Chapter 45: Reincarnation

    Book 2 Chapter 45 Reincarnation

    "The name of the spear......." Teng Qingshan stared at this Godly Weapon and looked at the two people beside him, his father and Grandfather, the two that didn't rest for thirty six hours just to forge it for him. Teng Qingshan suddenly felt slightly emotional. In his previous life, he was alone, but in this life, he had parents that love him, a cute sister and many honest clan members.

    The previous and present life seemed to be a reincarnation and this life rounded off the regrets in his previous life.

    "I will call this spear Reincarnation." Teng Qinsgshan said.

    "Reincarnation?" Teng Yongfan and Teng Yunlong glanced at each other. They themselves had thought of many names, like Frost Steel Spear, Purple Pattern Spear, Frost Star Spear, etc. However, they never thought about the name, Reincarnation. Pondering for a few moments, Grandfather Teng Yunlong laughed and said, "Reincarnation...Reincarnation, Reincarnation of the underworld! Once this spear appears, the enemy will face the nightmare of the extreme depths of hell. Good name with profound meaning! Yongfan, your son, Qingshan, is more powerful than you. Even the name he chose is so good."

    "If he isn't more powerful than me, then wouldn't that mean that the next generation is worse than the previous generation?"

    Teng Qingshan was only feeling emotional about his previous life and this life, and thinking about how uncertain life can be. Therefore, he named the spear, "Reincarnation,' but who would have thought that his grandfather and father would think so much.

    "Qingshan try and see how this spear is." Teng Yunlong prompted.

    Teng Yongfan's eyes were also glowing. If his son could use this godly spear, which he had forged with utmost effort, then he himself wouldn't have any regrets as a father.

    While feeling the coldness coming from the spear shaft, Teng Qingshan's right hand moved and held the end of the long spear. The 180 Jin (90kg) long spear was then held straight out horizontally. Teng Qingshan then spoke, "Father, Grandfather, please step back." As he was speaking, he was also feeling the strength of this Reincarnation Spear.

    Because the materials of the spear varied, different spears have different difficulty levels for sensing their strength.

    Like this Reincarnation Spear, it weight 108 Jin and its shaft is dense. Therefore the difficulty in sensing the strength is greater.

    However, Teng Qingshan, who had already reached the One with the Spear Realm, Could completely sense and understand the strength of Reincarnation after holding it for only a short moment.


    Teng Qingshan pulled the long spear forcefully and lifted the spear with his left hand as his right hand shook. In an instant, the long spear created circular illusions, obscuring Qingshan, then just as suddenly came to a halt. Yet, the moving spearhead was still trembling. Teng Qingshan then exerted force with his right hand and the head of the long spear thrust forcefully forward three times.

    Pu! Pu! Pu!

    The speed was so quick that explosions of air rang out.

    In the description of spear techniques in his previous life, there was a saying, "One is afraid of the stick nodding and afraid of the spear being round." When normal spear art experts perform their spear arts, the spearhead would move back and forth, causing people to be unable to guess it's path, and thus, the Spear could pierce a person dead in an instant. However, for the ones that reached the 'One with the Spear' realm, they wanted steadiness! They desired absolute accuracy!

    TLN: (One is afraid of the stick nodding and afraid of the spear being round) It means when people fight against the ones that use spear, they should beware of the spear revolving and if they fight against ones using sticks, they should beware of the stick shuddering.

    As the saying goes, when you see a mountain, it's a mountain, when you see water, it's water; when you see a mountain, it's not a mountain, when you see water, it's not water; when you see a mountain, it's still a mountain, when you see water, it's still water. This threefold state can also apply to spear arts.

    TLN: (When you see a mountain, it's a mountain, when you see water, it's water. ): This means the beginning of our life, we, being innocent and naive, see things with pure childlike eyes and see things as it is.

    (When you see a mountain, it's not a mountain, when you see water, it's not water): The second state of life, in which the things that you see might not be real. We began to think more when we see things, therefore, the mountain we see could be something else, and the water we see, could be something else.

    (When you see a mountain, it's still a mountain, when you see water, it's still water): The third state of life. After seeing and experiencing the things in this world, you return to the original purity and simplicity.

    This time, the mountain you see is still a mountain and the water you see is still water. However, these things have a different meaning to you now.

    One is afraid of the spear being round! That is what ordinary practitioners of the spear pursue.

    A true expert wanted absolute control. If I want to pierce through only half of a tofu, I definitely won't pierce through even a bit more. If I want to pierce the fly on the glass dead, I definitely won't damage the glass.

    This is accurate!

    When Teng Qingshan used the long spear, the Spear was as fast as lightning and it could change it's path suddenly. Wherever it wanted to thrust, it could thrust. A person that could combine the abstract and the concrete was the true expert of the spear arts. An expert that could cause people to lose their defense.

    "Toxic Dragon Drill!"

    Teng Qingshan was performing at the highest level. His right hand held the centre of the S\spear shaft and his innner strength was imbued into the long spear.

    The instant the long spear moved like a drill--


    A cacophonous explosion rang out, like the sound of a thunder during spring, frightening Teng Yongfan and Teng Yunlong that were nearby. The whole Teng Jia Village suddenly became noisy as many of the clan members yelled, "The fryer exploded!" as they ran towards the weapon warehouse.

    The instant the long spear shot out of his hand, Teng Qingshan hastily grabbed the end of the long spear and was pulled two steps forward before he could secure his grip on the long spear.

    The Toxic Dragon Drill had extremely great power. With the force of a drill and also the temporary moment of the spear flying out of the hand's control it had incredible destructive potential. However, with Teng Qingshan's skill in spear arts, he could totally pull the spear back instantly and change his mode from attack to defense.

