Chapter 41: Seven Jin and Two Taels

    Book 2 Chapter Chapter 41  Seven Jin and Two Taels

    Teng Yongfan, as the village's weaponsmith, when he saw the legendary 'Purple Radiant Coldsteel,' of course he would feel excited to the point that he became hotheaded.

    However, he came to his senses immediately after.

    "Qingshan, come to this room with me." Teng Yongfan grabbed the two pieces of Ten Millennia Coldsteel and rushed into a different room. He shouted to the people outside at the same time, "Lan, I have something to discuss with Teng Qingshan. You guys eat first. There's no need to call us. We will come out and eat later."

    Teng Qingshan and his father went into the room together.

    As soon as they entered the room, Teng Qingshan immediately locked the door.

    "Qingshan," Teng Yongfan stared at Teng Qingshan and said hastily, "These two pieces of Ten Millennia Coldsteel are priceless treasures! Once the news of our Teng Jia Village having the Ten Millennia Coldsteel becomes known to the White Horse Gang and the Iron Mountain Gang, our Teng Jia Village would face complete annihilation."

    Teng Qingshan also understands the principle of treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime.

    TLN: (Treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime- An idiom that means to get into trouble on account of a cherished or valuable item)

    "Qingshan, you can't tell even your mother and sister about this Ten Millennia Coldsteel. Your mother would be alright, but your sister has a loose tongue. It would be bad if she accidentally disclosed the news. Our clansmen are very united, but they are still human, confronted with such a seductive treasure, it is impossible to avoid having devious ideas." Teng Yongfan said solemnly, "The matter of this Ten Millennia Coldsteel can only be known to three people, yourself, me, and your grandfather."

    Teng Qingshan nodded. As the chief of the clan, grandfather Teng Yunlong is trustworthy.

    Plus, if they wanted to use this Ten Millennia Coldsteel, they definitely could not hide it from grandfather.

    "Come. I will get the scale and we can see how heavy they are." Teng Yongfan walked to the side of the bed and reached behind the rice tank where the weighing machine was placed.

    "Millennium Coldsteel. One Jin of Millennium Coldsteel is worth two taels of gold. As for this Ten Millennia Coldsteel, the price of it is at least a hundred times more than the price of the Millennium Coldsteel. One Jin of Ten Millennium Coldsteel at the least costs two hundred taels of gold, which is twenty Jin of gold." As Teng Yongfan was speaking, he placed the smaller piece of Ten Millennia Coldsteel onto the weighing scale.

    The Ten Millennia Coldsteel was weighed.

    Teng Qingshan scrutinized the marks on the weighing scale. When he was at Wan Xiang Tower, the most expensive 'Star Pattern Steel' was only the same price as gold, but this Ten Millennia Coldsteel was twenty times more expensive than the gold.

    "Seven Jin Two Taels!" Teng Yongfan exclaimed joyfully, "Just such a small piece weighs seven Jin two Taels. As expected of the Ten Millennia Coldsteel."

    "Father, if this seven Jin two taels can be sold, it might be sold with the price of almost one hundred fifty Jin of gold, which is one thousand five hundred taels of gold!" Teng Qingshan said in surprise. If this inconspicuous black rock was exchanged for gold, it actually could be exchanged for a small pile of gold. Imagining a pile of gold placed before your eyes, it would definitely be tempting.

    "The way you said it, brat, even made I, your father, feel temptation. Come. let's see how heavy the bigger one is." Teng Yongan continued weighing the second piece.

    The Second piece was weighed.

    "Nine jin one Tael!" Teng Yongfan said as he suppressed the joy within his heart.

    This is a huge amount of wealth!

    "Qingshan, the two pieces together would weigh a total of over sixteen Jin! Ten Millennia Coldsteel has demand but no supply. If you really sell it, you might sell it at a much higher price. However, too much money doesn't give our Teng Jia Village a lot of benefits." Teng Yongfan suddenly smiled and looked towards Teng Qingshan and said, "Qingshan, haven't you always wanted a weapon made to suit you?"


    "Haha. With this Ten Millennia Coldsteel, I, your father, am confident that I can make a godly weapon for you!" Teng Yongfan was extremely confident as he continued speaking, "It will be the godly weapon rarely seen throughout this whole world."

