Chapter 16: My Name Is Teng Qingshan

    Book 3 Chapter 16 My Name Is Teng Qingshan

    "Qin San, do you know this young brother?" Master Li suspiciously asked.

    Qin San was puzzled too.

    He didn't know the young fellow in front of him, but Qin San heard from his master, and knew that the person standing in front of him was a friend of the Gui Yuan Sect's Young Sovereign. Thus, he immediately cupped his hands and said, "This brother's name is Qin San, but I'm afraid that I am not familiar with a figure such as yourself!"

    At this moment, Teng Qinghu, who had reacted slowly, finally caught up.

    "You don't know me?" Teng Qingshan's face was unnaturally cold.

    "Qin San! Do you still recognize your grandfather?" With a loud shout, Teng Qinghu ran into the room like a frenzied tiger and grabbed the solid wooden chair beside him. With the strength of several thousand Jin, he threw it furiously at Qin San


    The chair was aimed right on Qin San's head. Slightly stunned, Qin San became angry. "Where did this son of bitch come from?!" At the same time, he pulled out a long sword from his waist and ruthlessly hacked the wooden chair.


    The wooden chair cracked, the pieces flying everywhere. Some smashed against Qin San, and others hit the food on the table, causing the plates to break and the meal to splash out. Li Qingyu suddenly screamed as she bent down to protect her son.

    "Stop!" Li Qingyu and her husband, Liu Rufeng, yelled simultaneously.

    But how could Teng Qingshan stop once he was blinded by anger? One of the three handicapped villagers was his neighbour, who had cared for him and watched him grow up. Even Teng Qinghu was especially fond of his Second Uncle. When Teng Qinghu first joined the hunting team, it was this Second Uncle who had taken care of him.

    In that battle with the bandits, Second Uncle broke one leg! A good man's life was ruined!

    "Go die!" Teng Qinghu lowered his body and swiped his leg.

    "Qinghu!" Teng Qingshan hastily shouted.

    This time, they didn't come equipped with any weapons. Even if Teng Qinghu had his spear, he couldn't guarantee that he would win, let alone without his weapon.

    "You are seeking death!" Qin San was also a vicious and merciless person. Qin San had tried to refrain from provoking anyone, so who dared to provoke him? Since someone was trying to kill him, how could he care about anything else? He jumped and dodged Teng Qinghu's leg. At the same time, the long sword in his right hand smashed down firmly.

    Teng Qinghu grabbed the leg from a nearby square desk.


    The big desk flew through the air directly towards Qin San.

    "Humph." Qin San sneered. His long sword split the table and continued its path towards Teng Qinghu without stopping.

    At this moment--


    A ray of cold light flashed in the room!

    "Ah!" A cry resounded as Qin San's long sword fell from his hand.

    "DIE!" Teng Qinghu kicked upwards, aiming for Qin San's chest. Qin San's left hand covered his right hand, and at the same time the kick made contact, Qin San's right foot lightly brushed against Teng Qinghu's leg. His whole body flew back three meters, lessening the force of impact while he landed.

    His face was pale, left hand holding onto his right wrist.

    There was a knife stabbed onto his right wrist!

    "That flying knife was so fast!" With eyes that flashed a cold ray of light, Liu Rufeng couldn't help but look at the Teng Qingshan, who had thrown the flying knife within in an instant. Teng Qingshan had seen that Teng Qinghu was in danger, so he helped by wounding Qin San's wrist.

    Stop! Please allow us to understand what it is you want us to do!" Master Li yelled.

    "Little bastard, die."

    The other two guards saw the knife cut through their junior brother's wrists, so they couldn't help but get angry.

    "Kuang!" Kuang!" They made slight noises as they drew their long swords.

    "Stop." Master Li shouted at them.

    "Master!" One of the guards answered in a hurry. Master Li said in a cold tone, "Let's clear up some misunderstandings first!" Then, he looked at Teng Qingshan, who was near the door. At this moment, Young Sovereign Zhuge Yun and Zhuge Qing arrived outside of the room.

