Chapter 50: Horrifying pebbles

    Book 2 Chapter 50 Horrifying pebbles

    "Neigh~~" Many mounted bandits of the White Horse Battalion pulled back their reins, afraid that they might trample their leader's corpse.

    A figure rapidly dashed through the cavalry unit, arriving beside the corpse. This figure was Master Hong Si, whose face expression was very ghastly. Master Hong Si touched his beloved disciple's neck, and scrutinized the holes on the back of the armor worn by his beloved disciple. He was secretly shocked, as he questioned in his mind, "What kind of concealed weapon did this? It could actually penetrate both layers of armor on the chest and the back?"

    Raising his head, Master Hong Si glared at the Second brother of the Wang Clan with eyes of a venomous snake, "I didn't expect the three brothers of the Wang clan to actually have helpers!"

    The art of the concealed weapon is a very difficult art to practice.

    To become an expert on the art of the concealed weapon, adequate wrist strength and special methods of using the internal strength would be needed.

    "Brothers, charge and surround them." Master Hong Si roared in anger, "Neither of these two Wang Clan brothers will escape today." With this cry, he held the long sword and dashed towards the two brothers of the Wang Clan at lightning speed. He was so fast, that only after images of his figure could be seen.


    The cavalry of the White Horse Battalion galloped their horses at full speed, dashing along the paths within the mountain fortress. One should know that this is the den of the Iron Mountain Gang, and is large enough to accommodate thousands of people. There are often large amount of people training and men riding horses in this large fortress, as it is several Li long and wide.

    "Haha, Old Hong. You better watch out for my brother's concealed weapon." The escaping Wang Tieshan suddenly had an epiphany and laughed as he spoke clearly.

    Master Hong Si had a cold and gloomy expression, but didn't even answer as he continued chasing at full speed.

    At this moment, many of the cavalrymen of the White Horse Battalion galloping their horses had already dashed in front of the brothers and one by one, they jumped all dismounted. Dressed in armor, they completely surrounded the two brothers of the Wang Clan.

    "Big brother, the situation isn't looking good. The Second leader, Wang Tiefeng felt anxious.

    "Just kill!" Wang Tieshan licked his lips as his eyes flashed with the fierceness of a wild wolf. "We have experts helping us in the dark. Today, it is still uncertain whether if it will be us dying or that Old man Hong dying.

    As Wang Tiefeng thought of the concealed weapon just now, a sense of confidence rose within his heart.


    In the attic, Teng Qingshan gazed on at the two Wang brothers being surrounded by Master Hong Si and the men of the White Horse Battalion. As for the other men of the White Horse Gang, they went around killing the men of the Iron Mountain Gang, makinging the Iron Mountain Gang unable to help the two Wang brothers.

    "This Master Hong Si is very cautious indeed. When examining the two Wang brothers, he didn't dare to let his guard down one bit." Teng Qingshan could tell with one glance that Master Hong Si's speed was obviously slower than in the beginning. His eyes also occasionally glanced in this direction as the concealed weapon was shot .

    However, the concealed weapon was too quick; nobody knew where it came from.

    "Old man......don't you hurry. Just wait a while and I will send you off." Teng Qingshan left this attic silently.

    Because Master Hong Si and the others had already ran to the corners of the large amounts of houses, Teng Qingshan wouldn't find a chance to kill in the attic.

    As for killing Master Hong Si......

    Teng Qingshan was very confident. In his previous life, the flying knife thrown by Teng Qingshan held an even stronger force than bullets. The pebbles thrown were slightly weaker, but still possessed force similar to bullets. If pebbles thrown in his previous life were as strong as bullets, then pebbles thrown in this life would be the same as armor piercing bullets!

    It could even pierce through steel plates!

    With extreme speed, even flying leaves would be able to kill people, let alone pebbles.


    In the alleys of the large neighboorhood, a bloody battle was going on.

    "Haha, everyone die!" Wang Tiefeng roared as he madly waved the pair of Red Copper Hammers in his hand around. One goon of the White Horse Battalion was rushing towards Wang Tiefeng when Wang Tiefeng's hammer flew out of his hand, pulverizing his assailant's head. Even with the protection of his helmet, his head still exploded with blood bursting out, dying at the spot.

    Wang Tiefeng's hammers could protect his whole body.

    In comparison to Wang Tiefeng, Wang Tieshan was even more scary.

    If the machete, which was as long as one man, was waved, then it would be like a huge cleaver. One strike fortified with internal strength could easily slash the armored bandits into half.

    "You two have nowhere to run!" Exclaimed Master Hong Si.

    Master Hong Si, who had a gloomy and cold expression, flew towards them at high speeds. The long saber in his hand instantly transformed into nine saber shadows as he struck it towards Wang Tiefeng.

    "Clang!" "Clang!" "Clang!"......

    Wang Tiefeng's Red Copper Hammers waved as he roared, "Eighteen Mountain Hammer Blast!" Figures of the hammers flew back and forth as it clashed with the long saber. Powerful internal strength burst out; holes and cracks appeared on the walls of the houses around them.


    The figure of the sword turned and slashed a weird path towards Wang Tiefeng's throat. Wang Tiefeng's facial expression immediately soured.


    Suddenly, a machete interceded and blocked this deadly strike. It was his big brother, Wang Tieshan, that saved him. Wang Tiefeng roared, and the Red Copper Hammer in his hand flew out, darting towards Master Hong Si, who was in front. Master Hong Si rapidly withdrew his saber and easily dodged the hammer.

    "Second brother, go to the rooftop." Wang Tieshan hastily shouted.

