Chapter 498: The Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse

    Chapter 498: The Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse

    The wind blew, carrying the dust away with it.

    Outside Hong Tian City, an unending line of cavalrymen had arrived, no more than three Li away. There were several dozen rows of them, each one prepared to die. An army burning with righteous indignation alone is not very daunting. However, when that army was such a powerful one, with a great number of soldiers and horses all equipped with high ranking war armors, as well as the aid of two Emptiness Realm Experts, it is terrifying.

    At this moment, the seventy-eight thousand three hundred and sixty-two cavalrymen stood together with a united will to fight! Every last one of them were yelling war cries in their heads, prepared to kill the incoming enemy. Slaying one would be well worth your life and two would be gaining a profit! And if you were to kill ten, you would die smiling!

    "Fight!" "Fight!" "Fight!"

    The cries of the myriad of soldiers shook the hearts of men.

    In the army camp of the Heavenly God Palace, the High Priestess of Snowy Lotus Cult, Teng Qingshan and Li Jun were all present.

    "Oh no." The High Priestess of the Snowy Lotus Cult frowned, "The morale of the Heavenly God palace's army has been affected."

    The army of the Heavenly God Palace was about to fight against people who were unafraid of death.

    How could the situation not lower their morale?

    "Look." Teng Qingshan stared into the distance. "The God of Heaven has arrived before the formation of the Heavenly God Palace."


    The great monk, donned in long red robes, stood between the two armies. As he spoke, his voice rumbled through the heavens and the earth. "Survivors of Hong Tian City, during these several months, the armies of the Heavenly God Palace have attacked from both the south and the north, killing everything and everyone in their way. Now, all that remains is this city. In these several months, Hong Tian City has already lost a great number of people. Look at your brothers and friends beside you; do you want them to die? Don't you all think enough lives have been lost? Lay down your weapons and live on peacefully. Your wives and your children are waiting. Lay down your weapon."

    The voice of the God of Heaven sounded magical in the ears of the listeners.

    Even though the soldiers of Hong Tian City were prepared to die, many of them were swayed by the words of the God of Heaven as memories of their sons and grandchildren flashed in their minds

    "Get lost!"

    A crimson armored bald man, clutching two iron truncheons in hands, bellowed. His voice pounded on the hearts of the soldiers. As he glared, furious, he resembled the God of War. "Su Mengke, the army of the Heavenly God Palace has killed countless numbers of disciples of Hong Tian City in the short span of a several months. Now, you come with such hypocritical kindness. Take back your false altruism. Get lost, you bald donkey!!"

    Beside him, another bald man who wielded a sword also glared angrily and yelled, "The men of Hong Tian City were the strongest men in the world. We were all born as members of Hong Tian City and we shall die as ghosts of Hong Tian City!"

    "Hong Tian City is ready today."

    "Yes, the seventy-eight thousand three hundred and sixty-two brothers as well as my brother and I are prepared." The bald man with the war blade thundered, "My brother and I will lead the other 78,362 brothers. We are ready to die for Hong Tian City. If we don't kill enough enemies, how could we face our Martial Ancestor?"

    "Martial Ancestor once said that if one is born as a man, one should have the demeanor of a man. A man should not act like a girl."



    "Attack!" Approximately 80,000 cavalrymen thundered. They stared ahead with eyes like those of wolves that were going mad.


    "Rumble~~~" The earth before the formation of the army quivered and the ground burst open. A huge creature emerged. Spikes covered the entire body of the monster. At a glance, this creature slightly resembled a hedgehog. It had a pointy head and six tiny ears that moved occasionally.

    The monster stood at a height of three Zhang. It looked around with the two black eyes on its pointy head.

    "Roar!" It emitted a furious roar that incited fear in the hearts of the men.



    At this moment, the two Emptiness Realm Experts of Hong Tian City burst out in laughter. They stood beside the monster, the hedgehog-like creature now between the two Emptiness Real Experts.. It scanned the people of the Heavenly God Palace coldly. At the same time, Pei San's and Li Chao's expression changed.

    "It's the Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse!"

    "It actually came as well."

    The expressions of Pei San and the other members of the Heavenly God Palace changed. The group of Emptiness Realm Experts that were watching the fight from afar exclaimed in admiration.

    "I can't believe that it really is the Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse." Teng Qingshan, who stood amidst the army, was astonished as he said to himself, "The Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse is one of the Four Godly Beasts in the Land of the Nine Prefectures. It seems that Hong Tian City has put in a lot of effort to ask for its help."

    In the Land of the Nine Prefectures, Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts normally remained hidden. They rarely appeared before the eyes of men.


    There were exceptions. Some could be unwilling to stay hidden in the deepest areas of the mountains and forests, or they could be unwilling to stay hidden at all. They may wish to do whatever they wanted, such as eating humans or slaughtering!

    In the Land of the Nine Prefectures, there were four extremely well-known Godly Beasts whose names were known by even ordinary Postliminary Experts.

    Although they were called "Godly Beasts," they were only really named so because the ordinary humans feared their power tremendously. In fact, the four Godly Beasts were merely regular Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts. In terms of power, they may not even not be stronger than the other beasts.

    There were many types of demonic beasts but only few could be recognized as "Godly Beasts" Only truly powerful ones could be called Godly.

