chapter 5: A one hundred and twenty Jin Wolf Fang Mace

    Book 2 chapter 5 - A one hundred and twenty Jin Wolf Fang Mace

    Teng Yongfan warmed up alongside Teng Yongxiang and Teng Yonglei.

    "These three men from our Teng Jia Village.... Elder Uncle Teng Yongxiang is the spear master of our village and his strength is among the strongest. Second Uncle Teng Yonglei is the leader of the Hunter Squad, and his strength is also very high. Although I rarely see my father in a fight, he should also be a master." In his mind, Teng Qingshan analysed the men who were preparing to fight.

    The fact that even a remote mountain village had this many mastered was a testament to the strength and ferocity to the people in this era. By this alone, one could imagine how many powerful men existed in this world.

    "The fight is finally about to begin." Teng Qinghu, who was standing next to Teng Qingshan, was so excited that his eyes lit up.

    "The first round shall commence!"

    The silver-haired old man walking with a crutch looked around the crowd and shouted with a clear voice, "Teng Yonglei from Teng Jia village, and Li Wutian from Li Jia village, please enter into the battle ring."

    "Do your best, Lei." Father Teng Yongfan patted the shoulder of Teng Yonglei.

    "Be careful of Li Wutian's legs," Teng Yongxiang advised him.

    "Watch me as I fight against Li Wutian!"

    Teng Yonglei smiled confidently, and walked into the battle ring, taking big strides. Li Wutian also spoke several words to his fellow villagers before walking confidently and unarmed into the ring five feet in diameter. After he talked with his fellow villagers, he entered into ring unarmed. When Teng Yonglei pulled off his gown and threw it outside the ring, his firm, muscular upper body was immediately revealed.

    Li Wutian did the same, tossing his gown away before exposing his strong body.

    "Teng Yonglei, you have no chance of winning today. The earlier you give up, the less you will suffer." The skin of Li Wutian was tanned, and his body seemed sturdy.

    "After this fight, you'll be bedridden for half a year," said Teng Yonglei as he rolled his eyes.

    Before the two men of both villages even started fighting, they were already at each other's throats.

    "Both participants," The silver-haired old man leaning on his crutch glanced at them, before shouting, "Begin!"

    "Please!" Li Wutian cupped his hands.

    "Please!" Teng Yonglei proceeded to do the same.

    (TL: "please" in this case is similar to "Ready." When both sides say this, it indicates that the fighters are ready)

    In the blink of an eye, thousands of people gathered around the ring, staring at the two competitors. This fight not only related to irrigation rights but also to the clan's honor. Everyone looked forward to the fight and hoped that their own clan would win.

    Teng Yonglei moved one hand upward to protect his lower jaw and the other hand  his waist before cautiously circling around the ring.

    Li Wutian held both of his hands up near his chest, and with his left leg raised a bit, he seemed ready to kick his opponent at any moment.

    Suddenly, the whole place became silent for a while.

    Teng Qingshan was watching intently. "Uncle Teng Yonglei uses the strength in his hands, but Li Wutian uses his legs more dominantly than his hands, which he uses solely to protect his vital parts." Li Wutian followed the saying, 'guarding the door with your hands and kicking your opponent with your legs.' Teng Qingshan, however, could not be more different. He used mostly his fists with his martial arts."

    Both Teng Yonglei and Li Wutian cautiously observed each other.

    "Chi!" Li Wutian suddenly advanced and kicked at Teng Yonglei's jaw with his left leg.

    "Hu!" A strong wind swept past Teng Yonglei's face, forcing him to hastily retreat.

    Just when Li Wutian finished kicking Teng Yonglei with his left leg, he instantly followed with his right. Like a serpent, Teng Yonglei's stared at his opponent's leg before his right fist suddenly shot out like lighting and directly smashed against his opponent's foot. "Bang!" Li Wutian's leg was immediately bashed downwards, causing him to lose his balance.

    "He!" Teng Yonglei gave off a loud shout and took advantage of the opponent's split second delay to execute a whirlwind kick.

    "Hu!" Like a guillotine, his left leg swept towards Li Wutian.

