Chapter 538: Conflict

    Chapter 538: Conflict

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    Teng Qingshan suddenly felt nervous. He was most worried about this... Whether it was the world of his previous life or the world of this life, it was obvious that both worlds would value the sect greatly. The principles "A teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime,""The one who betrays the sect would be looked down by the world," and other similar principles had been embedded in the minds of men.

    Fight for the sect! Die for the Sect

    Many families had always been members of a sect for generations. Many kids were born to be part of a sect! The symbol of the sect flowed in their blood! In the Land of the Nine Prefectures, the sects were equivalent to the countries in his previous life! Betraying a sect was like betraying a country! If Teng Qingshan wished to establish a sect, it would be equivalent to creating another country in his own country.

    No matter how well Zhuge Yuanhong treated Teng Qingshan, how could he agree to this...

    "Teacher." Teng Qingshan took a deep breath and said after much thought, "I only have two goals in my life. The first one is to let my family and relatives live peaceful and happy lives. The second one is to develop and promote the branch of Internal Martial Art and teach this cultivation art to the entire Land of the Nine Prefectures. I want the branch of Internal Martial Art to prosper forever in the Land of the Nine Prefectures!

    "Therefore, I must establish a sect." This was Teng Qingshan's dream! His goal!

    If he couldn't achieve this goal, all his effort would be meaningless.

    "Continue." Zhuge Yuanhong listened.

    "Gui Yuan Sect has blessed me and Teng Jia Village greatly," Teng Qingshan said solemnly. "However, I still wish to develop and promote the branch of Internal Martial Art. Therefore, I have been in great distress. I didn't know how I should deal with the relationship between Gui Yuan Sect and the sect I will be creating. However, the encounter with the God of Heaven Palace gave me an idea."

    Hearing this, Zhuge Yuanhong frowned.

    "I think my sect can combine with Gui Yuan Sect and become one sect. It would be just like the God of Heaven Palace, a sect that controlled the Snowy Lotus Cult, the God of Heaven Mountain, the Sword Sect, the Million Beasts Valley, and some other auxiliary sects. Our sect can be divided into two branches, Gui Yuan Sect and my sect. Both your sect and my sect would be equally ranked!" Teng Qingshan had told Zhuge Yuanhong everything he had thought about.

    Actually, when Teng Qingshan mentioned the God of Heaven Palace, Zhuge Yuanhong already knew what Teng Qingshan was about to say.


    Zhuge Yuanhong was just about to say something. But then he sighed.

    He really wanted Teng Qingshan to strive for the rise of Gui Yuan Sect! If Teng Qingshan's branch of the Internal Martial Art could be part of Gui Yuan Sect, then all the glory would belong to Gui Yuan Sect! The status of Gui Yuan Sect would rise to a level comparable to that of the Mani Temple. However, before Zhuge Yuanhong even said anything, he already knew it was impossible!

    In the Land of the Nine Prefectures, all the experts with peerless talent naturally had ambition and dreams.

    Emperor Yu unified and ruled the nine prefectures and created the branch of Daoist Sects.

    The Heavenly Emperor of the Qin Mountains also unified the Land of the Nine Prefectures as well, leaving the Ying Family.

    The Poetic Sword God Li Taibai was also a free and unfettered person who refused to serve the other sects.

    The Shiga Martial Ancestor of the Buddhist Sect created the branch of Buddhist Sects-Mani Temple.

    None of the four Omnipotent Experts served under a sect. Because these exceptional and peerless figures had dreams, they were able to achieve admirable success. Teng Qingshan was able to achieve the Emptiness Realm when he was only at the age of 21 and had created the branch of Internal Martial Arts, a cultivation different from that of the Buddhist and Daoist Sects!

    Would such a magnificent figure be willing to devote everything to Gui Yuan Sect? After all, Teng Qingshan didn't grow up in Gui Yuan Sect, and he didn't stay in Gui Yuan Sect for a long time.

    "Sigh..." Another sigh sounded. Zhuge Yuanhong just didn't know what to say.

    "Teacher-" Teng Qingshan himself also didn't know what to say...