    These four prominent Godly Beasts in the Land of the Nine Prefectures were free. They weren't controlled by humans, and they had their own desires. Moreover, these beasts were as intelligent as humans. Therefore, humans could bargain with these demonic beasts for their help by fulfilling their desires.

    Of the four Godly Beasts, the Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse was the easiest one to ask for help.

    The lair of the Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse was located southwest of Rongzhou in the Land of the Nine Prefectures. The Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse has a voracious appetite. It loves to eat a kind of fruit called the Fiery Dragon Fruit. However, this fruit was extremely rare and precious. Collecting it was extremely hard. Although the Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse was powerful, it was alone. Hence, it was extremely challenging for it to acquire the Fiery Dragon Fruit.


    Given enough fruit, the Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse might agree to help.

    While Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts are greedy and ruthless, they are also trustworthy creatures! Being the proud creatures they are, they keep their promises. Hong Tian City was facing destruction. They had specially went to Emperor Yu's Hall and exchanged a great amount of Spiritual Treasures for a huge amount of Fiery Dragon Fruit.

    They had also asked Emperor Yu's Hall for help, as they had people who understood the Language of Beasts.. And so, with the use of the Fiery Dragon Fruit and with someone who was able to negotiate with the Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse, Hong Tian City successfully persuaded the Six-eared earth-drilling Mouse!

    The Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse might not be skilled at a lot of things. However, if there was one skill it was most adept at-


    It was recognized as the demonic beast with the fastest digging speed in all the Land of the Nine Prefectures.

    "Haha, with the protection of the Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse, Pei San won't be able to destroy Hong Tian City easily." the chubby, teenage-looking monk of the Mani Temple burst out laughing like a kid, losing all the demeanor of a senior monk.

    "The Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse is known to be extremely adept at drilling. With its help, the two brothers of Hong Tian City will be able to appear anywhere in the battlefield. The Heavenly God Palace will be at a disadvantage." The three experts of the Ying Family at the side were intrigued as they watched the fight.

    They would only be happy if the Heavenly God Palace suffered.

    "Everyone, let's see how the Heavenly God Palace will deal with this situation." Yu Tonghai grinned and said, exchanging glances with another Emptiness Realm Expert. Emperor Yu's Hall had aided Hong Tian City in enlisting the Six-eared Earth-drilling mouse. Of course they knew what was about to happen.


    The two armies faced each other.

    Pei San's face appeared ghastly as he glared at the two brothers of Hong Tian City who stood proudly in the distance.

    "They actually managed to get the help of the Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse." No matter how well of a temper Pei San had, he was still slightly infuriated.

    "Teacher, what should we do?" At this moment, Li Chao, who had put on a suit of armor, asked. The suit of armor he was dressed in was the Godly Armor that once belonged to the old Sovereign of Xiao Yao Palace.

    "Haha, Heavenly God Palace, didn't you wish to destroy Hong Tian City?" The bald man, donned in blood-red war armor, iron truncheons in hand, guffawed as he shouted, "If you wish to destroy Hong Tian City, be prepared to be bitten fiercely by Hong Tian City. We, the two brothers, and the Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse will be here. If you wish to fight, then come at us!"

    "Haha, let's fight!" The other man, named Zou Tianchang, also laughed.


    The Six-eared Earth-drilling mouse raised its head and gave out a loud roar.

    Immediately, the army of Hong Tian City gave loud cries of 'fight!' It was obvious that the morale of the army had peaked.

    "Zou Tianchang and You Shijin." Pei San gazed from afar. His cold voice rang throughout the entire battlefield. "Today, Hong Tian City will be destroyed. At this point in time, do you all think you can still resist? Stop dreaming."

    Pei San reeked of murderous intent as he waved his hand and bellowed, "Attack!"


    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Numerous drums around Hong Tian City were struck and their sounds shook the heavens. All the soldiers of the Heavenly God Palace gripped their weapons in their hands. They stared dead ahead. They knew that if they wished to survive in a battle with such a huge army, they had to charge forward courageously.

    "Charge forward!"


    Upon the orders of the commanders, the troops of the Heavenly God Palace charged towards Hong Tian City like an inundation of floodwaters.

    "Brothers!" The man in the crimson armor raised his head. The veins on his head popped as he bellowed, "My seventy-eight thousand three hundred and sixty-two brothers and I, You Shijin, will fight the enemies with a united spirit. Killing one would be enough, while two would be considered a profit. We will win if each of us kills ten.

    "Attack!" The other Emptiness Realm experts also shouted fiercely.

    "Attack!" "Attack!" "Attack!"

    Beneath the walls of Hong Tian City, about eighty thousand cavalrymen waved their weapons in their hands and charged forward on their war horses. As they charged forwards wildly, it was like a torrent of three colored metals.

    "Roar~~" The Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse roared as well. The two Emptiness Realm Experts leapt onto the back of the Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse at almost the same time.


    The Six-eared Earth-drilling Mouse promptly carried the two Emptiness Realm Experts underground. "Rumble~~" The ground cracked open. Within the blink of an eye, they emerged amidst the formation of the great army of the Heavenly God Palace which was three Li away. "

    "Kill them." Pei San, dressed in a white cloak, Li Chao, who wore a suit of Godly Armor and held a gold-colored iron rod, and the Great Monk, who wore red tibetan long robes and a pair of war boots, leapt onto the back of the Six Legged Bladelike Chi.


    With a flap of its wings, the Six Legged Bladelike Chi had already flew over.

    This was the beginning of a bloody battle!
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