Chapter 515: The Gathering of All Parties

    Chapter 515: The Gathering of All Parties

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    "Oh? Tell me," Huang Tianqin said as his eyes lit up. The assassination of Jing Yi was not an easy task.

    Yu Tonghai smiled. "Martial Uncle, if we want to kill Jing Yi, we will need the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon and the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse."

    "No." Huang Tianqin immediately shook his head as he rejected him. "We can ask the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse to come. However, the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon is good at flying, while the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse is good at digging. They are each only good at one thing. However, Jing Yi's demonic beast whose name is Bladelike Chi could shake the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse off by flying away as it fights with the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon. When it has completely thrown the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse off, the Six Legged Bladelike can then drill the ground and escape from the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon. If it escapes underground, the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon won't be able to do anything."

    This was what's great about the Six Legged Bladelike Chi.

    It was good at both skills.

    It could also throw the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon off by fleeing underground and letting the Six-Eared Earth-drilling Mouse chase after it. When it had gotten rid of the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon, it would then drill to the surface of the earth and flew away speedily.

    "Martial Uncle, haha. I haven't finished speaking. The Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon and the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse are absolutely most needed for the assassination of Jing Yi. However, if that demonic beast named Bladelike Chi assists Jing Yi, it will be very troublesome. Therefore, we need to ask another person for help," Yu Tonghai said with a smile. "The best godly archer in the world-Shengong Tu!"

    "Oh? You mean..." An idea struck Huang Tianqin as he responded.

    Liu Xia, who was at the side, also nodded his head, saying, "Yes, if the Bladelike Chi was in good condition and if it helped Jing Yi, we wouldn't be able to kill Jing Yi. Therefore, we will need to kill the Bladelike Chi first, or at least injure it before we kill Jing Yi."

    The Emptiness Realm experts and the Insightful Emptiness Realm Experts in the Land of Nine Prefectures did have a way to injure the Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts.

    If they could not catch up with their speed, they would use long-distance attacks!

    If it was an Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert, they could utilize their own Power of the World. The power of an Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert was already very strong; even if they used a concealed weapon, the force of that concealed weapon would still be very powerful. If an Emptiness Realm Expert attacked with a concealed weapon, they might not be able to injure an Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast. However, Insightful Emptiness Realm Experts could... The Sovereign of the Heavenly God Palace, Pei San, was able to blast You Shijin's iron truncheon away with just one use of his flying blade technique.

    The force was able to shake off a weapon from the hands of an Emptiness Realm Culmination Expert. Thus, one could see how powerful this force was!

    Furthermore, he used the flying knife to injure the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse, which slowed down its speed.

    "It is hard to invite a Profound Emptiness expert, but the best shooter in the world, Shengong Tu, we can still manage to invite," Yu Tonghai said confidently. "Shengong Tu's godly arrow is very powerful, especially the 'Void Piercing Arrow', as even Profound Emptiness experts have to watch out for it; it can even pass through the body of an Emptiness Realm demonic beast with just one shot!"

    The power of the Void Piercing Arrow was formidable.

    When Teng Qingshan used the Splitting Mountain Axe to block the arrow, he was knocked back two Li, and it only stopped after it had made a big hole in the city wall. Teng Qingshan's hands had been shaken until they bled, showing the mighty power of the Void Piercing Arrow.

    "With Shengong Tu's help, it will be a lot easier." Huang Tianqin smiled.

    "It won't just become easier. His help will ensure the success of our plan," laughed Yu Tonghai.

    "I heard that the Bladelike Chi is very good at dodging. When it reaches its maximum speed, does it turn into two?" asked Huang Tianqin.

    "So what if it's good at dodging?" Yu Tonghai had thought it through as he said casually, "Martial Uncle, if Shengong Tu shot from afar, he wouldn't be able to wound or kill the Bladelike Chi. However, if he fired the arrow within a close distance, he would definitely hit the target."

    The speed of the Void Piercing Arrow was shocking. Even if it was a distance of one to two Li, the arrow would still arrive almost instantly.

