Chapter 37: Godly Tiger Form Technique

    Book 2 Chapter 37 Godly Tiger Form Technique

    "To be able to attract Cousin's eyes, my future sister-in-law must be quite exceptional. Come, Cousin. For your coming marriage, I propose a toast to you." Teng Qingshan also felt happy that his cousin could find a woman to love.

    "Haha.......Come, cheers."

    The two clink their bowls and gulped down the liquor.

    "However, Teng Qingshan, my family is only willing to send the betrothal gifts once this year ends. As for the marriage itself, my father will discuss it with her family and choose a suitable date. Therefore, there would probably still be a few months until the marriage." Teng Qinghu spoke.

    "Do you care about these few months? Could it be that it is impossible for you to endure? Even so, Cousin, you still have to practice the Tiger Fist every day. When you enter the Gui Yuan Sect in the future, you will have to rely on your true ability to come out on top." Teng Qingshan reminded him continuously.

    "I understand." Teng Qinghu smiled.

    During today's yearly sacrifice, the men of the Teng Clan drank merrily because more than ten powerful members of the clan managed to generate internal strength, which caused the Teng Jia Village to be grow increasingly famous during these past few years. The neighboring Li Jia Village and Wang Jia Village didn't dare to fight the Teng Jia Village anymore.


    During these days, the clan members gathered together to celebrate new year by arranging a happy festival.

    In Teng Qingshan's house, his mother Yuan Lan and sister Teng Qingyu all went out to see the festival. Teng QIngshan was the only one who remained at home.

    "Walla!" The yard door was locked.

    Teng Qingshan sighed and smiled to himself as he said, "A few days ago, I was preparing lots of things for the yearly sacrifice. Now, everything is settled, and I can finally relax. I can officially start practicing 《Godly Tiger Form Technique》. A few days ago, I helped the White Horse Gang and Iron Mountain Gang collect the annual tribute and subsequently bought the materials for the yearly sacrifice. I also carried out several other tasks.".

    As the number one expert in the clan, Teng Qingshan had a lot of responsibilities. He could only relax completely after the new year celebration began.

    "The Godly Tiger Form Technique, created by Founder Ji Jike, is the greatest skill of the Xing Yi Martial Arts. In my previous life, the Spiritual Qi of Heavens and Earth was extremely meager, but I still managed to improve my physical qualities twofold. As for this life, with the abundant Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, I wonder how much improvement I can make!"

    Teng Qingshan's whole body lay horizontally straight.


    His hands formed into tiger claws and dug into the ground. It may have seemed as if his whole body was lying on the ground, but in reality, only his hands and feet were supporting the whole body.

    "Exhale!" "Inhale!"

    In coordination with the breathing technique, Teng Qingshan's backbone occasionally rose and fell like a large dragon. The pressure that the ten fingers endured was quickly transmitted through every joint to the shoulder and backbone, The pressure felt by his feet was also transmitted through the joints to the back

    The pressure occasionally travelled from his ten fingers to his feet and from his feet to his ten fingers.

    The backbone was the main canal for the whole body.

    The breathing technique caused the organs and internal strength to move. This intensified the exercise and also increase the pressure on the joints. Exciting! Every breath, every circulation of internal strength ,and every exertion of strength were cooperating perfectly under Teng Qingshan's experienced control.

    "Hu, Hu~~"

    Every joint made loud and deep snoring-like sounds, as if a tiger was sleeping within them.


    Every part of the bones was itching.


    Every muscle was beginning to feel sore.


    Everything from his internal to his external, his organs, flowing blood, bones, and muscles were going through extremely minute yet profound changes.

    The bone cells and muscle tissues were absorbing bits of internal strength as they went through this rapid and drastic changes. Since every part of his body was absorbing a small amount of internal strength, the body as a whole was currently absorbing a shocking amount of internal strength.

    "Chi. ChiChi~~

    Within mere moments, hot steam rose from Teng Qingshan's body. The hot, misty air made sounds as it left Teng Qingshan's body.

    "Incredible." Teng Qingshan could distinctly feel the rapid changes of his body and was extremely surprised. He then said to himself, "My physical qualities are tens or hundreds of times stronger than when I was at the peak of my time in my previous life. After each time I practice the Godly Tiger Form Technique, the time of each session grows shorter. As the time of every practice decreases, the effect actually increases so much!"

    In his previous life, Teng Qingshan could lift ten thousand Jin at the peak of his strength.

    One should know that if a man's limit was lifting ten thousand Jin, lifting one thousand jin more would be as difficult as climbing up a mountain. As the limit becomes higher, it grows harder to overcome.

    As for the current Teng Qingshan, the limit of his strength had already surpass ten thousand Jin. His strength was more than ten times or hundreds of times stronger than the strength he had in his previous life. A simple punch today could smash any

    Grandmasters of his previous life. This was the performance of someone with extremely strong strength to the point where his body and muscles were incredibly tough.

    When performing the 《Godly Tiger Form Technique》, the control of the bones, breathing, and organs would accelerate,

    After every physical training procedure, the exhaustive time would decrease

    It was just like running. Many people could endure if they ran slowly for ten thousand meters. However, if he were to run ten thousand meters with the extreme speed of a one hundred meter sprint, his feet would be so sore that he would collapse helplessly on the ground before he even ran for a long time.

    The Teng Qingshan in the previous life needed a long time to perform the 《Godly Tiger Form Technique》 and for one round of the physical training procedure to finish. As for now, his speed was ten times faster than before. Such rapid speed caused Teng Qingshan's strong body to feel pressured for the first time, causing his bones to itch and his muscle to feel sore.......

    Under such transformation, his body would consume energy rapidly, absorbing his internal strength!

