Chapter 17: The Sixth Stage

    Book 3 Chapter 17 The Sixth Stage

    Teng Qingshan and Teng Qinghu walked towards the door.

    Standing in front of the door, the Young Sovereign Zhuge Yun looked at the two Qin brothers with a ridiculing smile as he spoke, "Gold Sword Clan? Haha... you actually have the audacity to threaten my Gui Yuan Sect's members? "Even the Gold Sword Clan's leader wouldn't dare speak such words in the territory of the Gui Yuan Sect, much less you two junior disciples." A faint smile appeared on his face.

    The eldest of the Qin brothers froze.

    "This...Young...Young Sovereign..." Qin Er stammered with the urge to speak but had no idea what to say.

    "Young Sovereign, these two young fellows were being immature. They said it in order to save their martial brother, since in this world, family is the most important! Regarding this matter, Qin San wasn't being reasonable, so there's no one to blame for his death. I hope the Young Sovereign won't blame us for this." Master Li hastily said at that moment.


    The Young Sovereign Zhuge Yun sneered coldly and turned his head, leaving with Teng Qingshan, Teng Qinghu, and his sister.

    The shabby, private room then became silent.

    "You two were reckless!" Master Li's face fell as he rebuked Qin Da and Qin Er. "Qin San's hands weren't clean. He provoked someone, so it wouldn't matter if he died! Don't you two notice whom you're speaking to before you talk big?! That was the Gui Yuan Sect! Your Gold Sword Clan's days had been leisurely and carefree. Do you think your enemies were not powerful enough? Or do you think it was easy for Old Brother Wang to support the Gold Sword Clan? If we fall afoul with the Gui Yuan Sect because of you two...I am afraid the Gold Sword Clan won't be able to hold on any longer."

    Qin Da and Qin Er immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

    In the nine prefectures, the sects also had high and low rankings.

    There were eight large sects in the nine prefectures, and each sect was unquestionably extremely powerful.

    As for the Gui Yuan Sect, it was able to rule a single County and had been passed down for over a thousand years. The Gui Yuan Sect was deeply-rooted and firmly planted. With Sovereign Zhuge Yuanhong, who was an extremely powerful expert in the nine prefectures....The Gui Yuan Sect is considered a great sect in the nine prefectures.

    Among the thirteen counties of Yangzhou, the nine counties controlled by Qing Hu Island plus the two counties controlled by the Gui Yuan Sect and the Tie Yi Hall were considered slightly more peaceful. On the other hand, the land of the other two counties were extremely chaotic.

    In Xuyang County, there were over ten small sects, and there were many forces filled with bandits.

    Those sects who had a long lifespan were established for at least a hundred years while those who had a short lifespan were destroyed within ten years. New sects would then be established again. When these sects are being compared with the Gui Yuan Sect, it would be like ants being compared with an elephant. The difference was really too large. Although the Gold Sword Clan is considered a rather powerful sect in the Xuyang County, it was still far-off when compared with the Gui Yuan Sect.

    Because the Gold Sword Clan didn't even have a single expert.

    "Qin Da," Liu Rufeng furrowed his brow and said, "In the past, I have always thought of you as sensible when doing things; why were you so foolish today?! Regarding Teng Qingshan's ability, I think unless you ask the leader of the Gold Sword Clan himself to come help, otherwise, I am afraid no one can defeat him!"

    Liu Rufeng was the core disciple of the Qing Hu Island.

    However, he had heard of the names of some famous experts in the Qing Hu Island, especially the Sovereign Zhuge Yuanhong. Who would provoke Zhuge Yuanhong of the nine prefectures?

    Qin Da replied helplessly with a sad expression. "Although third brother's character was slightly bad, he had practiced martial arts with me since we were young. It had been more than a dozen years, creating a deep bond between us. When that Teng Qingshan wanted to kill third brother, I was worried, and so I said it that way. I just hoped he could have given our Gold Sword Clan some face and spared third brother's life!"

    "It's eldest brother's and my fault for being weaker." A sense of sadness appeared on Qin Er's face as he said these words.

