Chapter 501: Only For The Fated One

    Chapter 501: Only For The Fated One

    Teng Qingshan, seated on the back of the Six Legged Bladelike Chi as it pursued the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse, silently scanned and took note of his surroundings, "There is a vast number of auras thirty Li above us. That might be a snake's lair. Three strong auras are located five Li to our left. It could be some kind of underground creature."

    Teng Qingshan Qingshan silently memorized the depth of the earth and the locations of the pieces of Godly Armor.

    "Hmph, I have memorized all the locations of the pieces of Godly Armor that You Shijin threw." Teng Qingshan thought to himself, "Unfortunately, I don't have time to collect them now. After things have been solved, and when I am free, I will explore underground. After all, even an Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert would take some time to find all the pieces of Godly Armor.

    As the Six Legged Bladelike Chi drilled, Teng Qingshan made a mental note of every reference point he passed by.

    Occasionally, he would hack with his axe and leave marks on the layers of rock underground to use as future reference.

    With that many reference points, he would easily be able to find his way later..

    "That's the other greave." As You Shijin's voice sounded, another piece of the Godly Armor, enveloped by the Power of the Heavens and Earth, flew a hundred Zhang away and landed in an unknown area underground.

    Teng Qingshan did not pursue. All he did was memorize the estimated location of the armor.

    As You Shijin threw out the greave, his body quivered severely. His face appeared to be in a pale shade of white.


    He then spat out a mouthful of blood. A bitter smile appeared on You Shijin's face as he said, "I am already so weak that even mustering enough Power of the Heavens and Earth to throw the pieces of armor is killing me" As he continued to throw the pieces of the Godly Armor, he could sense that his internal organs were being continuously aggravated.

    Dizziness struck him, causing You Jinshi to grit his teeth.

    "No matter what, I will not let the Hong Tian Godly Armor fall into the hands of the members of the Heavenly God Palace, even if it costs me my life. If that were to happen, I would be considered a traitor of Hong Tian City." As the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse drilled the earth, You Shijin neglected his painful internal injuries and stripped off the blood-red Hong Tian Godly Armor.

    The Hong Tian Godly Armor was placed in an orderly manner.

    "The Martial Ancestor of Hong Tian City was a figure who had conquered over half the Land of the Nine Prefectures." You Shijin took a deep breath and said to himself, "Martial Ancestor, please forgive this descendant for not being able to guard the foundation of Hong Tian City. Martial Ancestor... If you are there, please give the Hong Tian Godly Armor to a fated one!"

    As You Shijin said this to himself, he held up the two arm pieces of the Hong Tian Godly Armor and hurled it to the side. This time, he did not use the Power of the Heavens and Earth, but only used his own physical strength.


    The Hong Tian Godly Armor landed on sandy soil at the side and was then buried. And so, the Hong Tian Godly Armor, a peerless treasure second only to the Transcendent Godly Armor, was hidden. Besides You Shijin, no one else knew of its location.

    Because the two arm guards were not enveloped by the Power of the Heavens and Earth, Teng Qingshan, who was pursuing, did not notice their presence.

    Be it the Hong Tian Godly Armor or the Splitting Mountain Godly Ace, both of them were essentially tools. Therefore, Emptiness Realm Experts could not detect them in their domain.

    Chi! Chichi!

    Suddenly, the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse picked up its pace, increasing its drilling speed to match the Six Legged Bladelike Chi.

    "The Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse..." You Shijin, who was already very weak, smiled bitterly as he said to himself, "It was hurt and refused to drill at full speed. It only started accelerating slightly after resting for such a long time." Although You Shijin was mad that the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse had refused to accelerate, he also understood that it was heavily wounded. It's condition had only just stabilized.

    Currently, the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse's speed had increased its speed but it was still only as fast as the Six Legged Bladelike Chi. Obviously, it didn't want its injuries to worsen.

    "Nevermind, nevermind."

