Chapter 54: Falling Apart

    Book 2 Chapter 54 Falling Apart

    Inside the living room, Teng Yunlong and the other were all completely dumbstruck.

    In a flash, he had already landed on the distant place, and with another flash, he disappeared from their sight. Was this still the Teng Qingshan they once knew?

    "Qingshan, he..." Teng Yongfan stuttered.

    "This is Qing Gong. The strongest Qing Gong."Teng Yunlong responded, full of surprise. "During my youth, I saw Master Hong Si displaying Qing Gong. However, Master Hong Si's speed couldn't compare to Qingshan's. It was too quick and even faster than horses. Qingshan actually had such a powerful Qing Gong."

    (TL: Qing Gong is a type of exercise where martial artists run on slanted boards. In Wuxia/Xianxia, martial artists can use it to walk on water, run up walls, etc)

    "Brother is really amazing."Qinghu burst out in excitement.

    "Father, Qingshan left just now, could it be...?" Yuan Lan asked worriedly.

    Teng Yunlong also frowned. "Didn't you hear Qingshan speak? Hong Zhenjie would not be able to see the sun rise tomorrow. Qingshan left just now in order to kill that young master Hong Zhenjie and the people from the White Horse Gang."

    "Master, is he going to be alright?"Teng Yongfan also asked worriedly. After all, the White Horse Battalion was very famous. They were the elite troops of the White Horse Gang. Each soldier of the White Horse Battalion wore heavy armor and rode superior warhorses. When they charged, even master at the pinnacle of the Postliminary Realm would have a hard time escaping.

    "I could never completely see through Qingshan. When he was ten years old, he could exterminate wolves and kill the Wolf King. He created the Tiger Fist with by himself. He was strong enough to lift ten thousand Jin and reach the level of a First Rated warrior.  Now, he revealed such an astonishing Qing Gong." Teng Yunlong looked at the distant sky. "Since Qingshan wants to kill that young master and extinguish the White Horse Battalion, I believe that he will certainly achieve it."

    The several people inside the living room immediately calmed down.

    In these years, Teng Qingshan had indeed proven that he could achieve anything and that there wasn't anything that could stop him.

    As they watched the sky outside, their hearts silently hoped. At this moment, the only thing they could do was hope.

    The originally bright sky was slowly becoming shrouded by clouds. The sky suddenly darkened, and a strong wind started to howl.  The heavens were indeed constantly changing.

    While using "《Crossing Worlds》, Teng Qingshan soon saw the shadow of the White Horse Battalion and immediately stopped. Using purely his powerful body to pursue them, Teng Qingshan's speed was much faster than that of the horses. He could easily catch up to them.

    "Crossing Worlds." It was the most powerful Qing Gong secret technique from Teng Qingshan's previous world.

    The "Crossing Worlds" was divided into three levels. Once he reached the pinnacle, he would be able to display the power of "Close yet Worlds Apart". However, Teng Qingshan could only used the first level until now, because the second level required him to reach the Innate Master Realm before he could display it.

    After all, the requirement for "Close yet Worlds Apart" was very harsh.

    "Crossing Worlds" had a total of three footwork diagram and six meridian diagrams.

    On the first level, he only needed to practice the most basic footwork diagram.

    Of course, with Teng Qingshan's tyrannical and astonishing body, his pure speed would already be extremely fast. Combined with the secret technique of Qing Gong, his speed was astonishing.


    Dark clouds started to cover to sky, and thunderclaps could be heard.

    When Teng Qingshan saw smoke in the distance, he maintained the same speed as a horse before seeing the White Horse Battalion. As he looked at their location, his eyes emitted murderous intentions. "Hong Zhenjie, I didn't think that the one I killed yesterday wasn't you. I let you escape with your life, but you actually dared to come to our gate and steal Little Yu? You yourself rushed into the hell's gate while courting death. You have no one to blame but yourself."

    "The men of White Horse Battalion have already covered their hands in blood innumerable time. Today is the day they die." Teng Qingshan's speed suddenly accelerated, instantly flying inside the Great Yan Mountain nearby.

    Inside the Great Yan Mountain, Teng Qingshan moved like a ghost, his speed suddenly soaring.

    Teng Qingshan ran parallel to the White Horse Battalion mounted gangsters, who were dashing forward on a path below the Great Yan Mountain.

    "They are almost five to six Li away from my Teng Jia Village. If let them and White Horse Gang's several thousand troops combine, it would be more troublesome. I should start now." Teng Qingshan knew very clearly that he could destroy this White Horse Battalion completely, but it would be troublesome if they combined with the five or six thousand men of the White Horse Gang. Even if he killed one person every second, he would have to spend two hours doing so.

    Not to mention, they wouldn't just stand here to get killed.

    Moreover, if a group of troops escaped, it would take even longer than two hours. Therefore, when facing a huge crowd, even powerful masters would try to save time by kill the leader.


    A fierce sound of thunder could be heard in the sky, and a rainstorm immediately started.

    The rainstorm arrived unexpected and in few seconds, the rain started to pour down for the sky. It fell down like a waterfall and they sky was suddenly filled with boundless water.

    "Except for those twelve members who newly joined, there were one hundred and forty-six targets who will get it one after another." Teng Qingshan casually grabbed some small stones from the mountain. Those stones were the cheapest hidden weapon. With Teng Qingshan's inexhaustible powerful strength and inner strength combined with the technique of an expert, each one of these stones would turn into armor-piercing projectiles.

    Even an expert like Master Hong Si, who used a secret technique, was forced to use his saber to protect himself. However, his saber was still forced out of his hand by the stone. One could imagine how powerful they were.

    More than one hundred riders were rushing in the wind.

