Chapter 551: Despotism

    Chapter 551: Despotism

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    The huge group of over 1,000 cavalrymen moved vigorously and immediately intercepted the caravan. The caravan could no longer advance.

    "Lords!" One of the organizers of the caravan, a white-haired elder, cupped his hands and said with a smile, "I am the organizer of the Nine Horses Trading Company...."

    "Old man!"

    A loud roar sounded.

    The leader of the cavalrymen was a young man wearing a battle armor with scales resembling the scales of fish. Sitting on his tall and big horse, he looked down at the elder and said with discontent, "Don't talk useless sh*t. I am here to arrest someone! Just make sure the Nine Horses Trading Company obeys me; otherwise, I don't mind sending you all to jail as well."

    The elder was so scared that he hastily shook his head and backed away. Immediately, the entire caravan became quiet as they watched the troop of cavalrymen carefully.

    "Who is Wei Jiang? Come out!" A loud roar sounded in the entire caravan.

    "Eh?" Standing at the back of the crowd, Teng Qingshan frowned. Although he didn't know much about Wei Jiang, he was well aware that Wei Jiang was gifted in the cultivation of Internal Martial Arts. Of course, a gifted cultivator would still need quite some training to become a truly powerful expert. Moreover, Teng Qingshan's daughter appeared to be very close to Wei Jiang.

    Teng Qingshan had a good opinion of Wei Jiang.

    "Who is Wei Jiang!?!" Another shout sounded.

    "General, that's Wei Jiang." A soldier immediately pointed out.

    A big and tall young man who was standing beside two girls among the caravan of people walked out with an iron spear on his back. He replied in a deep voice, "Why are you all looking for me?" Wei Jiang was tall and big, reaching a height of about eight Chi. His fierce-looking eyes were like the eyes of the thunder god. As he stood there, he emanated a domineering aura.

    He was like a fierce tiger that had dominated the area. However, he looked very young and handsome. It was obvious that he was not old.

    "Eh? Are you Wei Jiang?" The young general mounted high up on the horse scrutinized Wei Jiang and sneered, "It looks like you are quite capable. However, even if you are very capable, you can't violate the rules. Soldiers, take him down!"


    Immediately, ten soldiers surrounded the young man.

    "Who dares!?" Wei Jiang opened his eyes widely in rage as he gripped the black iron spear which had a length of one Zhang. Because the imposing manner and the black iron spear, Wei Jiang appeared very intimidating. Although the ten soldiers surrounded Wei Jiang, they had no audacity to draw any closer.

    "F*ck off!"

    As Wei Jiang swept the long spear around, a "whew" sound was heard. A gust of wind blew, scaring the ten soldiers away.

    Teng Qingshan, who was looking from afar, smiled. He thought to himself, "Wei Jiang is very strong! That black iron spear probably weighs several dozen Jin, but he is able to wave the spear with just one hand. He truly displayed astonishing arm strength just now." Now Teng Qingshan was totally looking at Wei Jiang as though Wei Jiang was already his disciple.

    "General, you said that I have violated rules. Can I know what rules I have violated?" Wei Jiang firmly asked as he stared at the young general.

    "Hmph, some days ago, a family of 13 in Lianan City was murdered. According to our investigation, the wounds on their bodies were all made by a long spear. Moreover, someone witnessed you doing it!!! Wei Jiang, you are the murderer!" The young general said furiously, "You murdered the family of 13 and killed in the city. Even if you fled to the ends of the world, we would still catch you. You are so cruel and evil. How can I not arrest you?

    "No! I did not kill them!" Wei Jiang roared.

    "Stop arguing!" The young general sneered and said, "So my subordinates are too afraid to arrest you because you are too strong? Alright, let me see really how strong you are..."

    With that, a clang sound rang.

    The young general held the black and green heavy sword and leaped off the war horse like an eagle pouncing upon its prey. While he was in midair, he actually turned three times and flew several Zhang before he landed on the ground. When he landed, he was about three Zhang away from Wei Jiang. Just the Qing Gong displayed by the young general caused Wei Jiang's facial expression to change.

