Chapter 21: Obsessed

    Book 3 Chapter 21  Obsessed

    TLN: We changed the new spear technique to Ardent Flame Spear Art instead of Fiery Fire Spear Art. Also, we will use Training Field instead of School Ground after some feed back from some readers. Thank you for your support!

    "Ah, you can leave now." Zhuge Yuanhong faintly smiled.

    "Yes, Sovereign." replied Teng Qingshan. He slightly bowed and quietly left the study, the door automatically closing behind him.

    "Hm? Closing the door from a distance?" Teng Qingshan glanced at the door in surprise, "I can't replicate this feat. A powerhouse of the Innate Realm is indeed extraordinary." Although Teng Qingshan had an astonishing physical strength, it didn't have an effect on things in the distance.

    Not spending any more time thinking about it, Teng Qingshan's heart was filled with joy.

    "I'm finally able to go home!" Teng Qingshan was somewhat excited in his heart. He was an orphan in his previous life; but in this life, he had spent many years in Teng Jia Village, already having gotten attached to the feeling of familial warmth. Teng Qingshan was already excited at the thought of going home, even though he had only left it for two months..

    Home is where the heart is, after all.


    After shoving open the front gate, Teng Qingshan looked at his cousin Teng Qinghu's room and saw there was still a light shining through the window: "Is cousin still awake?" Thinking about it, Teng Qingshan walked towards the door and knocked: "Cousin, it's me!"

    "Qingshan, come in."Teng Qinghu called.

    After opening the door, Teng Qingshan discovered his cousin covered in sweat and continuously walking around the room in a mysterious pattern. Seeing this, Teng Qingshan spoke with a smile, "Cousin, this set of steps are the foundations of the Qing Gong 《Crossing Worlds》. They must be practiced until you know them by heart and only when these steps become as fluent as passing clouds or flowing water can it become Qing Gong."

    The Qing Gong 《Crossing Worlds》 was divided into three stages, but the second and third stages could only be practiced once one had reached the Innate Realm.

    Teng Qingshan himself could only use the first stage.

    Just after Yearly Ceremony, in order for his cousin to have a skill that could save his life in an emergency, Teng Qingshan passed on the first stage of 《Crossing Worlds》 to him. After all, his cousin's inner and physical strength were only average. With this kind of strength, there was still a large distance between him and the First Rated Warriors.

    With this superior Qing Gong technique, he would have a little life insurance.

    However, no matter how strong the secret technique, it all depended on the individual. Teng Qingshan for example, being an expert with high comprehension skills and his pure body strength gave him a terrifying speed.  Added with Crossing Worlds, his Qing Gong was even more amazing. However when Teng Qinghu displayed it, it was lacking by a huge portion.

    "Qingshan, I have practiced these steps for a month and they still feel uncomfortable." Teng Qinghu said as he finally stopped to rest.

    "Uncomfortable? That's because you're still on a lower state of mind!" Teng Qingshan smiled, "If one day you don't feel these steps as uncomfortable, and actually find yourself enjoying them, then you will be able to walk with them unknowingly for a whole day. Not only would you not grow tired, your spirit would actually increase!. That is when you know the foundation of the first stage has been achieved."

    Teng Qinghu stared at him and asked: "Walking for a whole day and not growing tired? Instead my spirit would even increase? Is that really true?"

    "Of course it's true." Teng Qingshan still remembered the first time he practiced the steps of Crossing Worlds in his previous life. He had quickly entered the perfect state and didn't grow tired.

    "Cousin, I have great news to tell you." A smile appeared on Teng Qingshan's face when he thought of the prospect of going home.

    "What great news?" Teng Qinghu's eyes lit up.

    "In a few days, our battalion of men will leave for Huafeng city, to become a garrison in charge of guarding a gold mine! That Huafeng city is very close to our Yi City. Moreover, the road to Huafeng city will pass by Yi City. When that time comes, we can use the opportunity to go home!" Teng Qingshan said with a smile, "We guard the gold ore and can occasionally go home."

    "Go home? Return to Teng Jia Village?" Teng Qinghu felt extremely happy, "That is truly great news!"

    Regardless of whether it was Teng Qingshan or Teng Qinghu, they had had always lived in Teng Jia Village since birth and both had a deep attachment to their village.

