Chapter 39: Battle between man and python

    Book 2 Chapter 39 Battle between man and python

    Within the golden colored eyes of the python, a superior apathy could be seen. Perhaps, to this monster in the bottom of the pool, killing a human was not worth mentioning. The ill-smelling, enormous, bloody mouth had already come before Teng Qingshan's eyes.

    "Ha~~" Teng Qingshan's eyes were sharp and indifferent. His right hand formed into a knife-like palm and was raised high up. His palm headed towards the big bloody mouth and smacked on it with palm cut!

    The palm transformed into a series of shadows.

    Walla! The water surrounding him was rapidly slashed apart by the force of his palm.


    The palm containing this terrifying strength struck the head of the python, making deep-sounding smashing sounds. Teng QIngshan is already exceptionally strong, and being struck on the head caused the python to fall involuntarily. However, after falling just one Zhang, the python in the bottom of the pool stopped its descent.

    It made a strange, angry roar and glared at the human above.

    Meanwhile, Teng Qingshan was flying upwards!

    "Monster! This is definitely a monster. My palm strike can smash open a steel block, but this python didn't even have the slightest wound on its skin. Its head only lowered slightly and countered the strength exerted by my palm. Incredible!" Teng Qingshan knew clearly of how terrifying his fists and feet were.

    Because Teng Qingshan was aware of his own strength, he felt even more terrified of this python.

    "In addition, there was a tiny silver pointed horn on the forehead of the python. Could it be that this python monster is a Flood Dragon?" As Teng Qingshan was rocketing upwards, he grew extremely shocked. When his palm struck the python, Teng Qingshan saw that the python at the bottom of the pool had a pointed horn that was one Chi (0.3m) long.

    A python with a horn?

    In his previous life, Teng Qingshan had never seen a python with a horn.Perhaps, the only serpentine animal that had a horn was the legendary Flood Dragon. Teng Qingshan didn't know whether the python at the bottom of the pool was a Flood Dragon, but it was definitely a monstrous existence.

    "Roar~~" The python's golden eyes narrowed, and a furious roar boomed. It finally faced the prey before its eyes. With a "Whew" sound, the python rapidly darted upward with a speed that was several times faster than Teng Qingshan's.

    "I'm only one hundred meters away from the surface of the Frost Jade Pool. Oh sh*t!" Before Teng Qingshan had the time to feel surprised, he noticed that the python had already darted near him within a twinkle of an eye.


    As the water flowed, the purple and red-scaled huge python dashed past Teng Qingshan, its body as thick as a water bucket. The top half of its body stood above Teng Qingshan while the bottom half of its body remained below him.

    "So long!" At this moment, Teng Qingshan was finally able to see the length of the entire python. "It's about thirty meters long. It has such an enormous body, yet its scales still remain invincible. The strength of its head could easily withstand the palm strike's full strength. I'm afraid the strength of the python is ten times greater than mine, or perhaps even more."

    If this python was placed vertically, it would be as high as a ten story building.

    This python could withstand Teng Qingshan's palm strength with just its own head. How terrifying would the strength of that python be?

    The python's golden eyes glared at Teng Qingshan. Within the pair of eyes, a superior apathy could be seen.


    As fast as lightning, the python's enormous body contracted rapidly and started encircling Teng Qingshan. Its ten Zhang (30m) Long body was trying to bind Teng Qingshan and smash him into mincemeat. Teng Qingshan could only see through hazy eyes as the enormous python pressured him from all directions.

    "The strength of this monster is limitless. Once I get wrapped up, I won't be able to survive." Teng Qingshan gritted his teeth.

    "Chi~~" Teng Qingshan's legs suddenly bulged to the point that his pants broke. His veins bulged like sapphire serpents, and his strong muscles resembled pieces of steel wire tangled together. The internal strength within his body seemed like a fierce torrent, flooding out through his feet.

    "Break!" With a furious roar, Teng Qingshan kicked at the python that was encircling him with great force.

    The strength of one's legs was typically stronger than the strength of the arms. If a normal person can lift a heavy object weighing one hundred Jin, it would be normal for the kick of his leg to have the force of four hundred Jin.

    Teng Qingshan's arms had the great strength of more than ten thousand Jin, so what about his legs? Also, Teng Qingshan was facing a life and death situation, making him exert his full strength out of desperation. The strength of his legs and sudden rush of internal strength resulted in an attack strength that was incredibly great.

    "Peng!" "Peng!"

    Both his left and right legs gave two forceful kicks in quick succession.

    "Roar~~" The angered python monster howled in pain. The body of the python was kicked and sent crashing into a mountain wall that bordered the Frost Jade Pool, causing loud quakes. The surface of the mountain wall made a "Peng" sound, and huge amounts of dust and rubble became mixed with the water as several cracks were formed on the entire mountain wall of the bottom of the pool.


    Using this gap, Teng Qingshan fiercely swam upwards and consumed the inner strength in his body in an accelerated speed.

    "Monster, definitely a monster. This kick of mine didn't even wound its skin. It appears that if I am slow to react today, i won't be able to survive. There's still fifty meters, forty meters, thirty meters......" Teng QIngshan could see the glow of the sky above and could hear the indistinct pitter-patter sound of the torrential rain.

    "Roar~~" Anger. Mad, angry roars resounded from the bottom of the pool.

    The python below him moved its body and darted upwards again.

