Chapter 9: Innocence of a newborn?

    Book 3 Chapter 9 Innocence of a newborn?

    Huh......the commander simultaneously stood up and watched the scene with shock, "How is this possible? " 《Cangjiang Sword Art》's Wave Bending technique was broken just like that?" That silver-haired old man wearing the black gown said while still in bewilderment From amongst the four commanders, the tallest and most brawny guy also muttered with a pale face, "What an astonishing defense, what power the Spear Art discharged! This Spear Art has nearly returned to the origin. " "That defense technique...", Jian Feng was also completely flabbergasted. "Teng Qingshan ..." The only woman among the four commanders revealed a panic-stricken complexion.

    The four commanders were all completely overawed by Teng Qingshan's Spear Art and couldn't help but stand up. "Master, what Spear Art did Teng Qingshan use a moment ago?" The girl turned her head to look towards the master in the middle, Zhuge Yuanhong.

    On the platform, amongst the five people, only Zhuge Yuanhong sat there calmly. His expression seemed as calm as before, but his eyes lit up. He carefully examined Teng Qingshan who was in the arena and the smile on his face gradually blossomed.

    "Teng Qingshan, he truly is strong!" The entire school ground was silent, following which an uproar broke out.

    "Did you take a good look at the Spear Art a moment ago? How the spear had blocked that technique?" While exhaling, Yue Song let go of his sword and no one knew why. "The more than six thousand fighters on the school ground started talking about the incident. Since every one of them was a warrior, although they didn't understand that Cangjiang Sword Art's Wave Bending Technique, they could still detect the scary power it produced. However, Teng Qingshan's defense technique was too fast and they couldn't see it clearly.

    "Qingshan, well done!" Teng Qinghu excitedly shouted out. "This Teng Qingshan, is your?" A Black Armored Army sergeant next to Teng Qinghu inquired.

    "He is my cousin!" Teng Qinghu proudly proclaimed.

    The people of the Nine Prefecture all respected warriors. Listening to Teng Qinghu talking, the surrounding people had also now regarded him with a special fondness. They immediately started a conversation with Teng Qinghu and simultaneously inquired about Teng Qingshan's past and well-known deeds.

    On the arena!

    "How, how could this be? My Wave Bending Techniques ......it can't be, can't be......" Yue Song stared at his right hand and couldn't control himself from shaking his head.

    "Brother Yue!" Seeing this, Teng Qingshan could help but frown while calling out. However, Yue Song didn't even hear him. "My last move gave Yue Song such a big shock? His mind can't be that weak, right?" Thinking about it, Teng Qingshan simultaneously flung his right hand and tossed out his spear. It directly stabbed into the stone floor not far away and hit the black heavy sword. That sword's handle was sent flying and subsequently fell in front of Yue Song.


    The heavy sword hit the stone and made a crisping sound.

    Only after Yue Song seemingly grasped the meaning of something, did his eyes restore to their pure brightness again. He immediately picked up the black heavy sword and cupped his hand, while saying ashamed, "Brother Qingshan, I was recalling your Spear Art just a moment ago and also thinking of a way to break it, thus, I was totally enthralled. I am ashamed, ashamed." Teng Qingshan was dumbfounded.

    It seemed he wasn't shocked, but enthralled over how to break this Spear Art technique.

    "Brother Yue's 'Cangjiang Sword Art', is very extraordinary. If brother Yue manages to fully control this Wave Bending Technique, then I wouldn't have won so easily," Teng Qingshan laughed lightly "From today's battle, I learned much more from the Wave Bending Technique and I am really grateful to brother Qingshan. "A bright smile appeared on Yue Song's face. "Brother Qingshan, now that we are together in the Black Armored Army, we have sufficient time to learn from each other. I will go down now and not hinder others from challenging you." Yue Song walked down from the arena in joyous laughter, before shouting to the surrounding: "Everybody who wants to challenge Teng Qingshan, you better not miss this good opportunity today." Challenge Teng Qingshan?

