Chapter 65: Maturation of the Spirit Fruit, A State of Panic!

    Book 3 Chapter 65 Maturation of the Spirit Fruit, A State of Panic!

    "Commander, I think we should set off immediately! Bring our men to the lava lake." Teng Qingshan lowered his voice, "There are already quite a number of people who are rushing over to the bottom of the lake. If we don't set off soon......By tomorrow, the entire area around the lava lake will probably be occupied by them."

    Ji Hong was stunned.

    Indeed, they had to take up spots before it's too late!!

    The lava lake was only a curved channel, hundreds of Zhang long. Only one side of the lava river flow had a wide passageway. In addition, it was unbearably hot near the lava lake. A First Rate Warrior would need remain at least two to three Zhang away from the lava lake. If they got too close, just resisting the heat alone would sap a large portion of their internal strength. As a result--there could only be around two to three hundred people in the empty space surrounding the lava lake.

    The rest of the people could only stay in the passageways or further away from the lava lake and lava stream.

    In summary, the later one arrived, the harder it would be to secure a good spot.

    "If we are pushed out to a distance of hundreds of Zhang from the center at the very start, we won't have any chance to get the Black Fire Spirit Fruit." Ji Hong stood up. "Qingshan, Guan Lu, mobilize your men. We will head underground immediately! Claim a good spot in the front. Right......Make sure to bring extra food and water!"

    Aware of the situation underground, within one hour, Teng Qingshan and company spent a considerable sum of money to purchase a large amount of food such as buns and cakes. At the same time, they also lugged big water cartons. When the food and water were all prepared, Teng Qingshan and the company immediately headed for the valley.

    When Teng Qingshan and the company arrived.

    "Haha, Ji Hong, your men came pretty fast." Du Jiu was standing in the valley. The experts from Qing Hu Island under him were all carrying food or water cartons as they climbed into the cave.

    "Not as fast as you guys." Ji Hong instructed, "Qingshan, lead the way. You're up first."


    Teng Qingshan was carrying a metal water carton by himself. The one he was carrying was the heaviest, weighing a thousand Jin. With this weight, it would be tough for an ordinary expert to carry it while climbing into the cave.

    "Why are you guys in such a hurry?" The Qing Hu Island's Young Master 'Gu Shiyou', who was standing below, waved the spear in his hands and attempted to block Teng Qingshan.

    In Gu Shiyou's eyes, as Teng Qingshan was carrying a water carton, his flexibility would be restricted.

    Contrary to his opinion, Teng Qingshan pushed Gu Shiyou aside with his Reincarnation Spear and stepped onto the shoulders of one of Qing Hu Island's experts, propelling himself upward. He clutched the rocks for a brief moment before entering the cave.

    "Good Qing Gong!" Gu Shiyou praised.

    "Quickly ascend." Under Ji Hong's commands, the other experts climbed upwards in an orderly fashion. Carrying a weight of hundreds of Jins, the soldiers were forced to climb since it was too tough to fly up.

    Qing Hu Island eventually managed to have all their men enter first, while Gui Yuan Sect was a tad slower.


    Hot! It was scathingly hot!

    Regardless if it were the experts from Qing Hu Island or from Gui Yuan Sect, all of them were carrying a weight equivalent to hundreds of Jin as they walked in an environment with a temperature of over sixty degrees. Besides them, there was the steady flow of scorching lava and the occasional steaming heat. Even when they kept their distance, the steam that blew in their direction was still difficult to bear.

    Their sweat kept flowing!

    "To keep staying in such a hot place? Heavens!"

    "It's too hot! I've never stayed in such a hot place in my entire life."

    Those experts all felt that the next few days were going to be arduous.

    Very soon, the men from Gui Yuan Sect and Qing Hu Island rushed to the side of the lava lake.

    At that moment, there were only the two groups at the banks of the lava lake. The rest of the groups had yet to arrive.