    Master Li lowered his head and glanced at Qin San, who had already died, and let out a sigh. He then spoke, "Enough is enough, give Qin San a grand burial, and let this thing go. Never mention this again! That Teng Qingshan is so young but so powerful and has a deep connection with the Young Sovereign. I am afraid he will be placed in a high position in the future. It would be better not to offend him!"

    At this point, Master Li and his whole family compensated Canvass Lunar restaurant some silver and returned home.

    Teng Qingshan and the other three walked along the main center street, passed the bridge over the canal, and walked along the east river embankment of the Yu Yang Grand Canal.

    "I didn't expect that a day in the life of a commoner was like this." During the journey, Zhuge Yun and Zhuge Qing asked the two for some stories that happened in the Teng Jia Village. Zhuge Yun then said full of scorn, "It was good those people were killed. Those kinds of scumbags deserve death!"

    "Young Sovereign..." Teng Qingshan opened his mouth.

    Zhuge Yun said unsatisfyingly, "Big brother Teng, I called you brother. I really don't like people calling me Young Sovereign. Yeah. It would be fine if you called me Xiao Yun.

    Teng Qingshan froze for a second and immediately flashed a smile, "Alright. Xiao Yun, I would like to inquire about this Gold Sword Clan....Where is this clan from that it would dare to say such threatening words?"

    The house has its rules, and the military has its rules!

    During the celebratory dinner on the first day after Teng Qingshan joined the Black Armored Army, the army brothers all told Teng Qingshan the rules of the Black Armored Army.

    The rules are simple!

    When getting into fights outside, whether you are being reasonable or not, win the fight first! No matter what, don't ruin the name of the Black Armored Army!

    The words said were this straightforward!

    However, secretly, the Black Armored soldiers thought of it this way--as long as it wasn't against the members of the eight great sects, the members of the other sects could be beaten first regardless of the consequences. At least they still needed to give the eight great sects some face. As for that Qing Hu Island, since it occupied the land of the nine counties, it was a lot stronger than the Gui Yuan Sect.

    "I have never heard of this sect." Teng Qingshan said as he mocked himself. During the first day he entered the Black Armored Army, Teng Qingshan remembered the names of the eight sects of the nine prefectures!

    "That is just a small sect from Xuyang County!" Zhuge Yun said uncaringly. He then continued to explain, "In the region of Yangzhou and in the eleven counties controlled by Qing Hu Island, the Tie Yi Hall, and the Gui Yuan Sect, it was forbidden for others to establish sects. Therefore, the two remaining counties had many kinds of small sects. However, those sects were just small and weak sects. As for the Gold Sword Clan....Humph...if we wanted to obliterate it, just leading a unit of men would be enough to destroy it completely with ease.

    "Oh. That sect is from Xuyang County." Teng Qingshan said in realization.

    Gong Yangqing was from Xuyang County.

    Xuyang County and Tiannan County were considered the most chaotic counties of Yangzhou.

    Under normal circumstances, it was rare for disciples from a large sect to descend into becoming a guard in the house of a wealthy merchant. Because for sects like Qing Hu Island and Gui Yuan Sect, the government was always a powerful alternative for its disciples.

    Being a government official obviously looked more appropriate than being a guard.

    "A small sect of the Xuyang County dared to be so arrogant?" Teng Qinghu glared.

    "Big Brother Qinghu, those two were just the junior disciples of the Gold Sword Clan who didn't know their own positions." Zhuge Yun humphed and continued saying, "My father often said that no matter who the members of our Gui Yuan face, win the fight first! As long as they're not doing some evil thing, the Gui Yuan Sect will support them!"

    Teng Qingshan laughed as he listened.

    These were the words that only a truly great sect would dare to say!

    "By the way," Zhuge Yun suddenly lowered his voice and said, "Big brother Teng, when you defeated the two people today, you dashed before them in a flash and blasted them away before they even had a chance to block. Those two should have been First Rated Warriors. The strength and speed that Big Brother Teng showed were stronger than the strength and speed you showed yesterday."