    The peak of the Internal Martial Art in his previous world was known to be the Grandmaster Realm. Teng Qingshan still remembered the excitement he felt when he first created the Earth Elemental Fist on the Great Prairie. At that time, he knew that he had found a higher level of cultivation for the branch of Internal Martial Art. Slowly, he created the "Fire Elemental Fist","Water Elemental Fist", and other techniques.

    At that time, he was determined to pass on the cultivation of the Internal Martial Art to millions in the world.

    Zhuge Yuanhong looked towards Teng Qingshan and said, "Qingshan."

    "Yes, Teacher?" Teng Qingshan hastily replied as he listened attentively.

    "This involves too many things." Zhuge Yuanhong said solemnly, "Although I am the Sovereign of Gui Yuan Sect, I can't make this decision by myself. I must return to Gui Yuan Sect today and discuss this matter with all the elders, guardians, commanders, and the patriarchs of the important families in the sect."

    As this was deeply related to the future of Gui Yuan Sect, Zhuge Yuanhong had no right to decide by himself.

    "Teacher, I understand." Teng Qingshan nodded.

    "Yes." Zhuge Yuanhong responded with a nod. He didn't say much as he turned and left.

    Teng Qingshan stared at Zhuge Yuanhong's back and sighed to himself. He couldn't help but turn to look at all the energetic boys who were shouting as they practiced the Xing Yi Martial Arts. As he stared at these boys, he could imagine when his branch of Internal Martial Arts would thrive in the Land of the Nine Prefectures.

    When he thought about the future, he felt enthusiastic. He thought to himself, "I must reach the peak of the Internal Martial Arts! The cultivation of the Internal Martial Art shall be passed on from generation to generation."

    On the night of the 16th of April, within Jiangning County in Jiangning County.

    "Old Ji, you came too?" A white-haired and wrinkle-faced elder in a black cloak walked over with a grin. Ji Hong, who was still very muscular despite having only one arm, walked over with a smile. "The Sovereign has summoned me. How could I not come? However, Old Wang, aren't you already enjoying your later years at home? Why did the Sovereign invite you?"

    "Yes, I thought it was very weird. I am only about ten years away from reaching the end of my life. I might die at any time. Why would the Sovereign invite me?" the old man with the surname Wang said puzzledly.

    The two then walked together and arrived outside the main hall of Gui Yuan Sect.

    They stepped up the stairs and entered the main hall. Immediately, when they entered the main hall, they heard the noises of excitement.

    "Haha, Martial Brother Ji Hong."

    "Martial Uncle Wang Gan, you came as well."

    The elderly voices sounded everywhere in the main hall, and more and more people began gathering in the hall. Besides the current elders, guardians, and commanders of the Black Armored Army and commanders of the Long Gang Guards, there were also many old members over the age of of 100 who had already retired from their positions as elders.

    "Qinghu, many seniors are here today," Zhuge Yun whispered.

    "Yeah, there are many extremely old seniors," Teng Qinghu commented. Even as the Commanders of the Black Armored Army, they could only sit at the very back. At this moment, 36 people gathered in the main hall. Many of them were old men who moved at a slow pace and were going to reach the end of their lives soon.

    "Haha, we rarely see each other. I can't believe that I was able to witness Gui Yuan Sect being listed as one of the seven Supreme Sects before I die. Haha, now, even if I were to die, I am able to meet the ancestors proudly."

    "Of course! After all, Teng Qingshan, the only genius younger than the Omnipotent Experts, is part of Gui Yuan Sect. Back then, when I found out about what Teng Qingshan had done in the Great Yan Mountain, I clapped and cheered for him. I even said that if he survived, he would have boundless prospects. Don't you guys agree?"

    It was very noisy in the main hall. Everyone was chatting about all the things that had happened recently.

    Gui Yuan Sect had become one of the seven Supreme Sects. All the old fellows appeared rather happy and excited.


    "The Sovereign is here."

    The entire hall soon became quiet. Zhuge Yuanhong, who had his hair untied and wore a long, loose, green cloak, walked into the hall and sat on the main seat.

    "Sovereign, why did you summon us?"

    "Haha, did you summon us to discuss the expansion of Gui Yuan Sect since it has become one of the seven Supreme Sects?" an elder said with a laugh, and all the other elders laughed along.

