Chapter 555: Slaughter

    Chapter 555: Slaughter

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    "I hear something." As an Internal Martial Arts cultivator who had cultivated to the final stage of the Supreme Force, Teng Shou had an extremely good hearing.

    He listened closely.

    "Brother, how much longer till we reach the Xing Yi Sect?"

    "Haha, don't worry. We are traveling with the caravan of Qingshan Enterprise. I am sure we will reach the Great Yan Mountain in 10 to 15 days. You will witness the sacred land of the Internal Martial Arts cultivators by then. You can only claim to be strong when you are in our village. When you reach the Great Yan Mountain, you will know that no matter how strong you are, there is always someone stronger."

    The voices of over a thousand teenagers sounded nonstop among the caravan of people. All of them were excited and happy that they were about to enter the Xing Yi Sect in the Great Yan Mountain. Yet, they had no idea that a disaster was about to descend upon them.


    Teng Shou's ears twitched. After he had excluded the voices of the caravan, he finally heard very soft-sounding whispers. Because the soft whispers sounded in the wilderness, where the bitterly cold wind blew heavily, he could barely hear the voices.

    "There are quite a lot of people hiding over there." Teng Shou stared afar at the hill that was covered with snow.


    Behind the hill, a group of warriors dressed in silver armor could be seen. This group of warriors held their breaths as they listened to the instructions given by their leader.

    "Everyone, it all depends on this moment. Today, I will be counting on you all." The leader observed all the soldiers around him coldly as he spoke. "Among this caravan of Qingshan Enterprise, there are over a thousand cultivators wishing to join the Xing Yi Sect. If we make our move, there will be one of two results."

    "It's either our death or theirs!" The deep voice sounded behind the mountain.


    Over a hundred people nodded in response. All of them looked fierce and sharp.

    "Go!" the leader ordered, and the 100+ warriors, wearing silver armor and carrying bows and arrows, immediately dashed out from the hill.

    The caravan of people advanced slowly on the official road, forming a long line like the body of a dragon. As for Teng Shou, he was paying full attention to the hill.


    The bitter and cold wind howled in the wilderness.

    Suddenly, quick footsteps sounded.

    "Bandits! Watch out!" Teng Shou roared, and his shout instantly broke the peaceful atmosphere. A "szzzt" sound was heard. Everyone immediately began moving back to the center. Simultaneously, the guards of the caravan drew their weapons or nocked their arrows. Instantly, the formation was formed.

    It was normal for a caravan to encounter bandits. Therefore, the merchants and guards were very skillful.

    Teng Shou had shouted "bandits" because he didn't want the caravan of people to panic and cause any disruptions.

    "How dare they attempt to rob us?"

    "They are courting death!"

    Most of the passionate young men and teenagers wielded long spears. Some held blades and swords. These fervent teenagers were eager to try their fighting techniques. All of them stared at the 100+ silent warriors dressed in silver armor, like a beast watching its prey.

    "However, these bandits are all wearing battle armor. And the armor they're wearing isn't low-quality." Realizing that, the Internal Martial Arts cultivators became more cautious.


    A slightly taller man in silver armor was seen. When this man raised his right hand, the 100+ warriors immediately stopped at the same time. The scene of this shocked the caravan of Qingshan Enterprise. To be able to notice the leader's gesture while running at an extremely fast speed was not something that could easily be done, even by elite soldiers.

    "Very quick reaction." A deep voice sounded. It was the man dressed in silver armor. Originally, the man dressed in silver armor had planned for his troop to charge forward and slaughter the caravan of people. Yet, he did not expect his troop to be discovered so quickly, nor did he expect the caravan of people to have such a quick reaction.

    Since a sudden attack was impossible, a direct attack was employed instead.


    The 100+ soldiers remained silent as they took out the bows on their backs. They drew their bows and placed their arrows pointing towards the caravan. All the guards of the caravan also held their bows and arrows, preparing to fire at any time.

    "Who are you guys!/. This is the caravan of Qingshan Enterprise! Leave quickly, or a fight is inevitable," the leader of the caravan shouted coldly.

    "Oh, no! There is poison on their arrows!" someone in the caravan suddenly shouted. Apparently, a faint blue color could be seen on the tips of the arrows held by those silent warriors.

    When the leader of the caravan heard that the arrows were poisonous, his expression darkened and he immediately shouted, "Fire!"

    Whew! Whew! Whew!

    Immediately, several hundred arrows pierced through the air. The warriors just dodged slightly, and only twenty percent of warriors were shot by the arrows. Clang! After flying a distance of several Zhang, the arrows couldn't pierce through the silver suits of armor donned by the silent warriors.

    The leader sneered coldly and ordered, "Kill them all!"

    At the sound of the order, the silent warriors released the arrows with dark blue poison on the tips. The moment the arrows left the bow-


    Suddenly, a roar that sent tremors through one's body sounded underground and resonated in the wilderness. Simultaneously, a blurred figure instantly appeared right in front of the caravan, creating a strong gust of wind. The wind blew up a great amount of snow, stones, and mud toward the 100+ warriors.

