Chapter 42: Expert

    Book 2 Chapter 42 Expert

    On the first floor of Wan Xiang Tower, Teng Qingshan held his saber and stood up straight, ignoring the guards.

    "Dong, dong......"

    One of the guards speedily headed upstairs to inform the master of Wan Xiang Tower. Wan Xiang Tower had a total of three levels. Many counters were placed in the first and second levels,  while the third level was forbidden to outsiders. The master of the tower usually stayed in the first room beside the staircase of Wan Xiang Tower.

    "Martial Uncle! Martial Uncle!" The young guard rushed into the room.

    "Shouting like a child, do you have no shame?!" In the room, an elegant middle-age man dressed in white was drawing. After being interrupted, he yelled at the incoming guard.

    "Martial Uncle, an expert is downstairs, and he looks like a very fierce person," the guard hastily spoke.

    "Expert?" The elegant middle-aged man furrowed his brow and placed down his painting brush. He stared at the guard and ordered, "Explain."

    Not forgetting any detail, the guard said, "Just now, the swordsman was unwilling to to unequip his weapon and knocked away the two junior sister at the door. He wouldn't spare a glance at us martial brothers. We didn't dare to make the choice ourselves. In addition, he said that he has matters to discuss with you, therefore....."

    "Don't do anything stupid." The elegant middle-aged man hastily responded, "You guys have practiced internal strength for only slightly over ten years and don't have much experience. It would be fine to fight against ordinary people, but you are still vastly inferior against ruthless experts. Invite him up here. Summon your Eldest Senior and Second Senior as well.

    "Yes, Martial Uncle." The guard immediately left.

    The elegant middle-aged man felt very puzzled as he said to himself, "I wonder who this person is. However, let's take a look first." Wan Xiang Sect didn't have the ambition to conquer the whole world, but their "Wan Xiang Tower" had a branch in every city of the nine continents. Depending on the size of the city, the size of the stores and the numbers of experts varied.

    Within this branch of Wan Xiang Tower, only the master of this tower, an expert who had reached the peak of the Postliminary Realm, was a core member of the Wan Xiang Sect.

    More than half of the members of the whole Wan Xiang Sect had scattered into the various Wan branches of Xiang Tower opened throughout the nine continents. Because the Wan Xiang Sect was extremely wealthy, it was easy to recruit people.

    "Dong, dong....."

    Footsteps rang.

    A young swordsman, along with two guards on either side of him, walked in at the same time. The eyes of the swordsman swept over and locked onto the elegant middle-aged man sitting beside the desk.

    Observing the steps, eyes, and presence of this guest, the head of the tower, who had seen numerous people, instantly had his own judgement. He then said in his mind, "This is a man that kills resolutely. With a fierce and sharp presence, his sword art must be fierce and sharp as well. This must be a very powerful expert." The master of the tower was very clear that different amounts of experience would cause men to produce different kinds of presences.

    For example, wealthy people were often being praised by others; therefore, the way they talked, laughed, and their auras, were all different.

    As for the incompetent people, would they dare to make a show of authority in Wan Xiang Tower like Teng Qingshan? They would probably feel scared when the group of internal strength experts surrounded them and would produce a different kind of presence.

    If a true experts did this, it wouldn't be a show of authority, but the attitude of an expert.

    If the incompetent ones arrogantly refuse to unequip their weapons, they'd be thrown out with their hands and legs broken. However, if an expert refuses to unequip his weapons, the Wan Xiang Tower would welcome them fervently.

    The same action undertaken by different people produced a different result.

    "I am Huo Yan of the Wan Xiang Sect!" The elegant middle-aged man cupped his hand and spoke.

    "Qin Wolf!" Teng Qingshan responded. In his previous life, his brother was named "Qin Hong," and his hitman code name in the Dark World was "Wolf". Therefore, Teng Qingshan made up this pseudonym--Qin Wolf.

    The master of this branch of Wan Xiang Tower, Huo Yan, searched his own mind rapidly but couldn't find anyone named Qin Wolf. However, there were numerous powerful famous people within the nine continents, thus, Huo Yan didn't dare to give a cold shoulder. He smiled and said, "In such a small place as Yi City, it's rare to meet an expert. Brother Qin Wolf, please be seated."

    Teng Qingshan then smiled and promptly sat down.

    "In a place like Yi City, it is rare to meet internal strength experts. However.....Wan Xiang Sect is a great faction indeed. Although many of them are inexperienced, having these many disciples guard the precious items stored here proves that the Wan Xiang Sect is indeed formidable," Teng Qingshan smiled and said simply.

    The facial expression of the two guards changed slightly, but they didn't dare to make any sounds.

    Huo Yan chuckled and responded, "We are only letting these disciples train themselves. In this vast world, the experts would probably still give our Wan Xiang Sect some face.

    At this moment, the maid offered tea.

    "I wonder, what matter does Brother Qin Wolf have with my Wan Xiang Tower?" Huo Yan asked.