    With no time to retreat, Li Wutian leaned his body to dodge the incoming kick by pressing his right hand on the ground to do a somersault while sweeping his leg upwards.

    Teng Yonglei quickly jumped backward and successfully avoided the attack.

    Only a moment after the jump, Teng Yonglei suddenly leapt forward and pressured the Li Wutian, who had yet to get up from the ground, raining fierce fists down on him like artillery shells.

    "Bang, bang" After Li Wutian, who was pressured on the ground, received two hits, the sounds of bones breaking and blood spattering could be heard. Li Wutian roared like a beast before straightening his back and maliciously kneeing Teng Yonglei. His powerful thigh muscles immediately sent Teng Yonglei flying.

    "Go die!"

    With his face covered by blood, Li Wutian roared and continuously use both of his legs to send attacks that seemed to transform into mirages against Teng Yonglei, who was still recovering from being hit by Li Wutian's knee.


    Using both of his hands, Teng Yonglei blocked Li Wutian's legs one after another.

    "Ah!" With a fierce scream, Li Wutian suddenly advanced and ferociously sweep kicked with both of his legs, instantly forcing Teng Yongeli to retreat.

    "You cannot retreat anymore!" Someone from Teng Jia Village shouted.

    Teng Yonglei was caught by surprise.

    Only now did he realize that he had already reached the edge of the ring. Another step and he would be disqualified.

    "Ha!" Exactly at this time, Li Wutian leaped  and he kicked Teng Yonglei rapidly.

    His attack was impossible to evade.

    "Bang!" When Li Wutian's leg smashed against Teng Yonglei's chest, blood spattered from his mouth and his whole body was about to fly away.

    At just the right moment, however....

    "Come here!" With a maddening roar, Teng Yonglei stretched out his hands and grabbed his opponent's legs. With a fierce swing, he threw Li Wutian almost twenty feet into the air. With a loud bang, he fell heavily to the ground, forming a huge dust cloud.

    At the same time, Teng Yonglei also fell facedown onto the ground while clutching his chest.



    Suddenly, many people from Teng Jia Village rushed towards him.

    "Brother Tian!"



    On the other side, people from Li Jia village rushed forward and lifted up Li Wutian.

    "Father, is Uncle okay?"Teng Qingshan asks his father.

    Teng Yongfan patted the head of Teng Qingshan while saying, "Don't worry, his chest received just a kick, and he'll probably only need to cultivate for two month. It's not a big problem."

    Teng Qingshan breathed a sigh of relief.

    Teng Qingshan was very familiar with Teng Yonglei; after all he was the leader of the Hunter Squad and would often send wild game to him. During this time, he familiarized himself with Teng Qingshan.

    "The first match has finished. Because Teng Yonglei and Li Wutian both left the ring at the same time, it ended with a draw." The silver-haired old man leaning against the crutch announced in a loud voice.

    Both villages' onlookers immediately felt the tension.

    Nobody could imagine this kind of outcome in the first round.

    "Dad, be careful." Teng Qingshan couldn't help but see that during this fight, deaths could likely occur.

    "Don't worry my son, pay attention to how your father will take care of that guy." Teng Yongfan smiled.

    "Brother Fan, don't get careless." Yuan Lan looked at her husband through eyes filled with worry.

    Teng Yongfan nodded and greeted the people around him.

    "Teng village's 'Teng Yongfan', Li Jia Village's Li Liang". Both fighters please enter into the ring."

    "Fan, please thrash Li Liang for me." Teng Yong Xiang said.

    Teng Yongfan entered the fighting ring.

    "Haha, Teng Yongfan, I was looking forward to fighting with you for a long time, but you always holed yourself and forge iron in your village. I will let you see our Li Jia family's iron fist." The big bearded Li Liang burst out laughing and suddenly threw away his gown, before stepping into the ring. Li Liang's body hair was very thick and his dark chest hair was especially dense.

    "Good, let me see your iron fist." Teng Yongfan smiled as he threw away his gown as well, revealing his developed strong boy. Teng Yongfan's shoulders and back muscles were extremely well defined, as if it was hiding a pair of wings below. His thick arms could be compared to a youth's thighs.

