Chapter 523: Raising A Storm

    Chapter 523: Raising A Storm

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    When the flames burned through the 100% power of the Heavens and Earth that enveloped Shengong Tu's body, Shengong Tu finally understood why Liu Xia and Yu Tonghai didn't even have the will to fight... why they had been so scared that they had scattered and fled. However... he had realized it too late! At this moment as he was dying, he recalled how he had been full of mettle at the Shooting Sun God Mountain. He had reached a high position and had even become the strongest expert in the Shooting Sun God Mountain.

    Images of these scenes swept through his mind in a flash.

    "Ahhh!!!" Shengong Tu yelled out madly with a malevolent expression.

    Just as the purple-gold flames touched his body, a multi-colored halo roamed around the godly bow, which was already drawn into the shape of a full moon. Following a mournful and mad cry, Shengong Tu loosened his right hand, releasing the final arrow of his life!


    A bright shooting star tore across the vast sky, carrying the final message of Shengong Tu, the number one archer in the Land of the Nine Prefectures. The Void Piercing Arrow instantly crossed a distance of several dozen Zhang, directly hitting Little Blue's mother, who was in midair and seemed like a ball of fire. Then all that could be heard was a series of noises that sounded like clashing steel.

    "Eh?" At this moment, Teng Qingshan, who was on the back of Little Blue, gazed fixedly at this scene. Although he had full confidence in Little Blue's mother, Teng Qingshan was still somewhat worried. "Little Blue's mother dodged it really quickly. Shengong Tu should have been aiming for her head, but he hit her left wing instead. Her flexibility seems to be comparable to that of the Bladelike Chi!"

    Several red feathers floated down from the sky with disintegrated bits of plumage.

    That Void Piercing Arrow had actually impaled Little Blue's mother's left wing and was completely wedged in there. Drops of golden blood flowed down onto the shaft of the Void Piercing Arrow, coiling around it.


    Snapped into two sections, the Void Piercing Arrow then fell from the sky.

    Meanwhile, the purple-gold flames right outside the wound on Little Blue's mother's left wing combusted magnificently. Beneath the binding of flames, the wound healed rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

    "Undying Phoenix, Undying Phoenix. As expected, it's formidable." Teng Qingshan was both startled and delighted. "She was pierced by the Void Piercing Arrow, and yet her wing was restored just like that? It's no wonder... that only the Undying Phoenix can produce such a heaven-defying treasure like the Grass of Immortality." The Grass of Immortality could increase one's lifespan... The Undying Phoenix was just as magical as one would imagine it to be.

    "Teng Qingshan, if you kill me, then you're really becoming enemies with my Emperor Yu's Hall!

    "My Emperor Yu's Hall can make peace with you! We can become allies!" Yu Tonghai's voice rang out beside Teng Qingshan's ear.

    From the back of Little Blue, Teng Qingshan watched the pitiful Yu Tonghai flee on the ground. However, he just sneered, "Yu Tonghai, so it's fine if you of Emperor Yu's Hall kill me, but not if I kill you?" Earlier, Liu Xia, Yu Tonghai, and the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon had dispersed, fleeing in different directions.

    If they had escaped together, they would have been killed by Little Blue's mother all at once.

    By dispersing and fleeing, they greatly increased their chances of surviving.

    Initially, Little Blue's mother had not thought of killing Shengong Tu first. However, he had unexpectedly drawn his bow and fired his arrow, provoking her. Consequently, she immediately eliminated him. As for Teng Qingshan, who was riding on Little Blue... Between Liu Xia, Yu Tonghai, and the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon, he had chosen to pursue and kill Yu Tonghai!

    "They sure are fleeing quickly." On the back of the Bladelike Chi, Mu Tao was so anxious that he was furious. With no way of pursuing them, he watched helplessly as the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon and Liu Xia fled.

    The Six Legged Bladelike Chi was injured and would not be able to withstand a fight with the enemy, and Mu Tao could not fly.

    "Qingshan, my boy, kill that one with the broom-like brows!" Mu Tao yelled out using the Sound Transmission technique. Even though Mu Tao could not kill the enemy personally, seeing Teng Qingshan do it would also give him delight.


    Teng Qingshan laughed carefreely as Little Blue, had already caught up with the fleeing Yu Tonghai.

    "Huhu~~~" Little Blue lowered her head and immediately spurt out a burst of purple flames downward. Her mother spat out purple-gold flames. As Little Blue's strength was still somewhat weaker, she spat out purple flames instead. However, back then, the purple flames easily burned that Tianfeng Martial Immortal to death.