    However, Teng Qingshan was already close to reaching the water's surface. When the python monster saw that it wouldn't be able to catch up to Teng Qingshan, it actually opened its mouth-

    "Chi Chi~~"

    Black mist was spurted out from its mouth, and wherever the black mist touched, the water of the Frost Jade Pool froze solid. In the blink of an eye, the water between the python's mouth and the pond's surface, a section of water twenty meters long, all froze together into an enormous ice cube. Teng Qingshan himself was frozen within this mass of ice.

    "Cold, so cold." Teng Qingshan's internal strength circulated rapidly. The energy and blood within his body had become extremely agitated just to defend against this terrifying cold.

    "This python monster actually still had move like this in reserve. The black mist that it sprayed could even freeze the Frost Jade Pool's water." Teng Qingshan knew that it was extremely difficult for the water of this Frost Jade Pool to freeze, yet the mist turned it into solid ice. One could only imagine how cold it was now. Fortunately, Teng Qingshan was within the ice; If he came into contact with the even colder "Black Mist," he would have frozen to death.

    Since, the black mist could freeze the pool water, then it had an unimaginable temperature.

    "Monster, it is really a monster." At the same time that Teng QIngshan was feeling anxious, he smashed his fists fiercely against the ice surrounding him.

    "Bang! "Bang!" ......

    As the fists smashed like lightning, the ice cube above him collapsed and rapidly broke into ice shards.

    When Teng Qingshan said that the python in the bottom of the pool was a monster, the truth was that he himself was also a little monster.

    "Roarr~~" The python rocketed up forcefully, and large amount of ice cubes that were in its way broke into pieces. The python chased after Teng Qingshan at a lightning fast speed, vowing to eat Teng Qingshan.


    Along with a loud bang, large amounts of ice burst forth from the water surface towards every direction. Simultaneously, the silhouette of a man leaped out of the water and fell somewhere near the Frost Jade Pool.

    "I finally got out." Teng Qingshan didn't dare to relax even one bit and rushed towards a bundle nearby. It was raining cats and dogs at this moment, and a great amount of water flowed down from the heavens. Teng Qingshan grabbed the bundle and tore it, taking out a Damascus Steel Spear that was divided into two parts.


    As a furious roar and "Wal-la" sound rang, a horrifying python monster burst out of the ice in the pool. The enormous and ferocious python scanned its surroundings and instantly locked its eyes on Teng QIngshan.

    "Phew!" Teng Qingshan didn't even have time to assemble the two divided parts of the Damascus Steel Spear. He immediately started performing Crossing Worlds, and transformed into a streak of green smoke as he darted out of the mountainside.

    With a leap, he jumped down the mountain, using the mountainside as a springboard.

    "Roar~~" The enormous body of the great python dived out suddenly and bit towards Teng Qingshan, who leaped in mid-air.

    "Get lost!" Teng QIngshan thundered furiously. The top half of the Damascus Steel Spear transformed into a shadow and actually flew out of Teng Qingshan's hands, piercing towards the python's head with the sharp sound of air exploding

    "Chi Chi~~" The spear tip of the revolving half of the Damascus Steel Spear stabbed the scales of the great python. With much effort, the spear tip actually managed to tear a small hole. As the spear head pierced into the scales of the great python, fresh blood flowed out of the python's head, and the great python's attacks paused.

    Teng Qingshan reached the bottom of the mountain in an instant.

    The heavens and the earth were filled with water, preventing the python monster from seeing Teng Qingshan.

    The furious great python flung its head and swung the divided part of the Damascus Steel Spear towards the mountainside. The mountainside was like a tofu as the Damascus Steel Spear was actually thrusted into it.

    With a head stained with blood, the python monster grew extremely angry. It opened its big, bloody mouth and spat recklessly in every direction. Black mist sprayed out from the mouth of this python and pervaded the surrounding. When the black mist touched the surrounding mountainside, the terrain immediately became ashes that quietly fell down towards the base of the mountain.


    At the mountainside, this terrifying python monster roared towards the heavens, venting its anger. The surrounding mountainside trembled and seemed be afraid of the rage of this python monster.

    After quite some time, this python monster could only bitterly return to the Frost Jade Pool. A thick layer of ice formed on the surface of the Frost Jade Pool once again.


    Below the mountain, Teng Qingshan stood within the forest. Ignoring the pouring rain, he looked up towards the mountainside. When he saw the python monster roaring furiously towards the heavens, he felt a sense of fear within his heart.

    "I wonder what sort of mystery lies at the heart of the passageway at the bottom of the pool...The place actually nurtured such a horrifying monster. If I didn't run fast enough today, I am afraid that I would have lost my life." Teng Qingshan also understood that the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth was abundant. If humans can become much more powerful, terrifying monsters could be produced as well.

    "My strongest technique, Toxic Dragon Drill, only wounded its scales. What a monster." Teng Qingshan sighed as he made an emotional remark.

    From between the age of ten to sixteen, these six years, whenever Teng Qingshan was resting, he would start researching the Spear arts.

    Before he reached the age of ten, Teng Qingshan had created 'Pursuing Shadow' and 'Transformation Unity Law', two spear techniques. During the past six years, Teng QIngshan had conducted research on the Frost Jade Pool and finally changed the water attribute 'Drilling Fist' into the 'Toxic Dragon Drill' spear technique, which contained great power.

    Once this technique was used, it would be similar to toxic dragon bursting out of the water, and it could easily drill a hole in the opponent's body. As mentioned earlier, the power of this technique was extremely great.

    Everything has its advantages as well as its disadvantages.

    Once this 'Toxic Dragon Drill' technique was used, his long spear would be slightly uncontrollable for a second. However, considering the power of the technique, this weak point could be ignored.
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