Chapter 496: The Battle Between the Insightful Realm Experts

    Chapter 496: The Battle Between the Insightful Realm Experts

    It was because Teng Qingshan and Li Hang sensed two belligerent forces. Teng Qingshan turned and saw that the Emptiness Realm Experts, who had been harmonious earlier, were now divided into two sides. The members of Emperor Yu's Hall, the Ying Family, and Mani Temple stood on the left side, while the members of the Heavenly God Palace stood on the right side. The two most belligerent people were-

    Qin Shiqi and Pei San!

    Over a dozen Emptiness Realm Experts were gathered in this place, but Qin Shiqi and Pei San were the only two Insightful Emptiness Realm Experts!

    "It was so harmonious earlier, and now they are about to fight." Teng Qingshan, however, was looking forward to it.

    "Tsk, tsk. I think over half of the Emptiness Realm Experts in the Land of the Nine Prefectures are here," Li Hang said excitedly.

    Teng Qingshan scanned the crowd. There were three people from the Ying Family, three from Mani Temple, two people and an Emptiness Realm demonic beast from Emperor Yu's Hall, and three people from Heavenly God Palace. There was also the Godly Thunderbolt Hawk circling up above. In addition to all those, there were still Teng Qingshan, Li Hang, an expert from Snow Hawk Hall, and the Six Legged Bladelike Chi.

    There were 14 Emptiness Realm experts in total and three huge Emptiness Realm demonic beasts.

    Additionally, Pei San's two disciples, the King of Beasts Wu Hou and Pei Hao, were both in the army. Furthermore, there were also Emptiness Realm experts in Hong Tian City.

    It could be said that today, more than half of the Emptiness Realm Experts in the Land of the Nine Prefectures had gathered here in this place.

    "These ten or so people are scarier than the army of millions at the side." As Teng Qingshan closed his eyes, he could clearly feel a presence that was as bright as the sun, as well as two continuously rising black holes. The presence of the millions in that huge army was just like endless grains of sand, nothing compared to the sun.

    Then suddenly...

    "Pei San, I have been comprehending Dao for a long time, and there is something that has been puzzling me. Can you give me some advice?" A cold voice rang out.

    "Haha, Qin Shiqi, in the Land of Nine Prefectures, there are only a few who are worthy to fight with me. However, you are one of them," Pei San laughed heartily. His voice was filled with the intent to fight.

    All the surrounding Emptiness Realm Experts remained silent as they watched Qin Shiqi and Pei San.

    Everyone knew very clearly that...

    This time, Emperor Yu's Hall, Mani Temple, and the Ying Family did not come just to watch Heavenly God Palace destroy Hong Tian City. Their intention was to stop the Heavenly God Palace. Of course, if the Heavenly God Palace was really powerful, then Emperor Yu's Hall, Mani Temple, and Ying Family would choose to give up.

    The fight between Qin Shiqi and Pei San was to test the power of the Heavenly God Palace.

    After all, there would still be a difference in power between the Insightful Emptiness Experts.

    "Tsk, tsk."

    "Tsk, tsk."

    A powerful whirlpool formed around the bodies of the white-cloaked Pei San and the golden-cloaked Qin Shiqi. A dusky stream of light, containing electric sparks, flew out from Pei San's body, aiming to devour Qin Shiqi. Then a black and white stream of light which was in the form of a sword flew out from Qin Shiqi's body, sweeping toward Pei San.

    The moment the two different kinds of Power of the World touched each other, the air surrounding their bodies started undulating like waves of the water.

    "Re-Retreat!" Li Chao shouted.


    Teng Qingshan grabbed Li Jun and retreated speedily.

    The Emptiness Realm experts, who were watching there, almost all retreated rapidly at the same time, staying at least one Li away from the two Insightful Emptiness Realm Experts. As the Sovereign of the Sword Sect Li Chao shouted, the huge number of soldiers, who were already standing far away, all retreated frantically. However, their speed was still too slow.

    The air rippled like waves, spreading out over a hundred Zhang in all directions.

    Wherever the waves of air passed by, be it rocks, trees, or the few unlucky soldiers who ran too slowly... everything was all pulverized into dust. That area of 100 Zhang was swept down into a flat surface.

    "It is just like what the legend said!" Li Hang, who stood beside Teng Qingshan, was slightly excited.

    "Brother Li Hang, what happened just now?" Teng Qingshan was shocked. He had seen Pei San's attack before, and it hadn't been as powerful as this.

