Chapter 14: Power

    Book 3 Chapter 14 Power

    In front of the stone, many people were recording the contents of the 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》 with brush and paper. Teng Qinghu had also borrowed a piece of paper and brush from the others before starting to record as well.

    The entire 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》 had a total of over two thousand words. Fortunately, the strength of Teng Qinghu's wrist was enough for this task. Without stopping, he wrote for almost two hours before he finished copying all two thousand words.

    "Huh? Why are only the first six levels on the stone?" Teng Qinghu scrutinized both the front and back of the big stone, before he realized that it only had information of the first six levels. There wasn't a single sentence mentioning the seventh to the ninth levels.

    "Qingshan! Qingshan!" Teng Qinghu shouted towards the side.

    Teng Qingshan had shut his eyes and was practicing the sixth level of the 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》. Every channel of the Hand Taiyang Meridian and Hand Taiyin Meridian was feeling numb, as if someone was forcefully pressing their fingers against the acupuncture points.

    A trace of inner strength circled through his meridians, forming a circulation.

    Another portion of his inner strength seemed like tiny insects softly nibbling on his meridians, simulating them.

    "The expert that created this 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》 was truly powerful to actually think of such a method."

    This secret inner strength technique used the heavenly circuit to strengthen and stimulate the meridians. It also contained a method to send out inner strength from the practitioner's hands.

    Due to this characteristic of the 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》, and because of the ability to send inner strength bursting from the hands, two of the twelve main meridians, the Hand Taiyang and the Hand Taiyin are specifically practiced.These two meridians act as gun barrels, allowing the practitioner to blast out his inner strength.

    Therefore, practitioners of 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》 almost always spent the most time strengthening these two meridians.

    The thicker the meridians are, the stronger they are. And the stronger they are, the more inner strength they can send out at once.

    "Eh?" Teng Qingshan opened his eyes and asked, "What's wrong cousin?"

    Teng Qingshan's meridians were completely clear and could totally stop practice at any time without any fear of the inner strength darting towards the wrong channel.

    "Qingshan, this copy of 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》has the first six levels. I can't find any mention of the last three levels." Teng Qinghu said anxiously. "The beginning of the secret technique mentioned that there are nine levels, yet this stone tablet only has the first six levels. I have checked the back and front of the whole stone."

    As Teng Qingshan heard, he was shocked. "The last three levels are not written?"

    He himself had already practiced to the sixth level and based on the sensation of his meridians, he felt totally able to continue practicing to the next level.

    "Hey. Brother Qinghu. Are the first six levels not enough?" Among the other Black Armored Soldiers nearby, a person who had just joined knew Teng Qinghu. The person continued saying, "These six levels are already amazing! Once you practice to the fifth level, you would be a first-rated warrior! When you practiced to the sixth level, many of the centurions will probably lose against you. Don't be greedy. It would be good if you could just succeed in practicing the six levels."

    "Oh. Right."

    Teng Qinghu touched his head and replied, "Tie Tou, I didn't think of this just now. Six levels is enough."


    Enough my ass!

    Teng Qingshan smiled bitterly in his heart. The first six levels of the 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》 had only caused him to feel addicted. 'With his extremely resilient meridians, the stimulation caused by the technique was only made obvious when he cultivated it to the sixth level. However, he still did not feel any pressure.

    This monster like body of Teng Qingshan's was really too strong.

    "Since the 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull 》 is a Human rank secret technique," Teng Qingshan glanced at the gigantic stone before continuing, "It was carved on the stone and openly showed to the Black Armored Soldiers, thus, it wouldn't be weird to hide the last three level that possess extremely great power."

    "Qingshan, why aren't copying the technique down?" Teng Qinghu asked puzzled.

    "Why would I?" Teng Qingshan smiled and said, "Just this little writing? Please, I've already remembered everything after reading it once.

    "You remembered all of it after only reading it once?" Teng Qinghu was dumbfounded.