    Teng Qingshan's eye lit up "Although father rarely fights, his arms have reached a extremely frightening proportions after many years of blacksmithing."

    Teng Qingshan was very confident towards his father.

    However, it a duel, in addition to strength one also needed to rely on tactics.

    "Both fighters, Begin." The silver-haired old man announced.

    "Please!" "Please!"

    Father Teng Yongfan and Li Liang made a cupping motion with their hands before backing away and observing each other.

    "Li Liang, did you said that you wanted to show me your iron fist?" Teng Yongfan laughed and stepped extremely domineeringly.

    "Humph" Li Liang sneered, before closing in like lighting. The moment Teng Yongfan noticed, two fists were already approaching and the right fist was mercilessly shooting towards his shoulder.

    "haha..." Teng Yongfan casually waved his left hand and deflected Li Liang's fist to the side before following with a straight punch.

    Already prepared for this attack, Li Liang used his left hand to block.

    "Bang!" A dull sound resembling a drum could be heard.

    When Teng Yongfan's fist smashed against Li Liang's left hand, it didn't lose any of its momentum and landed on Li Liang's chest.

    "Crack!" With a crunching noise, Li Liang felt a severe pain on his check and directly flew out of the ring.

    Immediate silence!

    Nobody could have ever imagined that Li jia Village's martial art master Li Liang would be sent flying after only one blow was exchanged. The difference in their strength was too great.

    "Brother Fan , well done!"

    "Brother Fan!"

    Everyone from Teng Jia Village started to cheer excitedly.

    "Li Liang!"


    Only now, Li Jia Village's crowd realised what had happened and rushed towards him.

    "Don't worry." Teng Yongfan said "I retracted 30 percent of my strength from last last strike. Li Liang won't die." Afterwards, he smiled and walked towards his family.Picking up Teng Qingshan, he said in a spoiled tone, "Son, how was your father?"

    "Powerful!" Teng Qingshan smiled and gave a thumb up.

    When seeing a child giving a big thumb up, the people from Teng Jia Village burst out in laughter. It was obvious that the style in which Teng Yongfan secured a victory was too overwhelming, which enhanced the Teng Jia Village's mood.

    Many people from Li Jia village were dumbfounded at Teng Yongfan's strength. Their master could lift up a seven hundred Jin boulder, but his arm strength couldn't even block Teng Yongfan's fist. Just how strong was Teng Yongfan?

    "He is worthy of being Teng Jia Village's next chief. That kid Yongfan is not bad." Lia Jia Village's patriarch Li Houjun laughed while watching.

    "Haha." Teng Yunkong laughed, full of pride.

    Teng Yongfan was his son-in-law and his favorite disciple, so naturally he would be proud.

    "Jinfu, get ready." A trace of pride could be seen on Li Huojun's face. The third fighter from Li Jia Village was a man named Li Jinfu.

    "Yes Grandpa."

    A powerful noise echoed.

    Teng Qingshan, along with all the people from his village, turned to look with astonishment at an eight feet tall youth with a sturdy body. His eyes had an intense stare and his hairs were like spikes piercing into the sky.  Wrapped in simple beast fur, he looked like a savage that just came out of the mountains.

    Furthermore, he carried a Wolf Fang Mace that was covered with spikes on his shoulder.

    "Humph." The strong and beast-like youth casually wielded his mace a few times, letting people think that his Wolf Fang Mace was probably made of wood, before he threw the mace on the ground. "Bang!" The sound was so deafening that everyone could only imagine the weight of the mace.

    "This Wolf Fang Mace is made of iron? How much does it weigh?" Teng Yunlong stared at Li Huojun in shock.

    "Not that much, my Grandson's Wolf Fang Mace weighs about one hundred and twenty Jin!" Li Huojun casually replied, but pride was written all over his face.

    All of the people from Teng Jia Village were utterly shocked. In order to use a one hundred and twenty Jin weapon without much effort, one had to have extremely terrifying strength in both arms. One strong man could defeat ten martial artists with this terrible strength alone, so the sight of the mace already made the crowd from Teng Jia Village feel nervous.
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