Chapter 52: Black Fire Spirit Root

    Book 3 Chapter 52 Black Fire Spirit Root

    Duan Hou's words attracted quite a number of warriors. Jin Tao was full of anxiety and dissatisfaction, but Duan Hou continued his stories in delight with increasing excitement.

    "Everyone, are you aware of the positive effects that the Black Fire Spirit Fruit would bring if one were to eat it?" Duan Hou scanned through the crowd with a smug look.

    "I know! That Black Fire Spirit Fruit, once eaten by an expert who has reached the pinnacle of the postliminary realm, will automatically become an innate master!" A man shouted out, and immediately the people around him started to make a ruckus. Even Teng Qingshan was astonished. There were few who could achieve the level of an innate master. How could one reach that level just by eating one spiritual fruit?

    Jin Tao snorted, "Idiot!"

    The man, who had spoken out earlier, glared at him and was about to blast out in anger, "You......" His companions immediately held him back. "That's a warrior from the Tie Yi Hall!"

    Duan Hou spoke out in a bright voice. "Haha, it is not that easy to attain the level of innate master! From the postliminary realm to the innate realm, it is dependent on one's own self, but as everyone is well aware, the postliminary realm is achieved by training vitality into Qi. To step into the innate realm, the spirit and Qi must be harmonised to be able to training Qi into spirit! The 'spirit', is the 'spirit' from the three states of essence, energy and spirit. It is very mysterious and hard for one to describe clearly! However, the 'spirit' is pertinent for one to be able to reach the innate level. And this 'Black Fire Spirit Fruit' is said to be able to nurture one's spirit, allowing the 'spirit' in one's mind to be stronger, thus making it easier for one to step into the innate level!"

    Teng Qingshan nodded to himself. This is referring to the transformation on one's mental spirit.

    "Brother Duan, after that long story, it just means, the person who eats the Black Fire Spirit Fruit will have the hope of being able to achieve the innate state?" Someone shouted.

    "That is, of course, true! It increases your chances by a lot. If you are not able to achieve the innate state after eating the Black Fire Spirit Fruit, then you won't ever be able to dream of reaching the innate state." Duan Hou said with absolute confidence, but continue with a grin, "However, while the Black Fire Spirit Fruit is a treasure, the 'Black Fire Spirit Root' from which the fruit grows from is also amazing, albeit slightly incomparable to the fruit."

    Someone immediately cut in, "It was said that the Black Fire Spirit Root will allow one to improve his physique and strengthen one's muscles and bones, giving the person immense strength!"

    Duan Hou nodded, "Yes, an ordinary man who eats the Black Fire Spirit Root will be able to gain a strength of ten thousand Jin, immediately becoming a First Rated Warrior! However...... To a warrior who had reached the pinnacle of the postliminary realm, the effects of the Black Fire Spirit Root is far from being comparable to that of the Black Fire Spirit Fruit!"

    One who was able to raise a weight of ten thousand Jin was considered as a First Rated Warrior, but he would be at the bottom amongst the other First Rated Warriors.

    For instance, Zhuge Yun, Commander Zang Feng, Commander Ji Hong, Yue Song, the expert from the 《Earth Ranking》 Meng Tian, which one of them was not able to exert an explosive tens of thousands Jin worth of strength in an instant?

    Teng Qingshan, who had achieved the ninth level of his training in the 《Vigor of the Reckless Bull》, was also able to exert strength of sixty thousands Jin in an instant with his internal strength.

    To the powerful warriors in the postliminary realm, eating the 'Black Fire Spirit Root' to increase ten thousand Jin worth of muscle strength and to bring their capabilities up slightly higher was not of much worth to them. Only the 'Black Fire Spirit Fruit' that could give them hope of reaching the innate state would be considered a treasure.

    "Black Fire Spirit Root!" Teng Qingshan's heart throbbed.

    "This Black Fire Spirit Root must have amazing powers to be able to nurture the 'Black Fire Spirit Fruit'. Eating the Black Fire Spirit Root will allow these powers to flow into an ordinary person's body, allowing the person to have a strength of ten thousand Jin in a short time!" Teng Qingshan was a Grandmaster, so he was well aware of how miraculous this root was.

    If a person wished to increase their strength, they needed to continue developing their potential and improve themself.

    Surviving in nature, a human body had its restrictions. For example, Teng Qingshan had reached his limits to be able to attain a strength of a hundred and eighty thousand Jin.

    To improve further, one of the ways was to increase the potential of the human body!