    With a displeased face, Master Li said, "Young Sovereign, what problem troubles your friend? Without asking if he was right or wrong, he came in and wanted to kill my guard, ruined my pleasant feast.

    Zhuge Yun and Zhuge Qing were also very confused.

    However, Zhuge Yun smiled and said, "Master Li, why are you so angry? It's just a table of food. If we have caused you any injustice, I will give buy you another one. But first, we need see who is right and who is wrong. Don't you agree?"

    "I want to know what's going on too!" Master Li retorted with a cold voice.

    "Big Brother Teng, what's happening?" Zhuge Yun looked at Teng Qingshan.

    Teng Qinghu angrily shouted, "What's happening? Let this *** called Qin San say it himself!" He stared firmly at Qin San, who was holding his wrist. "Qin San, you didn't forget about Teng Jia Village and the ten thousand taels of silver, right?"

    (TL: This was originally censored. Some too offensive words... )

    Teng Qingshan was also menacingly staring at Qin San.

    "Teng Jia Village? Ten thousand taels of silver?" Qin San was confused as well.

    All these years working for Master Li, Qin San had secretly made a lot of money through corrupt ways. But those were all small affairs that Master Li chose to ignore. Furthermore, it happened seven years ago. As for 'Teng Jia Village', there were countless villages in this world with a similar name, such as 'Li Jia Village' and 'Wang Jia Village'. How could Qin San remember?

    "Who are you?!" Qin San pulled out the flying knife from his wrist and pressed his acupoint to stop the bleeding. Stepping two steps forward to stand beside his two martial brothers, he shouted angrily, "I don't even know you!"

    "Young Sovereign, you heard that, right? Master Li said with a low voice.


    Teng Qingshan moved instantly, creating a breeze in the room, the two martial brothers beside Qin San changed their facial expression. "You are seeking death!" They pointed the swords in their hands as they shouted, but after two "peng!" "peng!" sounds, they flew backwards.

    Once they landed on the ground heavily with blood dripping from their mouths, the two crawled up with fear in their eyes.

    "Expert!" The two martial brothers were both of the postliminary realm that didn't think they could survive one round against Teng Qingshan even when holding long swords. They didn't know that Teng Qingshan was originally a grandmaster of the Xing Yi Martial Arts that was extremely proficient at close-quarters combat, even without weapons.

    With Teng Qingshan's keen eyesight, he could direct two smashing fists and maximize the two persons' injuries.


    Without his martial brothers beside him, Qin San didn't know what to do!

    "Ah!" Qin San frenziedly thrusted his perfectly fine left hand like a steel claw, stabbing it towards Teng Qingshan's head. No one doubted that Qin San's fingers could stab through a person's skull.

    Teng Qingshan extended his hand, grabbed Qin San's wrist, and twisted!


    Qin San bent his waist, his face turning pale because of the pain. "Who are you! I don't know you!"

    "Don't know us?" Teng Qing Shan started at him emotionlessly. "Seven years ago! You ordered 182 Frost Jade Sabers and gave us ten thousand taels of silver. Thirty men from our Teng Jia Village delivered them to Yi Ciy's Yangzhou Merchant Guild. Do you remember now?"

    Qin San's eyes popped out like small balls. "Those dead villagers?"

    In Qin San's eyes, that group of villagers had already been killed by bandits a long time ago. Even though the bandits didn't succeed and instead were killed, no one had delivered the news to Qin San.

    "Haha, the dead villagers?" Teng Qingshan sneered. "Yes, yes, we almost died. Luckily... those bandits weren't great at fighting. They couldn't kill us, and in reverse, they were killed by our clansmen. But we knew...that it was you! You leaked information to the bandits, saying that we had ten thousand taels of silver, right?!"

    Qin San's eyes were filled with disbelief.

    Teng Qinghu also snarled, "You bastard! Back then when we went to Yangzhou Merchant Guild, I knew you weren't a good person. Frost Jade Sabers, you told your master one saber was worth a hundred and fifty taels of silver, but you gave us only one hundred. Later, you purposely used inner strength to break one in order frame us so that you wouldn't have to give us the ten thousand taels!"

