Chapter 8: Cangjiang Sword Arts

    Book 3 Chapter 8 Cangjiang Sword Arts

    "Challenge Qingshan?" Teng Qinghu couldn't help but hold his breath.

    In his heart, Teng Qingshan was omnipotent. However, because Teng Qingshan had only ever lived in Yi City, the number of experts he had met so far were few in number. Today however, they were in the territory of the Gui Yuan Sect, where a lot of warriors had reached the Postliminary Realm.

    Whether it was Wu Man, Gong Yangqing, the First Rated Warriors, or the many soldiers of the Black Armored Army, they were all watching this fight in deep concentration.


    "Now it's finally getting interesting!" When Zhuge Yuanhong saw this scene, the smile on his face grew larger.

    Among the four commanders, the silver-haired elder dressed in black and the buff guy with the steel body were watching with interest. The younger commander named Zhang Feng even squinted his eyes, as he watched with an icy, knifelike gaze . As for the female commander, she only watched on in silence.

    In the arena, the two young experts stood on opposing sides of the arena.

    Teng Qingshan was seven chi four cun tall, (1.85 meters) and had reached the pinnacle of internal martial arts. His physique was also considered rather strong. Yue Song's height was similar to Teng Qingshan's; however, Yue Song's shoulders were broader and his arms were longer, making him appear even stronger than his opponent.

    Judging from appearance alone, no one could tell the age difference between the two.

    "Cangjiang, Yue Song! Disciple of One Sword of Cangjiang. I just finished my apprenticeship and have come to the Black Armored Army of the Gui Yuan Sect to be trained." Besides the extremely powerful experts that knew that One Sword of Cangjiang had a disciple, many people did not know of Yue Song.

    Yi City, Teng Qingshan! This sixteen year old monster was also not very famous, since the number one expert of Yi City was not even worth mentioning.

    Between the two young men, who was stronger?

    The whole field was dead silent as everyone intensely stared at the two competitors.

    Teng Qingshan, watch out!" Yue Song cast a confident smile as he withdrew the black heavy sword behind his back.

    "Show me your move," coolly replied Teng Qingshan as he held his Reincarnation Spear, watching his opponent calmly.

    Yue Song's eyes suddenly brightened and showed an imposing manner as he roared deeply, "Teng Qingshan, accept my Wave Breaker Technique!" As his feet moved, he became closer to Teng Qingshan and gave a simple strike with the black heavy sword in his hand!


    An extremely powerful and strong strike!

    In a trance, Teng Qingshan seemed to hear the crashing of waves  as Yue Song's sword rapidly approached his head.


    Standing on the same spot, Teng Qingshan's right hand shuddered, his long spear immediately turned like a venomous snake bursting out of its lair. His long spear artfully parried the black heavy sword, diverting the blade to his shoulder.

    "Hmm? Such a strong, intriguing force." Teng Qingshan was surprised and hastily leaned to the side to dodge the incoming strike." My Pursuing Shadow spear technique was surprisingly unable to completely negate his attack strength or control his attacking direction. This sword art indeed has its own specialty."

    When people fight with Teng Qingshan, he usually wins the moment their normal weapons touch his weapon.

    This time, however, it was different.

    "How is this possible?"  Teng Qingshan was surprised.  Yue Song was even more surprised as he thought, "I have trained my heavy sword in the Cold River, and even the undercurrent there couldn't alter the force of my sword. How is it possible for his long spear to possess such a strong power!"

    Yue Song felt that the tip of Teng Qingshan's long spear was like the terrifying whirlpool and undercurrent of the Cold River. Once touched, the force of his sword would be affected.

    "It's no wonder that when Niu Zhan touched Teng Qingshan's spear, his weapon went out of control. I have already reached the One with the Sword Realm.....but the force of my sword was still affected. However, I don't believe that this Teng Qingshan can take the full thirty-three strikes of the Wave Breaker Technique!" In combination with Yue Song's abstruse footsteps, the heavy sword in his hand struck again and again.

    "Clang!" "Clang!" "Clang!"  .......

    Yue Song surrounded Teng Qingshan as he changed positions again and again, becoming as nimble as a fish in water. As for the heavy sword, every strike was heavy and strong.

