Chapter 56: The Aftermath

    Book 2 Chapter 56 The Aftermath

    The heavy rain soaked Hong Zhenjie's whole body and turned it ice-cold. However, the place he felt the coldest at this moment was his heart!

    "Teng Qingshan! Big heroes have big hearts, please let me go this once!"Hong Zhenjie swallowed and backed away full of anxiety while talking, "I, I will divorce my wife and make your younger sister my main wife! Your younger sister will become the great madame of my White Horse Gang. I will resign as Big Master and give you this position. I beg you, let me go."

    With a plopping sound, Hong Zhenjie knelt on the ground.

    Teng Qingshan overlooked Hong Zhenjie who was kneeling and kowtowing on the ground while begging for mercy.

    "I beg" Hong Zhenjie was still speaking, but suddenly.

    A fierce, cold brightness shone and thrust straight towards Teng Qingshan's chest.

    "Go die." Hong Zhenjie's face became flushed, as if he had gone mad!

    In fact, the moment Teng Qingshan appeared, Hong Zhenjie knew that it would be impossible for Teng Qingshan to spare his life, because he himself already knew the murderer's true identity. If the opposite party did not come out, Hong Zhenjie still would have a trace of hope to keep his life. Therefore, when Hong Zhenjie begged for mercy, it was fundamentally done to make Teng Qingshan drop his guard in order to deal a fatal blow with his saber!

    I must kill Teng Qingshan!

    If Teng Qingshan didn't die, then it would be the end of Hong Zhenjie!

    "Clang!" Teng Qingshan used two fingers of his right hand to catch the long saber, while looking at Hong Zhenjie with an indifferent expression. These hidden moves of Hong Zhenjie were practically baby level in front of the experienced super hitman of the modern world, Teng Qingshan. What Teng Qingshan intended was to see the opposite party struggle, while giving him false traces of hope, until that guy broke down from despair!

    Hong Zhenjie's face turned pale as he tried to pull back two to three times and the saber stayed motionless.

    "What a joke!" Teng Qingshan moved his right hand and the long saber caught by him cut across Hong Zhenjie's neck.

    "Puff!"Blood sprayed out like a fountain.

    Hong Zhenjie's eyes widened into perfectly round circles and it seemed as if he completely didn't believe that he had died. "You. You," he wanted to say anything, but was unable and quickly fell to the ground. His eyes finally dimmed.

    Killing Hong Zhenjie didn't give Teng Qingshan's heart the slightest fluctuation.

    Teng Qingshan walked about to inspect all of the corpses, in order to avoid leaving a survivor. After completely checking the 146 corpses, Teng Qingshan disappeared into the rainstorm.

    In Teng Jia Village, Teng Qingshan's living room.

    Teng Yunlong, Teng Yongfan, Yuan Lan and Qingyu were inside waiting anxiously.

    "Could it be that something happened to Qingshan?" Yuan Lan was very worried in her heart.

    "Calm down for moment! Keep quiet for a while. Nothing will happen to Qingshan." Teng Yongfan scolded loudly. Teng Yongfan rarely scold Yuan Lan, but this time, Teng Yongfan was obviously also incredibly worried and got annoyed.

    "You both keep quiet." Head of the clan, Teng Yunlong frown and shouted.

    Qingyu quietly sat in the corner of the room and didn't say anything while stubbornly staring outside.

    "Whew!" A sudden gust of wind fiercely entered the living room and a figure appeared.

    "Father. Mother."

    That tall, familiar figure gave the four people inside the living room a pleasant surprise and they all suddenly stood up. Qingyu who was sitting at the corner suddenly rushed into Teng Qingshan's bosom and buried her head there while starting to cry. "I knew that elder brother would come back. Brother," she said while sobbing.

    "Xiaoyu. Can't you see that brother didn't received any injuries at all? Don't cry." Teng Qingshan smiled warmly and touched Qingyu's head.

    Qingyu also liked Teng Qingshan's habitual gesture and after sobbing a few times, she stopped crying.

    "Qingshan. Are you alright?" Mother Yuan Lan continually inspected Teng Qingshan.

    "You are still asking. Didn't Qingshan just say that he is alright?" Teng Yongfan grunted. Meanwhile, his eyes were actually also carefully inspecting Teng Qingshan.

