Chapter 63: Encounter

    Book 3 Chapter 63 Encounter

    At the foot of the Blazing Mountain, a stretch of tents were set up near each other.

    At noon, most warriors would have their lunch, and some would enjoy the cool air under a tree's shade after eating.

    "Ah, the Young Sovereign of Qing Hu Island, Gu Shiyou, came out!" Wu Dai felt delight in his heart. He had been staring at Qing Hu Island's tents and immediately moved forward to meet them quietly. At that moment, Gu Shiyou was holding a long spear and leaned against a tree while meditating with closed eyes.

    Just when Wu Dai wanted to approach, two experts next to Gu Shiyou immediately stared at him coldly.

    However, Wu Dai wasn't scared and continued to advance.

    Normally, whenever Young Island Sovereign Gu Shiyou was resting, everyone within ten Zhang wouldn't dare to approach him. Wu Dai's provocation enraged all the experts from Qing Hu Island.

    "Get lost." One of the experts said in a low voice.

    "Young Island Sovereign." Wu Dai shouted.

    Gu Shiyou opened his eyes and glanced at Wu Dai before a smile reappeared on his face. "I'm sorry, but I don't know you!"

    Wu Dai whispered, "Young Island Sovereign, I have a big secret to tell you!"

    "What secret?" With his interest piqued, Gu Shiyou walked towards him.

    Wu Dai smiled and acted friendly in front of Gu Shiyou, while saying in a low voice, "The secret whereabouts of the Black Fire Spirit Fruit!" Gu Shiyou squinted his eyes and focused his gaze on Wu Dai, like an ice-cold blade. However, Wu Dai actually smiled. "Young Island Sovereign, I am someone unimportant. Right now, I don't even have a secret weapon art, and even my inner strength technique is mediocre...."

    Gu Shiyou slightly thought about it and simply stated, "So you want a secret weapon art."

    "A scimitar secret weapon art would be the best!" Wu Dai continued. "Like the weapon in my hand."

    Wu Dai pulled his scimitar from his waist and showed it to Gu Shiyou.

    "Scimitar......" Gu Shiyou smiled. "If what you said is true...ah my guards have a Human Level secret technique called Hurricane Blade. This technique can be used with inner strength."

    Wu Dai's heart was filled with joy.

    Human Level secret technique?

    Having wandered the world, the only secret technique he cultivated was a mediocre one. As for his blade art, he peeped during other people's practice and freely learned some moves. His strength...... could be considered to be at the lowest level as a warrior. Even Third Rated Warriors with some skill could threaten him.

    "First, lead me there. If the Black Fire Spirit fruit is there, I will give you the secret technique." Gu Shiyou said.

    "Actually whether the Black Fire Spirit Fruit is there or not, I am not very sure." Wu Dai said bluntly.

    Gu Shiyou's complexion immediately sank. "Are you playing games with me?!"

    "No, no!" Wu Dai immediately replied. "I accidentally saw Commander Ji Hong from the Gui Yuan Sect along with Lieutenant Teng. There was also a woman. The three of them secretly and quietly entered a passage. Moreover, before they entered, they were cautious and acted very suspiciously. The three of them together, if they weren't going to look for the Black Fire Spirit Fruit, they wouldn't enter in secret. I am quite positive that the Black Fire Spirit Fruit is located there."

    Almost immediately, Gu Shiyou's complexion improved considerably.

    "Gui Yuan Sect ......" Gu Shiyou suddenly stared at Wu Dai and asked. "Where is that secret passage?"

    "Young Island Sovereign, the secret technique......" Wu Dai mentioned.

    "Of course I will give it you."Gu Shiyou snorted. "I don't care about this secret technique. When the time comes, I will personally hand it to you."

    Wu Dai said with a smile: "Young Island Sovereign, I am a mere nobody, incomparable to someone like you. If you give me the secret technique, do you still fear that I would deceive you?"

    Gu Shiyou hesitated slightly before agreeing, "Very well! Come to my tent first......In the afternoon, you will take us to the mountain and lead us to this passageway!"

    "Yes, yes." Wu Dai agreed.

    Wu Dai was ecstatic. "Haha, I will finally get a decent secret inner strength technique. A good blade skill is rare! I can finally stand up from failure. Once I learn that blade skill, I will take my revenge against that motherf*cker Old Wang Sun who insulted me!" Immediately he obediently entered the tent of Qing Hu Island's Young Sovereign.


    In the afternoon, four people walked to the bottom of the canyon. Besides Wu Dai, there were Gu Shiyou, a slightly fat middle-aged man, and a bald old man with a pair of triangular eyes. On the first day, the soldiers of the Black Armored Soldier lay in ambush, squatting in the thick grass while waiting for the lean man to appear. Afterwards, in order to prevent exposure, the soldiers of the Black Armored Army occasionally left the canyon instead of remaining there the entire time.

    If it was discovered that soldiers of the Black Armored Army were always in the canyon, it would easily arouse suspicion.

    Therefore, they pretended to search outside.

    "Look, it's there!" Wu Dai pointed upwards.

    "The secret passage is there?" The bald old man with triangular eyes raised his head to look up. Immediately, his whole body jumped up like an eagle and landed on the cliff. Grabbing the vine, he slightly examined it and discovered that there was a large entrance hidden behind it. The bald old man nodded and went through.

    "Haha, there really was a secret passage. Then the information might be real."

    Immediately, the fat middle-aged man carried Wu Dai and jumped on the cliff before flying into the passage. Gu Shiyou also followed and entered after them.

    Wu Dai had never come here before, so the four could only cautiously advance. They first walked along the crack, through the mist, before arriving at the shore of the lava flow. They didn't dare to intrude into the random and unpredictable dark tunnels and instead carefully advanced forward.

