Chapter 562: The Honorable One of Emperor Yus Hall

    Chapter 562: The Honorable One of Emperor Yu's Hall

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    "Go farther away," the Emptiness Realm Expert Yu Feng hastily told the elite disciples of Emperor Yu's Hall.

    Although the elite disciples were confused and wondering why the Martial Ancestor would still fight after he had been defeated, they still listened and quickly sprinted far away. The disciples wouldn't be able to handle the spreading auras created during a fight between Emptiness Realm Experts or a fight between an Emptiness Realm Expert and an Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert.

    Teng Qingshan and Huang Tianqin stood before the Sacred Palace. One was the strongest Emptiness Realm Culmination Expert, while the other had just reached the Insightful Emptiness Realm. Both of them were ready to fight.

    The two Emptiness Realm Experts, Yu Feng and Liu Xia, stood on the stairs of the Sacred Palace, preventing the spreading auras produced by the fight from damaging the Sacred Palace.

    "How dare an Emptiness Realm Expert fight against an Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert. He's really courting death," Liu Xia commented. He had the utmost confidence in his martial uncle.

    "Let's see how he will embarrass himself," Yu Feng said with a relaxed tone.

    If one thought logically, one would predict that the winner of the fight between an Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert and an Emptiness Realm Expert would be the Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert!


    Teng Qingshan's eyes suddenly brightened and displayed an explosive force. His body gradually blurred and he then disappeared, leaving only a dispersing afterimage. He held his Reincarnation Spear and dashed toward the Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert with the utmost power. As soon as he was beside Huang Tianqin, he stabbed fiercely.

    When he thrust his longspear forward, a whirlwind appeared out of nowhere.

    "You overestimate yourself," Huang Tianqin said with a smile. He confidently waved the purple and black blade in his hands. As he moved his blade, an arched light was seen. Instantly, the blade struck Teng Qingshan's longspear and suddenly changed its trajectory. Huang Tianqin actually tried to cut off Teng Qingshan's left hand, the hand that was holding the longspear.

    "Different indeed."

    Teng Qingshan's eyes brightened as he backed away rapidly. His technique then changed from the 'Pursuing Shadows' to the 'Transmutation Unity Qi.'

    It was as though a huge millstone had appeared out of nowhere. It was as heavy as the earth.

    Clang! Teng Qingshan blocked Huang Tianqin's blade.

    At this moment, Teng Qingshan had already gone several Zhang backward, while Huang Tianqin still remained at the same spot.

    It was obvious who the stronger one was!


    "Awesome." Yu Feng and Liu Xia, who were watching the fight from the side, showed a sense of joy. "Teng Qingshan is too arrogant. It's time to let him know that there are stronger people than him." Liu Xia smiled as he shot a glance at Teng Qingshan.

    Teng Qingshan retreated and laughed out loud. "Great skills! As expected of an Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert..."

    "You have good spear skills as well." Huang Tianqin smiled and said, "However, you will lose today." With this, Huang Tianqin turned and approached Teng Qingshan. Huang Tianqin's body art became even weirder and more profound.


    Teng Qingshan went up again!

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Everyone saw Teng Qingshan being forced backward repeatedly and rushing forward to fight the Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert Huang Tianqin again. Everyone could tell that Teng Qingshan was at a disadvantage.

    "I have just reached the Insightful Emptiness Realm, so my body has not become strong enough. My ability has only improved slightly. It's just a pity. With the time of one or two years, I will be able to improve my physical quality. By that time, I will be able to attack crazily without caring about the rebounding force. I might even be able to kill Teng Qingshan.

    "And now, I can defeat him. But I can't kill him!" Huang Tianqin thought and sighed to himself.


    Insightful Emptiness Realm Experts had to improve gradually. When an Emptiness Realm Culmination Expert attained the Insightful Emptiness Realm, he would only improve slightly. However, even though it wasn't a big improvement, the Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert would still be able to kill an Emptiness Realm Culmination Expert.


    A great amount of force burst forth, sending Teng Qingshan back again.

    "Teng Qingshan, just admit your defeat." Huang Tianqin's voice resonated in the mountains and forest.

    "Teng Qingshan, why aren't you surrendering?" Liu Xia, who stood afar, also shouted out loud.


    Suddenly, Huang Tianqin noticed a smile on Teng Qingshan's face.

    "I see! I see!" Teng Qingshan felt exhilarated. "Now I understand how an Emptiness Realm Culmination Expert achieves a breakthrough and reaches the Insightful Emptiness Realm. I understand now! The perfect cycle and balance. The five elements are like a circle that starts and ends and repeat itself. It's perfectly round and gentle."

    Teng Qingshan wasn't a masochist.

    He went up repeatedly against Huang Tianqin because he wanted to experience the peculiarity of an Insightful Emptiness Realm Expert!

    "Fortunate indeed.

    "I am so lucky. The best thing that happened in Emperor Yu's Hall today is this fight with Huang Tianqin." Teng Qingshan was filled with excitement. "Huang Tianqin has just reached the Insightful Emptiness Realm. His cultivation level is only slightly higher than mine. Therefore, I am able to experience his cultivation state through the repeated exchange of moves.

    "If his cultivation level was much higher than mine, I wouldn't be able to understand his cultivation realm," Teng Qingshan thought to himself.

    For instance, if a kid who had just learned to count from one to ten learned to count from eleven to twenty, he would be able to learn it easily.

    However, if he was taught extremely complicated formulas, he wouldn't be able to understand.

    It was the same principle. If Pei San fought against Teng Qingshan, Teng Qingshan wouldn't be able to understand Pei San's cultivation realm even if he didn't suffer any injuries from the fight.

