Chapter 57: Yin and Yang

    Book 3 Chapter 57 Yin and Yang

    Canglong was a Tie Yi Sect elder. Presently, he was already over 100 years old and was similar to Ji Hong.

    Between the two of them, one was a lieutenant from the Gui Yuan Sect's Black Armored Army, while the other was an elder of the Tie Yi Sect. Their ages were close and they were both old. Unexpectedly, they both had the temperament of a child. Describing them as "Child" and "Old Child" actually made sense; between the two of them, neither accepted the other and truthfully There weren't any differences between the two.

    Wei Canglong had ranked on the 《Earthly Ranking》 once, while Ji Hong hadn't. Thus, Wei Canglong felt that he could pressure his old rival.

    Currently, Ji Hong's expression caused Wei Canglong to feel angry: "Amongst your Gui Yuan Sect's junior generation, Teng Qingshan has appeared. Old geezer, are you satisfied now? Hmph. I heard that Teng Qingshan defeated Meng Tian. Who knows the truth?! Perhaps he used some underhanded method."

    Wei Canglong lowered his gaze and looked at Feng Wuxue. In a worried voice he said: "Wuxue. There are many experts under the heavens, so you needn't mind a losing once in awhile. Next time, just win instead!"

    Expectedly, Feng Wuxue was the Tie Yi Sect's future Sect Leader, so the Tie Yi Sect would obviously groom Feng Wuxue to such an extent.

    "Martial Ancestor! Wuxue understands. That Yan Tie's saber skills were truly terrifying. I completely accept my loss! However..." Feng Wuxue looked at the distant youth wearing a short garment and harboring a cold expression. Resolutely he said: "Three years! Within three years, I will definitely surpass you!"

    A smile eclipsed Wei Canglong's face.

    "Martial Ancestor, between Teng Qingshan and Sima Feng, who will win?" Ma Wuxue asked while glancing at the man who defeated him, a short distance away. A sturdy old man, with graying hair on his temples, walked 10 Zhang towards the center. This old man was wearing a cyan robe and had a black broad sword on his back.

    Wei Canglong let out a sneer: "Although Sima Feng is only the leader of a small sect, he is 80 years old. Furthermore, he has immersed himself in the art of the sword for 60-70 years. Even you, Wuxue, would have issues defeating Sima Feng. As for Teng Qingshan, just watch!"


    It was the middle of the night; a torch was lit causing the surrounding environment to be dyed red.

    Over 1000 martial artists gathered to create a circle ten Zhang; everyone was excited. In the center of the spacious circle stood one person. This cyan robed old man roared: "Don't tell me that you don't have guts?" His gaze coldly glared at the nearby Teng Qingshan.

    "Teng Qingshan! Are you afraid?"

    "Teng Qingshan, move your ass!"

    Over 100 martial artists began shouting. There were too many people, so finding the people who were jeering was impossible. These martial artists wished for the whole world to be in chaos as they continued yelling. (TL: It's an idiom)

    "Chi, chi..." Teng Qingshan paid no heed to the surrounding hubbub. Instead, he focused on attaching the two ends of the Reincarnation Spear together.

    "Sima Feng, you are also an elder. I'm in the process of assembling my weapon; why must you be so impatient?" Teng Qingshan's voice resonated in the night. Simultaneously, he strided to the center of the spacious arena. As soon as they saw Teng Qingshan walk out, over 1000 marital artists immediately gave a cheer.

    Teng Qingshan versus Sima Feng!

    It was a pleasure to spectate such an expert level of battle.

    "Haha, Teng Qingshan, there's no need to digress any further! Let our subordinates see the true show!" Sima Feng said as he retrieved the black broad sword from his back.


    The broad sword was unsheathed and a metallic noise reverberated through the air. Holding the black broad sword with one hand, Sima Feng's face turned serious. His grandeur instantly fused together with his broadsword. Standing there, Sima Feng seemed to resemble a towering mountain that rendered one incapable of movement.


    Gripping his spear with one hand, Teng Qingshan looked at Sima Feng with a playful expression.