    Yu Tonghai couldn't evade it in time and was immediately encircled by the purple flames. "No, I can't die!" He had seen how Shengong Tu had been burned to death instantly.

    "Chichi~~" The purple flames combusted on the surface of Yu Tonghai's body.

    "Eh?" Yu Tonghai was startled.

    "Oh! I didn't die. These flames don't seem that terrifying." The 100% of the Power of the Heavens and the Earth on the surface of Yu Tonghai's body moved about wildly. Although it was endlessly being burned up and consumed, the speed at which it was being replenished was fast as well. It was surprisingly able to withstand the combustion of these purple flames.

    "I have to hurry up and flee! I can't let the other Undying Phoenix come over as well."

    Yu Tonghai forcefully restrained his excitement at finding a new lease of life and frantically fled toward a distant place.

    Above Yu Tonghai, Teng Qingshan-who was on the back of Little Blue-nodded inwardly. "Sure enough, Little Blue's flames still have no way of easily burning an Emptiness Realm Culmination Expert to death! Though I wonder what sort of ultimate skill, Little Blue has been learning from her mother." Currently, Little Blue seemed to be somewhat angry because her attack had failed.


    With a resounding cry that seemed to pierce through the horizon, the flames on the surface of her body dwindled, and Teng Qingshan felt the surrounding Fire Elemental Power tremble. Then he saw Little Blue, open her mouth, and a stream of fire that was speckled with golden light flew out from her sharp beak. It shot out with a speed similar to that of a sharp arrow, immediately shrouding around the fleeing Yu Tonghai.

    "Something's not right!" Since he was doing his utmost to flee, Yu Tonghai hadn't paid much attention to the approaching flames. However, in a flash, he sensed that there was something strange about the flames.

    Unfortunately, he realized it too late!

    These flames were already igniting his body. The moment that happened, Yu Tonghai had no way at all of extinguishing these flames.

    "No!" Yu Tonghai then fled underground.


    Little Blue, followed him, swooping down into the underground.

    From his sect's records, Yu Tonghai knew that the Undying Phoenix's underground travel speed was also exceedingly astonishing. However, at present, he didn't have the mindset to remember this, because he could already smell the scent of death.

    "Chichi~~" These specks of golden light amidst the flames burned through the Power of the Heavens and the Earth covering the surface of Yu Tonghai's body.

    The moment it reached Yu Tonghai's shin, it was like a match had ignited. There was "Chi" sound, then the flames were running along his calf, spreading upward, downward, left, and right. In an instant, both of his legs were ablaze, turning into scattering ashes from the knee down. Simultaneously, it continued to spread upward at an extreme speed.

    "Puchi!" Without a hint of hesitation, a sword light swept past.

    Yu Tonghai's legs were completely cut off from the tops of the thighs. Then, as the two thighs fell, they were rendered into scattering ashes.

    "If I flee, I'll die. I'll only have a chance of surviving if I turn back and fight. This Undying Phoenix is clearly somewhat weaker than the other Undying Phoenix." Yu Tonghai had sliced off his own legs, putting an end to the spread of the flames. After this, in spite of everything, he unexpectedly gritted his teeth and transformed into a beam of light. Launching his attack, he headed in the direction of where Little Blue was approaching from in her pursuit to kill him.

    "I guess you really won't give me a way out." Yu Tonghai had on a fierce expression. He could clearly sense that the Undying Phoenix's mother was flying overhead, above the ground. In a flash, she actually spouted out a puff of purple-gold flames downward.


    Before the purple-gold flames, the soil, sand, and stones were no different from the air. The purple-gold flames instantly burned through a distance of almost 100 Zhang and enveloped the legless Yu Tonghai.

    "Teng Qingshan, you're fighting with an unfair advantage!!!" Following a fierce growl, Yu Tonghai's entirety was burned to ashes.

    Yu Tonghai was dead!

    "Fighting with an unfair advantage?" Teng Qingshan sneered. "You of Emperor Yu's Hall first depended on a flying-type demonic beast, as well as an earth-drilling demonic beast. Then you invited the world's best archer, Shengong Tu, to cooperate with you in order to encircle and kill me. Isn't that fighting with a fair advantage too?"

    Yu Tonghai was treacherous and sinister. Among the several people of Emperor Yu's Hall, Yu Tonghai had been the person Teng Qingshan wanted to kill the most.


    Little Blue charged out from the surface of the earth.