    "Such a weird sword art!" Teng Qingshan could feel that the heavy sword was becoming heavier and heavier.

    "Bang!" "Bang!" .......

    A foot imprint appeared on the rock below Teng Qingshan's foot; and after every single step he took, another would appear.


    "Remarkable!" Zhuge Yuanhong, who was watching the fight, laughed and said, "Cangjiang Sword Art's thirty-three strikes of the Wave Breaker Technique gradually gets stronger with each strike! The first few strikes only have ten thousand Jin of force, but the force slowly builds up to a crescendo! However, Teng Qingshan's spear art was even more profound. He could easily drive the force into the ground without bringing any harm to himself. Even just this control of strength was already amazing. What kind of environment can produce such a genius like this?"

    Resolving force by borrowing force!

    Teng Qingshan was a grandmaster of the internal martial arts in his previous life, and the control over his entire body's muscles and bones had already reached the limit. Even if his opponent's force was heavy and strong, Teng Qingshan could just easily transmit every bit of that force through his legs into the ground.

    "This Teng Qingshan has actually only been moving within an area of one Zhang. (3.2 m / 10.5 feet)" The silver hair elder dressed in black cloak said in surprise.

    "Only twenty-three strikes of the thirty-three strikes of the Wave Breaker Technique have been used. The strength will be even greater as it continues. I don't believe that this Teng Qingshan can so easily defend against all thirty-three strikes," said Zhang Feng. The thirty-three strikes of the Wave Breaker Technique were very famous.

    Even Zhang Feng himself had to use all of his effort to defend against all thirty-three strikes, making it impossible to be this easy.


    On the arena, Yue Song's body was light and nimble, while the force of his sword is as heavy as a mountain! One strike and after another, continuously and non-stop!

    Clang! Clang! Clang!

    Teng Qingshan still only moved within an area of one zhang. The long spear in his hand withdrew immediately every time it barely touched the heavy sword; however, each time he did so, Teng Qingshan would leave deep imprints on the rocks beneath his feet. Despite all of this, Teng Qingshan's smile grew brighter.

    "The person that created this sword art is a real genius! This sword art is like the surging water of the river. One strike after another hammering down on its opponent, as the force became increasingly greater and the imposing manner growing stronger and stronger. I really want to see the last bit of that sword's surging force!" The strength exerted by each of Teng Qingshan's arms was around ten thousand Jin.

    Besides the Flood Dragon inside the Frost Jade Pool, no one could force Teng Qingshan to use the terrifying strength in his body.

    "The thirty-second strike! The force of this strike should be at least over ten thousand Jin! Normal experts of the postliminary realm would have already been struck down."

    Teng Qingshan whirled his long spear, defending against his opponent's strike again. The terrifying force was transmitted through his spear, into his arms, and  passed through his bones, veins, muscles and feet. It did not even cause Teng Qingshan to use any of his inner strength.

    "The thirty-third strike! Teng Qingshan had been counting the number of strikes.


    Yue Song's last strike was actually an outrageously fierce strike made with both of his hands on the hilt. Along with the combined force of the previous thirty-two strikes, this last strike even caused the surrounding air to tremble, causing the air to implode, the sound reverberating throughout the audience. The faces of the surrounding audience watching the fight staring contorted.


    It was still the same extremely powerful strike of the spear. The strike of the spear was simple and honest.

    However, the instant it touched Yue Song's heavy sword, the whole long spear instantly produced a terrifying torque force, like a terrifying whirlpool that cannot be seen in the dark.  Yue Song's heavy sword was twisted, changing the force of his strike.

    "Haha, this feels great!" Yue Song had already retreated several Zhang away, became so excited that it caused his eyes to redden. He guffawed and said, " Taking my thirty-three strikes of the Wave Breaker Technique in one breath, I admire Brother Teng's spear skills very much. I wonder, what is the name of your spear art?"

    "This spear art is named 'Pursuing Shadow.'" Teng Qingshan also praised, "Both brother Yue's Sword art and motion of your body are quite abstruse. I wonder what it is called?" Teng Qingshan heard Yue Song say 'Wave Breaker Technique', making it was obvious that this sword art had not just one technique.

