Chapter 46: Local Tyrant

    Book 2 Chapter 46 Local Tyrant

    A red cloth and a large red flower hung on Great Li Village's entrance, a commemoration to an extremely joyous occasion.

    There were many people standing at the entrance, looking off into the western distance.

    "The people from the Teng Jia Village still haven't arrived."

    "Third Elder Li, why don't you wait at home? There's no need to be rushed?" A few villagers laughed and made fun of a simple yet honest middle aged man. This middle aged man was the father of Li Luoxiang, today's bride. "Father of Luoxiang, go home and get yourself ready. It won't belong before they arrive."A woman dragged Third Elder Li towards his home."

    Third Elder Li also laughed, and together with his wife, he returned to his home.

    "Our Luoxiang marrying into the Teng Jia Village really is a blessing. Her fiancee can even lift 2000 Jin." Third Elder Li walked while sighing in exclamation. "2000 Jin... Within our entire Great Li Village, no one is capable of such a feat. In the future, our family's Luoxiang will enjoy good fortune."

    "It seems you are very happy." His wife also laughed.

    "I only have this one daughter; how could I not be happy?" Third Elder Li was quite complacent.

    His daughter was able to marry such a powerful man, causing Third Elder Li's reputation in the Great Li Village to multiplied. During his lifetime, he had been quite docile and remained in obscurity. However, because his daughter was able to marry such a formidable man, who in the entire village wouldn't look up to Third Elder Li?

    At this moment--

    The ground started to shake.

    "The sound of horses! The Teng Jia Village members have arrived." Third Elder Li was overjoyed and turned around. He began running towards the entrance of Great Li Village.

    "It sounds very similarly to a herd of horses belonging to gangsters that have arrived to collect their annual tribute." The woman ran towards the source of the noise while talking.

    "Bullsh*t, what time of the year are we in right now? Time to collect the annual tribute? This Teng Jia Village has definitely arranged for a parade of horses to flaunt their prestige." Third Elder Li jubilantly said, but in that moment‒‒

    "Mounted gangsters have arrived!"

    "Members of the White Horse Gang have arrived!"

    Successive loud shouts resounded from up ahead. Numerous Great Li Village clansmen drew their sabers and spears while rushing towards the entrance. Third Elder Li was also somewhat dumbstruck. "It really is the White Horse Gang." Third Elder Li reacted very quickly and rushed forwards with the large group of clansmen.


    In Great Li Village's spacious training field, a myriad of clansmen gripped their weapons tightly while fearfully looking at the large group of mounted gangsters. The mounted gangsters that had forcefully entered the training field numbered in the hundreds. Moreover, there was another large group of mounted gangsters outside of Great Li Village's entrance. This Great Li village had never seen the White Horse Gang dispatch this many people and horses before.

    "Young Chief, we have already paid this year's tribute. I do not know the Young Chief has come to our Great Li Village." One of the Great Li Elders opened his mouth and spoke.

    Sitting on a cyan bristled Treading In Snow horse was a sturdy male with a body like an iron tower. The male was wearing cyan armour and had a helmet on his head. Even the Treading In Snow horse he was riding was wearing armor. This man was the White Horse Gang's second ranked expert‒‒Young Chief "Hong Zhenjie"!

    This White Horse Gang's Young Chief coldly stared through the slits his helmet.

    "It seems that your Great Li village is having a joyous occasion today." The Young Chief's voice resonated, "There are many people waiting at the entrance. They are waiting to welcome someone right?" This Young Chief really was intelligent. With one glance, he was able to infer that Great Li Village was either marrying a woman into the village or marrying a woman out of the village.

    "This..." The Li Clan Chief slightly hesitated before saying, "Young Chief, today our Great Li Village is marrying one of our women to another village."

    "Eh, bring her here for me to see." The Young Chief indifferently instructed.

    "We cannot...." The Chief of the Li Clan had yet to finish speaking when...

    "Pa!" A long spear smacked into the Li Clan Chief's body and smacked his body into the air. He heavily landed on the ground and spat two mouthfuls of blood. To the side of the Young Chief was a mounted gangster holding a spear while wearing an identical set of full body of armour. He coldly yelled through his helmet, "Old geezer, the Young Chief has requested for you to bring the bride to him. If you speak another rebellious word, I will kill you."

    The group of Great Li villagers were so shocked that they didn't dare move.

    The White Horse Gang was internally divided into elite and regular mounted gangsters. Surrounding the Young Chief was a group of mounted gangsters completely covered in armor. It was clear that they were part of the elite group.

    "Third Elder Li, bring your daughter here." The Li Clan Chief clenched his teeth before yelling.

    Third Elder Li's body shivered.

    "The Young Chief looking at your daughter is a fortune to her. Quickly go," The Li Clan Chief subsequently yelled. He also felt something was wrong...because even when the White Horse Gang came to collect their annual tax, they usually never dispatched this many elite troops. The group of mounted gangsters surrounding the Young Chief, including their horses, were all wearing armour.

    Just a mere set of armour most likely cost a fortune.

    Third Elder Li quickly ran to his home and brought his daughter, who was about to be married, to the martial training field. Li Luoxiang was wearing a red wedding dress, her face full of fear.

    "This...this is the maiden about to be married to the Teng Jia Village today," The Li Clan Chief proceeded to say.