    Teng Qingshan couldn't help but feel tempted. The Ten Millennia Coldsteel was valuable, but Teng Qingshan, who has the memory of his previous life, does not value money. It would be fine if there was enough money to use. If there was too much money, then it would just be a number. As for a Godly Weapon......Teng Qingshan does long for one in his heart.

    The reason was because his strength is too great.

    With arms that possessed over ten thousand Jin of strength, a normal Damascus Steel Spear couldn't withstand Teng Qingshan moving as he pleased. When some fine and delicate techniques were performed, the Damascus Steel Spear would break easily.

    "Father, did you say using the Ten Millennia Coldsteel to forge a weapon? But we only have this little coldsteel, which isn't enough to make a spear. Teng Qingshan cast a glance at the two pieces of Ten Millennia Coldsteel and continued, saying, "If we want to forge a long spear made completely of Ten Millennia Coldsteel, then I will just have to dive into the Jade Frost Pool again. I will just be more careful, and there will probably be no problem."

    "Going again?" Teng Yongfan glared and scolded, "You boy listen to me carefully. Don't ever enter the Jade Frost Pool again."

    Teng Qingshan smiled embarrassingly.

    If he snuck into the Jade Frost Pool and escaped immediately after he grabbed the Ten Millennia Coldsteel, the possibility of succeeding was high indeed. However.......if the flood dragon that was already angry with Teng Qingshan noticed Teng Qingshan diving back into the Jade Frost Pool from the pathway at the bottom of the pool, then Teng Qingshan would be in a very dangerous situation.

    "I, your father, meant that we won't be just relying on this Ten Millennia Coldsteel to forge the weapon, we also need the Star Pattern Steel!" Teng Yongfan said.

    "Star Pattern Steel?" Teng Qingshan frowned, " It can't be compared with the Ten Millennia Coldsteel, right? Father, you said previously that you would make a godly weapon that is rare in this whole world."

    Teng Yongfan cast a confident smile and replied, "Qingshan,in regards to the spear arts, you are the number one in the clan. However, if it's the forging of weapons, you are far from being good. Remember. Regarding the forging of weapons, the more expensive the material is does not mean it is superior! The Ten Millennia Coldsteel is invincible. Although the degree of hardness of the spear shaft of a long spear is important, but the tenacity is much more important. The tenacity allows it to store strength!"

    The suitable materials were the best.

    For instance, woods. There are many types of woods. However, the woods that can be the spear shaft are only Green Zhennan Wood, and Ash Wood, these woods with great tenacity.

    "Star Pattern Steel is the steel with the best tenacity, which is also the best material for the forging of a spear shaft!" Teng Yongfan smiled, "According to the books, it is difficult for even innate experts to destroy the Star Pattern Steel. Once internal strength is infused into it, it can withstand limitless amounts of strength."

    Of course, it is impossible for this limitless great power to be really limitless, but the limit is extremely high.

    "As for the Ten Millennia Coldsteel, it is more suitable to use it as the spearhead! The spearhead needs to be invincible and trenchant! Teng Yongfan smiled, " However, we can't afford the Star Pattern Steel, therefore.........we need to exchange for it using the Ten Millennia Coldsteel. Qingshan, you go to Wan Xiang Tower and use this Seven Jin Two Taels Ten Millennia Coldsteel to exchange for the Star Pattern Steel."

    Teng Qingshan felt his heart burning with passion.

    With the Star Pattern Steel as the spear shaft and the Ten Millennia Coldsteel as the spearhead, this godly weapon would allow him to bring out the entirety of his ability.

    "Father, how much Star Pattern Steel do we need?" Teng Qingshan questioned.

    "Qingshan, how long do you need the long spear to be?" Teng Yongfan asked back instead.

    Teng Qingshan pondered for a moment before answering, His height was currently around seven Chi Four Cun (1.85 meters) and his physical development period had already brought the bones to a limit. Now, his height wasn't really increasing. The best length for the long spear was probably nine Chi six Cun (2.4 meters). Teng Qingshan then answered, "Father, the best length for this spear is nine Chi Six Cun. Of course, if this spear is one or two Cun shorter or one or two Cun longer, it wouldn't cause any big problems."