    Feeling the caring words of his family and the concerned looks, Teng Qingshan felt warmth in his heart. He then thought, "No matter what, I won't allow anyone to harm them." If someone threatened his home, Teng Qingshan would use any method to destroy and massacre them. If they didn't have any bad intentions, he wouldn't care. However, once he started, he would destroy them to the last man and leave no possibility of future troubles.

    "Qingshan. That White Horse Battalion," Grandfather Teng Yunlong said.

    "There is no White Horse Battalion anymore." Teng Qingshan sat then replied.

    All the people inside the living room were startled.

    "Qingshan,"Teng Yongfan was greatly shocked, "You mean, the men of the White Horse Battalion were?"

    "All dead," Teng Qingshan calmly replied.

    "There is no one left?" Teng Yunlong couldn't believe it.

    Teng Qingshan nodded in acknowledgement.

    Teng Yongfan and Teng Yunlong look at each other and couldn't conceal their horror. Although they knew that Teng Qingshan headed out to kill the Young Master and the White Horse Battalion, but hearing that Yi City's White Horse Gang's most elite troops, the 'White Horse Battalion,' had been wiped out still made them feel shocked!

    "Qingshan, was the White Horse Battalion wiped out by you? Then, would the White Horse Gang find out?" Teng Yunlong inquired. After all, White Horse Gang had 8000 core disciples. Although they lost some to Iron Mountain Gang, they still had a large number of troops. Furthermore, the White Horse Gang had some external followers.

    If that big army of several thousand troops were to attack the village seriously, what could Teng Qingshan do as a single person?

    "Grandfather, you can rest at ease. As long as you don't say anything, nobody will know," Teng Qingshan replied with confidence.

    Teng Yunlong turned to stare at Teng Yongfan, Yuan Lan, and Qingyu, "You must remember, this thing cannot be told to any outsiders."

    "Yes, I won't say anything even if it kills me," Qingyu nodded.

    "Don't worry, nobody will suspect me. After several days, you will know." Teng Qingshan was very confident. This time, he let twelve men escape. First, these twelve were innocent people who didn't have blood on their hands. Second, Teng Qingshan had to borrow their mouths to spread the message in Yi City.

    After all, except Hong Zhenjie who died last, the other mounted bandits including these 12 people thought that it was the hidden weapon master from the Iron Mountain Gang that had come to retaliate!

    The rainstorm came fast, but also quickly passed. In less than an hour, the rain stopped.

    The White Horse Gang's enormous and powerful army made of several thousand men started to reorganize their luggage to depart.

    Behind the White Horse Gang's large army was a big village. The clansmen of this village looked at the White Horse Gang's troop with fear.

    On the road was a wooden chair and the Third Master dressed in a gown made of animal skins sat in it.

    "Still hasn't arrived?" The Third Master frowned.

    "Third Master, the Young Master is leading the White Horse Battalion. They went to recruit new men and they are probably taking shelter from the rain outside!" Said a mounted bandit next to him.

    The Third Master continued: "Now that the rain has stopped and we have waited for a while, they should have arrived by now."

    The mounted bandit thought for a while, before saying, "Third Master, how about, I take some of the brothers and go have a look?"

    The Third Master nodded, before waving his hand and saying, "Yes, you lead several men and ride along the road. Go have a look were the Young Master is at!"

    "Yes, Third Master." This mounted bandit immediately waved and called several mounted bandits, before riding away in gallop.

    After a while, the mounted bandits of the White Horse Gang were already on their horses and had begun to march towards their lair.

    "Third Master, Third Master!" From afar, a mournful cry could be heard.

    The Third Master who sat on the chair and was quietly waiting suddenly heard the shrill shout. His complexion immediately changed and he stood up, roaring, "What are you howling at? What happened?"

    "Dead! The Young Master died! The whole White Horse Battalion was wiped out!" A sad and shrill shout was heard from the distance. The initially calm White Horse Gang troops who were preparing to depart suddenly stopped what they were doing. All of the mounted bandits kept quiet and turned their heads to look at the several mounted bandits who were shouting loudly.

    These several mounted bandits all had a panic-stricken face and continually shouted, "All wiped out, there was not a single guy remaining!"

    The Third Master's complexion changed greatly!