    "Motherf*ck, what is this sh*t weather. "Hong Zhenjie squinted his eyes while riding on top of a horse. The White Horse Cavalry felt pain from the raindrops that were pelting their faces. "The gods always do as they please. Xiaodao, is there a place in the surrounding where we can take shelter?"

    A reply came from a nearby cavalryman: "Young master, you want shelter from there rain? There are some mountain village in the surrounding. There is one where we can take shelter from the rain just three Li away. However, the Third Master leading our main force shouldn't be too far from us. I estimate that they are probably twenty to thirty Li away from us at most. Let's ride a bit longer until we reach the Third Master before we rest again."

    "Alright, let's ride towards him without stopping," Hong Zhenjie said.

    The horse's hooves continued to trample in the water, splashing mud everywhere. More than one hundred riders rode with their heads down while dashing wildly on the road.

    "Hu, hu."The strong wind wreaked havoc, blowing away the dead twigs and withered leaves on the mountain. The sky turned completely dark.


    A deep sharp sound could be heard. A projectile suddenly shot out from the mountain before penetrating a White Horse Battalion mounted gangster riding at the rear.

    "Ah."A bloody hole appeared on this mounted gangster's helmet. Blood started to gurgle out. However, the mounted gangster's face, which was covered in blood, was instantaneous cleaned by the rainstorm. This mounted gangster stared with big eyes before his body became soft and leaned backwards, falling down.

    The corpse rolled on the ground while causing the muddy water to splash.

    Facing the rainstorm's strong wind, which of these mounted gangsters would turn their head to look? Moreover, no one had even noticed the noise made when the mounted gangster tumbled over in this heavy rain.


    Another small stone.

    "Uh." Another hole appeared on the head of a mounted gangster. Blood mixed with brain fluid gushed out, and his corpse fell down from his horse.

    One small stone after each other took away the mounted gangster lives with each shot.

    "Hey. Sanzi, I need to discuss something with you, ride faster." While talking, this mounted gangster turned head his head to have a look and roared again. "Didn't you hear what your elder brother told you?" The mounted gangster eyes suddenly bulged and became perfectly round. Behind him, there lay a corpse in the mud every other three to four Zhang. His facial expression suddenly paled after noticing there was not a single living person behind him anymore.

    "Young Master...", a shrill voice pierced through the sky.

    "Phew."Another hole appeared, this time in his forehead.

    All of the mounted gangsters were alarmed as they turned around to have a look. The only thing they noticed was the mounted gangster's shout becoming weak before falling down from his horse and tumbling in the mud.

    "Stop!" Hong Zhenjie howled. Everyone pulled up their reins and stopped their warhorses. More than 100 people stuck close to each other in panic.

    "Young Master, hidden weapons! They're using hidden weapons! They all died because their heads exploded from a hidden weapon!" Some mounted gangsters continually shouted. At this time, another small stone shot out from the Great Yan Mountain."Bang" It immediately shot through the head of a mounted gangster that stood beside Hong Zhenjie.

    One hit one kill.

    That mounted gangster couldn't even utter a single word. His big eyes stared in horror before he tumbled down. Immediately, the mounted gangsters panicked and began to get disorderly.

    "Puchi." Blood started to spray out of the dead mounted gangster's head and splashed a little on the Young Master Hong Zhenjie's face. Hong Zhenjie's body started to tremble, and his heart quickly grasped a realization. Looking at the Great Yan Mountain, he thought to himself, "It was too quick. I even couldn't respond to that hidden weapon. If it hasn't been aimed at Xiaodao, wouldn't I be dead by now?"

    Fear began to infect Hong Zhenjie's heart. He didn't want to die yet; he still had a lot of money and women to enjoy. How would he be willing to die?

    "Young Master, if we stay here, we will become his target," a mounted gangster shouted loudly. "Let's run."

    "Right." Hong Zhenjie clenched his teeth, but just when he was about to give an order...

    "Phew." A little stone passed through the head of the speaking mounted gangster. Seeing this, Hong Zhenjie's heart received a severe shock.

    The mounted gangster immediately collapsed.

    "Let's quickly run."Three mounted gangsters didn't wait for the Young Master and immediately began to dash away.

    "Phew." "Phew." "Phew."

    Like lightning, three little stones shot through the heads of those three men, who tumbled down their horses.

    Inside the Great Yan Mountain, Teng Qingshan squatted on the ground like a statue. His eyes stubbornly stared in the distance while both of his hands held little stone. There were two piles of stone in front of him from which Teng Qingshan could quickly grab projectiles. Against Teng Qingshan's hand speed, how could these people escape?

    "Escaping?" Teng Qingshan, who had been squatting there motionless, slightly moved his right-hand. Two little stones pierced across the sky; Teng Qingshan immediately grabbed two new ones. Swiftly, he shot out another stone.

    At this moment, Teng Qingshan was equal to a heavy sniper rifle that could shoot out 2-3 rounds per second.

    Three corpses tumbled on the ground, and Hong Zhenjie's heart maliciously pounded three times as they fell. Hong Zhenjie looked at the Great Yan Mountain, suppressing his fear while shouting: "I know you! It is you who killed my father and my fellow martial brother, right? Talk, what do you want in return for letting us go? Everything can be discussed."

    His martial brother was pierced by a stone and killed violently. Master Hong Si had been desperately defending against these stones before being killed by Wang Tieshan, who seized this opportunity.

    "The men from Iron Mountain Gang came back to take revenge," a frightened mounted gangster shouted.

    "It's the Iron Mountain Gang."

    "Great Master was being struck down by this hidden weapon." Voices full of panic could be heard from the mounted gangster group.

    An enemy who couldn't be seen was too frightening.

    Hong Zhenjie's face was covered in rain water. He felt cold sweat running down his back. Fear consumed his heart, and his head was in chaos as he looked at the Great Yan Mountain in front of him.
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