    Teng Qingshan took out the Ten Millennia Coldsteel and placed it on the short tea table, causing a "bang' sound. He said with a calm smile, "I ventured this world, practicing the art of sword. A while ago, I happened to find this Ten Millennia Coldsteel in a dangerous place! Therefore, I'd like to make an exchange with Wan Xiang Tower!"

    Huo Yan felt his heart shudder. He hastily examined the ore and even covered it with his hand to look at the pale glow emitted from the piece of Ten Millennia Coldsteel.

    "As expected, it's Ten Millennia Coldsteel. Even the weight matches!" Huo Yan felt the heavy weight in his hand. Afterwards, he tested it with his internal strength, but the Ten Millennia Coldsteel didn't even have a crack. Huo Yan was very sure that this rock was indeed Ten Millennia Coldsteel.

    Huo Yan cast a glance at Teng Qingshan and couldn't help but say to himself, "This Qin Wolf took out a treasure like Ten Millennia Coldsteel with ease. As expected, a man with superb skills is bold!".

    If ordinary people obtained a treasure like this, they would hide it as quickly as they could.

    Huo Yan had noticed that some of the people who came to Wan Xiang Tower to sell precious items would be constantly scheming, worried that someone would take their precious item by force. However, real experts wouldn't care because they were confident in their own strength!

    If you dare to stretch your hand to snatch it, I can break your hand and take it back!

    "Also, precious items such as Ten Millennia Coldsteel are only produced in extremely cold regions. Those that are able to obtain the Ten Millennia Coldsteel in the north sea are usually powerful figures. Brother Qin Wolf did say that he obtained this ore in a dangerous place. Indeed, any place that can nurture this Ten Millennia Coldsteel is inherently a dangerous place. It seems that this young swordsman is exceptionally strong." Huo Yan knew very clearly that a person's ability couldn't be judged through their appearance.

    Internal strength experts didn't look old. Even a young man that looked twenty years old might really be thirty or forty years old

    Like Huo Yan himself looked forty year old but was actually sixty years old.

    "Brother Qin Wolf, this is without a doubt Ten Millennia Coldsteel. I wonder for what price you would like to sell this for?" Huo Yan asked. The moment this question was asked, the two guards standing besides Teng Qingshan looked at each other. It was obvious that they were envious.

    "Price?" Teng Qingshan chuckled and looked at Huo Yan, "The Purple Radiant Coldsteel is an extremely precious treasure used to forge weapons. Would I exchange it for silver?"

    Hearing this, Huo Yan smiled awkwardly.

    "I won't sell. I will only trade!" Teng Qingshan stared at Huo yan as he exclaimed.

    "I wonder what kind of treasure you want in exchange?" Huo Yan asked.

    "Star Pattern Steel!" Teng Qingshan answered. "My Ten Millennia Coldsteel weighs seven Jin two Taels. I'm prepared to exchange it for 110 Jin of Star Pattern Steel. Of course, Ten Millennia Coldsteel cost more than this. You can use gold or silver notes to buy the remainder of the Coldsteel." Teng Qingshan spoke his words very frankly.

    Huo Yan pondered in silence and replied, "Seven Jin Two Taels.....Wan Xiang Tower is willing to exchange it for 110 Jin of Star Pattern Steel, plus 500 taels of Yang Yan Gold Notes! Brother Qin Wolf, what do you think about this offer?"

    Comparing Purple Radiant Coldsteel's normal price of twenty Jin of gold per Jin of Purple Radiant Coldsteel, Huo Yan's offer was a lot higher.

    "This Ten Millennia Coldsteel is a lot more precious than the Star Pattern Steel. It's something with a demand but no supply! The offer you gave is slightly low." Teng Qingshan responded with a calm smile.

    Ten Millennia Coldsteel was invincible. With its qualities, many internal strength experts only dreamed of having a weapon made of this metal. Since it had a demand but no supply, the real price of the Ten Millennia Coldsteel, normally in exchange for  one Jin of Purple Radiant Coldsteel, should be more than twenty Jin of gold. In addition, when sold in Wan Xiang Tower, Star Pattern Steel was worth its weight in gold. Since Wan Xiang Tower strived to make a profit, it bought Star Pattern Steel at a lower value, so in actuality, it was slightly cheaper than gold.

    "This........" Huo Yan hesitated slightly but gnashed his teeth and said, "110 Jin of Star Pattern Steel plus 600 taels of Yang Yan Gold Notes. This is the highest offer I can make."

    "Good." Teng Qingshan nodded. "However, please change these gold notes into gold bars. I prefer not to use gold notes."

    "No problem." Huo Yan replied. A small fee was charged  when one  exchanged notes in a bank, but Wan Xiang Tower wasn't very petty. "However, Brother Qin Wolf, You should also understand that the Yi City's branch of Wan Xiang Tower doesn't have that much Star Pattern Steel in stock."

    "I understand this." Teng Qingshan smiled and asked, "How long would it take you to prepare the all of the Star Pattern Steel?"

    "I will send immediately send someone to the Jiangning prefecture, three hundred Li away. It will definitely be ready by this time tomorrow," Huo Yan answered.

