Chapter 14: Crazy Wolf Pack

    Book 2 Chapter 14: Crazy Wolf Pack

    Swoosh! Suddenly, an arrow was shot from afar towards Teng Qingshan's right hand. Teng Qingshan's perception was very clear, and he quickly drew his hand back. He then turned and looked towards the direction of the arrow. Teng Yonglei and the people around him were furious. Teng Yonglei shouted in a clear loud voice: "Who's this f*cking coward? How dare you stab us in the back!"

    "Bullsh*t!" A loud angry roar responded as dozens of people jumped out from the forest. They were also wearing animal hide, and the leader was a brawny man about eight Chi tall with loose hairs.

    TLN: Eight Chi = 2.4 meters high

    "Oh, so it's you Wang Datou* of Wang Jia village, huh? You saw that we caught the ferret and you want to rob it?" Teng Yonglei sneered as he spoke. All the men of the Teng Jia Village began to laugh one by one. Teng Qinghu even laughed loudly and said, "Eldest Uncle, this group of people only dares to attack us from behind. Who do they think they are, starting a fight with us!"

    TLN: Wang Datou means Wang Big Head. It is probably a nickname.

    "Shut up!" The leader of the Wang Jia village with loose hairs shouted. A thin man beside him, dressed in animal hide, yelled angrily, "This ferret was found by us first. We spent more than 2 hours forcing it to come out of its lair, and while it was in a panic, you guys were lucky and took the chance to catch it."

    Teng Qingshan looked at them silently.

    Maybe these people from Wang Jia Village were telling the truth, and maybe they really had found the ferret first. But the ferret really was too fast and nimble, so catching it was too difficult. The people of Wang Jia Village didn't catch the ferret, and coincidentally gave the people of Teng Jia Village the chance to catch this ferret.

    "That's because of your incapability!" Teng Yonglei stepped forward with sharp eyes and shouted, "The speed of the ferret is so fast that, if we hadn't caught it in time, it would've already run out of reach."

    "But we were the ones who forced the ferret out of it's lair!" The unkempt huge dude glared at Teng Yonglei and said, "Lei Zi, you guys can't swallow this ferret by yourselves."

    TLN: Teng Yong Lei = Lei Zi. Something like a nickname.

    "Wang Datou! Wang Chongpeng! You better listen to me carefully!" Teng Yonglei shouted in a adamant tone. "Whether or not you guys really did force the ferret from its lair, I'm too lazy to know if that's true or not. I only know one thing. We saw this ferret in our mountain, and our people caught this ferret - so this ferret is ours! You! Don't even think of taking a single hair of this ferret! If you want to fight then come on, we men of Teng Jia Village can deal with you!"

    TLN: Wang Datou is Wang Chongpeng's nickname.

    The men of Teng Jia village stared at the men of the Wang Jia Village, preparing to fight at any time. At this moment, they couldn't yield to them.

    This was the rule of this world!

    What's mine is mine! If you dare to stretch out your hand and take it, I'll chop your hand off! If you dare to risk your life to fight against me, I'll reap your life!

    The disheveled big dude, Wang Chongpeng, scanned the men of the Teng Jia Village and glanced at the ferret in Teng Qingshan's hand. This ferret only had wounds on its legs, while the fur was still undamaged. Such an intact ferret hide was extremely rare and definitely would be worth at least three thousand taels of silver. The price could be a lot higher too, if they could get hold of a good buyer.

    3000 taels of silver!

    It was worth it to risk their lives!

    "Archers, prepare your bows!" Teng Yonglei rang in a clear voice.

    Immediately, the heroes of the Teng Jia Village lifted their bows with their arrows strung, prepared to shoot at anytime.

    "Shoom" All of the archers from Wang Jia Village Hunting Squadron also strung their bows with arrows, ready to shoot at any moment. "F*ck." Wang Chongpeng cast a few glares at the other side and licked his lips. His beast-like eyes swept past Teng Yonglei and the group of people as he sneered coldly, "Teng Yonglei! You ruthless bastard! The environment keeps changing, and so does the situation. I will remember what happened today! Let's go!" Although Wang Chongpeng was feeling bitter, he knew that if they were to fight here and now, they would surely lose. He had no choice but to lead his men and leave.