    "You f*cking are a big figure? An inner strength expert? You couldn't let go of your money, so you took it out on us poor villagers! I will never forget that fight with the bandits! Second Uncle's life was wasted, and now he often sits on the side of the practice room, blankly looking at the other clansmen practice spear techniques, secret wiping away his tears! You motherf*cker, it was all you!" Teng Qinghu was practically growling.

    Other than Teng Qinghu's growl, everyone else quieted down.

    Everyone now understood how the incident had transpired.

    "It's them, Father, they are that group of villagers," Li Qingyu quietly said.

    "I know." Master Li's facial expression wasn't pleasant.

    Mater Li knew that his guard Qin San's hands weren't clean. However, this Qin San was very smart; he understood what kind of people he could afford to offend and what kind of people he couldn't. Qin San had worked for him for all these years, and he had never caused any major problems.

    Master Li never cared.

    Who would know....

    From that group of poor villagers back then, two experts would actually emerged. So, the poor villagers' revenge had finally arrived.

    "This, must be brother Teng." Master Li smile and said, "I understand the whole incident, and it was all my guard's fault. However, what happened back then can't be undone. I hope brother Teng can do me a favor and spare his life. I will make sure to compensate you nicely."

    When Teng Qingshan turned around and looked at Master Li, he sneered coldly.

    "Master Li, if I killed your daughter and son-in-law and gave you some money in compensation, would you be satisfied?" Teng Qingshan stared at him. At the same time, a flying knife appeared in his left hand.

    Master Li became startled.

    He didn't doubt that Teng Qingshan was about to throw the flying knife.

    "This...." Master Li hesitated.

    "So, you'd better shut up." Teng Qingshan's eyesight was sharp and cold. He turned around and looked at the Qin San, whose wrist he had cut with his flying knife. "Qin San, in your eyes back then, the poor villagers were ants that you could step on if you wished. Today in my eyes, you are the ant. Right now, I want to step on you!"

    The siblings, Zhuge Yun and Zhuge Qing, were quietly watching this scene.

    Zhuge Qing was scared; she never expected that Teng Qingshan, who was always smiling, polite, and steady, had a side that could be this terrifying and heartless.

    Zhuge Yun, however, was the opposite. His eyes were flashing with the light of excitement.

    "Stop!" The other two martial brothers both yelled. One of them, named 'Qin Da', even yelled, "Brother Teng, my junior brother was wrong for this incident, but please spare his life. He is our Gold Sword Clan's disciple, so if you kill him, you will be our enemy. Even if he were to die, it should be taken care of within our clan. Please..."

    Qin San's eyes still showed his hope to survive.

    "Qingshan, kill him. Even when I'm dreaming, all I can think of is killing this bastard!" Teng Qinghu yelled. Teng Qingshan extended his left arm and grabbed Qin San's throat.

    "No--" Qin San's facial expression changed drastically.

    Teng Qingshan stared at Qin San heartlessly and exerted force from his fingers.


    It was the sound of bones cracking!

    Qin San desperately tried to breathe, but he could no longer do so. His face was ghostly pale, his eyes containing a myriad of emotions: unwillingness, fear, and hatred. Soon after, his eyes completely dimmed. When Teng Qingshan let go, Qin San fell to the ground softly.

    He was dead!

    "You, you..." The two martial brothers were obviously indignant.

    "I will kill my enemies myself. I have no need for your Gold Sword Clan's help!" Teng Qingshan glanced at the two coldly. "If any of you from the Gold Sword Clan wants to look for revenge, I will be available at any time! Qinghu, let's go!"

    Teng Qinghu glanced at Qin San's body, which was lying on the floor. He furiously spat and cursed, "Piece of dog sh*t!" and then followed Teng Qingshan.

    Teng Qingshan and Teng Qinghu turned around and walked towards the door. When they were halfway to the door, Teng Qingshan suddenly stopped. Turning around, he looked at the two martial brothers and said, "By the way, when your Gold Sword Clan looks for revenge, don't mistake the wrong person! Listen carefully! My name is Teng Qingshan!"
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