Chapter 34: New Lieutenant

    Book 3 Chapter 34 New Lieutenant

    The five centurions stood underneath an extremely thick tree .

    "Brother Qingshan, the Lord Commander gave you ten days to investigate. However, you only spent half of the time to find out the secret. Right now, the commander will have no excuse to blame you." Wan Fanxiang said with a smile. Du Hong next to him whispered: "Brother Wan, you better keep it down. If the Lord Commander hears this, you will be in trouble."

    Wan Fanxiang immediately looked around and then said with a smile: "What is there to be afraid of? Even though the Lord Commander is powerful, he is still at the Postliminary Realm. If he is far away, he won't be able to hear us speak. That's right, now that Bai Qi is a cripple, who do you think will become the new lieutenant of our battalion?"

    "New lieutenant?" The other looked at each other.

    Teng Qingshan's heart also jumped.

    "The new lieutenant should be elected between us five!" Tian Dan said "In terms of  strength, Qingshan is the strongest! In terms of experience, Old Du has the most. However, the sect will decide who is elected! They look for loyalty and will elect the person that made them felt most assured."

    The several people nodded.

    "Could it be that they will get a centurion from another battalion to become our lieutenant?" Liu He said in a low voice.

    "Bull**!" Wan Fanxian scolded, "The new lieutenant must be elected from our battalion. Other battalions want to snatch away the position? I will be first one to refuse it!"

    "I will also refuse to accept it!" Tian Dan added.

    Teng Qingshan faintly smiled, "Don't worry; the sect won't do something unreasonable. They will take us into account and convince us."

    "Us five have all passed the examination to get into the Black Armored Army of the Gui Yuan Sect." Du Hong coldly said, "In the sect, all the lieutenant and commander positions were generally taken by core disciples! However, it is always elected among the centurions of the battalion! Let's hope that sect won't disappoint us!"

    Teng Qingshan also realized that there is a conflict in the Black Armored Army.

    Those like him, who entered the Gui Yuan sect through examination, were consciously grouped together and they had a trace of antagonism towards the sects core disciples. However, the core disciples have always thought that they are above the other people and they looked down on members from outside. Historically, there were cases where hostile spies infiltrated the Gui Yuan Sect through the Black Armored Army.

    "If they chose a lieutenant amongst us five, we can accept it.  However, if they casually chose an inexperienced core disciple, if he has the ability, then I will overlook it. But if he is weak, this uncle will secretly torment him to death." Wan Fanxiang mockingly said.

    "No need to say those words out loud." Liu He lowered his voice and sneered.

    Who would able to become a centurion without some dirty tricks?

    Tian Dan glanced in the distant and he suddenly became startled. He said in a low voice: "Lord Commander is coming!"

    Teng Qingshan also looked and saw that Commander Ji Hong was walking with big steps in the distant. Immediately, the five centurions quietened down and no longer said anything.

    "Lord Commander!" The five people bowed.

    Ji Hong's gaze swept over the five people and a rare smiled emerged on his face: "Good! Teng Qingshan, you did well this time in discovering the several loopholes in the Purple Gold mining area's supervision! Now that the matter here is concluded, I will soon take my leave. Before my departure, there is one thing I have to do."

    Teng Qingshan and the other centurion's hearts started to beat faster.

    "Bai Qi lost his hand and foot; therefore, he will henceforth withdraw from the Black Armored Army! Therefore, your battalion must receive a new lieutenant!"Ji Hong said.

    Teng Qingshan and the other's hearts started burning.

    In the entire Black Armored Army, there were altogether, 12 lieutenants and four commanders; therefore it was very difficult to compete against each other. For example, the current four commanders, whether it was the First Commander Ji Hong, the Second Commander Pang Shan or the other two, they were all disciples of the Gui Yuan Sect.

    Furthermore, Ji Hong was the Sovereign Zhuge Yuanhong's second martial uncle.  His seniority was extremely high and he served as the First Commander for dozens of years.

    (TLN: Second martial uncle = his master's older brother)

    Pang Shan was Zhuge Yuanhong's martial brother and he has held the Commander position for more than a decade.

    As for the Third Commander Zang Feng and the Fourth Commander Guan Lu, they were both Zhuge Yuanhong's disciples.

    The commander position was difficult to obtain!