    Teng Yonglei and his group all laughed.

    They stared at Wang Chongpeng and his squad as they disappeared into the forest. When they saw them disappear into the forest, the men of the Teng Jia Village rejoiced. Teng Yonglei patted Teng Qingshan on the shoulder as he guffawed and said, "Qingshan, you have done a very meritorious act. Your throwing knife skills are really quite good. Haha.... one snow ferret without any wounds on its body and just a little wound on its leg... such an intact ferret hide will be worth more than 4000 taels of silver!" With this, Teng Yong Lei took the ferret from Teng Qing Shan and carefully placed it into the bag on his back.

    "With this ferret, lives in Teng Jia Village will be better!" Someone also said.

    Teng Qinghu hugged Teng Qingshan and chuckled, "Boy! Good job! I've been a hunter for two years, and all the prey that I've hunted cannot compete with your ferret."

    "I was just lucky!" Teng Qingshan also chuckled.

    Just as the group of Teng Jia villagers were rejoicing, the sounds of intense footsteps suddenly came from ahead of them. There were even howls of wolves. "Awhoooo~ Awhooo~" The crazy wolf howls caused the expressions of every Teng Jia villager to change drastically. They weren't afraid of tigers and bears in the mountain. If the group of people worked together, they dared to fight any beast in this mountain.

    However, they were afraid of facing a pack of wolves!

    The crazy wolf pack! The more their numbers, the more frightening the wolf pack was.

    "Archers stand in the center. Everyone else, stand on the perimeter and get ready to fight!" Teng Yonglei's expression became very serious.

    "Teng Yonglei!" A thundering roar came from afar, and the group of Wang Jia Villagers were fleeing towards the Teng Jia villagers. All of the Wang Jia Villagers ran extremely fast, and many of them were stained with blood. There were obviously fewer Wang Jia villagers than before, and behind these people were the running wolves.

    "Bastards!" Teng Yonglei shouted at them angrily.

    "Son of a b*tch!" Many of the Teng Jia villagers cursed. It was obvious that the group of Wang Jia villagers had met the pack of wolves. When they couldn't fight against the wolves, they ran towards the Teng Jia villagers, hoping to drag them down too. As a matter of fact, looking at the situation from the perspective of the Wang Jia villagers, one could not blame them. They could only have hope for survival if they dragged the Teng Jia villagers down with them.

    "Teng Yonglei, don't be angry. We would met this pack of wolves soon after we left this place. Even without us, you guys would've have met this pack!" The unkempt big dude, Wang Chongpeng, hastily said.

    "Stop bullsh*tting us. Hurry up and get ready!" Teng Yonglei thundered.

    Wang Chongpeng immediately turned towards his squad and roared, "Prepare yourselves to fight against this pack of wolves again!"

    Teng Qingshan scanned the surroundings and noticed that more and more wolves had started to gather at their location. It was obvious that these wild wolves also felt threatened and did not attack immediately. Instead, they surrounded the villagers very closely. "Each of these wolves are about 1.5 meters high. In comparison to the wild wolves that I faced in my previous life, these strong wild wolves are even harder to deal with." Teng Qingshan thought to himself while observing his surroundings carefully.

    "Uncle!" Teng Qinghu said in a low voice, "There are way too many wolves!"

    "There are more than 100. I can't clearly see the wolves in the far distance." Teng Yonglei also lowered his voice. "Remember, we have to kill the leader of this pack of wolves. Once we achieve this and scare the wolves with our imposing manner, the pack of wolves will get frightened and retreat due to the difficult circumstances!"

    These men who had lived under the great mountain knew that wolves were not the kind of species that fought recklessly, especially when they knew that the enemy was more powerful. The wolves were very tricky and smart. If the leader of the pack was killed in the beginning, then there would be no commander. The hunters could then pressure the crazy pack of wolves with their imposing manner, and the wolves would definitely retreat.

    All of the wolves were wandering around them, and some even had blood in their mouths. It was obvious that they had bitten someone just now. The number of wolves in the surrounding area continued to grow...

    "How can there be so many wolves?!" Teng Yonglei swallowed his saliva, his forehead teeming with sweat, as he glared towards Wang Chongpeng.

