Chapter 30: Poisoned

    Book 3 Chapter 30 Poisoned

    "Haha, time to die!" Bai Qi laughed madly. He had never put someone, who had been hiding in the distance the whole time shooting knives, in his eyes. What kind of decent technique could he have?

    "Big bro, " The injured Da Pang anxiously shouted.

    "Ah Yan, don't do something crazy," The silver haired middle-aged warned anxiously, since they all knew, that between the four people, Dong Yan's strength was the weakest. Taking only strength into consideration, both Da Pang and Er Pang could easily defeat Dong Yan. However, because of his intelligence and craftiness, he had become the leader of these four people.

    However, Dong Yan seemed as if he went mad and rushed over.

    "Haha!" Bai Qi grabbed his spear with both hands and prepared to stab Dong Yan to death.

    Exactly, at this time - -

    Coldness swept swiftly across Dong Yan's eyes. Suddenly a long black pipe emerged from his right sleeve and he fiercely pressed against a hole in the pipe.


    Several blurry projectiles shot out from the black pipe, their speed was extremely shocking.

    Bai Qi's complexion instantly changed, "Not good!" The speed of the projectiles from that hidden weapon were simply too fast, and Bai Qi only had enough time to swing his long spear and reluctantly block those unclear images.

    "Little thief, time to die!" Bai Qi only felt a slight pain in his left arm and right leg, before they quickly became numb. Roaring angrily, he wanted nothing more than to kill that Dong Yan.

    However, Dong Yan actually turned around and ran away: "If you don't fear death, come and chase me!"

    Once poisoned, the more one moved, the faster the blood flowed and the faster the poison will spread. Bai Qi could only stop and stare, not daring to move. However, Dong Yan was only 10 Zhang away and obviously didn't want to run away. His eyes swept over Er Pang's corpse, before reaching Old Li San' leg where the Purple Gold bag was tied on.

    Inside was nothing but Purple Gold!

    "Come, come and I will kill you." Bai Qi fiercely pressed against the acupuncture points in his left arm and right leg. Simultaneously, he swiftly tore off some cloth stripes and tied them tightly below the shoulder of his left arm, as well as on his right thigh, in order to reduce his blood flow.

    The silver haired middle-aged man immediately grabbed Er Pang's corpse.

    "Lord Lieutenant!" With a loud shout, Teng Qingshan and Tian Dan finally came over.

    "Let's go!" Dong Yan clenched his teeth, and quickly jumped onto his horse.

    The silver haired middle-aged man also placed Er Pang on a horse, while Da Pang jumped on his, before immediately dashing away. The speed of the horses that Dong Yan's group possessed were extremely fast. Once they started gallop, Teng Qingshan and Tian Dan could only watch their backs vanishing into the horizon.

    Actually, while Tian Dan was perhaps not able to catch up to their speed, it would be no problem for Teng Qingshan.


    Teng Qingshan couldn't possibly expose his true strength just to help Bai Qi.


    While their horses dashed through the wind, Dong Yan and his men were grieving.

    "Little bro, Little bro!" Da Pang's eyes were filled with tears as he cried in pain.

    Dong Yan clenched teeth: "It's my fault.  Because of me Er Pan was killed! If I had shot out the Ghost Spirit Needles earlier, Er Pan wouldn't have died!" During Er Pang's fight for his life, Dong Yan didn't have enough time to take out the Ghost Spirit Needles and could only use the flying knives. However, with those moves alone, he couldn't rescue Er Pang.

    "Big bro, I don't blame you! Just now, you simply didn't have enough time to rescue Er Pang. I could only watch as well." Da Pang said painfully.

    "A Yan, don't be overcome by grief! Er Pang died, but fortunately he left behind two sons and his lineage won't end." The silver haired middle-aged man said with a sigh, "From now on, we need to take care of his sons."