    There was at least a bit of hope for the lieutenant position.

    "Your new lieutenant was personally appointed by the sovereign and I am only transmitting the order." Ji Hong said indifferently. Teng Qingshan and the others were secretly anticipating who the sovereign Zhuge Yuanhong had personally appointed. Who did he chose?

    "Starting today, the lieutenant of my Black Armored Army's first troop's third battalion will be......"

    Ji Hong's eyes swept over the five people, before announcing, "Teng Qingshan!"

    Teng Qingshan's eyes lit up! The hearts of the other four people were shocked. Some felt helpless and were slightly unwilling to accept it. However, they immediately felt relieved. According to the promotion rules of the Gui Yuan Sect, under the situation where people had the same level ability, the younger person would be promoted. Seeing the Third Commander Zang Feng and the Fourth Commander Guan Lu, they immediately understood.

    After all, the potential of young people was better.

    Like them, Teng Qingshan had entered the sect through the examination. Coupled with the past few months, they got on friendly term with each other and Teng Qingshan's strength was beyond doubt.  Everyone could get over their emotions.

    "Teng Qingshan." Ji Hong looked at Teng Qingshan.

    "My Lord." Teng Qingshan bowed.

    "Starting today, you will be the new lieutenant!" Ji Hong's eyes were fixed on Teng Qingshan, "The sovereign personally appointed you, although I don't understand why the sovereign appoints a kid who had entered the Black Armored Army just less than a half year ago. But holding the position of lieutenant is a heavy task. However, since the sovereign appointed you, I naturally cannot defy it! Nevertheless, you did a good job with the Purple Gold robbery investigation. I am very satisfied... In the future, don't disappoint me. If you mess up, I will still remove you!"

    "Qingshan will bear that in mind." Teng Qingshan bowed.

    Ji Hong's relentlessness was famous in the Black Armored Army. Even the Third Commander and Fourth Commander were taught and lectured by Ji Hong. How could there be an exception for Teng Qingshan?

    "Nm." Ji Hong nodded, "The lieutenant's warhorse and heavy armor will be given to you when you return to the sect! Alright, you will continue be stationed here and once your shift expires in March, you can go back. I will take Bai Qi and return to Jiangning City. You don't need to escort me with that many people." As principle, a whole battalion of soldiers normally had to go in formation to escort a commander.

    However this time, Teng Qingshan and the other four only led a small team of Black Armored Army sergeants and escorted the commander to the foot of the mountain. Afterwards, they watched as Commander Ji Hong departed while leading several elite soldiers as well as Bai Qi.

    Teng Qingshan's group watched how the dozens of riders disappeared on the public road while raising a cloud of dust behind them.

    "Bai Qi, although he is crippled, he still possesses inner strength. Otherwise, how would he manage to sit on the warhorse while in gallop!" Wan Fanxiang said with a smile.

    Bai Qi lost a leg, and in order to let him bear with the running speed of a horse, they fixed his body on it. No matter what, Bai Qi was still a Postliminary Realm expert and could secure himself firmly on a warhorse.

    "Alright, let's ascend the mountain." Teng Qingshan said.

    "We haven't even congratulated Qingshan in becoming the lieutenant yet." Tian Dan said with a low voice.

    "This subordinate pays his respects to My Lord!" Liu He suddenly bowed towards Teng Qingshan.

    Tian Dan also bowed, while saying with a smile: "This subordinate pays his respects to My Lord!" The other two followed.

    "You guys." Teng Qingshan burst out laughing, "If there are no outsiders among us, just call me Qingshan. We have been too constrained by the stupidly rigid rules." Teng Qingshan knew the use of the rules, during a formal occasion; they had to call him lieutenant.

    "In private, we are brothers, but we still have to call you lieutenant. This rule cannot be broken." Du Hong, who was next to him, laughed, "Brother Qingshan, you are so young and you have already achieved the eighth stage of the Vigor of the Reckless Bull. Your spear art is also unparalleled and you will have a boundless prospect in our Black Armored Army in the future!"

    Tian Dan also nodded, before saying: "From my point of view, in a few years, Teng Qingshan might even be able to become a commander!"

    "Becoming a commander would be amazing! Right now, the four commanders are all core disciples and this custom must change." Wan Fanxiang incited.