    "Do you have any place here for one to stay? I will wait for you in that location." Teng Qingshan smiled faintly.

    The two guards looked at each other, secretly admiring him in their hearts. He actually had the audacity to stay within Wan Xiang Tower and not even worry that Wan Xiang Tower would kill him and take away the ore. Indeed, men with exceptional ability were brave.

    "No problem." Huo Yan smiled." Brother Qin Wolf, you can hold onto this Ten Millennia Coldsteel. We can exchange tomorrow at this time.


    Behind the Wan Xiang Tower, there were large yards and a numerous houses. The guards, maids, and even Huo Yan - the head of the Tower- lived here. Teng Qingshan was arranged to live in a room that was decorated elegantly.  If it was the large lodge, a room like this would definitely be the Heaven's Room.

    TLN: The name of the best room in lodges.

    By evening, Wan Xiang Tower had already closed.

    In the spacious yard behind Wan Xiang Tower, many guards were improving each other's' martial arts by competing with one another.

    "Brother Qin Wolf, look. What do you think about their sword technique?" Huo Yan and Teng Qingshan stood shoulder to shoulder at the corridor

    Teng Qingshan cast a glance and smiled, "The sword techniques of Wan Xiang Sect are extraordinary indeed.  I've seen the experts of Wan Xiang Sect fight, and their swords are as fast as lightning, both swift and fierce. As for the sword techniques of these disciples, they have form but no meaning. They lack experience with real life-or-death battles."

    Those young men and women stared at Teng Qingshan with eyes showing disdain towards such a statement.

    "These young individuals are very arrogant. Receiving such a judgement, how could they be satisfied?"

    "Brother Qin Wolf, how about you instruct the these juniors?" Huo Yan asked with a smile.

    "It's been awhile since I've fought." Teng Qingshan chuckled as he walked down the stairs. Teng Qingshan didn't want any thieves appearing tonight, so therefore, he decided to reveal a fraction of his true ability.

    The lead guard, who was also the Eldest Senior, gestured and said, "Please."

    "I will fight all of you at once," Teng Qingshan responded calmly.

    The expression of these martial brothers changed drastically. This 'Qin Wolf' was actually so arrogant! Huo Yan, who was standing at the corridor, changed his facial expression and announced with a smile, "You won't get a second chance once you've missed the chance of getting instructed by Brother Qin Wolf. Ask Brother Qin Wolf for advices. It won't be embarrassing if you lose.

    "Watch out for his saber." The young girl that was knocked away by Teng Qingshan this afternoon had been angry for a long time. She was the first to come forth. With a sword in hand, she let out a shout and flew towards Teng Qingshan, stabbing her sword towards him. The Eldest Senior also followed. The long sword in his hand actually materialized three sword figures, covering Teng Qingshan's head.

    The two were working together in this fight.

    Teng Qingshan stood at the same spot, watching the two long swords stabbing towards him. His vision froze as his right hand moved as fast as lightning.

    Clang! Clang!

    As two sounds rang, the two long swords were knocked away simultaneously, falling onto the ground.

    The girl and the Eldest Senior's hands trembled as they stared at Teng Qingshan in shock. The surrounding martial brothers and sisters witnessing this scene were shocked to the point that their eyes widened and mouths were agape. The Eldest Senior was the strongest of them all, while that girl was also an internal strength expert. However, the opponent actually hadn't drawn his saber, yet he knocked away the sharp swords by using his fingers.

    How strong must the strength of his fingers be?! Such strong eyesight!

    "Practice thrusting your sword. Your heart and hands aren't even stable, yet you still want to kill your opponent? There's no need for you to practice such a complicated sword technique for now. Practice the most basic technique, which is thrusting your sword, every day." Teng Qingshan then looked at that the Eldest Senior and said, "As for you, you need to build your foundation. When the internal strength divides into the three sword figures, the only result will be the power of the three sword figures being weak. To the ones weaker than you, you can win without using this technique. However, the ones that are stronger than you can see through your sword technique with one glance."

    The eyes of the group of young guys and girls brightened as they stared at Teng Qingshan with admiration, and they carefully listened to this advice. They were only the fringe members of the Wan Xiang Sect, and it was usually rare for them to get instructions from experts. In their eyes, they have already seen Teng Qingshan as a super powerful expert - an expert that was even stronger than their teacher.

    Without drawing his own saber, he knocked away the two swords with his fingers. An ability like this definitely belonged to the Postliminary realm.

    Teng Qingshan was the grandmaster of the Xing Yi Martial Art in his previous life. He reached the "One with the Spear" Realm before he was ten years old. Compared to these men and women who haven't had much experience, he was a lot stronger.

    "Haha, Brother Qin Wolf's finger techniques are quick and simple yet very powerful. I wonder how swift and fierce Brother Qin Wolf's sword art really is." Huo yan laughed, "Being able to meet and know Brother Qin Wolf, I, Huo Yan, am very happy. The feast has been prepared. I must have a few good drinks with you, Brother Qin Wolf."

    Teng Qingshan smiled and walked away with Huo Yan, leaving the young men and women to discuss with each other in surprise.
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