    Because of the strong wind, the speed of the arrows slowed rapidly. In the end, the arrows were blown back to where they came from.

    Some arrows that were farther away weren't affected by the wind.


    A hurricane howled, blowing up the sand and rocks. The silent warriors who were initially very confident were shocked. As the hurricane raged on, the warriors could no longer see ahead. Some warriors were even taken up by the wind. Many of them quickly performed the Thousand Jin Plunge, but even after performing this technique, they still couldn't stand firmly.

    "Where did this weird wind come from?" Many warriors were panicking

    "Separate yourselves!" the leader shouted. "Go behind the hill."

    The 100+ warriors immediately dashed towards the hill. After all, this hurricane definitely couldn't blow a hill away.

    But then, the strange wind suddenly vanished.

    "Eh?" Perceiving the disappearance of the hurricane, the silver-armored warriors who had already dashed to the side of the hill all turned and looked back confusedly.

    The Six Legged Bladelike Chi could be seen floating right before the caravan. With its two pairs of wings, it had stirred up the terrifying hurricane that had blown away the arrows. The four limbs and two legs of the Six Legged Bladelike Chi flashed a cold glint, and its blood red eyes struck fear into the hearts.

    "It's the Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast, Bladelike Chi!" The leader's face instantly turned pale white. "Run!!!"

    "It's too late," Teng Shou, who stood in the caravan, said as he smiled coldly.

    "Roar~~" As the blood red eyes of the Six Legged Bladelike Chi flashed, the spikes on one of its bladelike limbs flew out and hovered right before its body. The total of 100 spikes was arranged into ten per row, and there were a total of ten rows. Soon-


    The 100 spikes instantly pierced through the air.

    The speed of the spikes was so astonishingly fast that none could dodge. Puchi! Puchi!

    The spikes instantly penetrated the armor of the warriors. Against these spikes, their suits of battle armor were just like papers.

    Plop! As the warriors collapsed, blood flowed out of their wounds.

    However, the spikes of the Six Legged Bladelike Chi could only attack one area at a time. The Bladelike Chi could only control all 100 spikes and fire all of them towards one spot. It couldn't control each individual spike. Therefore, this attack was most effective against troops that were crowded together.

    If the troop had scattered about the area, the Bladelike Chi could only kill 10-20 people with the 100 spikes.

    And this time, when the Six Legged Bladelike Chi shot its spikes, it took the lives of 18 people.

    Whew! However, the 100 spikes assembled again and repeated the same action. At this moment, the group of warriors was like the target board for the darts.

    "How could there be Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast?"

    "How did this happen?"

    Many warriors who had been silent began emitting deep, angry roars.

    "Someone must have informed them!"

    "Who betrayed us!?" every silver-armored warrior shouted furiously.

    "Attack!""Attack!" The group of silver-armored warriors became crazy. They roared furiously as they spread out. They then stormed towards the caravan of people. Simultaneously, the survived silver armored warriors pulled back the bowstrings and arrows. This was a troop with almost 2000 people, meaning that the arrows would attack a huge area.

    Whew! Whew! Whew!

    While the Six Legged Bladelike Chi slaughtered the warriors, arrows were fired toward the caravan. Because the arrows covered a very huge range, the Six Legged Bladelike Chi wasn't able to block a lot of them.

    Puchi! Puchi!

    The Six Legged Bladelike Chi smashed the warriors twice with its 100 spikes. And so, only a dozen men that survived were still running.

    "Who betrayed us?!"


    While the group of warriors was screaming, the leader took out a round ball from his bosom and threw it towards the caravan.

    "Hold your breath." The loud roar sounded sounded in the caravan and yellow mist pervaded the area.

    Within less than a second, the Six Legged Bladelike Chi blurred and immediately killed the dozen people. From the beginning until the end, the group of strong warriors had never been able to fight a close combat fight with the caravan of people, because the Six Legged Bladelike Chi was too fast... Moreover, the Six Legged Bladelike Chi's group attack was astonishingly skillful.

    The caravan of people soon calmed down.

    Teng Shou frowned and asked, "How are you all?" The leader of the caravan showed a hint of anger as he said respectfully, "That group of warriors is too ruthless. The poison on their arrows kills immediately. In our caravan, two guards, one merchant, and two young Internal Martial Arts cultivators were killed."

    Teng Shou's facial expression changed.

    "In addition, they dipped their blades and swords in poison as well." The leader of the caravan gnashed his teeth as he spoke. "If it wasn't for you and the Six Legged Bladelike Chi, they would've been able to kill everyone in this caravan."

    "When we tried to capture the wounded ones alive, three guards were killed," the leader of the caravan explained as he suppressed his rage. "After that, all the wounded warriors committed suicide."

    Teng Shou's facial expression became worse.

    "Investigate. Find their identity through their faces and other characteristics," Teng Shou said in a deep tone. "There are 100 people, and the weaker of these 100 are Second Rated Warriors. I just don't believe we can't find any information. Find information through their blades, swords, and armor as well."
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