, Gui Yuan Sect. Moreover, none of the disciples in Qing Hu Island could become an Emptiness Realm Expert. None of them could succeed him. Therefore, the Blind Swordmaster could only stifle his anger before Teng Qingshan.

    "Tie Wu!"

    Teng Qingshan replied furiously, "Let Qing Hu Island investigate? Why? Do you think that I, Jing Yi, will lie just to take away a disciple of Qing Hu Island?

    "Tie Wu." Teng Qingshan sounded frigid. "This is my statement. There is a great hatred between my disciple and yours.... I, Jing Yi, am a man of my words! I do not have to throw my reputation away and lie just to get a disciple of Qing Hu Island! I respected you, Tie Wu. I do not want to cause a great commotion on your Qing Hu Island, so I suggest you hand over Zhao Fu and we will forget about everything. Otherwise..."


    Teng Qingshan harrumphed, enraging the Island Lord, Tie Fan, and Zhao Danchen so much that fire seemed to burn in their eyes.

    "Hmph!" A loud, cold snort that caused even the ground to tremble rang out.

    Although the large number of Qing Hu Island's disciples that gathered outside the courtyard couldn't hear the words in the courtyard because the Emptiness Realm Expert had frozen the air around the Dragon Bolt Attic, they could sense the trembling beneath their feet.

    Whoosh~~ Whoosh~~

    The Blind Swordmaster's silvery and snowy white long hair fluttered in the air. Each of his white hairs was like a trenchant sword and black radiance flashed faintly in his grey and white pupils. The air in his vicinity began twisting. Visible black lightning began striking in the surroundings. The Blind Swordmaster admonished in a low voice, "Jing Yi, Qing Hu Island is not a place where you can act outrageously!"

    "I, Tie Wu, have traveled the entire Land of the Nine Prefectures and no one has ever dared to act so arrogantly before me!"

    The Blind Swordmaster gripped the thin iron rod and warned, "You should leave Qing Hu Island as quickly as possible now and I will pretend nothing happened today! If you're still going to act outrageously in my territory... Hmph. I, a blind man, will risk everything and even pursue you to the ends of the Land of the Nine Prefectures just so I can take your life!"

    The Blind Swordmaster finally erupted!

    The arrogant and proud blind man, the Blind Swordmaster who had attained Emptiness Culmination, was finally livid.

    "Haha... You want to kill me?" Teng Qingshan was so angry that he smiled. "Blind fool, I respected you and called you Tie Wu. Do you really think I am afraid of you! Blind fool, you are powerful, but I'm not afraid of you."

    "Sure. Sure. If you want to kill me, fine!"

    Teng Qingshan burst into a fit of laughter as he shouted, "Let's see if you can kill me before I kill all the members of your Qing Hu Island!"

    An arrogant chuckle rang out.


    Teng Qingshan's entire body transformed into an explosion of fiery lights, disappearing from the Blind Swordmaster's sight.


    He unsheathed the precious sword.

    "Outrageous." The Blind Swordmaster was furious. He pierced the thin iron rod in his hand toward Teng Qingshan at an incredibly fast speed, leaving a streak of black light.


    Teng Qingshan himself did not wish to fight the Blind Swordmaster face to face. He had already dodged. Simultaneously, he swung his sword in every direction.


    A circular, golden-colored sword light, like a semi-circular radiating blade, glided toward the wall afar at lightning speed. In just a flash, the walls afar were completely sliced in twain. No matter how fast the Blind Swordmaster was, he could not overtake the speed of the sword light! The instant the wall was sliced in two, the numerous disciples outside the wall were also sliced in half.


    "Ah! Dodge!"

    Painful cries sounded outside the courtyard. Blood splattered! Just one strike caused the tragic death of several dozen people outside the wall. A dozen people were heavily injured and disabled. There were two Innate Experts among the dozen wounded people.

    "Attack me! Let's see who dies first! Haha, kill me! Kill me!"

    Teng Qingshan's arrogant guffaws resonated throughout Qing Hu Island. The several hundred thousand disciples and great number of elite soldiers on Qing Hu Island looked up at the sky with puzzled expressions. Teng Qingshan had transformed into a beam of light as he hurtled into the distance at an extremely rapid speed. He was flying towards the assembling location of the Elders of Qing Hu Island.

    "No-" The Island Lord "Tie Fan" was stunned.

    "Oh no!" Zhao Danchen shouted, stupefied by Teng Qingshan's action.

    The Blind Swordmaster was so furious he didn't know what to do.

    So what if he had attained Emptiness Culmination?

    It was true that he possessed exceedingly powerful fighting strength, but his speed was about the same as the Emptiness Realm Experts who had merely achieved Harmonization of the Body with the Heavens and Earth. Teng Qingshan didn't even want to fight the Blind Swordmaster. He just kept kept escaping while killing the elite disciples of his Qing Hu Island.

    "This Jing Yi..." A wisp of blood seeped out from the side of the Blind Swordmaster's mouth.

    He was incredibly infuriated.

    He did not expect that Teng Qingshan would ignore his threats and begin wantonly slaughtering.

    "Haha... I, Jing Yi, have lived for over three hundred years and I have lived enough. Haha! I have lived enough to make the entire Qing Hu Island die with me! This feels great!" Teng Qingshan's arrogant guffaws resounded above Qing Hu Island.

    The Blind Swordmaster's face instantly turned pale white.

    Amongst Emptiness Realm Experts, there were some who had lived for too long. All their relatives had died. Some Emptiness Realm Experts yearned for nothing in this world. They had no fear of death. These kinds of people were the most terrifying ones.

    "Stop!" The Blind Swordmaster was so furious that his hair fluttered in the air. With the use of the Sound Transmitting Technique, he spoke to Teng Qingshan, "Jing Yi, I will give you Zhao Fu! I will!"

    The arrogant Blind Swordmaster could only humble his noble self.
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