Chapter 45: Man of Blood

    Book 3 Chapter 45 Man of Blood

    Facing a fierce strike that seemed likely to pierce through the heavens, Meng Tian merely responded with a very casual downward thrust.



    The saber's demonic blood-red beam flashed again, and Meng Tian borrowed this momentum to throw himself toward the backyard where everyone was fighting the Black Armored Army. "Haha!" He let out a loud, arrogant guffaw, as the blood-red beam of the saber slashed towards the centurion Du Hong. Seeing this, Du Hong's facial expression darkened because there simply wasn't enough time to block with the long spear in his hand.


    In the dark night, a flash of cold light shot through the sky. Teng Qingshan had just used his left hand to throw a flying knife, as he stared at the distant Meng Tian.

    The speed of the flying knife was so quick that Meng Tian's facial expression changed slightly.

    "Clang!" The Blood Moon Saber in Meng Tian's hands immediately changed direction to block the flying knife.

    "Du Hong, defeat them as quickly as possible! Kill all of their men!" Teng Qingshan roared, as he pounced towards Meng Tian like a fierce tiger. The long spear in his hand had an icy-cold glow, as he thrust the spear directly at Meng Tian.

    "Yes, Lord Lieutenant!" Du Hong loudly responded to the order. Then he yelled, "Brothers, kill them all!"

    Of the twenty-two Black Armored Army soldiers, two soldiers had already collapsed.


    Prior to this, the eight toughest inner strength experts had been killed by Teng Qingshan in one breath when he first entered the backyard. Now, the remaining experts in this Can Shi Inn were helpless, as they faced the Black Armored Army soldiers who were assisting one another. Even if their swords and knives landed on the soldiers' bodies, the Black Armored Army soldiers would remain unharmed, protected by their heavy armor.

    However, they themselves were only wearing soft armor. How could they compete?

    The people who wanted to kill the Black Armored Army soldiers could only strike through the tiny openings of the armor or on the face and hands.  However, these areas were too small.

    "Puchi!" "Puchi!" "Puchi!" ......

    The Black Armored Army soldiers divided into two rows and advanced forward. One by one, the experts of the Can Shi Inn collapsed under their spearwall. As for the dozen guards under Zhu Chongshi, they were also fighting with their bows and arrows. For a moment, Teng Qingshan's side was at an advantage. As for Meng Tian's men, many were dead and injured .

    Besides these people fighting, Teng Qingshan and Meng Tian were also fighting to their fullest.


    The Reincarnation Spear was smashed forward forcefully, and the powerful strength and speed of the spear caused a series of explosions in the air.

    Meng Tian crouched to the ground and leapt onto the rooftop of the Can Shi Inn, which had a height of three to four zhangs. Meanwhile, Teng Qingshan's Reincarnation Spear directly smashed a hole in the wall of the Can Shi Inn where Meng Tian had been. Teng Qingshan raised his head and similarly leapt up like an eagle hunting its prey.

    "Is Teng Qingshan really not more than twenty-years-old?" Seeing Teng Qingshan's ability, Meng Tian slightly doubted the information provided by the Zhu Family's Thirteenth Young Master. He said to himself, "Every move seems simple and direct, but it is difficult to defend. It might seem like a direct thrust, but it could still rotate and change the attacking direction. Even if it was an obviously heavy smash, Teng Qingshan could still withdraw his spear and change his attacking direction instantly!

    "He is not even twenty-years-old, but his spear arts are like the billowing river waters. They have a great imposing manner and are difficult for people to defend." Meng Tian was slightly anxious. "Which old monster could have taught a disciple like this. In a few years, I'm afraid I won't even be his opponent!"

    However, Meng Tian didn't know.

    When Teng Qingshan created his spear art, he spent most of his energy on the Transmutation Unity Law. This spear art had the strongest defense. As the long spear moves and spins, it can transform into any kind of offensive spear art instantly. With the Transmutation Unity Law at its core, Teng Qingshan would never fear his attacks stopping and giving his enemies an opportunity.

    The only technique with a weak point was the Toxic Dragon Drill!

    Once the Toxic Dragon Drill is performed, the spear art might lose control for a second,  But this super powerful skill can even injure a flood dragon. If this technique couldn't kill the enemy, then Teng Qingshan will have to escape.