    "If that's the case, we can ask Shengong Tu to ride on the back of the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon and approach the Bladelike Chi rapidly. When he is only several dozen Zhang away from the Six Legged Bladelike Chi, he can fire the Void Piercing Arrow. The Void Piercing Arrow will definitely hit the target." Yu Tonghai said and grinned confidently, "If the Bladelike Chi escapes underground, Shengong Tu can pursue it on the back of the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse. Anyway, the Bladelike Chi definitely won't be able to escape."

    Liu Xia nodded. Simultaneously, he looked towards the yellow-cloaked teenager, Huang Tianqin.

    Huang Tianqin also smiled satisfyingly.

    The two Demonic Beasts and the best archer in the entire world would definitely kill the target.


    Huang Tianqin stood up. Liu Xia and Yu Tonghai hastily followed.

    "Liu Xia, you can speak the Language of Beasts. Take the Fiery Dragon Fruit and ask the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse for help. You must ask it to come here," Huang Tianqin said solemnly.

    "Martial Uncle, rest assured. The Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse is a friend of mine. This time, we are dealing with the Six Legged Bladelike Chi. Moreover, the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse holds a grudge against the Bladelike Chi, so it will definitely help," Liu Xia said with a smile.


    "Tonghai." Huang Tianqin stared at Yu Tonghai and said, "You are responsible for going to the Shooting Sun God Mountain and asking Shengong Tu for help."

    The two brothers of Shengong of the Shooting Sun God Mountain were both talented archers. However, Shengong Tu was slightly better than them at archery.

    "It's Emperor Yu's Hall asking him for help. He should beg to help us. He wouldn't have the audacity to reject us," Yu Tonghai said proudly.

    "There's no time. You two should depart right now," Huang Tianqin ordered. And so, Yu Tonghai and Liu Xia immediately left.

    The members of Emperor Yu's Hall, especially Liu Xia, were extremely efficient. Only several hours had passed before he was seen jumping down with the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse from the high altitude and back into the Blind Bear Mountain Range.


    On the spacious area located behind the Blind Bear Mountain Range, the yellow-cloaked Huang Tianqin smiled as he stared at Liu Xia and the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse who was falling to the ground.

    "Roar~~" The Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse landed on the ground and emitted a friendly roar.

    Huang Tianqin replied with a roar.

    And the human and the demonic beast conversed for a short while.

    The Language of Beasts could only be learned by those who were gifted in this skill. However, only one in a million people were talented in the Language of Beasts. However, most Emptiness Realm Experts would be able to learn the Language of Beasts as long as they were willing to spend the time to learn and if someone was willing to teach them.

    Why is that?

    Because the Language of Beasts was pronounced differently from the language of humans. Therefore, people would normally feel weird when pronouncing the Language of Beasts. They wouldn't be able to really understand the pronunciation of the Language of Beasts either; they wouldn't even be able to tell the difference between roars that sounded the same.

    They wouldn't understand. Even if they did understand the differences, they wouldn't be able to pronounce the Language of Beasts correctly as the control of their voice would not be good enough.

    However, Emptiness Realm Experts were different!

    Emptiness Realm Experts were able to perform the Sound Transmission Technique. They were able to hear the sounds in the domain because of their perception of the sound waves. They could distinctly sense the transmission of waves produced by each word and they could imitate and transmit these sound waves into the listener's ears. This is the Sound Transmission Technique-

    With such an ability, Emptiness Realm Experts could naturally hear the Language of Beasts clearly. They could also distinctly perceive the differences between two similar roars.

    Therefore, it was much easier for Emptiness Realm Experts to learn the Language of Beasts.

    However-they had to be taught.

    Every sect viewed the capability to understand and speak the Language of Beasts as a precious ability. Thus, why would they teach the Language of Beasts to the outsiders? Until now, no one in the Ying Family understood the Language of Beasts.

    "It seems like the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse is completely healed." Huang Tianqin smiled as he scrutinized the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse.