    "You~~" Little Blue flew to her mother's side. However, her mother gazed at her somewhat discontentedly. As her mother emitted some hoots, and Little Blue could only droop her head down, occasionally responding with chirps. Clearly, Little Blue's mother was very dissatisfied with her child's earlier performance.

    After all, Little Blue wasn't the Little Blue from one year ago. This Little Blue was one that had learned many ultimate skills.

    Her earlier ability to spurt out even more powerful flames was one of them.

    "It's truly unfortunate that we let the other two flee." Teng Qingshan could no longer sense the presence of Liu Xia and the Wind Splitting Dragon Falcon.

    After all, the opposing parties flew extremely quickly and had dispersed in different directions. While Teng Qingshan and the others were dealing with Shengong Tu and then Yu Tonghai, the other two had naturally managed to escape far away.

    "Qingshan, my boy." Mu Tao was on the back of the Six Legged Bladelike Chi, and the two of them approached Teng Qingshan together.

    "Houhou~~" When the Six Legged Bladelike Chi saw Teng Qingshan, there was a hint of excitement in its gaze. Clearly, it had been pursued by the people from Emperor Yu's Hall into a very miserable state and was now finally able to let out some resentment. The state of the wounds on its blade legs was currently distinctly much better than it had been before. The recovery ability of the bodies of Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts was much stronger than that of humans.

    "Elder Brother Mu Tao." Teng Qingshan began to smile as well.

    "Tsk, tsk. Just like this? Two Emptiness Realm Experts... Moreover, they were Emptiness Realm Culmination Experts, yet they were killed just like that. Truly, truly..." Mu Tao's emotions were so stirred up by this that his face reddened faintly. In the Duanmu Continent, it took a lot of effort for one Emptiness Realm Expert to die. How could it be compared to the Land of the Nine Prefectures? "Haha, I'm truly delighted. These Nine Prefectures... Now, this is a place that's suitable for us Emptiness Realm Experts to live."

    "Yuuu~~" Little Blue's mother hooted several times in Teng Qingshan's direction.

    "Eh." Teng Qingshan forced a smile.

    He didn't understand the language of beasts.

    When Little Blue's mother realized that Teng Qingshan couldn't understand, she glared at Teng Qingshan somewhat discontentedly.


    Ultimately, Little Blue's mother could only follow Teng Qingshan and return to Yangzhou together. After all, once they reached Yangzhou, they could let Li Jun help translate. Only then would Little Blue's mother be able to talk with Teng Qingshan.

    And so...

    Little Blue's mother, Little Blue, Mu Tao, the Six Legged Bladelike Chi, and Teng Qingshan then flew majestically toward Yangzhou.


    At the bottom of Heavenly Cloud Mountain:

    "Teng Qingshan? Jing Yi is Teng Qingshan?"

    "So, it turns out that Jing Yi is actually Commander Teng!"

    Numerous men had watched that terrifying battle between the Emptiness Realm Experts from start to finish. They were all scouts whom the Gui Yuan Sect had set up here.

    "So, he's actually Commander Teng."

    "Haha, hurry! We have to tell the Sovereign about this news."

    These scouts were extremely excited. One of them was so moved that he even shed tears.

    "Commander Teng is part of our Gui Yuan Sect!"

    At the bottom of Heavenly Cloud Mountain, aside from the Gui Yuan Sect's scouts, there were also scouts from Heavenly God Palace... Back when Li Jun was still the Substitute High Priestess of the Snowy Lotus Cult, she had instructed her subordinates to keep watch at Heavenly Cloud Mountain. If Heavenly Cloud Mountain was set on fire, then the scouts could immediately pass on the news. As such, the Heavenly God Palace scouts had also seen the battle.

    Aside from these two people, the scene had also attracted the attention of many locals as the fire on Heavenly Cloud Mountain was too terrifying.


    After the battle on the Heavenly Cloud Mountain, many scattered pieces of information began to spread wildly.

    One of the most shocking pieces of information was that...

    Jing Yi was actually Teng Qingshan! The Teng Qingshan who at the time had been pursued by Qing Hu Island to the ends of the earth!

    To think that the Teng Qingshan of back then was now an Emptiness Realm Expert!

    A 21-year-old Emptiness Realm Expert actually existed in the Land of the Nine Prefectures!

    Since the dawn of time, never had there been a 21-year-old expert. Moreover, this heaven-defying existence was Teng Qingshan! This news was sufficient to stun any sect's Emptiness Realm Experts.

    A violent commotion was stirred up just like that.
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