Chapter 25: Bandits

    Book  2 Chapter 25 Bandits

    As the sun hung high in the sky, the members of Teng Jia Village's hunting squadron were on their way back to their village. The cold winter sun was not vicious but rather warm and comfortable.

    "Yongjiang, how much were the pelts sold for?" Teng Yongfan inquired.

    "Old Wang had already completed many business transactions with us in the past, so he gave us a decent price. We sold all those skins for more than 350 taels of Silver!" a middle aged man with a big stature and an honest appearance replied with a smile. "However, this can't be compared to the snow ferret that Qingshan caught."

    "I inquired in Wan Xiang Lou today. For a fully undamaged snow ferret, they were willing to pay four thousand and two hundred taels of silver." Teng Qinghu sighed in fascination.

    "There is no fixed market price for the snow ferret, and the chief is not in a hurry to sell it. However, this was Qingshan's good deed, so the chief should reward him."

    Teng Yongfan smiled and glanced at his son. Having a strong son automatically made him very proud as father. He said with a smile, "It should be sufficient enough. Aren't we giving our all for the sake of our village? However, this snow ferret is really expensive. This time, Master and I created so many Frost Jade Sabers but the profit we gained can't even be compared to that snow ferret pelt."

    The people surrounding them couldn't help but laugh.

    "Before I forget, Yongjiang, take out the steamed bun and flat bread we brought this morning to eat. We have to walk nearly two hours before arriving at the village," Teng Yongfan warned.

    "Come here, each person gets two steamed buns and two flat breads."

    After untying a cloth bag, he started to distribute both the steamed buns and the flat bread to everyone. Teng Qinghu and Teng Qingshan both accepted the steamed buns and flat breads to eat.

    With big bites and fierce chewing, they ate the food and drank cold water from bamboo containers.

    "These steamed buns taste quite nice." Teng Qingshan thought to himself. Their group of crude men cracked jokes as they ate and buns and bread while drinking cold water. Teng Qingshan attitude was warm towards them. "I like this life!" Teng Qingshan thought to himself as he watched the sun.

    This group of men were simple and sincere.

    "Does everyone know why that Master Hong Si of the White Horse Clan is called Hong Si?" Teng Yongfan asked while they were eating happily.

    It's just a name, isn't it? What else is there?" No one in the crowd knew why.

    Teng Yongfan laughed, and began to talk about how the expert Yang Fan chased after the four Hong brothers and killed three of them.

    While Teng Qingshan's group were on the road, a group of people waited five or six feet away from a crossroads.

    On the side of the road amidst a mound filled with withered weeds and dead trees, a group of fierce bandits were lying in wait.

    "Er Gouzi, you were in a hurry so I bought my men for the ambush. That brother Lang of yours is not lying or relaying a false message, right?" a man with dark skin, eyes as big as a bulls' eye, and a sturdy build asked .He was wearing a large black cotton robe that revealed his large, hairy chest while holding a machete. This person was a ruthless bandit leader.

    The triangular-eyed man whispered: "Do not worry boss, my brother is absolutely telling the truth. He works for the big salt merchants,so why would he lie to me? If I didn't trust this information, would I ask for someone such as yourself to rush you here, boss?"

    "You dare." The ruthless leader sneered, "Scout this stretch of road and immediately notify us when they arrive."

    "Yes, sir." The lean and flexible triangular eyed man went out of hiding and payed close attention to the road.

    "Brother, do we have enough men?" Behind the tree trunk spoke a handsome youth.

    "Rest assured, according to Er Gouzi's information, the hunters only have 31 people! There was even a child, so in fact, they can only be regarded as thirty people! With our 103 brothers,, we will launch a few waves of arrows so that half of them would perish. The remaining eleven or twelve will then be surrounded. How can we not wipe them out! Humph, if it wasn't for those 10000 taels of silver, I wouldn't even bring so many of our brothers." The ruthless leader laughed and stabbed the machete into the ground.

    "Brother, we still have to be careful. After all, they are a group of hunters." The handsome youth cautioned his brother.

    "What you scared of? Your brother alone could cut them to pieces with a blade and make them cry for their mothers!" The ruthless leader fiercely spit while cursing.

    After a long time.

    "Boss." The triangular-eyed man, who wasn't far away, bowed and rushed to the bandit leader with a face full of excitement. "The fat sheep are coming. They're about 100 Zhang away. That group is dressed in animal skins, so I immediately recognized them."

    The ruthless bandit leader's eyes light up. Each of the bandits became very excited, but they remained quiet. These bandits were veterans and knew that their excitement could expose their current whereabouts.

    "Brothers." The bandit leader said in a low voice, looking grim, "Wait until I give the order before shooting and killing them without merciless. If successful, most will be dead after the wave of arrows. After we robbed them of their money, we will go to the Spring Fragrance Court to enjoy ourselves in luxury!"

    The group of bandits laughed while exposing cruel eyes. They were like a beast ready to attack its prey.


    Teng Qingshan's group continued their journey without knowing about the ambush ahead. Those bandits already began preparing their arrows and were ready to fire at them.

    The bandits' movements were very silent. An average person wouldn't have be able to notice it.

    "Huh?" Teng Qingshan ears twitched as he glanced at the distant mound.

    As an Internal Martial Arts expert who trained since childhood, Teng Qingshan's sixth sense was extremely sensitive, and most people that approached him would be detected. When they were at Yi City, that triangular-eyed man had glanced at Teng Qingshan several times, but because there were too many people in the city, Teng Qingshan didn't notice it.

    However, they were currently in the middle of nowhere!

