Chapter 12: Millennium Chronicle

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    The Nine Cauldrons Chapter 12. Millennium Chronicle

    There were residential villas next to West Lake in Yang Zhou City. Each villa almost five hundred square meters or more and their minimum of price was at least in millions.

    In the centre of the residential villas, there was a Mansion which was the largest villa in the whole complex, just next to the Gonreng lake. The palace not only had the most beautiful scenery but also had the most expensive price. This villa was the chairman of the Ming Shan Group 'Li Shan' home.

    There was an open-air pool on the third floor of this villa.

    Li Shan was lying comfortably in the open-air pool, watching the sky and shining stars.

    Just like usual, when ever Li Shan was in a deep thought, he went to take a dip in the pool. More comfortable the body was, more quickly the head thought.

    "This order costed ten million, we have to find a way to grab this one."

    Li Shan pursued his brow.

    "Oh?" Li Shan suddenly felt a gust of the wind blowing out of the water that made him feel slightly cold. He glanced in the direction of the wind, suddenly the look of his face changed.

    He just saw a man wearing black trousers, blue T-shirt stood on the terrace. It was Teng Qing Shan.

    "Who are you? Why do you come here?" Li Shan said calmly. Meanwhile he directly went out from the pool, took the bath towel and winded around the waist.

    Teng Qing Shan looked Li Shan and evaluated him. Li Shan was a forty years middle-aged man: "it is hard to understand Li Shan, I'm afraid, it is difficult to see through him." Before Teng Qing Shan Came here, he surveyed the information through 'Elena'.

    This year, Li Shan was forty-three.

    When Li Shan was young, he was a member of a thief gang, he later became the big brother of this thief gang. With the stolen money, he started his business. Because everybody trusted him even in the underworld, plus there was a large number of underlying following him, so his funds grew quickly.

    Li Ming Shan Hill Group had nearly a billion dollars in twenty years.

    "I advise you not to take the gun hidden in the towel," Teng Qing Shan said coldly.

    Lin Shan's face changed. He quickly pulled out a pistol from the bath towel. In his business, he did not know how many people he bereaved, made them suicide and hold grudges against him.

    The pistol was usually by his side.

    Li Shan just pull out the pistol, incontinently Teng Qing Shan was in front of him although two of them was far ten meters away before.

    "You." Li Shan was scared by the speed of Teng Qing Shan. The pistol in his hand now was in Teng Qing Shan's hand.

    Li Shan just heard the sound of his pistol's components impacting each other, the gun in his hand was disassembled into many parts. Teng Qing Shan smiled, he took those parts and immediately they were broken to bits and he threw them away.

    Li Shan was so scared that his heartbeat became fast, but he focused himself to calm down, also with a friendly smile: "Brother, you are a strong master, you can come to the third floor of this villa without leaving a noise behind. I admire and respect you!" The opponent could go to the third floor without the disturbance of the bodyguards and monitoring system. What would that mean?

    "Now, I want to ask you a few question." Teng Qing Shan's expression did not change anything. These were just little tricks to protect the rich which basically didn't have any effect on him. He lived and fought in the dark world for a long time, was there any kind of defense that he had not seen yet?

    "Brother, please say," Li Shan said.

    Teng Qing Shan looked at Li Shan and said: "Tell me why do you want to kill Qin Hong?"

    "Kill Qin Hong?" Li Shan was very shocked. There were very few people that knew this thing, but Qin Hong was a member of the state special sector, he did not dare to hype this thing.

    "Brother, where do you hear these rumors from? It utterly belittles me!" Li Shan said. "Though I'm not a real businessman, causing loss of lives, I have done when I was young. However, killing Qin Hong, even in my ten lives, I can not do this."


    Hearing the wind shrieked, Li Shan felt a sharp pain around his ear and his left cheek.

    Teng Qing Shan slapped Li Shan's face that made Li Shan fall down and the towels came off too. Li Shan was extremely pathetic, just wearing only his underwear.

    "Brother, how can you..." Li Shan had some exasperation, he looked up to Teng Qing Shan, but the thing that met him was Teng Qing Shan's cold eyes and a calm voice: "In front of me, it would be better not to act smart. If you continued to lie like that, next year on the same day would be your memorial."

    Li Shan trembled with fear.

    He Li Shan also took part in the gangland, saw the murderers, ruthless people, there was many. But Li Shan felt that ..... those vicious murderers just was a pet clawed compared to Teng Qing Shan.

    He lowered his head and saw the gun barrel was distorted. He looked up to Teng Qing Shan, said: "Brother, I and Qin Hong have no hostility. Right, this time I asked a person to kill Qin Hong but I also was entrusted."