    "Amazing kid!" Teng Yunlong shouted, "What technique is this? It can probably blast a hill apart."

    "Haha, Qingshan, hear what's happening outside. The clan members have all run here." Teng Yongfan laughed.

    Teng Qingshan heard that some clan members outside yelling that the fryer exploded and didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. Simultaneously, he felt extremely excited. "As expected, this Reincarnation Spear is extraordinary. It could actually withstand my strength of over ten thousand Jin and my entire internal strength, and this isn't even the limit of this Reincarnation Spear.

    In the past, when using the Damascus Steel Spear, Teng Qingshan could feel the Damascus Steel Spear trembling from within. It seemed to be the feeling of the metal being pressured to the limit and about to break into pieces.

    Teng Qingshan had to try and assist the Damascus Steel Spear through his internal strength. As he was worried that the Damascus Steel Spear would break into pieces, he couldn't bring his full ability into play.

    "This showed my power completely. The technique, Toxic Dragon Drill, has great force. If I had this Reincarnation Spear during the battle with that Flood Dragon, even if that Flood Dragon did win, it wouldn't be able to win that easily." Teng Qingshan remembered that he had relied on the Damascus Steel Spear to perform the "Toxic Dragon Drill" that day and could only pierce the scales of the Flood Dragon.

    It couldn't even pierce through the internal muscles.

    If the Reincarnation spear was used, he might be able to pierce even deeper. However, Teng Qingshan still has no confidence in killing a monster like the Flood Dragon. Since...... the Flood Dragon's strength, defense, and the black mist that it sprayed all caused Teng Qingshan to feel fear.

    "Let's go. We should go out and tell the clan members that there wasn't an explosion." Teng Yunlong laughed out loud as he walked towards the gate.

    Teng Qingshan and Teng Yongfan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. They could only walk out together.


    To a true warrior, a godly weapon is his own brother. The days after he had obtained the Reincarnation Spear, Teng Qingshan had been researching on the use of this spear every day. However, Teng Qingshan only used ten percent of his strength to practice his spear every time as he was afraid that it would be too noisy and cause the clan members to be shocked.

    Half a month later, in the forest located west of Teng Jia Village, Teng Qinghu found Teng Qingshan, who was practicing the Spear Arts.

    "Qingshan, my father has discussed with the people of the Great Li Village and they have decided that the day of the marriage will be the sixth day of the third month!" Teng Qinghu said excitedly to Teng Qingshan, who was by his side, "Haha. There's only one month left. Teng Qingshan, you must come with me during that time. Didn't you want to we what your sister in law looks like? You will know at that time."

    Look at you being pleased with yourself." Teng Qingshan laughed.

    "Hehe, marriage. I have made up my mind that I will only marry this one." Teng Qinghu said happily.

    "Look at your silly appearance." Teng Qingshan understood that a person's first love affects them greatly. Just like Teng Qinghu, falling in love with a woman at first sight and getting married the first time soon. Now, he was even announcing that he is going to marry only one in the future. Teng Qingshan could totally imagine Teng Qinghu's mentality.

    "Qingshan, you are my best brother. On the sixth day of the third month, you must come with me during the groom's progression." Teng Qinghu hastily said.

    TLN: Groom's Progression: The bridegroom goes to the bride's home to escort her to the wedding.

    "Don't worry. I will definitely go. By the way, many of the villagers will go as well right?" Teng Qingshan questioned.

    "Yeah. My father, my grandpa, and some clan members. There will be at least a dozen people going." Teng Qinghu answered.

    The villagers of Teng Jia Village lived a peaceful life. As days passed by, the day of the wedding soon arrived.

    The sixth day of the third month was the most fortuitous day of this recent two to three months according to the culture. Marriage and departure would be best to be on this day. During the morning of this sixth day of the third month, the sun hung high up in the sky. Red silk cloths were hung over the entrance of the Teng Jia Village and there were also big red flowers. Everything was joyous.

    The Teng Jia Village entrance opened as many people saw off the groom's progression.

    Many of the people in the groom's progression relied on walking as the means of transportation. Only the clan chief, Teng Yunlong, and the bridegroom, Teng Qinghu, rode a Yellow Mane Horse. The Yellow Mane Horse was the local horse of the Yangzhou city. One cost more than ten taels of silver, which was slightly cheaper compared to others. However, ordinary commoners had no need to use horses.

    Cows were used for farming.

    It would be fine to enter the city with two legs. Many villages didn't even have a horse. For Teng Jia Village to have two horses was considered good.

    "Haha, Qinghu, straighten your back. Today is the sixth day of the third month, the day of your marriage. You must let the people of the Great Li Village see what the men of our Teng Jia Village look like." Teng Yunlong was extremely happy, because Teng Qinghu was his grandson. The grandson was getting married, of course the grandfather would feel happy.

    "Qinghu, be careful. Don't dirty your groom's cloth." Many of the clan members surrounding Cinghu teased him.

    Teng Qinghu only smiled in response.

    "Alright. Let's go!" Teng Yunlong ordered.

    The groom's progression immediately departed towards the Great Li Village and Teng Qingshan was one of the members in this groom's progression. Of course, he had to rely on his two legs to walk, since the village had only two horses.

    "According to this speed, it would be afternoon when we reach the Great Li Village. We can eat some sweet dumplings or something similar there, and hurry back to our village, just in time to set up a banquet." Teng Qingshan had seen many people get married. As the number one hero of the village, he had accompanied the groom's progression more than once, therefore, he was very familiar with the process.

    As the breeze blew and the sun high up in the sky shone brightly, the groom's procession headed towards the Great Li Village with laughter resounding along the way.
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