    "As expected of an extremely powerful Internal Martial Arts technique! This powerful skill can only be practice when all of the body's meridians are unobstructed. This is truly remarkable." Even though Teng Qingshan had experience the effect of the Godly Tiger Form Technique in his previous life, he still felt surprised by this moment. "The consumption of internal strength is shocking. Fortunately, during this era in which the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth is abundant, I have quite a large reserve of internal strength within my body."

    Compared to when he was in his growth spurt, which was the most optimal period for training, such improvement speed was even more shocking.

    However,the conditions to practice the Godly Tiger Form Technique were too harsh.

    In the nine continents, only a few people among the many that assiduously practiced secret internal strength techniques could open the eight primary meridians, twelve auxiliary meridians and every other main meridian, let alone opening the extremely tiny offshoots in the entire body. Those offshoots were almost always completely obstructed during the early stages of training with internal strength and probably wouldn't be opened in their entire lives.

    Depending on the practice method, different effects would be produced.

    Practicing secret internal strength skills, the internal strength within the body would increase rapidly, but opening of the meridians posed a considerably more difficult challenge.

    As for practicing Internal Martial Arts, the aptitude requirement was extremely high, and the internal strength would increase very slowly. The only benefit--opening the meridians would be a lot easier.


    Godly Tiger Form Technique!

    The technique was worthy of being called Godly. Once the practice session began, Teng Qingshan became completely immerse in a marvelous feeling of his ability improving rapidly. For one month, Teng Qingshan had spent most of his time practicing the Godly Tiger Form Technique every day, and his physical qualities were improving at an incredible speed.

    In the yard, Teng Qingshan crawled on the ground like a tiger as hot air rose from his entire body. He then stood up, and the hot air dispersed.

    "The Godly Tiger Form Technique affects even the minute parts of the body too severely, causing an incredible amount of the body moisture to be consumed. After every practice, it is necessary to drink more water." Teng Qingshan walked to a large water tank beside and grabbed the bailer, drinking three bales of water within one breath After drinking the water, his whole body then felt comfortable.

    After such a long period of training, Teng Qingshan understood the principle of the 《Godly Tiger Form Technique》 .

    "If lifting stone blocks and rolling iron balls are all methods of training the muscles and the bones," Teng Qingshan said in his mind, "then this 《Godly Tiger Form Technique》 is the training for the miniscule parts of the body! It might seem to consist of crawling on the ground without experiencing great changes, but the truth was that this exercise relied on the coordinations of internal strength and breathing, stimulating the organs, muscle tissues, and bone cells and allowing these body parts to make improvement. In his previous, modern life, there had been rumors that some sprinters used electromagnetic technology to simulate the growth of their muscles. However, the effect of the electromagnetic simulation used by those scientist was a lot more inferior when compared to his《Godly Tiger Form Technique》

    In his previous life, using electromagnetism to simulate the body was still at the experimental phase and only showed extremely weak effects towards relaxing, adjusting and accelerating the improvement of the muscles.

    In addition, the price of the necessary equipment was extremely expensive.

    "However, if the same simulation is done often, the effect would diminish.....when a certain degree is reached, additional simulation would produce no effect." Teng QIngshan was clear of this point. It was similar to drinking liquor. It would be the easiest to get drunk when one drank alcohol the first time, but as the individual drank more and more, the body's alcohol tolerance would increase.

    At a certain point, the drinking capacity would reach its limit, and the tolerance level for alcohol would decrease as the person's age increased.

    Training contained the same principle. This Godly Tiger Form Technique could rapidly improve Teng Qingshan's physical qualities, allowing him to reach a higher level. However, after reaching this higher level, any improvements through the Godly Tiger Form Technique would be impossible, and the physical qualities would even decline as the body aged.

    "I have practiced this Godly Tiger Form Technique for one month, but I myself can't perceive the improvement during every training! However, although I can't perceive it, my physical qualities are actually improving very slowly." Teng Qingshan understood that after practicing Godly Tiger Form Technique for around one year, it would be almost entirely useless to train any further. "However, my improvement in this short one month is almost the same as the improvement I have made during the past two or three years!"

    Teng Qingshan was extremely happy.

    From the age of ten to sixteen, Teng Qingshan possessed more than ten thousand Jin great strength during these six years. His terrifying potential was like that of a demon or a god.

    Yet, the one month of training now improved his strength by at least fifty percent.

    The higher one advanced, the more difficult it would be to progress. Within only one month, the physical strength increased by fifty percent more than the basis limit. He had to admit--the Internal Martial Arts that have been passed down for over one thousand years were amazing indeed.

    Today's Teng Qingshan represented the pinnacle of Internal Martial Arts!

    The pinnacle that could be reached when Internal Martial Arts was practiced during the ancient times when the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and earth was abundant.

    The number one powerful practitioner of the Internal Martial Arts in both ancient and modern times.

    Teng Qingshan clenched his fists and exerted some of the strength of his arms. His arms that originally seemed ordinary suddenly bulged. Both of his entire arms appeared to be wrapped by concrete and iron, containing limitless great strength. Teng Qingshan then exclaimed, "Until today, I have practiced until I reached the pinnacle in the history of Internal Martial Arts! I really want to see how powerful the strong ones in this nine continents are."

    "However......I still have one more thing left to do!"

    Teng Qingshan laughed, "It's been six years since I started researching this Frost Jade Pool. Diving in once every month, I have never reached the bottom. This time, I should be able to succeed." Looking up at the sky, Teng Qingshan saw that it had grown dark and said to himself, "I guess I will do it tomorrow. I will enter the mountain early tomorrow morning and check the bottom of the Frost Jade Pool!"
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