    TLN: A Yan is a nickname

    "Yes." Dong Yan thought for a while, "Uncle, we can't stay in Huafeng City any longer! We have to go back and immediately retrieve all our money, then leave Huafeng City, and even  Jiangning County!"

    "Hm?"The silver middle-aged man was startled.

    "Big Bro, the troops and horses we laboriously gathered in Huafeng City, are we really going to abandon it all?" Da Pang looked at Dong Yan. The troops they had gathered under them were all natives and had wives or families. Asking these normal people to travel the world with them was simply impossible.

    "When I say we leave, then we leave. What is there to think about! If we were able to control everything in Huafeng City, then we can do better in other places! Moreover that bastard from Gui Yuan Sect, one day I, Dong Yan, will take his life!" Clenching his teeth, Dong Yan proclaimed.

    "He won't die even after getting shot by the Ghost Spirit Needle?" The silver haired middle-aged man asked.

    "Humph, if he's indecisive, the toxin will spread and he shall die. However, if he acts ruthless to himself, he won't die. At most, he will become a cripple!" Dong Yan sneered while saying "Even as a cripple, he killed my brother, so I must kill him personally." Dong Yan's group immediately, rushed to Huafeng City as fast as they could.

    On that afternoon, Dong Yan and his men led their families to quietly leave Huafeng City and wander the world.

    "Lord Lieutenant, are you alright?" Tian Dan continuously asked.

    Teng Qingshan noticed there was a bag tied to the leg of the corpse, and found it was filled with pieces of Purple Gold inside. Teng Qingshan was actually startled when he suddenly found that the bag was filled with Purple Gold: "No wonder Bai Qi was acting secretly. He must have initially wanted to take this Purple Gold for himself, not informing the Gui Yuan Sect of the matter." Teng Qingshan immediately reached out and untied the bag from the corpse, before placing the Purple Gold that fell out back into the bag.

    "Teng Qingshan, what do you think you're doing?" Bai Qi shouted.

    "These pieces of Purple Gold were secretly being smuggled out of the mines by this person. Of course I must return these to the sect." Teng Qingshan said calmly.

    Bai Qi clenched his jaws and the hatred in his heart became rampant!

    He had chased down that man alone, for what purpose? Of course it was because of this Purple Gold. However, now that Teng Qingshan and Tian Dan were present, he didn't have any opportunity to pocket it. Unless ......He could kill both Teng Qingshan and Tian Dan. However, Teng Qingshan's strength was very clear to him.

    He'd rather fight with the four people from before, than fight with Teng Qingshan again.

    Not only had he not obtained the Purple Gold, he even got poisoned.

    It was like going to steal wool and coming back shorn.

    "Bling, bling! Lieutenant Bai Qi, brother Tian Dan, this bag of Purple Gold weighs at least 10 Jin, possibly even more." Carrying the small cloth bag, Teng Qingshan said, impressed by the quantity of Purple Gold inside, the rare material being even heavier than gold. This was also why there was the legend that the Heavenly Sword made of Purple Gold, belonging to Emperor Qinling weighed a hundred Jin.

    After all, a normal sharp sword weighed only several Jin.

    However, the legendary Heavenly Sword was rumored to weigh a hundred Jin.

    A small cloth bag filled with Purple Gold already weighed at least 10 Jin, so the rumors were understandable.

    "10 Jin of Purple Gold?"Tian Dan exclaimed, "That's worth 1000 Jin of gold, 1 million taels of silver! What a huge amount of wealth! Our Gui Yuan Sect, only makes a dozen's worth of Jin of Purple Gold in the mine each month. Those people really know their stuff and unexpectedly stole 10 Jin without being discovered."

    If they were taking one Jin each month, the Gui Yuan Sect would have had no way to know.

    "10 Jin!" Bai Qi felt even more pain in his heart. Even though his salary was high and he received 1200 taels of silver a month, he still had food and beverage expenditures. Bai Qi could only save around 3500 taels of silver per year. If asking him to accumulate 1 million taels of silver, even 100 years wouldn't be enough!