    Knowing perfectly well that one wasn't a match and yet still step up to challenge him, wouldn't that be asking to lose?

    "Fang Guan, let fight each other!" With a big shout, another First Rated Warrior jumped onto the ring.

    Everyone had two challenges and the other First Rated Warriors started their challenge. Wu Man, Niu Zhan, Xia Shuo and the others had also commenced. The fights were very intense and the sergeant of the Black Armored Army watched delightfully nearby.

    However ......nobody came up to challenge Teng Qingshan!

    "Who would have thought, that even if I control my strength at the limit of 10,000 Jin, none of these people could defeat me," Teng Qingshan secretly sighed, "That Yue Song, if he would manage to have success in conquering the Wave Bending Technique, he could force me to use greater strength!" Teng Qingshan's strongest card in hand, 《Crossing Worlds》was something of terrifying strength.

    Just when he reached his 16th year, he had trained 《Godly Tiger Form Technique》for a month and fought that monster Flood Dragon in the Frost Jade Pool, Teng Qingshan had already reach a strength of 150,000 Jin. After which, he had stayed another six months in Teng Jia Village and continued to practice 《Godly Tiger Form Technique》.

    Although the progress was slow, it stopped altogether after six months.

    When, Teng Qingshan took Teng Qinghu and left home together to venture towards Jiangning county, he could very accurately control his strength as super expert and roughly estimated that both of his arm could produce a strength of 180,000 Jin.

    The so-called one 'strong guy could beat up ten people'!

    With Teng Qingshan's monstrous strength, a simple punch could already kill Yue Song.

    If he combined this monstrous strength with Teng Qingshan's mysterious Spear Art, he would simply turn into a killing god.

    "I should be able to learn secret inner strength techniques within the Gui Yuan Sect. Don't know if I can increase my strength by practicing secret inner strength techniques or not." Teng Qingshan wasn't so arrogant to believe that with his great strength, he would be unmatched in the world.

    After all, the Celestial Emperor Yu from the legends was capable of splitting a towering mountain with an axe chop. And the Heavenly Emperor Qinling was able to dry up a hundred Zhang wide river with just one palm strike.

    Even thinking about it made Teng Qingshan shudder; splitting a towering mountain and drying up a hundred Zhang wide river was thousand times, no ten thousand times, stronger than him. They would be able to kill him with merely a light pat.

    "It was not that there wasn't anyone stronger than me in the Nine continents , but the one I had contact with were the experts of the younger generation. By my estimation, that master of Yue Song, the Swordmaster of Cangjiang, should be stronger than me." Teng Qingshan got somewhat excited in his heart.

    He was excited to have an opponent!

    In the event, the 17 people had two challenge opportunities each and as the time passed, it finally came to an end.

    "This is the last battle, haha. The other people are so frightened that they didn't dare to challenge Teng Qingshan." The tall brawny guy could help but start laughing.

    "That Teng Qingshan's Spear Art skills could be said to have reached the point where it returned to its original nature. Other people aren't that stupid and certainly won't challenge him," The silver-haired old man in black gown said.

    " Returned to its original nature? He still hasn't arrived at that point yet," Zhuge Yuan Hong laughed.


    "Sixth master?" The commander all looked at Zhuge Yuan Hong.

    Zhuge Yuanhong praised, "But, he is only 16 years old, 16 years old! A 16 years old youth already had spear arts that weren't inferior to some spear technique great master of the Nine Prefectures.

    There were only two possibilities: One, he is the reincarnated great master of the Buddhism Sect or the reincarnation of the living Buddha."

    On the Nine Continents, there were eight big sects that were the most famous and with the deepest foundation.

    Among the eight big sects, the strongest was the Manichean Temple. The seven other big sects each control a prefecture and only the Manichean Temple controls two. Located in the west of the Nine Prefectures, its sphere of influence was the southwest Rongzhou as well as Liangzhou in the west.