    With this, Wang Tieshan and Wang Tiefeng immediately leaped up the rooftop.

    "Eh?" Master Hong Si's face darkened as he said to himself, "That Concealed weapon expert hiding in the dark would see me easily on the rooftop, and it would be dangerous by then, as he would be able to easily eliminate me." Although he struggled with the thought for a moment, due his self-confidence of his strength and determination to kill to the two Wang brothers Master Hong Si only hesitated for a second before also leaping up the rooftop.

    The rooftop was not considered solid, but these three people are all experts of the internal strength. As they ignited their internal strength, each one of them became as light as feather.



    A large amount of the men of the White Horse Battalion below thrusted their long spears upwards to attack the two Wang brothers on the rooftop while the two Wang Brothers could only dodge.

    "Big Brother, if the group of White Horse Gangsters saw us on the rooftop, we would be in danger too." Wang Tiefeng hastily said as he knocked away an arrow shooting towards him! At this time, more and more of the White Horse Gangsters gathered at the surrounding.

    " That Concealed weapon expert can only see and kill him if and when he is up here with us on the rooftop.." Wang Tiefeng said deeply at the same time. "Don't dwell on other things now. Just dash northwest and even better if we get into the Great Yan Mountain!" Wang Tieshan and Wang Tiefeng were both dressed in armor, but this armor can only defend against ordinary arrows.

    However, it would be difficult to defend against the thrusting of the large amount of long spears.

    If the two hundred cavalrymen of the White Horse Battalion charged forward on their war horses, then the strength of one spear could totally pierce through iron. Even without the war horses, with the sheer strength of the White Horse Battalion warriors, the strength of the spear cannot be underestimated.

    "Big Brother, that Old fox is here." Wang Tiefeng hastily said.


    The rapid figure of a sword shot towards Wang Tiefeng like a current. Wang Tiefeng roared loudly and smashed it with his Red Copper Hammer, but at this moment, coldness flashed in Master Hong Si's eyes as his faced flushed suddenly. The long saber in Master Hong Si's hand lowered and dodged the strike of the Red Copper Hammer, and the speed of the long saber suddenly accelerated to a horrifying degree.


    Only a gust of wind was felt sweeping past as Wang Tiefeng froze, a crack slowly spreading across the armor on his chest as blood seeped out.

    The two Red Copper Hammers dropped loudly, smashing through the rooftop and falling down.

    "Second Brother!" Wang Tieshan's face expression changed drastically.

    Wang Tiefeng fell from the rooftop, his body divided into two as fresh blood dyed the ground red.

    "Wang Tieshan, it's just you left now." Master Hong Si's reddened face gradually returned to normal. He looked at Wang Tieshan with a indifferent sneer, "You should accompany your two brothers in the netherworld." At this point, Master Hong Si was very confident. If it's one versus one, he would definitely win.


    A terrifying sharp howl rang!!

    Like a shooting star, something rapidly flew over ten Zhang.

    "Too fast." Master Hong Si was a veteran, and had never let his guard down against the concealed weapon expert. His face changed drastically and reddened as the long saber in his hand slashed a streak of illusion.


    That concealed weapon hit on the surface of the long saber, knocking out of his hand and flying away.

    "Such horrifying strength and speed. "Master Hong Si's right hand felt numb. After experiencing the power of this concealed weapon, he was finally shocked." After Master Hong Si reached the peak of the Postliminary Realm, he had only felt this fear and helplessness when he faced the expert 'Yang Fan,' whose name is on the Earthly Ranking.

    Fortunately, his saber was a godly weapon forged by materials cost over ten thousand taels of silver.

    If it was an ordinary saber, it would have already been pierced through.

    "Ah! "

    After dealing with the concealed weapon, Master Hong Si then felt his neck in dreadful pain.

    "I......" Master Hong Si's brain felt dizzy as he stared at Wang Tieshan, who was laughing horrifyingly. He then stared at the surrounding members of the White Horse Gang. Suddenly, Master Hong Si felt difficulty in breathing. He covered his throat, trying to breathe in with all his effort. No matter how hard he tried, fresh blood just kept flowing out.

    "I have been knifed!" Master Hong Si widened his eyes in shock.

    In the past, when Master Hong Si had ventured the Nine Prefectures, whenever he saw his enemies getting struck by his saber and only realizing it when they were about to die, Master Hong Si would feel proud of himself. His saber was quick! However, today....... the same scene was happening on him.

    Just when he was dealing with the concealed weapon, Wang Tieshan obviously took the chance, and fiercely slashed Master Hong Si's throat with his saber.

    As the saber was too quick, Master Hong Si only knew that he was slashed when his throat started hurting.

    "You, you......" Master Hong Si covered his throat and stared at Wang Tieshan as his eyes widened. He wanted to say something, but not a word could be spoken. He collapsed on the rooftop and tumbled to the ground, his helmet dropping to the side, his blood dying his silver hair red. The local tyrant of Yi City died here on this roof!

    Master Hong Si felt bitter!

    One Wang Tieshan definitely could never be his opponent. If he hadn't get shocked by the concealed weapon just now, and if he hadn't completely focused on defending against the concealed weapon, it wouldn't have been possible to give Wang Tieshan a chance.


    Among the bewildered crowd of Iron Mountain Gangsters, an extremely bulky man with dishevelled hair stared indifferently at this scene.

    "Time to go back.", he barked.

    He cast a glance at the flustered gangsters and bandits, and rapidly dashed towards the Great Yan Mountain, disappearing from sight within moments.
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