    However, Huang Tianqin had just reached the Insightful Emptiness Realm. His cultivation level was just slightly higher than that of Teng Qingshan.

    If Teng Qingshan pondered the experience and sensation, he could definitely know more about the Insightful Emptiness Realm.

    "Haha, more! Are you scared?" Teng Qingshan guffawed. He held the Reincarnation Spear and dashed forward again.


    Huang Tianqin cursed. He tried to perform his strongest blade art and tried every means to defeat Teng Qingshan. However, he didn't expect Teng Qingshan to be even more excited.

    "This is the Insightful Emptiness Realm... When I go back, I must go into closed-door cultivation. I am sure that I am not far from attaining the Insightful Emptiness Realm!" Teng Qingshan was very excited. He was indeed close to reaching the Insightful Emptiness Realm. After all, he was able to demonstrate the Five Elemental Dao through the use of fist arts. This was already amazing.

    He then created the Five Elemental Toxic Dragon Drill. Actually, Teng Qingshan was only one step away from attaining the Insightful Emptiness Realm. However, he has been very confused and just didn't know how to achieve a breakthrough.

    And now, the fight with Huang Tianqin was acting as his guide. It was teaching Teng Qingshan the direction and ways to reach the Insightful Emptiness Realm. Knowing this, Teng Qingshan was naturally very excited.

    "I must go into closed-door cultivation," Teng Qingshan thought to himself. He even wished that he could start his closed-door right at this moment.

    Enraged by the current situation, Huang Tianqin's face darkened.

    He had never seen an Emptiness Realm Expert who was this shameless. The situation was obvious. Huang Tianqin had the power to push Teng Qingshan back, but because Teng Qingshan could withstand the rebounding force, he wasn't affected at all. He was only pushed back repeatedly. This meant that no matter how many times Huang Tianqin hit, he would never be able to kill Teng Qingshan. This would just be a waste of time.

    "Teng Qingshan, you are not worthy of being my opponent. Why are you still acting so unreasonably?" Huang Tianqin scolded furiously.


    Teng Qingshan laughed and said, "Huang Tianqin, I am not worthy? Then, take this strike!" As soon as Teng Qingshan said that, he focused entirely on the Reincarnation Spear.

    "Eh?" Huang Tianqin's facial expression changed slightly.

    It was as though the surroundings had turned into a turbulent ocean. The waters of the vast sea raged on. In the center of the ocean, the long spear was the only remaining thing. The longspear brought forth a vigorous force in the ocean. The terrifying force was so powerful that it could tear the heavens and earth apart. And now this force was heading towards Huang Tianqin.

    "Hmph." Huang Tianqin humphed angrily and gripped his blade tightly.

    The clash of the blade and spear!

    Bang! A drumroll sounded.

    Huang Tianqin was thrown off into the air and landed on a palace that was already damaged. He spat out a mouthful of blood. Rumble~~ The entire palace collapsed and dust flew in all directions.

    Bang! Teng Qingshan was also thrown into the air, hitting a rock nearby. The rock exploded, but Teng Qingshan stood up as though nothing had happened.


    Immediately, the members of Emperor Yu's Hall in the Blind Bear Mountain Range stopped laughing confidently. The current situation seemed to have taken their breaths away. All of them stared in disbelief and none of them spoke.

    Teng Qingshan and Huang Tianqin were both sent flying back!?

    However, Huang Tianqin spat blood out, while Teng Qingshan stood up without any injuries.


    A furious roar sounded. Huang Tianqin stood up from the ruins of the palace and glared at Teng Qingshan. "What happened just now? Teng Qingshan, tell me! What happened? You have only reached the Emptiness Realm Culmination. It is impossible for you to defeat me! Impossible!" Huang Tianqin couldn't believe what had just happened.

    "It just happened right before your eyes, yet you won't believe it? Why? Should we try again?" Teng Qingshan sneered coldly as he stared at Huang Tianqin.

    "No.. This shouldn't happen." Huang Tianqin continued shaking his head.

    He had just reached the Insightful Emptiness Realm. He hadn't strengthened his body. Therefore, he could only display 130% of the Power of the Heavens and Earth.

    The Five Elemental Toxic Dragon Drill exerted a force equivalent to 130% of the Power of the Heavens and Earth.

    The rebounding force was bearable for Teng Qingshan. However, the force had injured Huang Tianqin.


    Teng Qingshan scanned his surroundings. At this moment, Liu Xia and Yu Feng couldn't believe what they had just seen. Their faces revealed the utmost astonishment they had experienced. Teng Qingshan then stared at the Sacred Palace and said, "Because of my trip here, I was able to learn the way to step into the Insightful Emptiness Realm. This is my greatest gain. However, I must figure out the identity of the Honorable One!"

    "Little Blue," Teng Qingshan shouted.


    The Undying Phoenix rocketed down from mid-air and descended right beside Teng Qingshan. A smile appeared on Teng Qingshan's face as he thought to himself, "If the Honorable One is really too powerful, I will just flee rapidly on the back of the Undying Phoenix."

    "I heard Huang Tianqin call you the Honorable One!

    "I wonder if you will reveal yourself to me?" Teng Qingshan said as he stared at the Sacred Palace. He laughed and said, "Otherwise, I will destroy this Sacred Palace. Those three can't stop me now." Teng Qingshan shot a glance at Huang Tianqin and the other two. Huang Tianqin was so angry that his body trembled continuously.

    He just needed some more time. Even if he didn't achieve a high cultivation level, he would be able to defeat Teng Qingshan if he had a body that was strong enough!

    "Young man, it seems like you really want to meet me." A deep-sounding voice resonated in the entire forest. "Then come into the Sacred Palace."

    Teng Qingshan held his Reincarnation Spear and flew into the Sacred Palace with the Undying Phoenix.
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