    "This Sima Feng has managed to become One With the Sword and his aura is oppressing. As the leader of a sect, it's only natural that he is such an expert." The barefoot youth, Yan Tie, muttered as he spectated the battle from amongst the crowd. "However, this Teng Qingshan seems to be very ordinary. I can't feel anything special about him. Mhm, we'll find out in a bit. If he truly relied on his own strength to defeat Meng Tian, then this battle against Sima Feng should be quite marvelous."


    "Lord Lieutenant, beat up that old geezer!" Du Hong yelled.

    "Qingshan, let him know your might." Qinghu exclaimed. Gui Yuan Sect's group had already arrived. Currently, they were all here to encourage Teng Qingshan. As for Lieutenant Guan, she was coldly watching the battle that was about to commence.


    There were many experts amidst this myriad of martial artists. Every one of them was intensely watching and the thousand people instantly turned completely silent.

    Sima Feng's eyes suddenly squinted as he proceeded to stride towards Teng Qingshan, wielding his broadsword.

    With every step, Sima Feng's aura rapidly increased.

    "Cousin, look carefully at the true meaning behind "Inflamed Passion" and "Flashing Fire"! Teng Qingshan suddenly yelled out in a loud voice. This sentence instantly caused an uproar in the surrounding crowd. What was Teng Qingshan trying to do? This was an important battle and Teng Qingshan still wanted to use the opportunity to teach his cousin?

    "Qingshan, beat him up!" Teng Qinghu sonorously exclaimed.

    In the center of the spacious field, Sima Feng didn't let Teng Qingshan's words affect his realm of conception.

    When Sima Feng was three meters away from Teng Qingshan, he abruptly stomped on the ground and the vigor he had been charging up instantly erupted. It resembled a fierce tiger instantaneously pouncing on Teng Qingshan. The black broadsword brought about an odd, acute whistling sound like a ghost wailing. The broadsword immediately descended upon Teng Qingshan's head.


    The Reincarnation Spear in Teng Qingshan's hands resembled an arrow as it flew noiselessly through the air at a quick but efficient pace. Sima Feng had no way of reacting in time.

    Five Techniques of Ardent Flame- Flashing Fire!


    "Hmm? Teng Qingshan can unexpectedly enter the "Minute Subtlety" realm?"

    Thunder God Saber, Hao Yue, who was gripping a roasted rabbit leg and was originally only casually glancing at the match, was instantly shocked when he saw the spear move. He intently stared at Teng Qingshan. "Not bad, that's the Minute Subtlety realm: inner strength control to a suave state where it follows one's will and not a single bit is wasted! However... as to what stage his Minute Subtlety realm has reached I don't yet know. I must watch carefully! Nonetheless, at such a young age, he should have only just entered the Minute Subtlety realm."

    Although Hao Yue was still chewing on roasted rabbit meat, his gaze was fixated on the spacious field and the two figures standing there.


    Even in the entire Nine Prefectures, the number of Postliminary martial artists who reached the Minute Subtlety realm were exceeding small. The reason for a martial artist's prowess lay in his body's inner strength. Those who were able to manipulate their inner strength as they wished without losing even a single strand could use inner strength to control their weapons and conduct extremely exquisite attacks.

    This was Minute Subtlety!

    It was a representation of one's absolute control over their inner strength!

    What about Teng Qingshan? In terms of inner strength, Teng Qingshan actually had not reached the Minute Subtlety realm! His control over inner strength was infact very crude! However, the spear art he was currently using didn't use inner strength. Instead, he was using pure muscle. Teng Qingshan's control over his body's strength could be said to be at the peak of precision.

    Teng Qingshan was able to control his flesh, muscles, bones, and even the flow of his Qi and blood.

    Absolute control!

    ... Receiving the "Flashing Fire" attack, the broadsword couldn't help but be knocked aside. However, Sima Feng's figure spun around, borrowing the rotational force. The broadsword in his hands seized the opportunity to launch a diagonal strike.


    The broadsword once again brought about an odd acute whistle.

    The Reincarnation Spear in Teng Qingshan's hands resembled a snake emerging from its cave as it abruptly flew out. In the instant it made contact with the broadsword, the power in Teng Qingshan's hands instantaneously erupted. The pole of the Reincarnation Spear suddenly bent a bit and after Teng Qingshan altered the power of his hands, it immediately emitted a completely opposite force, and the accumulated power of the Reincarnation Spearhead rose to another level.