    That's over two thousand words! He remembered it all after reading only once?

    Teng Qingshan shook his head as he flashed a smile. He had practiced the ways and methods of utilizing this technique, so of course he had remembered clearly. Plus, after reaching the six level of the technique, the other levels become irrelevant.. Only the method on the sixth level would be needed.


    In the afternoon, Teng Qingshan held his reincarnation Spear, standing in his own courtyard.

    Teng Qingshan's mind moved, and his inner strength immediately went along his meridians according to the sixth method of the 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》. After the inner strength exploded from the Dantian, it separated into five parts and passed through five of the eight extra meridians, rapidly approaching Teng Qingshan's right arm.


    The reincarnation spear was fiercely smashed onto the ground, producing a large 'boom'. Mud flew towards all directions and a deep, big hole appeared on the muddy ground in his courtyard.

    Teng Qingshan scrutinized the huge muddy hole he created an a smile blossomed on his face, "The information in the 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》 was right. After one reaches the sixth level of the technique, their power would be a lot stronger than when they were in the fifth level! This strike of mine was equal to around thirty thousand Jin of strength.

    Teng Qingshan possessed great power. Through the destructive power of his inner strength, he could determine just how powerful this strike was.

    "However, when normal people practice to the sixth level, their meridians are not as strong and wide as mine, making the explosion of their inner strength weaker than mine; therefore, the force of their strike should only be around twenty thousand Jin." Although Teng Qingshan boosted his inner strength by using the method of the sixth level of the 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》, his meridians could contain much more inner strength, making his power even greater.

    This power was great indeed.


    "The sheer consumption of inner strength is just too shocking! If my inner strength is sucked up like this every time I strike, then it would be used up after thirty strikes. Even with the high recovery rate of the sixth level, it would require me at least one day to recover all of my inner strength." Despite the heavy energy consumption, a smile appeared on Teng Qingshan's face.

    He felt happiness in the depths of his heart.

    "Haha, the endurance of the physical strength much greater than inner strength!" Teng Qingshan felt very comfortable.

    "My inner strength is considered quite rich now; however, if I strike thirty times using my Reincarnation Spear reinforced with my inner strength, then it would be completely used up! If it was an ordinary warrior using up all of their inner strength, they would have no choice but to wait to die."

    "However, my physical strength is a lot stronger. Both of my arms possess a total of 180,000 Jin of tremendous force! Plus. If I were to use over 100,000 Jin in my arms, they still wouldn't feel any fatigue after a day!" Teng Qingshan noticed that the strength of his muscles had something that predominated the force of the inner strength.

    That something is endurance!

    As a grandmaster of the internal martial arts, the moment Teng Qingshan attacks, only an extremely small area of muscles would be used.

    For example, to make a punch, Teng Qingshan's strength would originate from the bottoms of his feet, travelling through his legs, waist, shoulders, elbows, and finally the fists, to let out a deadly force. During this process, although his feet muscles would be the first to exert the strength, by the time that strength would reach his waist, his feet and leg muscles would already be resting. Therefore, even if Teng Qingshan battled crazily, most of his muscles would be at rest.

    This allows Teng Qingshan to still be fine after killing for one day and one night without stopping. Other normal warriors would already be killed after using up all of their inner strength!

    Common martial artists would simply consume all of their inner strength, allowing themselves to be killed!

    "However, in the future, I can also occasionally use twenty thousand Jin of strength in public. His own great strength was a hidden trump card. As a hitman in his previous life, it caused Teng Qingshan to have this habit--

    He would never reveal his hidden trump card until the last second!

    Even during his battle with Yue Song, Teng Qingshan had only used ten thousand Jin of strength.

    Now that he learned 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》, Teng Qingshan could occasionally use twenty thousand strength openly without arousing suspicion. If others asked why Teng Qingshan was so strong, Teng Qingshan could say that it was because of the Vigor of the Reckless Bull.


    In the evening.

