Chapter 7: Only one left

    Book 3 Chapter 7 Only one left

    The eyes of the Gui Yuan Sect's Young sovereign, Zhuge Yun, were locked on Teng Qingshan, who was standing in the arena.

    "Brother, how does Teng Qingshan compare to you in terms of strength and ability?" asked the young girl beside Zhuge Yun, Zhuge Qing, softly. Zhuge Yun shook his head in response as he answered with a weird smile blossomed on his face, "I don't know... I wouldn't know until we do battle. However, I can say one thing for sure: his ability is very strong. He has at least reached the realm of One with the Spear!"

    Zhuge Qing looked at Teng Qingshan, who was in the arena, with a shocked expression.

    Ever since she was young, her brother, Zhuge Yun, was the most talented pupil of the whole Gui Yuan Sect. Even Zhuge Qing herself admired her brother; however, now someone with the same age and ability as her brother had appeared.

    "Teng Qingshan... " Zhuge Qing then began scrutinizing Teng Qingshan seriously.


    The whole field became agitated!

    Niu Zhan, who fell on the ground, froze. He had initially talked about sharpening his opponent, but who would have thought that he would be struck down by one thrust of his opponent's spear?! If this was a battle between life and death, Teng Qingshan could have pierced a hole in his body with one strike.

    Niu Zhan stood up, looked at Teng Qingshan standing in the arena, and shouted loudly, "Great spear skills! Teng Qingshan, combined with your spear skills, you are more than ten times stronger than me, Old Cow. I did not lose dishonorably."

    On the arena, Teng Qingshan also smiled as he waved his hand slightly.

    "Brother Niu, your control of the force of your spear technique still needs more practice. If it was better, then the result of today's competition might have been different." Teng Qingshan wasn't proud at all. As a matter of fact, in Teng Qingshan's heart, this achievement wasn't really worth the pride at all.

    At this time, the middle-aged man dressed in grey robes announced, "Teng Qingshan is now the master of arena number one. The others can choose to challenge him in this competition for a centurion! The nine First Rated Warriors below the arenas, please continue!"

    Challenge Teng Qingshan?

    "A sixteen year old monster! He is only sixteen years old, and he defeated that big stupid cow with one strike. Challenge him? Do they think that they have any chance at challenging him? Don't they think it is already embarrassing enough?" Wu Man mumbled. She had already failed once, and she only had one chance left.

    Wu Man was well aware of Niu Zhan's ability. Niu Zhan was not any weaker than her, and he also had a lot more experience.

    Defeating the centurion, Niu Zhan, in one move?

    What kind of monstrous strength was this?



    The other First Rated Warriors all had this same thought. Although, they couldn't understand why a seemingly simple move from Teng Qingshan's spear could defeat Niu Zhan so easily. However, they all knew that, since they couldn't understand his moves... it meant that there was a big difference between Teng Qingshan's skill and their skill.

    "Let me!" With a thundering roar, a long hair guy with a long saber on his back leapt up onto the arena and challenged the other centurion.

    The competition for a centurion position was continuing!


    As the competition continued, some of the the original centurions were defeated. All of the seventeen people each had two chances to challenge the centurions, causing the competition to become even more exciting.

    As for the four commanders and the sovereign of the sect on the platform, they sat high above, watching the matches from afar.

    "This time, the abilities of the nine First Rated Warriors are quite good for being well-matched with the the former eight centurions during their fights." Zhuge Yuanhong smiled and said. The four commanders beside him had no smiles on their faces. The silver-haired elder dressed in black humphed and said, "Lord, this time it is the Black Armored Army that is losing. There is no denying that!"

    Because among the nine First Rated Warriors, there were some people that have not used their challenges yet.

    "Amongst the nine First Rated Warriors, there are three that are especially strong!" Sitting on the chair, the brawny guy with a steel-like body said with a deep voice, "That Gong Yangqing can already establish such reputation in Xuyang County, thus, he must definitely an expert. As for that Teng Qingshan, although he is only sixteen years old... his ability is really truly powerful. As for the third person, Yue Song, he is the direct disciple of the senior One Sword of Cangjiang, and thus his ability is obviously powerful."

