Chapter 542: Qingshan Enterprise

    Chapter 542: Qingshan Enterprise

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    "Tiger Form Fist Art? The Tiger Form Fist Art only taught in Teng Jia Village?" Meng Lutong grabbed the cultivation manual in excitement.

    "Yes, it took me great effort to get this," said the chubby middle-aged man as he wiped the drops of perspiration on his forehead.

    Meng Lutong hastily opened the cultivation manual and flipped through the pages. On every page, there was a drawing attached with a few sentences. As Meng Lutong read, his eyes gleamed, and he exclaimed, "This is the Internal Martial Art! The Three Postures can't be part of the Internal Martial Art. It must be a lie. This technique must be the authentic one."

    "Haha." Seeing this, the chubby middle-aged man smiled pleasingly.

    Meng Lutong didn't care about his father watching from the side. Immediately, he placed the cultivation manual down and began practicing according to the drawings.

    Ever since the first cultivation manual of the"Tiger Form Fist Art"leaked, many powerful figures had obtained the copies through different means. Within several days, the leak of the "Tiger Form Fist Art"stirred up a commotion. Gui Yuan Sect even declared to the world that it would incarcerate any illegal seller of the cultivation manual.

    Two days after Gui Yuan Sect had issued the command:

    On the 4th of May:

    In all the County Cities in Yangzhou, one of the thirteen counties, a new store opened. The stores all had the same name-Qingshan Enterprise!


    On a flourishing street in Nanxing County City, several hundred people gathered around a huge building. Red cloth was hung on the signboard attached to the wall above the entrance of the house. There were two words on the signboard-Qingshan Enterprise!

    "Qingshan Enterprise? What enterprise would dare to name itself 'Qingshan Enterprise?' Is it not afraid of offending Gui Yuan Sect?"

    "Heh, I knew you wouldn't know. When this store opened this morning, some members of Gui Yuan Sect even came."

    "What's with this company's name? Perhaps Master Teng Qingshan is setting up a company? Is he starting a business?"

    Many people mumbled puzzledly.

    In their opinion, Gui Yuan Sect was able to display such power because of Teng Qingshan. Although Teng Qingshan wasn't the Sovereign of Gui Yuan Sect, his status was higher than that of the Sovereign of Gui Yuan Sect. They just didn't understand... why an Emptiness Realm Expert would start a business.

    As time passed, more people gathered before the building.

    "I heard that the Qingshan Enterprise has some big announcements."

    "It's not early anymore. They should've announced by now."

    When the store opened this morning, a voice came from inside the building, saying "A major announcement will be given this afternoon." Because of this, more and more people gathered in front of the new store. Three hours after midday, a great crowd had gathered outside the building.


    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    A great number of armored soldiers of Gui Yuan Sect rushed out of the building and stood outside in an orderly manner. Three people then walked out. These three were the county official of Nanxing County, the general of the city guards, and the manager of the store.

    "Haha, everyone." The elder, who wore a dark green long cloak, cupped his hands and said with a smile, "I am the manager of the store opened by Qingshan Enterprise in Nanxing County."

    "Today is the opening day of the Qingshan Enterprise. During the morning, I said that we would make a big announcement this afternoon."

    Immediately, the noises around died down and everyone around listened attentively.

    The manager, Wu Nian, then said loudly, "The announcement is related to Master Teng! It concerns the cultivation of the Internal Martial Art!"

    Gasps of surprise and quiet discussions immediately sounded amidst the crowd.

    Meng Lutong was also amidst the crowd, listening attentively. He had come with his father and was being protected by the guards. Wu Nian looked around and said loudly, "A few days ago, the"Tiger Form Fist Art", the basic fist art of the Internal Martial Art which Master Teng created during his teenage years, was leaked! When Master Teng found out about this, he was enraged!"

    Hearing this, the crowd discussed softly and laughed among themselves.

    How could Master Teng not be angry? In the Land of the Nine Prefectures, all sects guarded their secret cultivation manuals and forbade the disciples from divulging it to any outsiders.

    "However, Master Teng is generous."

    Manager Wu Nian continued speaking loudly. "After much consideration, Master Teng has thought it through. The Internal Martial Art he had created was initially for the disciples. Master Teng has decided that the leak of the cultivation manual was God's will. He decided to take advantage of this situation and sell the cultivation manual "Tiger Form Fist Art" to everyone in the Land of the Nine Prefectures. He even decided to sell it at a low price so that anyone who wished to learn the Internal Martial Art could learn it."


    Immediately, voices of surprise sounded.

    This is madness! Crazy!

    Since the creation of the Land of the Nine Prefectures, every sect valued and cherished their cultivation manuals. If the other sects obtained their cultivation manuals, those sects would grow stronger.

    "Selling everyone the cultivation manual?"

    "What is Master Teng Qingshan even thinking?"

    "Master Teng Qingshan is still very young. He should be 23 this year; he was able to reach the peak at such a young age, so his mentality is immature. It's normal to seek fame. Still, he should hide the cultivation manual well and only teach it to his disciples." Many people were pleasantly surprised. But at the same time, they sighed and lamented for Teng Qingshan. They were happy that they could see the cultivation manual of the "Tiger Form Fist Art" and sighed because of Teng Qingshan's recklessness.

    "Manager, what's the price? Please don't tell us the price of one book will be over 10,000 silver taels. If it is, we can't afford it," someone shouted.

    "Even if the cultivation manual of the Internal Martial Art was being sold for over 10,000 silver taels, it would not be expensive. If you can't buy it, then don't stay here," someone mocked.