    How would they increase their potential?

    "By eating the Black Fire Spirit Root, one can easily attain a strength of ten thousand Jin! The Black Fire Spirit Fruit really does contains miraculous energy in order to increase the potential of one's body by leaps and bounds! Now that my body has reached the limits to the potential I can develop, if I eat this Black Fire Spirit Root..." Teng Qingshan was suddenly full of expectation.

    According to Teng Qingshan, the Black Fire Spirit Root definitely did not just merely increase one's strength by ten thousand Jin!

    "Those who train their internal strength has no means to really develop the potential which the Black Fire Spirit Root increases!" Teng Qingshan had thought so. "If one really develops the potential one receives from the Black Fire Spirit Root, the strength that he can increase is definitely not just ten thousand Jin. I will only be able to find out the how much strength I can receive after eating it for myself!"

    At that moment, compared to the Black Fire Spirit Fruit, Teng Qingshan has a greater craving for the Black Fire Spirit Root.

    He had not been able to increase his strength for a while now. The Black Fire Spirit Root was Teng Qingshan's hope to further strengthen his body.


    On the training grounds of the Jin Jia Village, the warriors discussed excitedly. All of them hoped to attain the Black Fire Spirit Fruit and the Black Fire Spirit Root.

    To an ordinary warrior, the Black Fire Spirit Root could allow them to become a First Rated Warrior immediately was also a treasure.

    "Hmph." That Jin Tao coldly snorted as he went to retrieve his battle horse and left Jin Jia Village that night.

    "Brother Duan! I also have some matters to attend to, so I will take my leave." Teng Qingshan cupped his hands and said.

    "Brother Qin Lang." Duan Hou grinned. "You better not leave the area near the Blazing Mountain this few days. There will be many warriors coming after the Black Fire Spirit Fruit, the Black Fire Spirit Root, and the Red Scaled Beast. There will be a crowd and excitement like never before!"

    Teng Qingshan smiled and left.

    Looking at Teng Qingshan's back as he left, Duan Hou smiled even more brightly. "Jin Tao? You didn't want me to speak? Hmph hmph, Now i will spread it even farther. I will spread it so far that all the experts from Yangzhou and Qingzhou will gather here. Haha, it will only be lively when a large number of experts gather." Duan Hou was one who liked to stir up trouble.

    Duan Hou was very clear, with Tie Yi Hall around, there was no way that he could go against Tie Yi Hall.

    Since he couldn't get it, he might as well blow up the issue! Duan Hou had always been one who liked excitement.

    Yun Lai Inn.

    Once he returned to the inn, Teng Qingshan immediately called for Du Hong and Teng Qinghu.

    "Lieutenant, did you see the monster?" Du Hong laughed.

    Teng Qingshan asked again, "Old Du, let me ask you. A demonic beast with it's whole body covered by an armor of black scales, with four limbs, many short spikes on its back, with a mouth that is long and big; furthermore, in times of emergency, it can turn its whole body red, and increase its speed by many fold. Is this the description of the Red Scaled Beast?" Du Hong had stayed in Gui Yuan Sect for very long and was very knowledgeable.

    Du Hong was stunned for a moment before he excitedly replied, "Yes, it is the Red Scaled Beast, but that is in its adolescent stage. Once it grows bigger and eat the Black Fire Spirit Fruit, it will shed its skin like a snake and change into a new layer of armor of scales. Its body will also grow bigger and can spit flames. Lieutenant, are you saying that that demonic beast is an adolescent Red Scaled Beast? Ah, if it is an adolescent beast, then......" Du Hong said a whole lot regarding the Black Fire Spirit Fruit and the Black Fire Spirit Root.

    Teng Qinghu also became excited.

    "What did you say?" Teng Qingshan frowned. "The Black Fire Spirit Fruit will definitely mature when the Red Scaled Beast matures?" Duan Hou did not share in such details previously.

    "Yes, lieutenant." Du Hong obviously knew more than Duan Hou. "The Red Scaled Beast can only be born from a place where the Black Fire Spirit Fruit grows! The rate at which the Red Scaled Beast grows is extremely fast, experiencing a transformation almost daily. Everyday, it's body will gradually grow bigger, and its appetite will also increase. It likes to eat meat."

    Teng Qingshan immediately understood.

    That adolescent Red Scaled Beast started with eating one person a day, to two people, to the eventual three people...... its appetite really did increase very fast.