    Zhuge Yuanhong stared at all the people seated. All of these elders were already the support of Gui Yuan Sect when he had just been born. Zhuge Yuanhong took a deep breath and said out loud, "Everyone!"

    Immediately, there was a dead silence. Everyone noticed the strange expression on the Sovereign's face.

    "Gui Yuan Sect had just destroyed Qing Hu Island and conquered all of Yangzhou." Zhuge Yuanhong's voice resonated in the hall. "I believe everyone is well aware that Teng Qingshan is the reason why Gui Yuan Sect was able to achieve this!"

    The elders in the hall were about to say something in agreement when Zhuge Yuanhong continued, "However, I believe everyone also knows that Qingshan has attained the Emptiness Realm at the age of 21. He is definitely the best since the creation of the Land of the Nine Prefectures. He can even compete with the four Omnipotent Experts."

    "Now, the Land of the Nine Prefectures has two branches of cultivation arts, the branch of Daoist and the branch of Buddhist." Zhuge Yuanhong said solemnly, "Qingshan created another branch-the branch of the Internal Martial Arts!"

    Immediately, sounds of astonishments sounded in the hall.

    "Is this true?"

    "A third branch of cultivation?" This news was too shocking.

    Zhuge Yuanhong continued speaking with a serious tone, "However, Qingshan has always wanted to do one thing. He wants to develop and promote the branch of Internal Martial Arts. Therefore, he will definitely establish his own sect! Today, I have gathered you all here to discuss this! If Qingshan plans to establish his own sect, what should Gui Yuan Sect do?"


    It was dead silence. The extremely senior elders who were initially laughing were stunned.

    "Establish his own sect?" An elder who had lost almost all his teeth immediately stood up and said, "Sovereign, you can't allow this! If Teng Qingshan wishes to establish a sect, he would naturally need a territory and many men. Naturally, Yangzhou would have to be divided between his sect and our sect. In the future, his sect might even destroy Gui Yuan Sect."

    "Yea, Sovereign." Another person stood up and said anxiously, "We can't bring harm to Gui Yuan Sect!"

    "Sovereign, you absolutely can't allow this. This will harm Gui Yuan Sect."

    The elders all stood up.

    Zhuge Yuanhong sat quietly on the Sovereign's seat as he listened to the elders speak.

    "Teng Qingshan will cherish Gui Yuan Sect for old time's sake, right?" someone said. Immediately, someone responded angrily, "For old time's sake? Even if Teng Qingshan allows Gui Yuan Sect to survive for old time's sake, we don't know if his successor will do the same. When his sect rises high up, they will definitely destroy Gui Yuan Sect."


    A silver-haired elder with wrinkles and spots on his face pushed his chair away and knelt on the ground. He looked up and yelled out loud, "It took many generations of people to make Gui Yuan Sect what it is today. Now, Gui Yuan Sect has even reached the peak and rules over Yangzhou. Sovereign, you must not let the sacrifices of the past generations go to waste. Otherwise, how are we going to face the ancestors when we die?" As the old man spoke, tears flowed down his face.


    Some of the elders wept, while some were extremely angry.

    Anyway, none of the elders agreed to this.

    As for Zhuge Yun, Teng Qinghu, and the other members of the younger generation, none of them dared to say anything.

    Zhuge Yuanhong sat high up on the seat of the Sovereign as he listened to the elders silently.

    After a while....


    Immediately, the entire hall became quiet and all the elders stared at the Sovereign, Zhuge Yuanhong.

    Zhuge Yuanhong sighed softly and said, "Gui Yuan Sect was able to rise to such a state because of Teng Qingshan's contributions. I just want to say that we have only two choices.

    "The first choice is to forbid Teng Qingshan from establishing his own sect. If we do that, Teng Qingshan will leave Gui Yuan Sect and will still establish his own sect! If that happens, Gui Yuan Sect will lose the support of an Emptiness Realm Expert. Without the support of an Emptiness Realm Expert, how is Gui Yuan Sect going to guard Yangzhou from the other sects? Many other sects would easily target Yangzhou and devour this piece of land. The consequence is obvious.

    "The second choice is to let him establish his sect.

    "There are two choices. Gentlemen, choose." Zhuge Yuanhong's voice resonated in the great hall, and everyone became quiet.
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