    Manichean Temple was also the only Buddhism Sect amongst the eight big sects and had over several thousand years of history.

    The Buddism Sect had absolute authority in Rongzhou and Liangzhou.

    Among the eight great sects of the Nine Prefectures, the practice methods of the other seven sects were Training Vitality into Qi and the Unity of Spirit. They would try to use it as a means to reach the realm of Qi, then into Spirit, before entering the innate realm. This was the most used practicing method in all of the Nine Continents.

    However the cultivation of the Buddhism Sect was completely different. They cultivated from the three pulses and seven meridians, and the practice of finding one's true self in order achieve Sarīra, later become Arhat. Among the great masters of the Buddhism Sect, those who can achieve Sarīra would be called Arhat, and they were the equivalent of innate experts.

    TLN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arhat

    The cultivation of the Buddha Sect had the uniqueness of Buddhism.

    Because the human body was limited by the world, and life would always, at one point, come to an end, masters of Buddhism who had reached an inconceivable boundary before the death could make their soul stay unenlightened and get reincarnated as a living Buddha, retaining all their previous memories.

    If he were a living buddha, then being able to put forth this level of spear technique would not be strange.

    "If he were really a reincarnated living buddha, the monks of Manichean Temple would have taken him long ago. How could he be here?" The silver-haired old man asked skeptically.

    "The possibility of being a reincarnated living buddha is very low." Zhuge Yuanhong nodded in acknowledgement. In fact, they would never have thought that, although Teng Qingshan wasn't a reincarnated living buddha, he was actually an Internal Martial Arts grandmaster from another world that had been reincarnated.

    "Master, and the second possibility?" Jian Jin inquired.

    Zhuge Yuanhong sighed, "The second possibility is that he utilized the innocence of a newborn to comprehend the world! Living in the mountains since childhood and following nature. Using both heaven and earth as a teacher, he could comprehend the simplicity, and the infinite mystery of Spear Arts! The innocence of a newborn!"

    Once a person got into contact with the mortal world, they would get corrupted.

    Moreover, on the Nine Continents, there were a number of pure geniuses that have the innocence of a newborn and could follow nature, using both heaven and earth as their teacher. Once they understood the Spear and Saber Arts, each of their moves would seem simple, but contained mysterious insight.

    "However, Feng'er you don't need to get discouraged," Zhuge Yuanhong said, "Being able to create this Spear Arts has both advantages and disadvantages!"

    "Advantages and disadvantages?" The four commanders looked at him.

    Zhuge Yuanhong nodded while saying, "An average person that practiced the Sword Arts or Saber Arts would start practicing from the foundation level, step by step, and the skill would get more profound with learning. From simplicity to complexity, this is a process! In fights, the experts would discover their Sword Art' and Saber Art's weakness and gradually improve it. They could eventually go from complex back to its original nature. Starting from simple to complex, then vice versa until every gesture and motion would be capable of unleashing an infinite power."

    "Encountering one setback after another, the continuous learning experiences, and the gradual improvement until, finally, sudden enlightenment; this procedure would produce a much stronger Martial Art than someone learning from nature from the beginning. They would have great, simple, yet powerful moves, but it would never excel in the long run."Zhuge Yuanhong said.

    "I understand." Jian Feng nodded his head.

    Only after steeling himself in the mortal world, could he gain higher achievements.

    "Geniuses like Teng Qingshan are too young. Although they comprehend such powerful Spear Arts right now, he didn't experience the many setbacks to progress further. he had yet to temper himself in the mortal world." Zhuge Yuanhong lightly smiled, "Of course, geniuses like them, once they have established themselves in the mortal world, their possibilities would be limitless!"

    Four commanders nodded.

    However, they didn't know that Teng Qingshan had already experienced the mortal world for himself, way more than they could ever imagine!

    "Sovereign, the centurion competition had just concluded," The silver-haired old man wearing the black gown said.

    "Mhm, time to reward them with the horses and heavy armors!" Zhuge Yuanhong announced.
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