    Tap! Tap! Tap!

    Meng Tian was dashing rapidly on the rooftop while Teng Qingshan was chasing behind like lightning.

    "Haha, Teng Qingshan, since you are not fully twenty-years-old, I will spare your life if you can block this attack of mine!" Meng Tian said for his love of the talented individuals.

    "You boast quite shamelessly!" Teng Qingshan coldly sneered.

    Meng Tian's complexion changed. He spoke in that manner because he was a super expert in the Earthly Ranking, and he was from a much older generation. He was already over 80 years old.

    "Then taste my 'Blood Moon Dance'!" With a wild laugh, the initially fleeing Meng Tian suddenly turned around and unleashed a lightning saber skill.

    Teng Qingshan's eyes were sharp like an eagle's and with a flick of his hand, the long spear moved according to his will. With a Pursuing Shadow, his spear instantly stabbed forward.

    Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!

    In the blink of an eye, Meng Tian's figure completely turned into a blur, and Teng Qingshan could only see the light reflecting off of the saber covering every direction. No matter, above, below, front, behind or from the sides ......In an instant, Teng Qingshan seemed to be imprisoned by the surrounding saber reflections.

    Blood Moon Dance was Meng Tian's world renowned unique skill.

    He was able to unleash 49 slashes from all directions in an instant, and each one was strong enough to crack apart a stone.

    Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

    A burst of rapid impact sounds pierced the sky one after another. Each impact produced an intense explosion in the air, which shook apart the surrounding tiles, sending pieces flying.

    Meng Tian retreated a few steps and then stood firmly on the wooden beam of the roof.

    Teng Qingshan also stood on the wooden beam, and his heart was somewhat startled: "What an astonishing speed. Meng Tian's speed was much faster compared to little Yun's. Luckily, my spear art Pursuing Shadow's ideal condition can grow continuously in speed without an end, which enables me to connect one thrust after another! Otherwise, I'm afraid I cannot block this technique with only the strength of 50,000 Jin."

    Teng Qingshan was surprised, but he didn't know...that Meng Tian was in shock.

    "He, he blocked it? He unexpectedly blocked my Blood Moon Dance!" Meng Tian felt his blood boiling, which made him want to vomit blood.

    49 slashes, and one slash was faster than the last. This technique demanded harsh requirements like the body's movement speed and the saber's swinging skill.

    "Haha ......Teng Qingshan. This senior admires you. It seems like you will also be in the Earthly Ranking soon. I, Meng Tian, will keep my word and spare your life today." Meng Tian smiled as he said this. He rushed toward the distant darkness, but suddenly the sharp sound of a projectile cutting through the sky could be heard!

    A flying knife!

    Forced to stop, Meng Tian immediately defended against the incoming flying knife.

    "Meng Tian, if you want to leave, you have to ask me if I will allow it or not!" Teng Qingshan dashed forward the same instant he threw a flying knife. When Meng Tian blocked it, he noticed that Teng Qingshan was already leaping at him from the air.

    Using this advantageous position, the Reincarnation Spear fiercely smashed down like thunder!


    Although Chopping Fist wasn't successfully turned into a spear art, Teng Qingshan still used the meaning of it to display a strike like a mountain crashing down.

    "Rumble ~~~" The spear art issued a terrifying air explosion.

    Meng Tian just blocked a flying knife a moment ago and didn't have enough time to evade. He could only use the Blood Moon Saber to guard over his head.


    The wood beneath him was smashed into a million pieces, and Meng Tian fell down from the impact.


    The twenty men that were guests inside the Can Shi Inn had run out immediately ever since the fighting began. They stood outside and watched from a distance. At this moment, they saw that Teng Qingshan and Meng Tian were fighting on the roof before Meng Tian fell down.

    "Big Bro, did you hear? One is called Meng Tian and the other is called Teng Qingshan."

    The man with his long hair hanging loosely nodded and said:"Meng Tian is a super expert inside the Earthly Ranking. I wouldn't have thought that we brothers would be able to witness such a big battle at an inn in this wilderness. However, the one called Teng Qingshan is really powerful and unexpectedly isn't even at a disadvantage."