    "We only met a hundred wolves during our first encounter. There definitely wasn't this many." Wang Chongpeng also had a bad feeling.

    "In the Great Yan Mountain, even if the wolves had met each other, there would probably be only ten or twenty. However, I can see more than two hundred wolves now." Teng Yonglei was slightly nervous and looked at Teng Qingshan, who was at the side. He then spoke, "Qingshan, the situation is really dangerous now. I'm afraid I won't be able to protect you, and considering the amount of wolves, this is definitely 'The Patrol of the Wolf King'!"

    Teng Qingshan's heart jumped a beat: " 'The Patrol of the Wolf King?' "

    "Yup. When I was twenty years old, I experienced the Patrol of the Wolf King once, and during that time, only three of the hunters survived." Teng Yonglei said in a deep voice.

    "Awhooo..." Suddenly, the high-pitched howls of the wolves rang in their ears.

    "Attack!" Teng Yonglei immediately let out a furious roar.

    The constantly prepared archers immediately shot sharp arrows. Their arrows darted ten meters away and pierced directly into the flesh of the wild wolves or the air while every single wolf, from all directions, howled and dashed forward, casting fierce glares at the humans with their flashing green eyes.

    "Kill!" Teng Yonglei and Wang Chongpeng shouted almost simultaneously.

    The people of both villages raised their long spears and stabbed the wolves that were daring to pounce towards them.

    "Puchi!" The spears stabbed into the wolves, and blood was splattered all over the place when they pulled the spearheads out.

    The men of Teng Jia Village were divided into two front and back rows. The ones at the front killed, while the ones at the back assisted, preventing any other wolves from attacking secretly. The shadows of their spears danced as the wild wolves were stabbed until they were severely wounded, as they howled in pain or died. Every hunter was as crazy as the beasts. The Spear Arts they had been practicing for years showed its great and powerful strength.

    "Puchi!" A spear stabbed into a wolf.

    "Awhoooo!" However, the wolf howled and crunched down on the arm of the brawny Teng Jia villager, and with a "Kacha" sound, the villager's arm broke as blood splattered all over him.

    However, the men of the Teng Jia Village had no time for sympathy or tears due to the extremely dangerous situation.

    The condition of the Teng Jia Villagers was still alright in comparison to that of Wang Jia Village's men. The Wang Jia villagers' conditions were even worse, as many had died during their previous encounter with the pack of wolves, and many of the remaining ones were wounded, so the speed of their deaths was even faster. In the blink of an eye, only seven people were left alive. Among the Teng Jia villagers and Wang Jia villagers, the most dazzling one was the smallest and skinniest teenager-Teng Qingshan!


    Shadows of spears danced like venomous snakes as the red tassles cascaded along with the fresh blood. The scene was really horrific.

    When the spear was in Teng Qingshan's hand, it seemed to have gained a life of its own.


    One by one, the wolves were stabbed in the head and died as they fell to the ground.

    "Hum?" Teng Qingshan's expression suddenly changed and he immediately shook his long spear. The long spear was nimble like a swimming dragon and forcefully pierced the head of a wolf pouncing towards Teng Qinghu.

    "Thank you!" Teng Qinghu cast a grateful glance towards Teng Qingshan.

    "Ahhh!" Another scream of pain resounded through the air as a huge chunk of meat was bitten out of the thigh of another hunter, and as he was knocked to the ground, he was bitten at the throat. The battle with the wolves had only been going for a while, and three clansmen from the Teng Jia Village had already died while many had been injured.

    "Uncle Lian!" Looking at the clansmen that had just died, Teng Qingshan felt his heart ache. Those were the elders within the clan, the elders that had watched him grow up. However, Teng Qingshan understood that no matter how powerful he was, it was impossible for him to protect everyone.

    "Awhooo..." The howls of the wolves rang out again.

    Immediately, the wolves became even more crazier and attacked the group of Teng Jia Villagers with increased ferocity.

    Teng Qingshan listened and yelled, "The Wolf King is over there!" With eyes as sharp as knives, he stared at a spot in the distance. Teng Qingshan leapt towards the place where the howl of the Wolf King had come from.

    "Uncle, stay here! I am going to kill the Wolf King!"

    Teng Yonglei's eyes widened in alarm. "Qingshan!"
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