    Mounted on his horse, the Young Chief, Hong Zhenjie, examined the bride below him. However, Li Luoxiang lowered her head and didn't dare to lift it. The Young Chief coldly yelled, "Lift your head!"

    Li Luoxiang's entire body shook, but she didn't dare resist. She lifted her head and looked at the Young Chief on his battle horse.

    "Your appearance isn't bad." The Young Chief laughed as he closely examined her before saying to the mounted gangster beside him, "This young woman's looks aren't that bad. Brothers, today we are about to eradicate the Iron Mountain Gang. We will take this bride with us to reward ourselves. Come, prepare to take this bride with us."

    Immediately, a few mounted gangsters leapt off their horses and walked towards Li Luoxiang.

    "My lord, you cannot." Third Elder Li stood in front of Li Luoxiang and instantly kneeled.

    Li Luoxiang's face was deathly pale. Today, she was supposed to marry the man of her dreams. She had envisioned herself giving birth to two or three children for her husband while happily living her life. How would she have known that on this day, she would unexpectedly come across such a situation.

    "Beat it!" Among the three mounted gangsters that had gotten off their horses, one kicked Third Elder Li while another grabbed Li Luoxiang.

    "No, no, my husband is Teng Jia Village's Teng Qinghu! You cannot take me!" Li Luoxiang seemed to have gone crazy as she suddenly gave a desperate yell. Li Luoxiang clearly understood that once she was brought back to the mounted gangsters' lair, what greeted her was more terrifying than entering hell.

    The Li Clan Chief proceeded to say: "Young Chief, Luoxiang is to marry Teng Jia Village's Teng Qinghu. The people of Teng Village are about to arrive."

    "Don't even bother mentioning Teng Qinghu. Even if it was the wife of Teng Qingshan, Teng Jia Village's number one hero, I would still bring her with me today." The Young Chief, Hong Zhenji, gave a contemptuous stare at the surrounding group before pointing at three members of the Great Li Village. "This, this and that girl, bring them all with us! Eradicating the Iron Mountain Gang is worthy of a joyous occasion for us brothers."

    "Yes, Young Chief!"

    Numerous mounted gangsters excitedly jumped off their horses and grabbed the three girls. This Hong Zhenjie seemed to be particularly fond of young girls. These three girls seemed around 14-15 years old and had most likely just become adults.

    "Release my daughter!" A large man roared in indignation. Wielding an axe, he rushed forward and swung at a mounted gangster.

    A full body armoured mounted gangster on top of his war horse brandished the long spear in his hand. Like a phantom image‒‒


    The long spear stabbed into the large man's stomach. The man's eyes opened wide like copper bells, and as the mounted gangster on his war horse coldly removed his spear, fresh blood started to flow.

    "Great Master!"

    "Great Master!"

    Numerous youngsters from Great Li Village began to sorrowfully cry out.

    Sitting aloofly atop his horse, the Young Chief Hong Zhenjie indifferently said, "Today is the sixth day of the third month; a great day! It is also the day my White Horse Gang will annihilate the Iron Mountain Gang. It is best for you Great Li Village to remain obedient; otherwise, I will do everything I can to massacre everyone in Great Li Village before we eliminate the Iron Mountain Gang."

    The men of Great Li Village were so angry they started to shake, but they didn't dare say anything.

    Just now, the mounted gangster wearing armor, in a mere single strike, had killed their clan's Great Master. This time, in order to eliminate the Iron Mountain Gang, White Horse Gang had dispatched unconditional elite troops. Eradicating their Great Li Village wouldn't take very long if undertaken by the White horse Gang's elite troops.

    "Brothers, let's leave!" Hong Zhenjie yelled in a clear voice.

    Immediately, the group of mounted gangsters riding horses left. The girls who had been captured mournfully called out, but despite their yelling, the Great Li Village clansmen didn't dare to make even the slightest resistance. On the ground, the blood from the Great Master's corpse had yet to flow away, and it sat there in harsh daylight.

    "Li Clan Chief..." A gathering of clansmen were tearing up as they looked at the Li Clan Chief.

    The Li Clan Chief lifted his head towards the heavens as teardrops fell from his eyes: "This White Horse Gang is our local tyrant. If we resist, that would be the same as courting death!" Living in such a chaotic world, commoners had their own ways of conducting themselves within society. When facing a terrifying gang like the White Horse Gang, unless they were at a life or death situation, they wouldn't dare resist.

    The clansmen of Great Li Village lifted their Great Master's corpse and comforted the clansmen who had lost their daughters.

    In the blink of an eye, a joyous event had turned into a funeral arrangement.

    They were at a loss when facing the White Horse Gang, the local tyrants of Yi City's hegemon that controlled their lives. They could only endure the humiliation. This was not the first time their women were stolen.

    Not long after.

    "Clan Chief, Clan Chief, Teng jia Village's marriage escort group has arrived." From the entrance to Great Li Village, clansmen saw a marriage escort group comprising of a few tens of people in the distance. Furthermore, sitting proudly on top of a large horse was a groom dressed in red. The Great Li Village clansmen promptly went to the training field to notify the Li Clan Chief.

    The Li Clan Chief's face changed, and he bitterly laughed. "How can our Great Li Village justify ourselves to the Teng Jia Village clansmen!?" He subsequently clenched his teeth and looked at the surrounding clansmen. "Even without face, we must go. Walk, accompany me as I greet them."
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