    "This young general is strong," Teng Qingshan said inwardly, "He is able to fly over ten Zhang while wearing heavy armor. He must be a First Rated Warrior. Being able to become the general of the city guards at such a young age shows that he is not ordinary."

    hands seemed to transform into multiple figments of an illusion shaped like the sector of a circle. Immediately, the figments of illusion enveloped Wei Jiang.


    Wei Jiang humphed angrily. His feet were planted on the ground like the roots of an old tree. He held the black iron spear in his hand and darted out like a roaring tiger.

    Rumble! He subdued the sword with his enormously great strength.

    The big iron spear instantly dissolved the figments of illusions. However, the young general then moved in a strange manner. His figure flashed past and another terrifying and extremely quick strike was unleashed.

    Teng Qingshan and Li Jun were smiling as they discussed the fight amidst the caravan of people.

    "Wei Jiang is quite strong. Moreover, his spear art is somewhat displaying the concept of Cannon Fist." Teng Qingshan smiled and nodded. "Moreover, when he dodged and moved nimbly, he was like a tiger. Wei Jiang has practiced the Tiger Form to the bones and to the heart. Unfortunately, his spear art is still slightly rough."

    Li Jun nodded and replied, "That young general was obviously taught by a famous master. His sword art is the Earthly Ranking Cultivation Codex of Emperor Yu's Hall-"Violet Thunder Sword Codex "."

    "If they fought empty-handedly, Wei Jiang would definitely win." Teng Qingshan sighed to himself as he commented. This was the weakness of the Internal Martial Arts cultivators who had only practiced the "Tiger Form Fist Art".

    "Qingshan, with his talent and giftedness, he would definitely become much stronger if he were taught and advised by you for half a day. He would be able to defeat that young general of Emperor Yu's Hall," Li Jun said. She was able to tell that Wei Jiang was an unpolished gem.

    Wei Jiang had reached a high level in his cultivation of the Tiger Form Fist Art. However, he had not been able to apply the concept of the Tiger Form Fist Art to the cultivation of the spear art.

    "However..." Li Jun frowned slightly as she added, "Wei Jiang killed the family of 13 members..."

    "Madame." The grey-cloaked middle-aged man said respectfully, "Because Sovereign and Madame rarely leave the sect, you do not know about this. Actually, Emperor Yu's Hall has been using different means and tricks to stop gifted Internal Martial Arts cultivators from joining the Xing Yi Sect. They frame and make false charges against those Internal Martial Arts cultivators. Today, it's obvious that Emperor Yu's Hall wants to take Wei Jiang away."

    Hearing this, Li Jun's facial expression changed as she muttered, "Shameless."


    Teng Qingshan's facial expression darkened. Although he had read about the shameless actions of Emperor Yu's Hall, he didn't associate them with what he was currently seeing. He only realized what was really going on when the grey-cloaked middle-aged man mentioned the actions of Emperor Yu's Hall.

    "Emperor Yu's Hall is really trying every method to snatch the Internal Martial Arts cultivators. If I were to teach and nurture the gifted ones-such as Wei Jiang and some others, all of them would definitely reach the "Earthly Ranking". They might even attain the Grandmaster Realm in several years," Teng Qingshan thought to himself and felt increasingly furious.

    It was rare to encounter gifted cultivators like Wei Jiang. In the Xing Yi Sect, it was very difficult to meet a disciple who could cultivate the Tiger Form Fist Art to such a state. It was even more difficult for self-taught Internal Martial Arts cultivators to reach such a cultivation state. If Wei Jiang wasn't this gifted and talented, Emperor Yu's Hall wouldn't have dispatched an army to capture him.

    Bang! The earth trembled.

    Wei Jiang hastily backed away nine steps, leaving multiple deep footprints on the ground. His stomps had even made the earth crack.

    Clang! The iron spear was thrown into the air and landed to the side.

    The young general sneered as he ordered, "Take him away." At the same time, he scorned inwardly, "Since he has obliterated three gangs, I thought he would be very strong. The sect even arranged for Teacher to accompany me here, just in case we weren't able to capture him.. However... He is merely a self-taught cultivator." After watching the young general defeat Wei Jiang, the bald elder, the only one in the troop of cavalrymen who did not wear any war armor, smiled and nodded with satisfaction as he stroked his beard.