    "As he is the direct disciple of the old senior One Sword of Cangjiang, and is even viewed as the inheritor of his legacy, this Yue Song definitely reached an extremely high realm in his practice of the 《Cangjiang Sword Technique》." The other young man spoke.

    "Teacher, what do you think?" Among the four commanders, the only female commander looked at Zhuge Yuanhong.

    With a smile, Zhuge Yuanhong gazed at the arena and replied, "Now, among these three people, Teng Qingshan has already challenged someone. As for Gong Yangqing and Yue Song, they have not made their move yet."

    "However, this Teng Qingshan, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, really gave me a pleasant surprise. He has reached a very high realm in his Spear Arts. Look at his expressionless face. From the time he went up to the arena to fight Niu Zhan, to the time he defeated Niu Zhan, surprising the surrounding crowd, his expression has never changed. Just this tranquility... This youth is truly respectable!" It was obvious that Zhuge Yuanhong admired Teng Qingshan very much.

    The other four people became silent.


    With the surrounding audience shocked, exclaiming emotional remarks, even experts would feel a sense of pride in the depth of their hearts.

    It is not rare for one's mind to be as calm as tranquil water during normal battles.

    However, if one's mind is still calm like tranquil water when being praised and envied by thousands of people, then the training of the heart and spirit has truly reached an extremely high level.

    "Regarding his spear arts, he has also reached an extremely high realm." Zhuge Yuanhong praised him and said, "He did not use spear techniques that looked magnificent and fantastic, but judging from that one simple strike of his spear, he has already reached the realm of the One with the Spear, the realm in which the complex move went through a process of improvement before returning to simplicity."

    "One with the Spear? Transformation of the complex into simplicity?" The four commanders were secretly shocked.

    They knew the ability of their Sovereign, Zhuge Yuanhong, was extremely powerful and recorded in the Heavenly Ranking! His judgement definitely can't be false.

    "Senior, if this Teng Qingshan and Yue Song fought, who would win?" The nine Chi tall brawny dude opened his mouth and asked.

    "Teng Qingshan did reach the high realm, but I don't know how good his secret inner strength technique is. Since inner strength is the foundation of everything to an expert, a super good secret technique has great use. As for this Teng Qingshan, I was told that he is from Yi City. I think... the secret inner strength technique that he practices is probably an ordinary secret technique. For him to have such an abundance of secret strength was probably due to some spiritual fruit or medicine he obtained!" Zhuge Yuanhong spoke. "If he was compared to Yue Song, if he did have any defect, it should be his inner strength."

    Powerful secret techniques produce terrifying effect.

    If it was 《Crossing World》, it could increase the user's speed greatly.

    As for powerful secret inner strength techniques and spear techniques, they can cause the attack strength to increase drastically in an instant.

    Zhuge Yuanhong's eyes are very sharp indeed, and his speculation is very correct. Teng Qingshan has never practiced any secret inner strength technique. From the appearance of the way he uses his inner strength, it is just the simple method, which is instilling inner strength into the weapon. Just the most simple and original method!

    "This Yue Song could get the praise of One Sword of Cangjiang, Brother Wei. He has definitely reached an extremely high realm. However, who will win between him and Teng Qingshan... if they don't fight once, I don't dare to make my judgement straight away." Zhuge Yuanhong said with a smile.

    "Feng!" Zhuge Yuanhong looked to his side at the only young man of the four commanders and said, "Even if Yue Song and Teng Qingshan are weaker than you, their ability wouldn't be too different from yours. You should be cautious."

    Zhang Feng was one of the four great commanders!

    The younger generation of the Gui Yuan Sect are indisputable the number one experts! Although the young sovereign, Zhuge Yun, is a genius, he is too young. As for commander Zhang Feng, he has past the age of thirty. However, the lifespan of internal experts is very long, thus, thirty something years old is still counted as a young man.