    "Alright, cousin. You should practice for another hour before resting again."Teng Qingshan said and immediately turned around to leave Teng Qinghu's room.

    "An hour? No problem!" Teng Qinghu had already trained desperately hard during his childhood and his will was very strong. Of course he could still continue to do so.

    Teng Qingshan returned to his room and lit the oil lamp.


    With the oil lamp lighting up the room, Teng Qingshan sat down and took out the secret technique 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》from his bosom. On the cover there were four large characters 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》 seeing this let Teng Qingshan's heart burst out in happiness. Immediately Teng Qingshan began to read through it and under the dim light of the oil lamp, the handwriting could be seen clearly.

    Once Teng Qingshan started to read, he became completely immersed in it.

    He read one page after another.

    Some were full of handwriting, some with pictures of the spear art, and others with pictures depicting the meridians in the human body with inner strength running through them.

    "It is pretty similar to Crossing Worlds, which stimulated acupuncture points with inner strength to produce a strong explosive power!"  With a few looks, combined with knowledge of the secret technique Crossing Worlds, Teng Qingshan immediately understood the Qing Gong within these spear arts.

    The acupuncture points on the human body are very amazing.

    Some acupuncture treatments and massages stimulate the vital energy and blood, and cause them to circulate throughout the body.

    As for this secret art, it simulates the acupuncture points from the internals through the inner strength. One must know that the acupuncture points of the human body are as numerous as the stars in the sky and there are also many hidden acupuncture points. When the acupuncture points are being simulated, it is also very dangerous. Because people have different physical qualities, thus, the endurance capabilities of their acupuncture points is different.

    Once the acupuncture points are simulated to beyond its limits,  it would cause minor injuries like losing power greatly or major injuries like paralysis or death.

    The degree and order of the stimulation of the acupuncture points,  the effect produced by the stimulation of certain acupuncture points, etc. All of those are very complicated.

    For numerous years, for the sake of creating secret arts or techniques, countless geniuses have suffered from Qigong Deviation, their inner strength having been eradicated or even suffering to the point of death.

    "In comparison to the 《Crossing World》, the stimulation of acupuncture points of this 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》  is obviously a lot easier and even the degree is a lot weaker." Teng Qingshan said as he smiled, "However, even if it is simple, it's still impossible for me to perform one." Teng Qingshan still cherished this secret art since this is his first secret art on Spear Art.

    Creation can be combined.

    Controlling the inner strength during the practice of the spear art is not a simple thing.

    "The power of every move of this spear art seems alright. I will try practicing the eighty-one techniques." Teng Qingshan immediately went out of the house and entered the courtyard.

    With the Reincarnation Spear in one hand, Teng Qingshan began to seriously practice according to the description of the 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》.



    Once the long spear was used, the sounds of air exploding rang out. In cooperation with the inner strength, an immense power actually bursted out from the seemingly simple moves of the spear art. For example, when a back thrust was coordinated with the circulation of the inner strength, the invisibility and instant explosiveness of the back thrust would increase in power many times over.

    After performing each of the 81 techniques once, and having seriously studied the secret art's book, Teng Qingshan remembered almost all of the moves.

    He then performed the eighty one techniques in a single breath.

    Teng Qingshan did not stop, but instead continued practicing the eighty-one techniques and the second performance was obviously a lot easier and far more proficient.  Teng Qingshan then practiced the 81 techniques a third time and this time, Teng Qingshan's 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》had attained the conception of lifting heavy things with ease and convenience.

    Teng Qingshan withdrew his spear and stood still.

    "Practicing this in one breath actually consumed thirty percent of my inner strength." Though Teng Qingshan said these words,  a smile appeared on his face. "However, the inner strength incorporated with the moves really produces an immense power!  Some could obviously be used on my Five Element Spear Art!"

    The Five Element Spear Art was created according to the Five Element Boxing, one of Teng Qingshan's three techniques.

    When Pursuing Shadow, one of the three techniques, is performed,  it's as quick as a mirage and fluid as water. This spear art is the one most suitable for group battles.

    'Transmutation Unity Law' Spear Technique, the second of Teng Qingshan's techniques, has the most incredible defense.