    They continued to move forward until they arrived at the magma lake!

    "Blub, blub~~ The magma bubbles exploded. In the center of that lake, there was a large black stone in the center from which spring water was unceasingly flowing out.The boiling heat made all of their clothes drenched with streams of sweat.

    The fat middle-aged man looked at the black stone and shouted out in pleasant surprise, "It's the Black Fire Spirit Fruit! The Black Fire Spirit Fruit!"

    A sneer appeared on that bald old man's face. "Humph, the Gui Yuan Sect sure had good luck to be the first discover it! However, this Black Fire Spirit Fruit belongs to our Qing Hu Island." Exactly at this time, a voice could be heard, "Three Lords, I would like to say a few words." The voice slightly trembled.

    The three people turn their head to look and noticed that it was Wu Dai who spoke.

    "There is no need to keep him anymore." The bald old man prepared to get rid to him.

    For those who knew the secret, death was the best way to ensure their silence.

    "Three Lords of Qing Hu Island! This humble servant already knew that the Lord would like eliminate me as a potential informant. Therefore, this humble servant prepared a countermeasure." Wu Dai awkwardly smiled. "If your servant doesn't make it back alive tonight, then ......The information that the Black Fire Spirit Fruit was discovered will definitely spread!"

    Gu Shiyou and the others' complexion changed.

    "Three Lords, please have mercy on this servant with a suspicious mind!" Wu Dai continued. "Once I go back, this news will absolutely not spread!"

    "Humph." The bald old man sneered.

    They were no fools! The bald old man and Gu Shiyou, any of them could easily kill Wu Dai. However, now they didn't dare to do so. No one knew......what kind of method Wu Dai had used to make sure that the information would spread once the time came.

    Then their work would be in vain.

    "We from Qing Hu Island will certainly keep our word." The bald old man coldly said. "However, before the Black Fire Spirit Fruit matures, you must stay in the camp of our Qing Hu Island."

    "Yes, yes." Wu Dai nodded.

    "Martial Granduncle, Martial Uncle!" Gu Shiyou looked at that Black Fire Spirit Fruit as a hint of fire flashed through his eyes. "The Gui Yuan Sect also knows about the Black Fire Spirit Fruit. When the time comes......what do we do when the people from Gui Yuan Sect try to steal it from us?"

    "I dare them to try!" That bald old man sneered, and a cold light flashed in his triangular eyes. "The small Gui Yuan Sect dares to compete with my Qing Hu Island?  If they truly don't know their limits, then we will be ruthless against them. They will die for nothing if they try to snatch the Black Fire Spirit Fruit from us. Humph, the Gui Yuan Sect still dares to challenge my Qing Hu Island for killing three of their members?"

    Gu Shiyou and that slightly fat middle-aged man could only nod. It was declared to the outside world that Gu Shiyou was leading the troops. However, the strongest expert amongst them was "Du Jiu", the master of Gu Shiyou's father.


    At this time, Teng Qingshan, Ji Hong, and Guan Lu walked along the big cracks before grabbing the vines that linked them and rapidly slid downwards.

    In the darkness.


    The three people fell one after another. After smelling the sulphur, they entered white familiar mist.

    "Qingshan, from my view, that Black Fire Spirit Fruit is almost mature and only needs several more days." Ji Hong said while walking. As he spoke, there was a big smile and he was obviously very happy.

    "Ah, if we can cautiously endure these days, we should be able to seize the Black Fire Spirit Fruit." Teng Qingshan's group continued to move forward.



    The magma continuously flowed slowly as the blazing air current heated the surrounding.

    Gu Shiyou wiped off the sweat of his forehead. "Martial Granduncle, Martial Uncle, let's go back for now."

    "In the future, we will come here twice each day." That bald old man turned around and said. The three of them, accompanied by Wu Dai, walked along the way back. However, after walking a few steps, Teng Qingshan, Ji Hong and Guan Lu's figures sudden appeared at a corner in front of them. Qing Hu Island's Young Sovereign and the other three were startled by their appearance.

    Teng Qingshan and the other two were also shocked!

    Seeing both sides, Wu Dai was absolutely terrified!

    They unexpectedly came at the same time! Gu Shiyou and his party didn't expect to meet the opposite party here.

    Although the three from Qing Hu Island were startled, they were prepared at heart.

    On the other side, Teng Qingshan's group didn't have the slightest mental preparation. In their eyes, the Black Fire Spirit Fruit was already in their hands. At the crucial moment, however, the people from Qing Hu Island had unexpectedly dropped in.

    "Qing Hu Island's people actually came!" Ji Hong's complexion changed abruptly.

    "This will be troublesome." Teng Qingshan frowned.

    "Haha......" The bald old man laughed. "Ji Hong, your luck is excellent! You also unexpectedly discovered this place. However ......my Qing Hu Island discovered it half a month ago. First come first served, this Black Fire Spirit Fruit belong to my Qing Hu Island!"

    Gui Shiyou and the fat middle-aged man stood by the bald old man's side.

    "Old Du Jiu!"Ji Hong screamed angrily. "You already came half a month ago? I ask you, how did you descend the hundred Zhang-deep crevice?"

    The bald old man was startled. They climbed down that vine!

    "Old Du Jiu, you lie without blinking an eye! You said first come, first served! That vine was made by our people!" Ji Hong loudly said while staring at that bald old man. Wu Dai watched both sides quarrelling and thought to himself: "This vine was arranged by the others. How could your Qing Hu Island come here earlier than the Gui Yuan Sect? Your lie was easily found out by the other party!"

    The bald old man's complexion immediately began to turn ugly.

    "The vine was arranged by the people who first entered here. Of course it was our Gui Yuan Sect's." Ji Hong coldly stated. "According to what you said a moment ago, first come first served!"
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