    Li Hang said, "Legends say that during a fight between two Insightful Emptiness Realm Experts, they use their own Power of the World. When the two different kinds of the Power of the World touch, the contact will disturb the Nine Prefectures' stable Power of the Heavens and the Earth. This phenomenon will only happen when two Insightful Emptiness experts fight. It is not something that an Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert can do alone."

    "Look." Li Hang's eyes brightened.

    Teng Qingshan's pupils contracted and saw that the two Insightful Emptiness Realm Experts, who were amidst the trembling waves of air, had actually simultaneously begun using sword techniques!

    That Qin Shiqi held a purple Godly Sword in his hand.

    Meanwhile, Pei San formed sword fingers with his right hand, and a dusky sword shadow gathered around his fingertips.

    "Arrogant!" An angry yell emerged from Qin Shiqi's mouth.

    "Defeat me first," Pei San said with a smile.

    The two Insightful Emptiness experts fought each other, going through several hundred exchanges of moves within a blink of an eye. The shadows of the swords clashed repeatedly. The sword shadow that Pei San had formed occasionally broke apart and condensed into form again. Then at times, the sword shadow would even become longer. Even though Pei San's weapon was not as good as Qin Shiqi's, he still managed to fight Qin Shiqi to a draw.

    The space shook from time to time, and surging waves of scattered Powers of the World spread around.


    The sky trembled, the earth quivered, and dust filled the sky. No one dared to go near.

    "Such powerful Dao of Sword." Li Hang was dumbfounded.

    "This does not make sense." Teng Qingshan frowned in confusion. "Pei San once told me that it's okay to cultivate only one Dao. I saw his palm art last time, and it was able to defend against the full-forced slash of an Emptiness Realm Culmination Expert. That one palm then killed the Sovereign of Xiao Yao Palace. It is obvious that the cultivation of his palm art has reached a very high level, so how is he so powerful in the cultivation of the Dao of Sword as well?"


    "Pei San!"

    Qin Shiqi shouted angrily, and violet beams of light suddenly burst out of the purple Godly Sword in his hand. According to Teng Qingshan's estimation, there were about 99 beams of light forming into a shape of a whirlpool, which shrouded toward Pei San.

    At this moment, Pei San emitted a deep roar, "Hou!"

    Immediately, Pei San's right hand formed into a fist. The fist was like a pestle which could smash all of the Heavens and the Earth. As he punched out, the surrounding air froze, and the melodious meditation of Buddha seemed to resonate in the surrounding.


    The 99 beams of purple light exploded.

    "What?!" The expressions of the members of Emperor Yu's Hall changed drastically.

    "Impossible!" Even the three monks from Mani Temple, who had always been smiling, shouted out in shock.

    "He..." Teng Qingshan was shocked as well.

    The famous Six Syllable Sanskrit Mantra in the Buddhist Sect was 'Om Mani Padme Hum,' and the move that Pei San had just performed was a technique of the Buddhist Sect which was forbidden from being taught to any outsiders. It was apparent that this technique Pei San performed had displayed an incredibly powerful force. It was so powerful that it naturally produced the melodious meditation of Buddha.

    According to the ranking in the Buddhist Sect, the Emptiness Realm Experts were considered Bodhisattva, and only Omnipotent Experts could be called Buddha.

    However, now, in Mani Temple, the requirement for getting the title of Buddha was not that high. Usually, those who successfully reincarnated could be titled as the living Buddha, and the ones who reached the Insightful Emptiness Realm were also called Buddha.

    "How is this possible?! He cultivated the Dao of Sword and the Dao of the Buddhist Sect?" Teng Qingshan couldn't believe his eyes.

    Meanwhile, the two Insightful Emptiness Experts, who were in intense battle, did not stop at all.

    "Hah!" With a strong, angry shout, the purple Godly Sword in Qin Shiqi's hand suddenly blurred like it was an illusion. Then a faint black and white stream of light encircled the sword.

    "It's set!"

    With a smile, Pei San interlocked his ten fingers, bending up only the two little fingers. Immediately, he transformed into a shapeless cover that enveloped the sword. Pei San clasped his hands together and caught the purple Godly Sword at the speed of lightning. Then suddenly, his eyes were filled with vigor, just like a wild beast.

    "Roar!" A loud roar rang through the skies, and an image of a huge and fierce tiger hovered above Pei San, looking extremely daunting.