    "We almost started a fight with them a moment ago. We were almost courting death." These men began to feel afraid.

    After seeing their abilities, most likely Teng Qingshan could already kill all of them by himself.

    "Big Bro, who do you think will win?" A group of men stared at the Can Shi Inn where loud explosions could be continuously heard. Teng Qingshan and Meng Tian were obviously fighting each other inside.

    "It should be Meng Tian!  Based on what he said on the rooftop, it was obvious that he did not perform his most powerful technique because of his love for the talented individuals." The unkempt man pondered and said, "Plus, Meng Tian is recorded in the 《Earthly Ranking》, thus, he must have a terrifying hidden move. Once that move is performed, Teng Qingshan will most likely lose!"

    Just before the sound of his voice died away--


    A figure broke the window of the lodge and leapt outside, and he seemed slightly embarrassed. The figure was Meng Tian.


    A terrifying cold beam shot through the walls of the lodge like a wall drilling machine. With an explosion, Teng Qingshan slammed the wall into pieces and the crushed rocks flew everywhere. However, Teng Qingshan's fierce eyes were still glaring at Meng Tian.

    "Pu!" The cold light reflected by the head of the long spear had already arrived before Meng Tian's body.

    "Clang!" Meng Tian's body was knocked to the air.

    "Teng Qingshan, do you really want to court death!" Meng Tian roared furiously.

    Teng Qingshan stared at him coldly and said, "If you can kill me, then show me your best move. Otherwise...this day next year will be your death anniversary!"

    Meng Tian's eyes turned cold. It wasn't that he didn't want to kill Teng Qingshan, but if he performed his best move, it would damage his body greatly. Therefore, if he was not at the moment of life or death, he would not touch this technique at all. However, Teng Qingshan's powerful and fierce spear art left Meng Tian with no other choice.

    "You are looking for death!" Meng Tian gnashed his teeth as he said.


    Strangely, Meng Tian's skin suddenly reddened, and drops of blood seeped out of his pores and every area of his body. Instantly, the blood dyed Meng Tian's thin sweatshirt red, and Meng Tian became a like a man made of blood. His whole body was entirely red and looked extremely horrifying.

    Instead of being surprised, Teng Qingshan felt joy as he exclaimed, "I can finally see the true ability of an expert with his name recorded in the 《Earthly Ranking》!

    A bloody man, and a blood-red saber!

    "Die." Meng Tian roared savagely.

    A blood-red shadow instantly slashed past, moving a distance of ten Zhangs. The speed was so fast that Teng Qingshan was greatly shocked.


    The Blood Moon Saber struck so rapidly that the atmosphere shook.  The blurry figure of the saber caused Teng Qingshan's vision to blur, and he actually couldn't see the true appearance of the saber!

    Teng Qingshan's ears flinched.

    Through the combination of his eyes and ears, Teng Qingshan instantly determined the position of the saber. The inner strength began billowing within his body, which caused Teng Qingshan's speed to increase to a level higher!

    When Teng Qingshan was creating the 《Five Techniques of the Ardent Flame》skill, he also combined it with the 《Ardent Flame Spear Art》. He improved the five elements spear art again. Every strike could stimulate the meridians through the inner strength, which would cause the speed of the spear to Increase drastically! However, there was no need for Teng Qingshan to do so normally, but he finally did it today!

    It was the same fifty thousand jin of strength, but it was assisted by the inner strength. Thus, the speed of the spear instantly accelerated sixty to seventy percent more!


    The Reincarnation Spear was a streak of lightning! It was thrust toward the blurry red saber figure!

    Pierce through heavens!


    The Reincarnation Spear and the Blood Moon Saber separated the moment they made contact, and both of them changed directions due to the impact. Meng Tian and Teng Qingshan were both dodging each other's weapon, but.....Teng Qingshan's Reincarnation Spear was nine chi and six cun long, yet that Blood Moon Saber only had a length of around four chi.

    At present, the longer weapon had an advantage. Before the Blood Moon Saber touched Teng Qingshan, the Reincarnation Spear had pierced into Meng Tian's left arm with a spiralling motion, which caused a "Puchi" sound.
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