    "Brothers, follow me!" The Third Master crazily roared. He immediately jumped onto his blaze flame horse and used the horsewhip. "Go!"

    The blaze flame horse crazily dashed.

    "Let's go!"

    A huge crowd of mounted bandits followed behind the Third Master and rushed out.

    "The White Horse Battalion was wiped out?" The mounted bandits who received this news were completely shocked. Afterwards, they roared and followed the Third Master while rushing out.

    The mighty force galloped with lightning speed.

    This shocking momentum frightened all the clansmen inside the village next to them.

    "Did you hear? The White Horse Gang's Young Master and the White Horse Battalion were wiped out."

    "Who killed them?"

    "Who knows? However, did you see how all the men of the White Horse Gang turned insane? If this mighty force attacked, no one could block it!" Looking at this enormous and powerful mounted bandit force rushing out, it was like a crazy flood. This momentum was really frightening.

    The White Horse Gang's enormous and powerful troops soon arrived at the location with numerous corpse.

    "Stop!" After pulling the reins, the warhorses stopped.

    The Third Master immediately jumped down from the blaze flame horse and ran towards a corpse. Every member of the White Horse Gang wore heavy armor, but no one survived.

    The massive force of mounted bandits behind were all shocked.

    The Third Master's complexioned turned ugly as he roared, "Quick, go search for any survivors." While saying this, the Third Master hastily went to identify the corpses. Soon, the Third Master discovered the Young Master, Hong Zhenjie's corpse. Hong Zhenjie eyes were wide open he had died with everlasting regret.

    "Third Master, the White Horse Battalion killed each other!" A mounted bandit shouted, frightened.

    Indeed, some mounted bandits' throats were puncturing by a long spear. The group of mounted bandits killed each other.

    "The head was shot through. Something pierced the hard helmet. These were all pierced through by a hidden weapon." Another mounted bandit shouted.

    The Third Master continuously maintained a sullen face and didn't utter a word.

    "It was the hidden weapon master that helped the Iron Mountain Gang! It was that hidden weapon master who sniped away the Big Master's weapon. He came for revenge!" Some mounted bandits said.

    "Third Master, we must revenge the Young Master!"

    "Third Master."

    The surrounding mounted bandit chieftains all looked at the Third Master. When the Young Master died, the Third Master gained the highest position within the White Horse Gang.

    "It was a hidden weapon! Wang, my nephew and my brother, they all died from this hidden weapon!" The Third Master said with a low voice, "Our White Horse Gang's most elite troops were all pierced by that hidden weapon. As for the signs of our brothers killing each other, it was fabricated by the murderer to fake the scene. It made our suspicions go wild! This murderer killed Wang and my nephew, as well as indirectly killed my brother by helping Tieshan with hidden weapons. I suspect that Wang Tieshan had his hand in this!"

    The surrounding mounted bandits also approved of this view.

    "Third Master, you tell us, what we should do?" The mounted bandit chieftains all looked at the Third Master.

    The Third Master coldly said, "No matter what, we must find that Tieshan that got help from the hidden weapon master first! Once we've found him, my White Horse Gang won't hesitate to shred him to pieces at any cost! We have to do it, in order to hold a memorial service for my brother and Zhenjie, to send off their spirits in peace!"

    "Shred him to pieces!" The mounted bandit chieftains roared.

    Although the Third Master's face was full of murderous intent, he actually chuckled in his heart, "Haha, the heaven is helping me! This Hong Zhenjie is such a reckless punk and still wanted to become the Big Master? Yesterday, Hong Zhenjie escaped, who would have expected him to die today! Haha, henceforth, I will be the Big Master of the White Horse Gang! Revenge? That hidden weapon master can massacre the entire White Horse Battalion. To take revenge, wouldn't this just be inviting trouble?"

    Although he kept shouting for revenge, but the Third Master didn't think about it in his heart.

    Master Hong Si and Hong Zhenjie's enemy, what did it have to do with him?

    The one with the lowest-key attitude and bearing the most burden of responsibility in the White Horse Gang was this seemingly crude Third Master. In fact, he was actually an extremely sinister person. When Master Hong Si was still alive, he didn't dare to show any achievements. After Master Hong Si died yesterday, even if Hong Zhenjie didn't die today, later this Third Master would find an opportunity to kill him and take his place.

    "From now on, Yi City is my world!"
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