    "What do you mean by wouldn't cause any big problems? I, your father, will forge a Nine Chi Six Cun weapon for you and the weapon that will be forged will absolutely be nine Chi Six Cun!" Teng Yongfan thought for a moment and said, "The Star Pattern Steel needed for this spear shaft should probably be no more than one hundred Jin. Let's do it this way. You purchase one hundred and five Jin of Star Pattern Steel. It's better to be prepared!"

    "I know, father." Teng Qingshan nodded.

    "When do you plan to enter the city?" Teng Yongfan asked.

    "Father, I plan to go to the city right after I finish breakfast. However, Father, for precious materials like Star Pattern Steel, I think Wan Xiang Tower doesn't have that much in stock." Teng Qingshan spoke. In his previous life, Teng Qingshan knews that many gold shops had a limited amount of gold in stock.

    Yi City is only a small city.

    Wan Xiang Tower is a shop in a small city. Therefore, how much stock would it have of such precious materials?

    "Right, you think more than me, your father. It is possible for Wan Xiang Tower to have no stock." Teng Yongfan came to his senses. Since he is only a commoner living below a mountain, in his eyes, Wan Xiang Tower is an amazing store. Therefore, he didn't think of this. When Teng Qingshan mentioned it, Teng Yongfan understood immediately.

    "Therefore, Father, if I enter the city today, I might not be able to return by today. I must prepare to wait in the city and return to our village after the materials have arrived."

    Teng Yongfan then realized and hastily said, "Yes. Come back after you have the materials. Also, Qingshan, you must be careful in the city."

    "Don't worry, Father." Teng Qingshan chuckled. As a super hitman in his previous life, Teng Qingshan really looked down on the concealment and killing methods of the killers in this time. In Teng Qingshan's eyes, if someone really did follow him, he or she would be searching for their own death.


    That same morning, Teng QIngshan carried the Ten Millennia Coldsteel that weighed Seven Jin and Two Taels in his arms,and took a dozen taels of silver and some copper coins. With a saber in his hand, he entered the city.

    After entering the city, Teng Qingshan first went to the cloth store and spent three Taels of silver to buy a suit for himself. Using three taels of silver to buy clothes and shoes is extravagant for ordinary citizens. However, to internal strength experts, it would only count as keeping a low profile. Teng Qingshan wanted others to be unable to tell his identity.

    As the saying goes, the clothes make the man. After wearing this fine and delicately made azure suit, and with a trenchant saber on his back, he looked like a warrior that had ventured around the whole world.

    He then enjoyed a fancy lunch at a restaurant.

    Teng Qingshan only started walking towards Wan Xiang Tower during the afternoon. The Teng Qingshan at this moment wore an apathetic face. With just a glance, the surrounding pedestrians felt that Teng Qingshan wasn't a good person.

    "Please unequip your weapon when you enter the Wan Xiang Tower." The two ladies carrying swords blocked him simultaneously, stretching their hands to stop him.

    "Hmmph." Coldness flashed in Teng Qingshan's eyes as he glanced at the two ladies.

    "Get lost!"

    Teng Qingshan rushed forward and knocked away these two ladies that possessed internal strength. Immediately, some of the internal strength experts within Wan Xiang Tower approached. These people were all guards. The leader of these people scrutinized Teng Qingshan and gestured as he spoke, "This brother, unequipping your weapon when you enter the Wan Xiang Tower is a rule!"

    Teng Qingshan cast a glance at him with cold-looking eyes. The killing intention within his eyes frightened those people.

    Teng Qingshan climbed out of a pile of dead bodies in his previous life and in this life, he slaughtered a wolf pack when he was ten years old. Teng Qingshan himself is a killing god, therefore, wouldn't scaring these internal strength experts be an easy thing to do?

    "No one in this small Yi City is qualified to make me unequip my weapon." Teng Qingshan held his saber in his hands and stood apathetically as he spoke, "Get your master of the tower or whoever is in charge and bring him here! Today, I have something important to discuss with your master. I don't want to kill people!"

    "Eldest Senior." One of the guards looked towards the person leading.

    "With just a bump, this person caused the two junior sisters to lose their strength to fight back completely. We can't afford to offend him. Quickly, request for Martial Uncle, the master of the tower." The leader of the guards lowered his volume and said.

    Teng Qingshan glanced at these people and cast an indifferent smile.

    The so called rules are for ordinary people. Unequipping weapons? Truly powerful experts viewed their weapons as their life. How would it be possible for them to unequip their weapon just because of a Wan Xiang Tower?
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