    A commotion sounded on the street outside the store.

    "Everyone, please be quiet." The manager's voice resonated in the street, and the crowd immediately became quiet.

    "Cultivating of the Internal Martial Art is not easy," the manager said loudly. "Even with the cultivation manual, only one in a hundred people will be able to successfully cultivate it." This statement was true. Back then, even when Teng Shou and the others were teaching the Internal Martial Art, only one out of twenty managed to successfully cultivate the Internal Martial Art. Without a teacher, it would be extremely difficult.

    "We know this marvelous fist art has a high requirement," someone in the crowd shouted.

    The manager smiled and replied, "According to Master Teng, the cultivation manual that was leaked is the foundational cultivation method taught in Teng Jia Village! But it is roughly written. The Qingshan Enterprise will be selling this cultivation manual as well, and the price of this cultivation manual is only 100 silver taels."


    "Only 100 silver taels?"

    "Why is it so cheap?"

    Everyone around froze.

    In the Land of the Nine Prefectures, the learning of the inner strength cultivation was extremely costly. One should know that even each issue of the "Hidden Dragon Ranking"and"Young Phoenix Ranking"cost 100 silver taels. The ordinary inner strength cultivation manuals cost over 1,000 silver taels. It wouldn't be weird if the Internal Martial Art, which was known to have magical effects, cost several thousand silver taels.

    Only 100 taels!

    Even an ordinary village could easily muster one hundred silver taels! This meant that even the ordinary villagers could purchase the cultivation manual, which cost 100 silver taels, and learn the "Tiger Form Fist Art."

    Immediately, someone shouted, "Give me one."

    "I want two."

    Many people began shouting. Since the cultivation manual was so cheap, they could buy two or three and give some to friends.

    "Sure.," the manager said with a smile. "The "Tiger Form Fist Art" costs 100 silver taels. Each person can only buy a maximum of ten books. Let me tell you all! This cultivation manual of the "Tiger Form Fist Art" is real, but it is only the foundational cultivation manual in Teng Jia Village, and it was written roughly."

    Hearing this, Meng Lutong, who was in the crowd, nodded in agreement. These days, he had been practicing the Tiger Form Fist Art. Sometimes, only two lines of poems were attached to a drawing, which Meng Lutong felt was really vague, and he wouldn't know how to perform this move.

    "Considering this, Master Teng himself rewrote the cultivation manual of the "Tiger Form Fist Art" and had Gui Yuan Sect print copies of it," the manager said loudly. "This version of the "Tiger Form Fist Art" has extremely accurate drawings and very detailed descriptions. Practicing according to the cultivation manual is like learning from the Master himself! Moreover, unlike the previous cultivation manuals, Master Teng himself wrote this one."

    Hearing this, many people looked tempted.

    The Emptiness Realm Expert himself had written the book?

    "Cultivation manual?" Meng Lutong's eyes gleamed in excitement as he stood amidst the crowd.

    "This is the cultivation manual of the"Tiger Form Fist Art"." As the manager spoke, he took out a very thick, thread-bound book. This version of the"Tiger Form Fist Art" was fives times thicker than the previous versions of the "Tiger Form Fist Art"! It was as though he was holding a brick in his hand.

    On the cover of the thread-bound book, there were four words-"Tiger Form Fist Art!" Each word looked flamboyant. As the crowd looked at the words, they could feel as though a tiger was pouncing towards them.

    "This cultivation manual can teach you as well as a teacher can." The manager smiled and said, "However, because the creation of this cultivation manual was difficult, Master Teng instructed that only a maximum of ten could be sold in each store. There are thirteen stores in all of Yangzhou. This cultivation manual will only be on sale starting today, the 4th of May, and the sales will end on the 16th of May! This meant that this version of the "Tiger Form Fist Art" will no longer be on sale after the 16th of May!

    "However, because today is the opening day of the Qingshan Enterprise, there is no limit. Starting tomorrow, each store can only sell a maximum of ten of these cultivation manuals."

    As the manager finished his words, many people hastily asked, "How much is this cultivation manual?"

    Wu Nian smiled and said, "This version of the "Tiger Form Fist Art" costs 1,000 gold taels!"

    When the crowd heard the price, all of them gasped in surprise.

    1,000 gold taels? That was 100,000 silver taels! This version of the Tiger Form Fist Art was not something ordinary people could afford...

    "So expensive."

    "That's too expensive."

    Many people couldn't help but comment.

    "You all can decide whether you want to buy the ordinary version of the "Tiger Form Fist Art" or the new version of the "Tiger Form Fist Art". If you wish to buy, then try and do it as soon as possible. After the 16th of May, the new version of the "Tiger Form Fist Art"will no longer be on sale." Wu Nian smiled and said, "Even if we sell 100 copies of this cultivation manual, the money earned is nothing to Master Teng.

    "We decided to sell this cultivation manual and end this sale on the 16th of May because Master Teng will be establishing his sect on the 16th of May.

    "We are selling the "Tiger Form Fist Art" to celebrate the establishment of Master Teng's new sect."

    An uproar sounded in the crowd.

    Establish his own sect?

    16th of May? Teng Qingshan is establishing his own sect?

    "Although he is establishing his own sect, Master Teng won't accept any disciples into his sect on the 16th of May." The manager, Wu Nian, smiled and said, "If anyone can generate inner strength with the cultivation of the Tiger Form Fist Art, it means that he or she has the capability and aptitude to cultivate the Internal Martial Art. And so, he or she has the right to join Teng Jia Village, located in the Great Yan Mountain, and learn even more profound techniques of the Internal Martial Art."
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