    Surrounded by silence, the hundreds of bandits hidden at the distant mound began to prepare their attack. Teng Qingshan was already aware of their hiding places.

    "Father." Teng Qingshan suddenly said.

    "Whats wrong?" Teng Yongfan asked slightly puzzled.

    "Everyone stop." Teng Qingshan frowned, and immediately all the clansmen looked at him. Teng Qingshan said in a low voice, "Do you see that?Behind the mound, I have a feeling... there are people hiding. Moreover, their numbers are frightening!"

    All the clansmen's complexions turned pale.

    After taking a look at the mound, Teng Qingshan immediately sped up his thinking.

    In the previous world, professional hitmen never got close to Teng Qingshan. Although these robbers were bandits, they were unlike the past hitmen who were professionally trained killers. In terms of hiding, they were far worse, and moreover, they were over 100 men. It was very unlikely they wouldn't make any sound.

    "Brother Fan, what should we do?" The surrounding clansmen looked at Teng Yongfan.

    Teng Yongfan stared at the mound, lowered his voice, and said: "There is no other way, we have to go back! Let's take a detour through the field next to the mound to bypass it. If their objective is to attack us, they won't be able to avoid rushing at us. Also, by keeping a distance, it will prevent them from staging a sneak attack."

    "Alright, let's do it."

    The clansmen had no other options but to follow this plan.

    Teng Qingshan's group walked down the road into the fields while maintaining 30-40 Zhang distance from the mound. At this distance, even if the arrows reached them, the power would be weakened greatly.


    "Son of a bitch!" The ruthless bandit leader's complexion changed after seeing the group of hunters take a detour. "This group of hunters actually saw us."

    "Boss, what should we do?" The guy with triangular eyes anxiously asked.

    "What else can we do?" The leader showed a ferocious expression, and a light of madness flashed in his eyes. "I have hundreds of brothers with us, why would I be afraid of those hunters? Brothers, listen to me! Charge with me and when we are close enough, the archers will mercilessly shoot and kill them all!"

    Those bandits were all covered with murderous intent. How many life had each one of them already taken?


    Teng Qingshan intentionally walked the furthest to left because the mound was on that side of the group.

    Those bandits shouldn't have come to rob us." Teng Qinghu said in a low voice.

    "Don't talk nonsense. It doesn't matter if they were intentionally targeting us or if they were waiting for any helpless victim. Get ready." Teng Yongfan said solemnly, and all of the clansmen concentrated while preparing their weapons. This kind of event was not the first time it had happened. In order to live well in this world, one had to be ruthless.

    All of them held their breath.

    "Kill them!" A violent roar came from behind the mound, and they saw a dark brawny man holding a machete rushing over at the front. Behind him followed a large crowd of people who charged downhill like a pack of wolves.

    "Attack!" Tang Yongfang gave a thunderous roar.

    "Phew!" "Phew!" "Phew!" ......

    Teng Jia Village's clansmen were the first to fire their arrows, but the distance was too far. Moreover, only twelve people had bows and arrows. After the first wave of projectiles, only one bandit was injured on the arm.

    "Brother Fan, there are so many of them, what should me do?" Many Teng Jia Villagers began to get anxious.

    "Brother Fan, take the money and head back to village first. We will stop them here." Several clansmen were ready to face death for the sake of their village.


    The ruthless bandit leader holding a machete saw the hunters begin to panic andcould not stop from beginning to laugh. "Shooting at such a distance, what a bunch of morons. Humph, but their arm strength are not bad, being able to hit from that distance." At that moment, the ruthless bandit leader was surprised to see a young hunter holding a Damascus steel spear rushing towards him.

    What a speed!

    You are seeking death." the leader sneered. "Archers, shoot!"

    Currently, the distance was already within the target range, and forty archers let loose numerous arrows. Since Teng Qingshan was the first one rushing towards then, they naturally shot many in his direction.

    "This little guy has courage, but he is extremely stupid." The fierce bandit leader mocked him with a smile.


    All of the sudden, the bandit leader saw Teng Qingshan's hands spinning his spear like a rotating flywheel. All the arrows that were close to him were reflected back, and after the first wave of arrows, there was not a trace of injury on him. Teng Qingshan's eyes were fixed tightly on the ruthless leader.

    The bandit leader was dumbfounded.

    So many arrows were fired, yet they were actually not able to hurt one individual?

    At this time, the bandits were crazily rushing to kill the hunters from Teng Jia Village. Moreover, there were many bandits who readied their bows to fire a volley of arrows.

    "Little guy, time to die." Within the chaotic charge, someone rushed towards Teng Qingshan with a face revealing a hideous complexion. Other bandits rushed towards the other members of the Teng Jia Village, and it was obvious that those thirty adults were the biggest threat in their eyes.

    Faced against the bandit's machetes, Teng Qingshan didn't even need to reduce his speed.

    "Poof!" "Poof!" "Poof!"

    The Damascus steel in his hand transformed into a metallic snake that stabbed out continuously while leaving behind several afterimages in the air.

    "Huff," the three bandits near Teng Qingshan widened their eyes while clutching their throats. "Huff, huff." They desperately tried to breathe, but the large hole in their throats could only spurt out blood.

    Three bandits immediately tumbled down.

    "Poof!" "Poof!" "Poof!" "Poof!" ......

    The spear's shadow continued to dance and while the red tassel flew through the air, scattering blood accross the sky.

    In the blink of an eye, Teng Qingshan crossed 5 Zhang, killing a total of thirteen bandits. All of them, without an exception, had their throat pierced by Teng Qingshan's spear.

    "What?!" The bandit leader's face became pale. He had made a terrible mistake since this boy was actually the most terrifying amongst the hunters.
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