    "Brother Teng, brother Teng!" Shouts resounded from outside the courtyard door.

    Teng Qinghu immediately ran to open the door.

    "Ah! Young Sovereign and Lady Qing." When Teng Qinghu saw the two people outside the door, his face reddened, since their appearance was such a pleasant surprise. He then immediately came back to his senses and hastily said, "Quickly, please come in."

    Zhuge Yun and Zhuge Qing, the two siblings, walked in side by side.

    Zhuge Yun and Zhuge Qing were both dressed in white.

    "I see that it is the Young Sovereign and Lady Qing," Teng Qingshan, who was playing with a flying knife in his hand hastily stood up to welcome the two.

    "Haha. Don't call me Young Sovereign, it's making me uncomfortable. From now on, why don't we call each other brother? Brother Teng, you might be even younger than me," laughed the Young Sovereign, Zhuge Yun. Both he and Teng Qingshan were sixteen years old. Indeed, that did not tell who is older.

    "Oh? I was born in the beginning of spring. What about you, Young Sovereign?" Teng Qingshan asked back.

    "Ah. It looks like I will have to call brother Teng big brother," helplessly replied Zhuge Yun. He then continued saying, "I was born in the summer, Big brother Teng. I have come with my sister today to ask you and your cousin out for dinner to welcome you guys to our Gui Yuan Sect."

    At his side, Zhuge Qing spoke, "Actually, my brother wanted to invite Big brother Qingshan and Qinghu out for food yesterday, but the whole Black Armored Army was celebrating. Therefore, we were only able to come today.

    "Big Brother Qingshan and Big Brother Qinghu, you guys won't reject us, right?" Zhuge Qing looked towards the two as she asked.

    After being stared at by Zhuge Qing, Teng Qinghu could do was helplessly nod and reply, "Yes, of course I am going. Right? Qingshan."

    "Since the young sovereign and Lady Qing came to personally invite us, how can we not go?" Teng Qingshan stood up.


    As they walked on the streets of Jiangning City, Zhuge Qing wore a veil, hiding her face.

    "It can't be helped. If my sister didn't wear a veil, people would stare," Zhuge Yun said helplessly. Teng Qingshan nodded. The first time he saw Lady Qing, he noticed that she had a heaven-sent charm. His own cousin, Teng Qinghu, even froze in awe when he saw her the first time. Of course, many of the other warriors were also attracted by her.

    For some women, all of their moves and actions, no matter if out of happiness or anger, would still have a natural sexual appeal.

    Sexiness is a charm.

    This kind of purity was also a charm. It seemed like Lady Qing was a goddess descending from the heavens, shocking the hearts of many people.

    "At this time, many people would come to my Gui Yuan Sect, proposing to marry my sister," Zhuge Yun whispered.

    "Brother!" Lady Qing was angry.

    "However, the Sovereign didn't agree, right?" Teng Qinghu said with a slightly anxious tone. Zhuge Yun smiled and said, "Of course not. Those fellows are not qualified to marry my sister. My father also said that my sister's marriage would only be set after both my sister and my father agreed."

    "This would be good," agreed Teng Qinghu, nodding his head.

    Teng Qingshan cast a helpless glance at his own cousin. His Cousin was indeed a clumsy guy who had never seen a goddess like beauty before, and was slightly ludicrous when seeing this Zhuge Qing. Teng Qingshan then said to himself, "This Zhuge Qing is very charming indeed, and is also a very pure and innocent girl. It would not be strange for cousin to like her. If cousin did actually marry her, then it would be a really good marriage. However.......with Zhuge Qing's position, it would be very difficult for cousin to succeed in pursuing her."

    "Let's walk. Canvass Lunar Restaurant is just in front of us! Let's go in," said Zhuge Yun. He smiled and headed into the Canvass Lunar Restaurant.

    Teng Qingshan, Teng Qinghu, and Zhuge Qing followed him into the restaurant.
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