    "Demonic Beasts recover faster than us." Liu Xia grinned and said, "When he found out that the targets were the human and the demonic beast that had pursued him, he didn't negotiate with us to ask for more Fiery Dragonfruits. He immediately came here after taking the Fiery Dragonfruits I offered him."

    "Now we just have to wait for Tonghai." Huang Tianqin waited silently.


    It was apparently harder to get Shengong Tu, the number one Godly Archer in the world, to agree to help. Two hours passed. Finally, Yu Tonghai returned to the Blind Bear Mountain Range.

    "They are here." Huang Tianqin and Liu Xia looked up to the south.

    Two beams of light flew and arched in the sky and descended before Huang Tianqin and Liu Xia. It was Yu Tonghai and the black-haired Shengong Tu, who wore beast skin and carried a Godly Bow.

    "Brother Shengong." Huang Tianqin smiled as he approached.

    "Haha, Brother Huang." Shengong Tu walked over and said with a smile, "As expected of Emperor Yu's Hall.

    "This time, we will definitely kill Jing Yi." Huang Tianqin said with a smile.

    "Martial Uncle." With the use of the Sound Transmission Technique, Yu Tonghai said to Huang Tianqin, "I promised Shengong Tu many benefits. This is a small matter. However, I promised him that Emperor Yu's Hall would pay him back all the Void Piercing Arrows used to kill the Bladelike Chi."

    The forging of the Void Piercing Arrow was extremely difficult, so the Shooting Sun God Mountain possessed very few of these Void Piercing Arrows.

    "Brother Shengong," Huang Tianqin said as he stared at Shengong Tu.

    "Eh?" Shengong Tu was slightly confused.

    "How many Void PIercing Arrows did you bring this time?" Huang Tianqin asked.

    "Same as always, three arrows," Shengong Tu answered with a smile.

    "That's not enough," Huang Tianqin said. "When we depart to kill Jing Yi, let's head to Yanzhou and get some more Void Piercing Arrows, just in case."

    "Brother Huang, this Void Piercing Arrow of mine is the number one Godly Arrow in the world. If three arrows aren't enough to kill the demonic beast, getting more won't help." Shengong Tu felt reluctant to waste these precious arrows. When Huang Tianqin heard this, he frowned and replied, "I'm asking you to bring a few more. Don't worry, Emperor Yu's Hall will pay for all the Void Piercing Arrows used."

    The ancient Emperor Yu's Hall was indeed wealthy.

    "Haha, sure." Shengong Tu agreed without any hesitation. At the same time, he thought to himself, "Since Emperor Yu's Hall is paying, I might as well use as many Void Piercing Arrows as I want. Brother Jing Yi, I feel sorry for you this time." Shengong Tu still remembered how he had suffered outside Jiangning County City.

    He must take revenge for that!

    "The Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse and Brother Shengong have arrived." Huang Tianqin guffawed and said, "Tonghai, Liu Xia, Brother Shengong, you three should depart with the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse and the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon now. I believe you all will succeed."

    Yu Tonghai and Liu Xia were the two Emptiness Realm Culmination Experts of Emperor Yu's Hall, and both of them had mastered the "Heavenly Book of the Nine Cauldrons".

    Both of them had gained full control of the Power of the Heavens and Earth. With the use of the best technique of the Godly Codex, Yu Tonghai and Liu Xia could both display almost 120% of the Power of the Heavens and Earth. This was already the highest force an Emptiness Realm Culmination Expert could display.

    Either Yu Tonghai or Liu Xia could easily handle Teng Qingshan.

    Moreover, with the help of the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon, who had existed since Emperor Yu was alive, and the support of the best Godly Archer in the world, Shengong Tu...

    "There's no time to lose. You all should depart now."

    Huang Tianqin said solemnly, "I will be here waiting for you all to return with success.

    Yu Tonghai, Liu Xia, and Shengong Tu cupped their hands and bade goodbye. They went on and soared into the sky with the Six-Eared Earth-Drilling Mouse and the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon.
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