    "But from what I read, there were no records that it likes to eat humans." Du Hong said. "I would think that the Red Scaled Beast will likely fully mature in another month and grow to a height exceeding two zhang! If it wants to transform further, it can only eat the Black Fire Spirit Fruit! What we need to do, is snatch that Black Fire Spirit Fruit!"

    In his heart, Teng Qingshan added, "And to snatch the Black Fire Spirit Root at the same time!"

    "Not long after the Red Scaled Beast matures, the Black Fire Spirit Fruit will also mature! Once the Black Fire Spirit Fruit matures, it will turn from black to red in an instant and it will sustain for 24 hours. If no one picks it within 24 hours, it will rot. The Black Fire Spirit Fruit must be kept in a jade box to prevent it from rotting." Du Hong shared these details.

    Teng Qingshan nodded to himself after hearing this.

    "Lieutenant!" Du Hong asked, "The Black Fire Spirit Fruit is of great concern to our Gui Yuan Sect. Should we report this to the sect?" Du Hong waited for Teng Qingshan's reaction.

    "We will rush to the Hua City of the Xuyang County first thing tomorrow morning and ask the men under Gui Yuan Sect in Hua City to spread the news to the sect." Teng Qingshan was well aware, after Duan Hou and the other warriors had spread the news, there would be many people who would hear about it, and Tie Yi Hall would most definitely participate in this.

    The headquarters of the Tie Yi Hall was in Chu County. They had plenty of experts and had an advantage in terms of location.

    With the help from the experts from the Gui Yuan Sect, he would have a higher chance of obtaining the Black Fire Spirit Root!


    Teng Qingshan and company rushed to Hua City the next morning. With the influence of Gui Yuan Sect, they had people stationed at every city in Yangzhou. Of course, they deployed less and less men in the areas under the influence of the Qinghu Islands to show that they did not carry any ill intentions. And of course, they had more men stationed in Xuyang County which was not under the control of any sect.

    In Zhuge Yuanhong's study in Gui Yuan Sect in Jiangning County.



    Both Commander Ji Hong and Commander Guan Lu bowed.

    Zhuge Yuanhong threw the secret letter in his hands towards Ji Hong. "Second Martial Uncle, you and Lu'er should read the contents of the letter."

    Ji Hong rejoiced upon reading the letter.

    After reading the letter, the cold look on Guan Lu's face was wiped off as she felt surprised. "Master? There is an adolescent Red Scaled Beast in the Blazing Mountain at the borders of the Xuyang County and Chu County?"

    "The news was sent to us by Teng Qingshan and company. There is definitely no mistake." Zhuge Yuanhong smiled. "This Black Fire Spirit Fruit is of great use to the warriors who have reached the pinnacle of the postliminary realm. After eating it, the chances for them to reach the innate state will have been greatly increased! Second Martial Uncle, our goal this time is to obtain the Black Fire Spirit Fruit, the Black Fire Spirit Root, and that Red Scaled Beast!"

    "Red Scaled Beast?" Ji Hong was stunned. "Sovereign, it is impossible to tame the Red Scaled Beast."

    Across history, no one had ever successfully tamed a Red Scaled Beast. Demonic beasts were extremely hard to tame. And of course, there were a small number of demonic beasts which could be tamed.

    Zhuge Yuanhong smiled. "The Black Fire Spirit Fruit is of utmost importance to the Red Scaled Beast. It can only transform after eating the Black Fire Spirit Fruit. Therefore, it will fight for it when the time comes! If the Red Scaled Beast does not eat the Black Fire Spirit Fruit, while a maturing Red Scaled Beast, with its height of over two Zhangs, is strong, you guys should be able to kill it if you work together with Teng Qingshan. If one were to wear the scales of a maturing Red Scaled Beast, only innate masters will be able to penetrate it. It is a priceless treasure!"

    There was no doubt to the prowess of the armored scales of the Red Scaled Beast.

    "In the event that the Red Scaled Beast is stronger, it will transform after it takes the Black Fire Spirit Fruit. It will shed its scales and grow a new set of red armor of scales. Your mission will then be changed to retrieving the black scales that has been shed." Zhuge Yuanhong said. "Second Martial Uncle and Lu'er, select thirty elites from the Black Armored Army and another thirty warriors from the core disciples of the Gui Yuan Sect. The two of you will set off this afternoon and head towards the Hua City in Xuyang County to meet up with Teng Qingshan and company!"

    "Yes, Sovereign (Master!)

    Ji Hong and Guan Lu bowed.
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