    During the competition for the centurions, Teng Qingshan relied on a long spear from the beginning to the end. His strength and speed were quite ordinary. However, when facing the two First Rated Warriors today, Teng Qingshan's bare hands showed an overwhelming advantage.

    "Oh, this was thanks to that 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》." Teng Qingshan smiled.

    Zhuge Qing, who had been quietly observing nearby, spoke with a slightly surprised tone, " 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》? 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》 of the Black Armored Army? How did your improvement in ability have anything to do with that?"

    "I practiced this 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》 to the sixth stage; therefore, my explosive force and speed experienced great improvement." Teng Qingshan answered directly.

    "Ah! Zhuge Yun yelled in surprise.

    "The sixth stage?" Zhuge Qing was shocked. But because her face was covered by a veil, Zhuge Qing's expression couldn't be seen clearly.

    "Qingshan, you...you have reached the sixth stage?" Teng Qinghu was also surprised.

    "Only a day has passed." Zhuge Yun could hardly believe it.

    Teng Qingshan smiled and nodded, "Yes. Although it was just a day, but....my eight extraordinary meridians are mostly opened. Therefore, I practiced to the sixth level in one breath. There is no problem. However...this 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》 is powerful indeed. It improved my ability a lot of!"

    Zhuge Yun suddenly realized something, but he was even more surprised.

    "Brother, we have arrived at the north gate." Zhuge Qing said.

    When they first entered the sect for the examination, Teng Qingshan came in from the west gate. However, they were returning home from the north gate of the Gui Yuan Sect.

    "Big Brother Teng, I really admire you more and more. Yes....My sister and I will be returning to our residence. Big brother Teng and Big brother Qinghu also have to go back to the barracks. Let us separate here." Zhuge Yun said with a smile. Immediately after he spoke his words, the two siblings left.

    Teng Qingshan gazed at the view of Zhuge Yun's back as it gradually disappeared.

    "He now knows that I have practiced to the sixth stage....This news will probably be delivered to Zhuge Yuanhong very quickly!" Teng Qingshan thought silently as he said to himself, "In Zhuge Yuanhong's eyes, my background is clean and is worth the price to be invited to their side. I guess they will make their move soon!"

    "Qinghu, let's go back."

    Teng Qingshan immediately turned his head and walked towards the barracks of the Black Armed Army with Teng Qinghu.


    Today was the day to kill Qin San; therefore, Teng Qingshan didn't hesitate at all.

    Because this was the world of the warriors! Fighting and killing happened very often. It was normal for the disciples of those small sects to die. Especially since Teng Qingshan was a member of the Gui Yuan Sect, how could the Gold Sword Clan have the audacity to provoke him?

    Venturing in the nine prefectures, Teng Qingshan also thought about the security problems of Teng Jia Village.

    If it's any of the ordinary sects, Teng Qingshan did not fear them!

    Because even the warriors in the postliminary realm would die easily when they went against an army of thousand people, especially an encirclement filled with heavy armored warriors.

    For example, the third leader of the Tie Shan Gang was a warrior that had reached the pinnacle of the postliminary realm, but he was killed by the attacks of the White Horse Battalion. Although the warriors practiced their inner strength, their bodies were still very weak. Two fists couldn't win against four hands, and a warrior besieged by a powerful army wouldn't stand a chance.

    The Teng Jia Village of today possessed hundreds of heavy armored warriors and archers. With such forces, even mounted bandits wouldn't dare to provoke them.

    The three thousand bandits of the Yan Shan Gang had been massacred to the point that the remaining members fled.

    Ordinary warriors of the postliminary realm didn't dare to provoke a village like this, and they could already be considered a powerful gang.

    Among the warriors that have reached the postliminary realm...besides Teng Qingshan, that monster, I am afraid there probably isn't anyone that is able to battle against over a thousand courageous men!


    As Teng Jia Village itself was very powerful, Teng Qingshan had nothing to fear....In the nine prefectures, fighting between one another rarely involved the clans. If Teng Qingshan was unable to kill a person, then would he try to obliterate the person's clan?

    This kind of thing.... Except for some insane person, other would don't think of doing that.

    Because it would cause the whole world to despise you.
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