    Teng Qing Shan pursued his brow.

    "Who?" Teng Qing Shan asked.

    Li Shan hesitatingly looked at Teng Qing Shan. Teng Qing Shan's look suddenly became really sharp.

    Li Shan scared suddenly said:" It is Shen Yang Ming! Northeastern Shen Yang Ming."

    "Shen Yang Min of Two Northeastern Tigers?" Teng Qing Shan knitted his eyebrows. He never thought about Shen Yang Min.

    In the underworld, Northeastern was also a powerful independent killers group.

    One of them named 'Wang' and the other named 'Shen Yang Min'. These two killers were all at A Class. 'Two Northeastern Tigers's fame was not too little but because one year ago, the so-called Wang was dead. This killers group, of course, disbanded.

    Among killers, some of them belonged to different organizations but there were also independent killers as well.

    "Northeastern Tigers" belonged to the latter type of killers. Because of the passion, they chose this job.

    "That's right, you know Shen Yang Min?" Li Shan reluctantly smiled, "If you know him, then you should understand my difficulties. In the underworld, his name 'Shen Yang Min' represented authority! Even can't dare to provoke him. This time, he asked me to kill Qin Hong."

    Teng Qing Shan's look was like a sharp knife, quietly judged Li Shan.

    "Shen Yang Min, huh." Teng Qing Shan's look was really cold.

    Li Shan was surprised when hearing that. The mysterious man probably did not put Shen Ying Man's image into his eyes.

    "What a pity! Because you sent people out to kill Qin Hong so I have to chastise you!" Teng Qing Shan's voice did not change.

    "Wait a minute." Li Shan said terribly. He was an experienced veteran of the underworld so he could easily guess what Teng Qing Shan meant, "Don't kill me, killing me is not what you need. If you don't kill me, I can give you many things you need, even giving you all of Ming Shan group."

    Li Shan knew, walking along the river couldn't help making his shoes wet, thus, he had saved a massive amount of money in the bank until he needed that money to escape. Despite giving Ming Shan group to the opponent, he could still be a wealthy man."

    "Money, I do not care." Teng Qing Shan coldly said.

    Li Shan thought really quickly in his mind.

    The opponent didn't care about money, what should I do?

    "Ah, I have a secret Skill!" Li Shan's eyes brightened, shouted, "I know you are very powerful. Although I practiced, the Internal Arts but my ability could not help me become a master. But .. I have a secret skill which can help you practice to be an expert."

    Teng Qing Shan couldn't stand laughing:" Secret skill? Become an expert? You have seen a lot of swashbuckling films ."

    Teng Qing Shan had entered the higher realm, also practiced 'Tiger Shaped Magical Arts', he could be called the strongest master of the Earth. Could any other skill attract him?

    "No, this is a special skill" Li Shan hurriedly said, "When I was young, I was a disciple of a little sect called 'Thief Door', it exactly meant robbing. However, this sect was too bad, among people practicing this sect, none of them have practiced the interior strength.

    Teng Qing Shan dumbfounded.

    'Thief Door'?

    None of the people practicing this sect had interior strength?

    "But 'Thief Door' sect had a long time history. In history, there were masters in the higher realm." Li Shan hurriedly said. He understands that to deal with this super master, perhaps only a Martial skill can save him. "This skill is with our clan for more than two thousand years at the period of the Republic of China, it is written by a super master."

    Teng Qing Shan knitted his eyebrows, he became a little curious.

    "Where is that skill?" Teng Qing Shan said.

    "In the reading room, on the third floor of my house." Li Shan took a

    deep breath and said, "Follow me."

    "I suggest you dot think about escaping, whether there are guards or not, it is not a problem for me." Teng Qing Shan said.

    Li Shan reminded himself of the distorted barrel:" No, of course not, please follow me."

    Teng Qing Shan followed Li Shan to a reading room on the third floor. Li Shan's reading room was really wide, there was a bookshelf taking a place of half of the wall. Li Shan went next to the shelf, pressed a button on it.

    At that time, the shelf became as a door, showing a vault made out of strong steel.

    "Hiding the skill in a vault." Teng Qing Shan laughed softly.

    Li Shan laughed: "After all, it was also a treasure of our 'Thief Door'." Then, he opened the vault, taken from inside a classic book.

    "Look." Li Shan handed the book to Teng Qing Shan.

    Teng Qing Shan took a look. There were words on this classic book - "Millennium Chronicle", in the corner there were two words - Liu Yan.
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