    Teng Qingshan, who stood among the caravan of people, frowned and was just about to save Wei Jiang when suddenly-

    "I see! Do you all have no shame!?" A sweet-sounding voice of a girl sounded.

    Teng Qingshan touched his head. He exchanged a glance with Li Jun and smiled helplessly.

    A girl dressed in green was seen. With just a few nimble moves, she struck the soldiers that were about to arrest Wei Jiang, sending them flying up into the sky. She then kicked the big iron spear, which weighed several dozen Jin, and easily lifted it up. She then grabbed the spear with her right hand and shook it before she nodded and said to herself, "Not bad."

    She held the spear horizontally as though she had always been very familiar with it. She then stared at the young general in front of her and mocked, "I really thought Big Brother Wei Jiang had killed someone."

    "How dare you!" The young general's face darkened.

    "You are the one who's acting brazenly!"

    Honglin, the young girl dressed in green, shouted back, "I see. Emperor Yu's Hall has done this many times. Why? Are all the Internal Martial Art cultivators that refuse to join Emperor Yu's Hall murderers? Or rapists? Oh my, Emperor Yu's Hall is sure good at making up stories. However, I will not allow any of you to take Big Brother Wei Jiang away."

    Wei Jiang turned pale in fright and hastily implored, "Xiao Hong."

    "Big Brother Wei Jiang, just watch from the side," Honglin said as she held her long spear. At this very moment, she looked valiant and formidable.

    The young general's facial expression turned worse. He laughed grimly and shouted, "You crazy girl! It seems like you are an accomplice of Wei Jiang. Then, prepare to go to jail with him." With this, the general dashed toward Honglin. The general's steps seemed occasionally big and occasionally small, and so the rhythm of his speed seemed very strange. While everyone watching was still absent-minded, the young general's sword had arrived right before Honglin's body.

    The young general did not look down on Honglin. He had chosen to use his best technique.


    Honglin humphed and stood firmly. She took the spear and stabbed it forward!

    Whew! Whew! Whew!

    Honglin displayed great control as she performed the Pursuing Shadows, one of the Five Elemental Spear Arts of Xing Yi Martial Arts. For some time, the shadows of the spears devoured the young general like the ripples of a whirlpool. The young general's facial expression changed. Simultaneously, the facial expression of the bald elder amidst the troop faraway also changed.

    Clang! Clang! Clang!

    "Oh no."

    The young general could barely even block the third strike. In the end, he lifted his heavy sword horizontally and tried to defend against the fourth strike.

    Bang! He was then knocked into the air and crashed into the group of soldiers afar.


    "This girl is so strong."

    Amidst the caravan of people, voices of astonishment sounded. No one expected the young girl to be this strong.

    Teng Qingshan, who stood amidst the caravan of people, smiled and said, "Of the Five Element Fists, Honglin was best at performing the Bursting Fist. Of the spear arts, her performance of the Pursuing Shadows is the best." Of course, Honglin's accomplishments in cultivation naturally couldn't be compared with that of Teng Qingshan in the past. However, the Pursuing Shadows spear art Honglin had learned had been modified by Teng Qingshan multiple times. The current version of Pursuing Shadows was much more precise and powerful than the Pursuing Shadows Teng Qingshan had created in Teng Jia Village when he was ten years old.

    "Which family are you from? Don't you know your manners? You weren't taught well by your family. How dare you stop the army!" A figure dashed out of the troop afar. A voice could be heard. "Let me teach you the rules!"

    Teng Qingshan and Li Jun's faces darkened.

    "Did someone just say that our child has no manners and wasn't taught well? How dare an Innate Expert act so arrogantly!"

    Whew! Whew!

    Teng Qingshan and Li Jun moved at almost the same time. However, Teng Qingshan's speed was much more astonishingly fast. It was as though he had teleported and moved right in front of the caravan.

    "Who do you think you are?! How dare you say that my daughter wasn't taught well!" A deep-sounding voice suddenly rang. Simultaneously, the sound of this voice transformed into a shapeless shockwave and struck the blurred figure, causing the blurred figure to fly back at an even faster speed.
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