    "Yes, teacher." Commander Zhang Feng answered.

    "Yeah, that Gong Yangqing went up the arena." The silver haired elder dressed in black spoke and the others immediately looked towards the arena.

    In this competition for the centurion, the battles of Gong Yangqing, Teng Qingshan and Yue Song are the battles that are worth a view.


    On the arena, Gong Yangqing held the huge size saber with his hand and his eyes became icy cold. His opponent was Xia Shuo!

    "If you can remain undefeated after taking three moves from me, I will get down from the arena myself!" Gong Yangqing said indifferently.

    "You want to beat me in three moves? In your dreams." Xia Shuo stretched his hands out and he grabbed the black long spear. He gave the spear shaft a kick with his right leg, and grabbed it with his left hand. With his right hand holding the end of the spear, he gave it a very simple push --


    The tip of the long spear darted several zhangs instantly and it was thrusted at Gong Yangqing's head.


    Gong Yangqing suddenly roared deeply and put his both hands on the long saber, before slashing vertically! The air suddenly issued a fierce crackling sound!

    "Clang!" "Clang" "Clang!"

    The soldiers of the Black Armored Army around the stage almost only saw three blurry bloody red sword figures and the long spear immediately flew out of Xia Shuo's hands while Xia Shuo himself was struck heavily on his chest by the edge of the saber.

    "Pu!" Xia Shuo spat blood and flew out of the arena.


    "Amazingly done!"

    Praises resounded from around the arena and the loudest ones were the seven brothers of the Gong Yangqing, At the same time, the other warriors that passed examination to join the sect also became excited as they began praising loudly.

    "Everyone, who wants to challenge me? Just come." Gong Yangqing stood on the arena and looked below the arena as he spoke indifferently.

    Xia Shuo tried to stand up. He stared at his own palm and noticed that it had already started bleeding.

    "Such a sharp knife!" Xia Shuo still felt fear in his heart.


    "A saber filled with killing intent is quick and fierce! " Standing in the arena, Teng Qingshan was also watching this fight and saw Gong Yangqing's three consecutive strikes very clearly. He continued commenting, "The moves are simple, quick and only attacked the opponent's weak point. What is especially rare is that imposing manner filled with a killing intent which went on regardless of anything!

    Teng Qingshan is sure that Gong Yangqing's sword technique is definitely superior during fights.

    The instant the saber was out, the killing aura showed was extremely heavy,

    "I really want to compete with him." This Gong Yangqing had aroused Teng Qingshan's interest.

    This Gong Yangqing has already deserved Teng Qingshan to be slightly serious.


    After Gong Yangqing made his move, among the seventeen people competing for the position of the centurion, there was only one person that has not challenged. It was the man dressed in azure, who has been watching the fights quietly -- Yue Song!

    "Brother Yue, who do you plan to challenge?" At this moment, the young sovereign, Zhuge Yun, was beside Yue Song. Yue Song had a huge and tall physique with extremely broad shoulders. His face was so masculine as if it was carved out by a knife and stood there like a mountain.

    Zhuge Qing also looked at Yue Song, the young expert that was highly praised by her father, Zhuge Yuanhong.

    "Gong Yangqing is an expert indeed, but... I have a basic knowledge of his ability and I have eighty percent confidence that I can beat him. However, as for this Teng Qingshan, I do not know him, yet I feel... that he should be even more frightening than Gong Yangqing!" Yue Song stared at Teng Qingshan who stood in the arena.

    The two siblings, Zhuge Yun and Zhuge Qing, were shocked.

    "You want to challenge... " Zhuge Yun guessed it.

    "Teng Qingshan!" A smile crept up Yue Song's face and he immediately jumped forcefully.


    In an instant, Yue Song had already arrived the arena that is several zhangs away.

    "Cangjiang, Yue Song!" Yue Song carried a black heavy sword on his back as he looked at Teng Qingshan, who was in the arena.

    Teng Qingshan's eyes brighten and responded with a smile, "Yi City, Teng Qingshan!"
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