    "My Lord!"

    "My Lord, is something wrong?" Several soldiers came from the distance and immediately asked respectfully.

    "Lord Lieutenant, can you walk?" Tian Dan asked worriedly.

    "You two." Bai Qi pointed at two soldiers and snapped, "Support me and help me climb the mountain!"

    The two soldiers felt helpless in their heart, but they could only accept the order and support Bai Qi.

    Teng Qingshan shot a glance at Bai Qi and saw his face was completely pale. It appeared that he was somewhat in pain.

    After walking only 20 Zhang, Bai Qi anxiously shouted, "Quickly put me down, quick!"

    The two soldiers got frightened and gawked for a moment.

    "Leave." Bai Qi anxiously waved his right hand and pushed the two soldiers to the side. Bai Qi immediately sat down and fiercely ripped apart the pants on his right leg.


    The entire pants were ripped apart.

    "What's that!" Both Teng Qingshan and Bai Qi's complexion changed when they saw how swollen the right leg was. It had become completely pitch-black.

    "What poison is this?" Tian Dan exclaimed.

    "This poison is unexpectedly ruthless." Bai Qi initially thought t he could rely on his inner strength alone to stop it. Who would have thought that even after pressing his acupuncture points and tying up the blood vessels, he could only slow it down, but wasn't able to stop it, "Tian Dan, do you know what kind of poison this is? Know any methods of detoxification?"

    Tian Dan shook his head.

    Teng Qingshan also shook his head.

    As for poison, Teng Qingshan wasn't afraid of it!

    Since Teng Qingshan's foundation was to practice control over his body. In his previous life Teng Qingshan was able to control his blood flow, slow down his heartbeat and so on. Right now, Teng Qingshan's control over his body was even greater. The muscle, skin pores, bones, organs, he had control over it all. His body could instantly grow several Cun taller or fall several Cun shorter.

    He could even control some areas and stop the blood flow there for a short time.

    The efficiency of a poison depended on the blood's circulation. If the blood wasn't circulated, the poison wouldn't be able to spread through the body. This was also the reason, why people feared experts in the previous era. As for an expert of inner strength, although his strength was great, he only relied on inner strength. Regarding the control of the muscle and bones, it was too lacking, not mentioning the control of the blood flow.


    Teng Qingshan didn't fear poison himself, but he actually couldn't help others with it.

    "Lord Lieutenant, this poison is spreading faster and faster." Tian Dan said anxiously as he saw the pitch-black region of Bai Qi's thigh extending. Seeing his thigh worsening, Bai Qi felt short of breath.

    Suddenly, Bai Qi shouted: "Do you have a saber?"

    "I don't."

    "I have a dagger." The soldier on the side shouted.

    "Give it to me." Bai Qi immediately received the dagger from the soldier and slashed a large wound across his thigh. Immediately, pitch-black blood started to flow out.

    In merely a second, Bai Qi cursed: "It's completely numb now, just what kind of poison is this? Letting out the poisonous blood is not helping at all." Bai Qi could clearly feel the poison continuously spreading and once it reached a crucial spot, he did not doubt he would die. Cold sweat appeared on Bai Qi's forehead and his whole body trembled slightly.


    Tearing off the cloth tied around his upper body he immediately saw his left arm was also swollen and pitch-black.

    "What to do, what to do? I cannot die, I cannot die!" Full of anxiety, Bai Qi 's whole body trembled and cold sweat dripped down.

    "Lord Lieutenant, if you continue to hesitate, all hope will be lost!." Tian Dan shouted.

    Bai Qi quickly grasped the meaning and suddenly looked at his pitch-black swollen arm and leg. Clenching his teeth, he fiercely wielded the dagger!

    Puchi! Puchi!

    The thigh and left arm were completely cut off!

    From the places where his amputated limbs had once been, red blood started to flow out.

    "Ahhhhh!" Bai Qi issued a painful and pitiful yell.
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