Chapter 15: Pay a visit

    Book 3 Chapter 15 Pay a visit

    The Canvass Lunar Restaurant was nearly full.

    "Welcome, dear customers," A waiter immediately approached with a smiling face.

    Zhuge Yun casually said, "Third floor, the 'Purple air of the East' private room." Canvass Lunar Restaurant was one of the biggest restaurants in Jiangning city, and the private rooms on the third floor's prices were even more extravagant.

    However, when the rich merchants from Jiangning city invited guests, they would generally pick a private room on the third floor.

    Thus, 'Purple air of the East' private room on the third floors was the most expensive one.

    "This ......" The waiter was startled.

    "Hm?" Zhuge Yun frowned.

    "Dear customer, I'm sorry but the 'Purple air of the East' private room has already been booked by Master Li from East City. Could it be that the customer......" Before the waiter could finish his sentence, the storekeeper of the restaurant had already run over frantically. Immediately putting himself in front of the waiter. He cupped his hands in front of his chest and smiled brightly. "Ah, if it's Young Master Zhuge, then there is no problem. Please follow me upstairs, I will humbly guide you."

    Zhuge Yun, Teng Qingshan and the others followed the storekeeper to the third floor.

    On this floor's lobby, there were countless waiters.

    "Wasn't the 'Purple air of the East' private room reserved by Master Li?" That waiter stared at them somewhat blankly.

    "Master Li counts as fart." Another waiter pulled him down and whispered in his ears, "You better remember that the Young Master who appeared a moment ago is Gui Yuan Sect's Young Sovereign! Let alone some Master Li, even if the county governor of Jiangning County came, you must give him the room! You have to remember that next time you see this Young Sovereign, don't call him 'Young Sovereign'. Instead, call him 'Young Master Zhuge'! The Young Sovereign doesn't want too many people to know his identity."

    "Ah!" The waiter was extremely surprised.

    The Young Sovereign of Gui Yuan Sect?

    The Gui Yuan Sect governed the entire Jiangning County. The so-called county governor and majors all listened to the Gui Yuan Sect. This Young Sovereign's status was indeed very frightening.

    The 'Purple air of the East' private room was the most spacious among the four private rooms on the third floor. Even if it was extremely cold outside, it would be very warm inside this private room. Moreover, incense sticks were always lit inside, emitting an enchanting fragrance that lingered inside the room.

    Teng Qingshan and their group of four sat down.

    "Young Master Zhuge, what do you want to eat today?" the shopkeeper asked while smiling and bowing.

    Zhuge Yun waved and replied, "In such a cold winter, eating something hot is more comfortable. Bring a table 'winter meets the golden flower feast'!"

    "Very well." The storekeeper smiled and left the room.

    "'Winter meets the golden flower feast'? What is that?" Teng Qinghu asked.

    Zhuge Yun smiled and said: "Brother Qinghu, this 'Winter meets the golden flower feast', is one of the eight big banquets of Canvass Lunar Restaurant. There are a total of 32 dishes and are especially suitable to be eaten during the winter. The various types of dishes are very well prepared. If you order some dishes yourself, it cannot be compared to this banquet set that the master chefs prepare."

    "32? This is really a waste." Teng Qinghu laughed while saying.

    Very soon, every kind of dish was brought up. Zhuge Yun, Teng Qingshan and the others were drinking wine and casually chatting.

    "Miss Qing, your brother's inner strength is quite profound, your inner strength is truly powerful as well." Teng Qingshan praised while smiling.

    "Big brother Teng, how do you know?" Zhuge Qing asked, somewhat puzzled.

    "In such a cold winter, you wear as little as your brother. If you don't have a profound inner strength, would that mean that you want to get sick?" Teng Qingshan teased while talking and Zhuge Qing suddenly couldn't help but smile happily: "Big brother Teng what you said is incorrect, I don't have a deep inner strength, but I am wearing my snow silk gown!"

    Zhuge Yun reluctantly added: "My younger sister has weak meridians, and although she's cultivated inner strength since childhood, it is extremely weak."

    "Even with a weak inner strength, I have you elder brother to protect me." Zhuge Qing smiled while saying.

    Zhuge Yun patted his younger sister's head and smiled.

    Seeing this, Teng Qingshan remembered his own younger sister Qingyu and that he would also frequently pat his younger sister's head to spoil her: "I have left home for several days already. I wonder if Qingyu already started missing me......"


    Teng Qingshan and their group of four continued eating and drinking in the restaurant while below a group of people entered the Canvass Lunar Restaurant.

    The man leading them wore a white fox fur coat with golden band, as well as a half transparent jade ring on his right hand and appeared to be 40-50 years old. Even while just standing there, he radiated an air of grace. By his side, there was a young couple and the woman was holding a baby in her arms.

    Behind these people, there were three tall guards protecting them.

    "Master." The storekeeper came and greeted them.

    "Is the banquet I ordered ready? Deliver it to the 'Purple air of the East' private room. Yun'er let's go up." Master Li said indifferently.

    "Master Li, there are some people already inside the 'Purple air of the East' private room." The storekeeper hastily said.

    "Eh?" Master Li frowned and his eyes swept at him.

    The storekeeper looked at Master Li's eyes and fear appeared across his face, before continuing: "Master Li, this cannot be blamed me on. Just few moments ago, a group of people wanted to enter the 'Purple air of the East' private room. It was Young Master Zhuge."

    "Young Master Zhuge?"Master Li frowned.

    Master Li could be considered as the number one figure within the Yangzhou Salt merchant Guild. His family was extremely wealthy and had many relationships with sects so he  was indeed a big shot.

    "It is the Young Sovereign." The storekeeper said with a low voice.

    "Oh?" Master Li was startled.