    "The Hong Tian Godly Armor is now buried several Li underground. I wonder how long it would take for it to once again emerge before the eyes of the world." Now, only the last dark green outer shell of the Godly Armor is left. You Shijin wore it with difficulty, as he was in great pain. "Tianchang, I am coming to meet you."

    Still clothed in the outer shell of the armor, You Shijin stayed seated on the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse. As he closed his eyes, he felt his Spirit slowly disappearing.


    Teng Qingshan had already anticipated that something dire was about to happen the moment he detected the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse.

    "Hm. You Shijin's aura is weakening." Teng Qingshan said in shock. Within his domain, he could distinctly sense the continuous weakening of a soul that was as bright as the sun. It was soon reduced to the level of an Innate Expert and continued deteriorating to the point that it perished completely.


    "You Shijin is dead." Teng Qingshan muttered, sighing.

    Teng Qingshan had a good impression of You Shijin. In his eyes, the two brothers of Hong Tian City were truly courageous men. However, the principle of the Land of the Nine Prefectures was what it was-the winner is crowned and the loser is vilified. The Land of the Nine Prefectures tells of many stories that end this way..

    "You can only fault Hong Tian City for not being strong enough. If they had an Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert or even a demonic beast that has achieved Emptiness Realm culmination, the Heavenly God Palace would not have been so daring."

    "In the Land of the Nine Prefectures, villages threatened by bandits and sects like the Gui Yuan Sect, that were pressured by the eight Supreme Sects, are no different. Both the village and the sect were required to grow stronger. The birth of an expert at the peak of the Postliminary Realm in an ordinary village would ensure the safety of that village. Likewise, with two Emptiness Realm Experts, Gui Yuan Sect was able to intimidate Qing Hu Island. As for Hong Tian City, it needed to go another level higher. To maintain its status, Hong Tian City needed either an Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert or an Emptiness Realm Culmination Demonic Beast.

    "The higher your status is, the stronger you have to be."

    "Otherwise, you will be destroyed."

    Once again, Teng Qingshan recognized this fact. He still wasn't strong enough, he needed to cultivate for several dozen years more. For now, the quickest way to make himself stronger is Little Blue. "Little Blue had been away for over half-a-year. In fact, it has almost been a year. It is reasonable to assume that Little Blue should be here soon." Teng Qingshan thought to himself.

    "Eh? We are going up?"

    Teng Qingshan's expression shifted slightly. He was a bit surprised as he mumbled, "The Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse is actually drilling towards the surface."

    If they did make it to the surface, the Six Legged Bladelike Chi's speed would be much faster compared to that of the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse.

    The Tongling Mountain Range, located in the bordering area southwest of Youzhou, was an ordinary mountain range around 40 Li long.

    A huge Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast could be spotted flying in the sky. With its wings fully expanded, the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon soared at a tremendous altitude at an incredibly high speed. Two people were seated on its back. One was Yu Tonghai, while the other was a middle aged man with an oblong shaped face, donned in loose, long robes. The two smiled as they chatted away.

    "Tonghai, when the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse was escaping, I asked it with the use of the Sound Transmission Technique to meet us at the Tongling Mountain Range, and it agreed." The man with the oblong face said with a smile.

    "Haha, Martial Brother Liu, You Shijin had two suits of Godly Armor. The blood-red set he wore was known to be the legendary, the Hong Tian Godly Armor. If Emperor Yu's Hall is able to obtain it, then-" Yu Tonghai was very excited as he exclaimed, "Haha, then we would have accomplished a great merit."

    Hong Tian City had asked Emperor Yu's Hall for the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse, paying a huge price for it.

    The oblong face-shaped middle-aged man, Liu Xia, was the person that had asked the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse for its help.

    "Just wait and see. The Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse will take You Shijin to the Tongling Mountain Range.

    At this moment, the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon rocketed down from amidst the clouds and landed within the Tongling Mountain Range. It chose one of the peaks and perched.

    On the high mountains, Yu Tonghai and Liu Xia, the two Emptiness Realm Experts, stood side by side.

    "Martial Brother, if You Shijin is not wounded at all, killing him would be slightly troublesome." Yu Tonghai said with a frown.