    Pei San pounced out forcefully. His two hands seemed like the claws of the beast, aiming to tear Qin Shiqi apart.

    "Break!" Qin Shiqi shouted. Then a drop of blood actually seeped out from the red mole between his brows.


    The purple Godly Sword in Qin Shiqi's hands suddenly became enormous as a stream of black and white light encircled it. The enormous sword swung toward Pei San at the speed of lightning, however, Pei San's eyes showed joy as he smiled and deflected the blade softly. With the elegance of a fairy, he moved his body slightly and dodged the hit with ease.

    "Not bad, not bad. Qin Shiqi, you didn't let me down." Pei San's eyes lit up, and as he spoke, he prepared to continue attacking.


    Hearing the order, Qin Shiqi immediately backed off and looked at Pei San with a profound gaze. Then Qin Shiqi turned and flew toward the other two Emptiness Realm Experts of the Ying Family.


    "Why is it like this?"

    The Emptiness Realm Experts who watched this battle were all shocked.

    "The Sovereign's Great Vajrayana Palm is really powerful. It leaves me speechless with admiration every single time," the great monk of the God of Heaven Mountain said while laughing.

    "This is impossible!" Li Chao, who was beside Teng Qingshan, shouted. "Normally, people focus on cultivating either the Dao of Sword, the Dao of Fist, or the Dao of Blade... Yet, how did he..."

    Aside from Pei San's disciples, everyone else present were dumbfounded.

    All the cultivators knew that one could only choose to focus on cultivating one kind of weapon. Teng Qingshan knew how it would feel if he were ever distracted. If he cultivated the Axe Art, then his cultivation of the Spear Art would be affected. Thus, focusing only on the cultivation of spear art was the best and the most effective way.

    "Pei San told me to cultivate only one Dao. Yet, why did he do the opposite?" Teng Qingshan was very puzzled. "Focusing one one Dao is definitely not wrong."

    "Emperor Yu used the axe, and Li Taibai cultivated the Dao of Sword." Teng Qingshan knew these facts clearly. "Similarly, all of the other experts focused on cultivating only one Dao. However, Pei San first used the Dao of Sword and then the Arts of the Buddhist Sect. After that, he used the Great Vajrayana Palm. Following this, his entire being became like a wild beast. That should be the Dao of the Beast... Ultimately, the body art that he used to dodge the hit had displayed a kind of charm."

    Then Teng Qingshan suddenly remembered something.

    The Heavenly God Palace had many subsidiaries such as the God of Heaven Mountain, the Snowy Lotus Cult, Sword Sect, and the Million Beasts Valley.

    "Perhaps, Pei San is adept in the cultivations of all these subsidiaries?" Teng Qingshan thought as he shot a glance at Pei San.


    Among the many Emptiness Realm experts, the ones who were the most shocked were the three monks from Mani Temple. The white-browed, old monk walked over and cupped his hands together as he asked, "Pei San, can I know where you learned the Six-Syllable Sanskrit Mantra? The cultivation of the Six-Syllable Sanskrit Mantra can only be found in the secret codex 《Maha》 of the Mani Temple. Where did you learn it?"

    The Mani Temple's monks, who were always calm, were now very anxious.

    The secret codex 《Maha》 was not as highly ranked as the godly codex 《Golden Buddha》. However, compared to the 《Golden Buddha》, the cultivation of 《Maha》 aided even more members of the Mani Temple to become the Emptiness Realm Experts. The 《Golden Buddha》 was too profound, while the 《Maha》 recorded many cultivation arts. The Six-Syllable Sanskrit Mantra was one of the important cultivation arts recorded in the 《Maha》. If one succeeded in the cultivation of One syllable of the Sanskrit Mantra, one would be able to attain the Emptiness Realm. Therefore, the importance of the 《Maha》 was obvious.

    "Where did you learn it?"

    Pei San smiled and looked at the old white-browed monk as he replied, "Why? Your Martial Ancestor Shakya could create 《Maha》. Why can't others do the same?"

    The old white-browed monk was so angry that he kept glaring at Pei San.

    "Everyone, do whatever you want," Pei San said as he scanned the people of Mani Temple, Emperor Yu, and the Ying Family. "Sorry, but the Heavenly God Palace does not have any more time to entertain you all."

    "Ah Chao," Pei San called out.

    "Master," Li Chao responded to the call and stood courteously at the side.

    "Pass down the order. Challenge the opponent to a fight, and prepare to attack the city," Pei San commanded.
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