    No matter who they were, regardless of their wealth, when doing business, they still had to flatter the major sects. Otherwise, the sects could dispatch some people and casually take away their family properties.

    "So it is Young Master Zhuge. Yu'er, Feng'er, let's go upstairs to pay a visit." Master Li said.

    "Young sovereign?" That young couple was also inner strength experts and were naturally listening carefully.

    "Qingyu, it is that genius of your Gui Yuan Sect, right?" That young man said, "Let's go pay a visit."

    That woman was called Li Qingyu and her husband Liu Rufeng.

    Teng Jia Village had once received a large order of 182 Frost Jade Saber from the Yangzhou Salt Merchant Guild. Back then, Teng Qingshan and his father Teng Yongfan led a group of clansmen to escort the 182 Frost Jade Saber on it's way to the Yangzhou Guild in Yi City.

    The cavalry leader Qin San had attempted to cheat them out off the money and afterwards vented his anger on Teng Qingshan and his people. He even sent a group of robbers after them with the goal of  letting them slaughter these unsophisticated mountain villagers.


    On the third floor of Canvass Lunar Restaurant.

    Master Li, his daughter, his son-in-law and his granddaughters were all in front of the private room while the three guards were behind them. Master Li indifferently ordered: "Your three don't need to come." After which he knocked and said: "Young Master Zhuge, Li Jun and my daughter Li Qingyu have come to pay a visit and hoped to greet you!"

    Inside the private room.

    Teng Qingshan and their group were happily eating.

    "Li Jun, who is that?" Teng Qinghu asked puzzled.

    "Ah? Li Jun? The salt merchant Li Jun?" Zhuge Yun hesitated for a moment and immediately smiled, "Brother Teng, Brother Qinghu, it seems like the 'Purple air of the East' private room we are in was reserved by that Li Jun. Let's go see him once. We should at least give him some face."

    "Come in!" Zhuge Yunlang replied.

    Immediately 'squeak', the door opened.

    Master Li, led his daughter and son-in-law and came in together.

    "Pay respect to the Young Sovereign!" Master Li smiled and bowed.

    "Master Li, this is too much. We have already taken your private room, how can we receive such courtesy?" Zhuge Yun politely mentioned.

    "Being able to pay a visit is my pleasure and reserving a private room for the Young Sovereign is my honor." Master Li faintly smiled, "I would like to introduce someone to Young Sovereign. This is my son-in-law Liu Rufeng, he is a core disciple of Qing Hu island. Young Sovereign probably already knows Qingyu."

    "Senior apprentice Qingyu is from our Gui Yuan Sect, of course I know her. Liu Rufeng? Ah, I heard that senior apprentice had married, it seems it was to Liu Rufeng." Zhuge took a glance at Liu Rufeng, "Oh, he is even a core disciple of Qing Hu Island, so powerful."

    Liu Rufeng smiled while cupping his hand: "Within my Yangzhou, who doesn't know Young Master Zhuge's name and talent?"

    "Master Li, I hope you don't mind us, continue to eat your meal." Zhuge Yun said.

    "Then we won't disturb you, Young Sovereign please continue your meal." Master Li smiled and led his daughter and son-in-law out, before, closing the door the private room.

    Peace returned to the private room.

    "Huh, senior apprentice Qingyu actually married a core disciple of Qing Hu Island." Zhuge Yun whispered.

    Teng Qingshan frowned and thought to himself: "That Master Li, I think I've met him before!" Last time when Teng Qingshan was ten years old, he saw Li Qingyu and her father Master Li. However, Master Li and he only met very briefly. Moreover, Li Qingyu was a shy young girl before and now she had become a mature woman. Her appearance and temperament had changed a lot.

    "Ah? It's him! Master Li from Jiangning County!" Teng Qingshan's eyes suddenly lit up when he finally remembered.

    With a breath, Teng Qingshan stood up.

    "Qingshan, what's wrong?" Teng Qinghu was startled.

    "Qinghu, back when we went to bring the Frost Jade Sabers to Yi City. That Master Li, as well as that young lady from that wealthy family was called Yu'er, did you forget?" Teng Qingshan's face turned cold and he directly walked out the door. Teng Qinghu was speechless for a moment and suddenly frozen. His eyes immediately widened into a perfect circle.

    "It's them!" Teng Qinghu soared and rushed out behind.

    "What's wrong?" Zhuge Yun and Zhuge Qing were both startled and followed behind.

    Once they were out of the private room, Teng Qingshan carefully listened and instantly noticed the private room to the south.

    Back then, that group of robbers had tried to kill Teng Qingshan and his people and although, nobody from Teng Jia Village had died because of Teng Qingshan, one guy was blinded, another lost his leg and was paralyzed forever, while the last had lost an arm.

    These three clansmen were all from the hunter squad and good men within the clan.

    Yet they were turned into cripples just like that!

    Teng Qingshan never forgave this enmity in his heart!

    If Teng Qingshan wasn't there at that time, perhaps all thirty people from Teng Jia Village would have died that day. Back then, Teng Qingshan didn't retaliate out of fear for his clansmen, but he thought to himself - as soon as there was an opportunity in the future, he must kill that Qin San!

    Walking towards the room, Teng Qingshan kicked the door open.


    "Who is it!" Master Li shouted angrily and the three guards stood up.

    "Oh, so it is Young Sovereign's friend." A smile appeared on Master Li's face, "come in."

    Standing at the entrance, Teng Qingshan swept his eyes coldly within the private room and he instantly locked onto a guy among the three guards. Teng Qingshan remembered clearly, among these three guards, one was called 'Qin Da', who helped them before. While that guy standing on the side was Qin San!

    "You're Qin San!" Teng Qingshan coldly glared at him.
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