    "Don't worry. We will ask the Splitting Wind for help. Hmph, with you and I working together, do you think we can't kill You Shijin?" Liu Xia grinned confidently as he said, "When we do, the two Godly Armors will belong to Emperor Yu's Hall. Just put your mind at ease and wait... They will soon be here."

    Emperor Yu's Hall had helped Hong Tian City, but that was only because of the many precious items that Hong Tian City had offered.

    And now?

    Who wouldn't hit a person who is down? Who wouldn't beat a bad person who had lost power

    "They are here!" Liu Xia said, delighted.

    "Eh? Why do I only detect the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse? Where is You Shijin?" Liu Xia said with bemusement.

    "Perhaps he is dead?" Yu Tonghai said dubiously. "Did he die after receiving only one hit from Pei San? The Hong Tian Godly Armor can't be that weak!" Yet, Yu Tonghai had no idea that it was not because the Hong Tian Godly Armor was too weak, in fact it was Pei San's palm that had been too powerful.

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    In an instant, Liu Xia and Yu Tonghai had quickly flown down from the peak of the mountain to greet the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse.

    "Oh no." All of a sudden, heir facial expressions changed.

    They could distinctly sense two auras originating from beneath the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse, rocketing upward.

    It is Jing Yi and that demonic beast which is insanely proficient at drilling." Yu Tonghai's mood shifted.

    "They actually managed to catch up."

    Liu Xia promptly let out a cry and the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon, which was resting above the mountains, immediately dived down. Following this, Yu Tonghai and Liu Xia leaped onto its back.... The Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon possesed high intelligence. It had been waiting silently, hovering above the surface of the earth, prepared to dive down at any time.

    The auras of the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse, Jing Yi, and the Six Legged Bladelike Chi were approaching at a rapid speed.

    From being twenty Li underground to ten, from ten to two Li,-


    The mountain rocks on the ground were blasted outwards. Enveloped by the Power of the Heavens and Earth, the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse burst out. Simultaneously, the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon, Yu Tonghai, and Liu Xia, who had been waiting above the surface, pounced downward.

    "Roar~~" The Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse roared directly at Li Xia and concurrently flicked at You Shijin with the spikes on its body.


    Instantaneously, You Shijin's body flung up and was caught by Yu Tonghai and Liu Xia.

    However, it was at this moment that the rocks on the surface of the earth burst opened again and Teng Qingshan wielding the Splitting Mountain Axe, emerged on the back of the Six Legged Bladelike Chi.

    "No.." When Yu Tonghai and Liu Xia caught You Shijin's body, they were exasperated. You Shijin was only clothed in a dark green outer armor. Even if it was in fact the Hong Tian Godly Armor or just a first class Godly Armor, all that remained was its outer shell.

    "Impossible." Yu Tonghai hastily fumbled with it. He checked underneath the armor and garments, hoping to find the Inner pieces of the Hong Tian Godly Armor.

    However, that was not the case.

    "Eh?" Teng Qingshan hovered nearby on the back of the Six Legged Bladelike Chi. He frowned when he saw this and said to himself, "This isn't right. When You Shijin was fleeing, he was wearing the Hong Tian Godly Armor. I saw it with my own eyes. Perhaps?" Dismay filled Teng Qingshan's heart as he realized, "Yes, he must have thrown it away while he was fleeing.

    "None. None!"

    "Not even a piece of the Hong Tian Godly Armor."

    Yu Tonghai and Liu Xia were infuriated.

    "This is impossible. He dived underground with two sets of Godly Armors." Almost at the same time, Yu Tonghai and Liu Xia glared at Teng Qingshan, who was nearby.

    "Jing Yi!"

    Yu Tonghai roared, "Don't assume that we don't know you took it just because you hid it. Give us the Hong Tian Godly Armor and we will let this slide. Otherwise, don't blame me for what comes next.

    "Hand it over now." Liu Xia bellowed.

    The Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon glowered at Teng Qingshan with its cold green eyes.
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