    Teng Qingshan's Reincarnation Spear's spearhead abruptly ricocheted.

    "Peng!" The spearhead of the long spear smashed into the broad sword.

    Sima Feng felt his hand go numb and involuntarily retreated three steps. He couldn't help but stare in shock at Teng Qingshan. He proceeded to let out an invigorating laugh and said: "Incredible spear arts! Among the two attacks, that you just spoke of, Flashing Flames and Inflamed Passion, that was Inflamed Passion right? The instantaneous explosion of power caught me completely off guard!"

    "It's only just begun!" Teng Qingshan laughed and stomped on the ground.


    His entire body charged at Sima Feng like an arrow being shot from a bow. The long spear in his hands transformed into a flash of black lightning as it stabbed towards Sima Feng's bosom.

    "Qiang!" Sima Feng proceeded to swing the broadsword and simultaneously yelled: "Nine Swords of the Collapsing Mountain!"


    Teng Qingshan let out a loud laugh. The Reincarnation Spear in his hands was performing "Flashing Fire" and it seemed to resemble a snake ferociously thrusting out its tail, causing the broadsword to change its direction. This move caused Sima Feng's realm of conception to suffer. Subsequently, Teng Qingshan performed "Inflamed Passion".


    On the spacious field, Sima Feng's sword arts began turning even more violent and ferocious. He seemed incapable of maintaining his calm from earlier and became even more rash. Even his face started to flush red.

    This was because...

    Teng Qingshan had unexpectedly managed to use his two techniques, "Flashing Fire" and "Inflamed Passion" to completely suppress him.

    Sima Feng's body movements couldn't be considered quick. Thus, with Teng Qingshan's nimble feet, he encircled Sima Feng while wantonly performing his spear arts. Teng Qingshan's "Flashing Fire" resembled a venomous snake repeatedly biting someone. While his "Inflamed Passion"'s spearhead, which instantaneously exploded in power, it was similar to a malicious dragon.

    Occasionally, his spear was violent and fierce. Occasionally, his spear was sinister and diabolic.

    "This realm of conception..." Teng Qingshan overlapped the two moves as he alternated between them while constantly attacking Sima Feng. He unexpectedly remembered the alternation of Yin and Yang in his frame of mind when he had trained the "Three Xing Yi Postures" at the time. "These two moves, it should be like this!" The two spear moves began to slowly transform in Teng Qingshan's hands.

    "Flashing Fire" became even more gentle and reserved.

    "Inflamed Passion became even more violent and fierce.

    The two consecutive strikes seemed to be made by heaven. Gradually, "Flashing Fire" was shortened to half its original movement before transforming into "Inflamed Passion".

    Gentle and reserved, and violent and fierce would momentarily interweave.

    Sima Feng reverted to an insane realm of conception. He felt as if he was being tormented to death: "What kind of damnable spear art is this? In one instant, it's gentle, reserved and doesn't use power. In the next, it's violent and fiercely erupts with power!" However Sima Feng still felt that his manipulation over his broadsword was enough to defend against Teng Qingshan's "Flashing Fire".

    However, suddenly, Yin and Yang began alternating. It would be reserved and gentle one strike, before suddenly becoming violent and fierce.

    Caught unprepared, Sima Feng obviously obtained injuries.


    These two moves were already alive in Teng Qingshan's hands and now they had nearly fused into one move. What caused Sima Feng to suffer so much that he felt like spitting blood, was that he had never come across this sort of feeling before.


    The broad sword flew out of Sima Feng's hands and the silhouette of a spear proceeded to smash into his body. The sound of bone shattering was heard and Sima Feng flew into the air.


    Amidst the one thousand martial artists, there was a grey haired old man, whose eyes were like venomous snakes. He stared at Teng Qingshan: "This realm of conception... last time when Wei Wujia, that old geezer, chased me, his realm of conception was similar to that last strike! Although this young person's realm of conception during that attack is still vague and incomparable to Wei Wujia's, he is only 17 years old! Should I kill him now and rid Gui Yuan Sect of this genius, or should I steal him away and make him my own disciple?"
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