    And lastly, Toxic Dragon Drill. Teng Qingshan's most terrifying technique. Even the Flood Dragon's scales were pierced by Teng Qingshan when he used this technique.

    However, Teng Qingshan's spear arts have nothing to do with the stimulation of acupuncture points.

    "I can use the 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》's method of increasing speed through the circulation of inner strength on the Pursuing Shadow Spear Technique and allow the speed of the Pursuing Shadow Spear Technique to be even faster!" Teng Qingshan felt great joy in his heart at the prospect of this.  "This 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》 actually has eighty-one techniques.  Most of these techniques have similar concepts and can be completely combined into new moves."

    Teng Qingshan had already reached an extremely high level in this realm.

    He had only practiced the technique a few times yet he had already realized that the moves of the 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》 were repetitive and could be totally combined to create new techniques.

    As he pondered this, time crept on and it was soon late at night.

    Finally, at midnight, Teng Qingshan began to rest. However, the second dawn broke, and night became morning,  Teng Qingshan started to research the 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》 again.  While this may seem easy, doing so was extraordinarily difficult! Teng Qingshan could easily tell that the concepts behind the eighty-one techniques of the 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》 could be divided into five or six types.

    However, combining them would be rather difficult.


    During the morning training, Teng Qingshan stood on the edge of the training field and held his Reincarnation Spear in his hands.  He would occasionally thrust his spear out over ten times in rapid succession before shaking his head and falling deep into thought once more.

    "What is Brother Qingshan doing?"

    "No idea. I just called out to him and he didn't even react.  He's totally obsessed with researching the spear arts."


    Once Teng Qingshan became immersed in something, it would truly be entering a state of obsession. Everyday, besides eating and resting, he spent all his time on researching the Spear Arts. Teng Qingshan carefully researched every move of the 81 techniques, reflecting on that kind of conception repeatedly.

    "This 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》 has eighty one techniques and can be divided into five kinds of conceptions. If succeeded,  it should be able to be combined into five techniques!" During the evening, Teng Qingshan stood in his courtyard and a bright smile appeared on his face as he continued saying "Talking about this... these five kinds of conception all have the element of fire! If one day, I could combine these five techniques into one, then my cannon fist should be able to evolve completely!"

    As Teng Qingshan pondered the process of combining the techniques, he had already noticed that the more he researched the 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》, the more his understanding of the fire attributed cannon fist increased.

    This was mutually promotive!

    Only because he had a profound knowledge about his cannon fist,  Teng Qingshan could research the 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》 in such a deep manner.


    In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

    During the dark night, sounds were heard.

    Chi! Chi! Chi......

    In the dark courtyard, dense streaks of cold lights appeared. Under the glow of the moonlight, the dense cold lights covered almost three Chi of the region and the large amount of cold light formed a blossoming ardent flower.

    Teng Qingshan withdrew his spear and stood up straight.

    A smile crept up Teng Qingshan's face as he exclaimed, "Among the five conceptions of the 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》, I finally succeeded in achieving the first move! This is the most illusionary and perplex move -Silver Flower of the Flaming Tree!"  After researching for three days, and in addition to the achievement on fire element cannon fist, Teng Qingshan finally created the first move-Silver Flower of the Flaming Tree!

    "Qingshan." Teng Qinghu walked out of the house.

    "Cousin." Teng Qingshan asked with a smile, "You haven't rested?"

    "I just finished practicing the steps. By the way, we will be departing towards Huafeng City tomorrow. We can drop by our village and visit the clan members. I'm so excited that I can't sleep." Teng Qinghu said excitedly.

    "We're departing tomorrow? Who said it? Why didn't I know?" Teng Qingshan said puzzledly.

    "It was announced during the morning training today. The lieutenant announced it publicly, did you not hear?" Teng Qinghu said confusingly.

    "It was announced this morning?" Teng Qingshan laughed.

    During the whole day, he was immersed in deep thoughts about the spear arts. Even when he was eating, all he thought about was spear art. Thus, how was it possible for him to hear what other people are saying. Unless someone directly approached and disturbed him, otherwise, Teng Qingshan ignored all. Obviously, he didn't notice this news.

    "Oh, we are departing tomorrow."
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