    "Qingshan, now that you are lieutenant, who will you elect in the freed up centurion position? The Lord Commander let you make the decision."Tian Dan asked "Qingshan, will you let your cousin, Teng Qinghu, take it?"

    Tian Dan's voice fell and the other three people frowned.

    "The rules cannot be broken!" Teng Qingshan ordered, "Starting from tomorrow, the 50 sergeants of my battalion will compete with one another. The winner will become the new centurion!"

    Directly electing his cousin as centurion?

    Although Teng Qingshan had this authority, he knew that the Black Armored Army recruited outside people every  six months. A weak centurion will be eliminated and turn into a sergeant again. Therefore, even if he elected his cousin now, it would be useless. Everything must rely on his cousin's own hard work!

    "Right now, my cousin's strength should be close to a First Rated Warrior." Teng Qingshan thought to himself.


    In the following days, fifty sergeants started to compete inside the Tielian Mine outside Huafeng City.

    For this competition, it all depended entirely on one's true skill. Winning and losing was decided with one match and there was no second opportunity.

    Teng Qinghu shone in this competition; after all, before he joined the Gui Yuan Sect, his skills were already decent. Now that he continued to cultivate inner strength and practiced big pole spear, his strength increased even more.

    Teng Qinghu's spear art was powerful! Moreover, once he entered the Black Armored Army, he cultivated the Vigor of the Reckless Bull. Furthermore, he got instructed on the Tiger Fist and practiced it for many years.

    The Tiger fist from Xing Yi Martial Art's Tiger Form Fist.

    After practicing the Tiger Fist for six to seven years, of Teng Qinghu's eight extra meridians, two were open. Since Teng Qinghu started cultivating the Vigor of the Reckless Bull, he reached the third stage on the same day and started to cultivate the fourth stage. Now that several months had passed, Teng Qinghu broke through his third meridian and was in progress on the fourth!

    Once all the eight extra meridians were open, the ninth stage could be reached.

    With three meridians open, Teng Qinghu was at the fourth stage and started to cultivate the fifth.

    Teng Qingshan knew very clearly: "Cousin is currently cultivating the fifth stage and he could instantly burst out inner strength. In addition to his body strength, he was close to ten thousand Jin! However, cousin will get impurities in his meridians because he was so eager to improve that he pushed himself with the methods of the Vigor of the Reckless Bull. If he wanted to break through in the future, it will get more and more difficult!"

    However, Teng Qingshan didn't have any other methods.

    If he didn't let his cousin cultivate the Vigor of the Reckless Bull and let him reach the Master Realm of Internal Martial Arts, even if he gave Teng Qinghu another 20 years, he might not necessarily achieve it. Reaching the master realm was too difficult.

    Therefore, he didn't have another better method.

    That's why Teng Qingshan didn't stop his cousin from cultivating the Vigor of the Reckless Bull.


    During the competition, Teng Qinghu showed an explosive force that was close to a First Rated Warrior and in addition, he had a swift and fierce spear art! He unexpectedly won all his matches until the last match. During his last match, his opponent was a First Rated Warrior. In this fight, Teng Qinghu used his fine control of the muscles on his body and he unexpectedly defeated his opponent with his swift and powerful spear art.

    At last, Teng Qinghu became the new centurion!

    "Under my guidance, my cousin's spear art using a solid wooden spear and using the advantage of inner strength, his power is not bad. Being able to become a centurion is not an accident. However, ... the next competition to receive new recruits will start soon." Teng Qingshan pondered for a while, "With cousin's strength, he will possibly be amongst the weakest eight of all the centurions. During the challenges, he might get defeated and become a sergeant once again! Ah, starting tomorrow, I will teach cousin the Ardent Flame Spear Art!"

    Teng Qingshan created the Five Techniques of the Ardent Flame by fusing techniques from the Ardent Flame Spear Art.

    These five moves were even more powerful than Bai Qi's Nine Spears facing the Morning Sun.

    Especially the strongest move, Legacy of the Ultimate Flame, its power was astonishing.

    Once his cousin Teng Qinghu studied two or three techniques from Five Techniques of the Ardent Flame, it will be sufficient to keep the centurion position. If he managed to learn all five moves, his strength wouldn't be weaker than Bai Qi!

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