    "My sword art was created when my teacher was at the Cold River and he used all the sentiments he had been through from the hundred of years of his life. The one I just used was the Wave Breaker Technique of the 《Cangjiang Sword Art》.  As for the motion of my body, it is the result of the practice of the 'Swimming Dragon Technique!" Yue Song said straightforwardly.  Actually, the names of his secret martial arts techniques did not need to be kept a secret.

    The moment he said those words, noises resounded from below!

    " 《Cangjiang Sword Art》! That is the 《Cangjiang Sword Art》?"

    "This Yue Song is the disciple of One Sword?"


    The warriors and soldiers of the Black Armored Army that were watching the fight also knew some of the famous people of this world. 'One Sword of Cangjiang,' Wei Wuya, is an extremely powerful person that is very famous in the nine continents. He was one of the thirty-six people recorded in the Heavenly Ranking, and was honored as the Swordmaster of Cangjiang.''

    《Cangjiang Sword Art》 has a total of six forms and possessed extremely great power.

    "Brother Teng, regarding the 'Wave Bending Technique' of the 《Cangjiang Sword Art》, I still have not succeed in practicing it. Therefore, when it is in use, I am still unable to hold and release it freely. You must be careful."

    Teng Qingshan was pleasantly surprised.

    Besides the Wave Breaker Technique that was just demonstrated, this Yue Song actually had an even more powerful 'Wave Bending Technique'!

    "Haha, Yue Song, no need to show merciful. Come." Teng Qingshan held his spear and stood tall. Yue Song's expression became solemn as an azure light shone across his face. The aura of inner strength actually started flowing out of the tip of the black heavy sword, shooting onto the surface of a rock and crushing it into dust. It was obvious that Yue Song couldn't perfectly control his inner strength.

    "Wave Bending Technique!"

    Yue Song let out a deep roar.

    "Rumble~~" The sound was very distinct. The black heavy sword brought the sound of the river water roaring, before slashing towards Teng Qingshan.

    The quaver of the inner strength produced a roaring sound of the horrifying river waters. The sword in Yue Song's hand seemed to transform into the furious Cold River, engulfing Teng Qingshan.

    Before the sword had arrived, the imposing manner it possessed shocked Teng Qingshan.

    "Not good! The force of this strike is a lot greater than the previous one!" Teng Qingshan was secretly surprised and said, "Just the use of 'Shadow Pursuing' Spear Arts definitely won't be able to resolve this attack strength." If Teng Qingshan relied on his powerful brute force, he would be able to smash Yue Song to death with one strike of his spear.

    However, if it was not necessary, Teng Qingshan did not want to reveal his unbelievable strength. That was his greatest secret!

    "I need to use the 'Transmutation Unity Law' Spear Arts!"

    Pursuing Shadow Spear Arts, which was a spear arts created for offense, although it did have the ability to resolve some force, it couldn't be compared to the 'Transmutation Unity Law' Spear Arts. The 'Transmutation Unity Law' Spear Arts was the only defending spear arts of the five elements spear and was best at resolving force.


    Reincarnation Spear whirled in the air!

    The shadows of the spear fluttered, as the area before Teng Qingshan's body seemed to transform into a horrifying whirlpool at the bottom of the sea. The instant Yue Song's heavy sword touched Teng Qingshan's spear shadow, it seemed like the furious river water was engulfed by the whirlpool. Such a weird force caused Yue Song to spit blood.

    "Scatter!" Teng Qingshan let out a thundering roar.


    Facing such terrifying engulfing force, Yue Song was no longer able to control the heavy sword in his hand, and it flew out of his hand, crashing heavily on the rocks covering the arena. The whole arena quavered, it seemed as if it had been hit by a meteorite from outer space.


    The rocks covering the arena were completely obliterated. The fissures looked horrifying as the powdered rock filled the air.

    "How...how is this possible......" Yue Song's right hand trembled slightly, staring unbelievably at his Black Heavy Sword stuck in the crevice of the broken rocks. He couldn't believe what had just happened.
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