    "The cave that we entered from is near the foot of the mountain. That passageway within the deep lake is at the far west of the Blazing Mountain. We came quickly." Ji Hong smiled. "Alright, we will just occupy a space four Zhang wide. The rest will sit towards the back. If there isn't enough space, then rest in the passageways."

    Although there was a space of hundreds of Zhang next to the lava lake...

    Everyone was aware that there were over ten thousand warriors and many experts. If the Gui Yuan Sect were to take up half the space, the other experts would probably tear them apart!

    "Qingshan, it's so hot here. Are we going to have to eat and sleep here?" Teng Qinghu appeared glum.

    "There's no other option even if it's hot. Just bear with it." Teng Qingshan smiled. "Once the Black Fire Spirit Fruit matures, it will be the end of our suffering."

    In the four Zhang wide space, they formed rows of ten people. There was a distance of six to seven Cun between each row so that they could lie down and rest.

    Once the first three rows were formed, the rest of the people were ordered to enter the tunnels.


    As time passed, more and more warriors arrived.

    "Damn it, it's too hot!" Many warriors had started to complain after their first entrance.

    "It's so hot and dry! Looks like we'll need to bring along large quantities of water. If not, one wouldn't be able to tolerate the heat after a single night." Many experienced warriors quickly headed back to get water after they came across the lake and surveyed the situation.


    "So many people! Where's the Black Fire Spirit Fruit? I don't see it." Some warriors came late and were stunned to see the many warriors who were seated or lying down near the edge of the lake.

    Many warriors were surging to this underground location.

    Just those who were in the path besides the lava lake were already stretched out two to three hundred Zhang away from the center of the lake. This was why most of the warriors were staying in the tunnels.

    "Qingshan, you were thorough in your consideration." Teng Qinghu looked at the far distance, towards the crowd. "With so many people, we wouldn't have been able to come in if we arrived late!"

    "It's easy to leave, but hard to enter!'" Teng Qingshan couldn't help but heave a sigh.

    If the people inside wished to exit, those warriors outside would be happy to cooperate.

    But if the people outside wanted to squeeze their way through!

    The people inside would work together! Or even draw their blades!

    "The people from Xiao Yan Palace are so tragic." Teng Qinghu looked towards a group of men over ten Zhang away from them. "They must have lost at least lost forty to fifty of their men."

    "Mmm." Teng Qingshan looked towards the distance, gazing at the group of men in white robes.

    Those men were experts from Xiao Yan Palace, one of the eight major sects in the Nine Prefectures. This time around, the men from Xiao Yan Palace arrived slightly later, when warriors had already lined up the close to a hundred Zhang in front of them. If they were a hundred Zhang away, how could they get a hold of the Black Fire Spirit Fruit?

    Therefore, they tried to push their way through!

    There were many warriors in front as well, but they were not willing to give up their spot. With this conflict and with the massive number of warriors in front, who would be afraid?

    Warriors were all brutal. Once they started to fight, they would be very vicious!

    Fresh blood splattered. Thankfully, because of the fanatical carnage led by the 'Black and White' Elders from Xiao Yan Palace, a large number of crazy warriors were kept under control. Eventually, the people from Xiao Yan Palace managed to squeeze to a position ten Zhang away from the lava lake. No one would give in to them, even if they wished to proceed further. Almost everyone at the front were experts!

    Should Xiao Yan Palace still wish to be demanding and force their way forward, most of their men would likely perish.


    "One gets thirsty here too easily at the rate that we're sweating." The warriors often drank water to replenish themselves. In this underground area, they didn't need much food, but they needed large amounts of water! The water they brought was being consumed at a very fast pace.

    Three whole days!

    To be staying in the tunnels for three days under a temperature of sixty degrees, even powerful warriors were feeling faint from the heat. Quite a number of warriors, who were weak, had already left the place to go to the surface. To them, they had only gone underground to watch a good show.

    To go through such torment for a show was not worth the torment.

    In three days, more than half of the warriors had already left the area.

    But the warriors who were closest to the lava lake all persisted.

    "The warriors who left trained their physiques poorly!" Teng Qingshan shook his head silently. Those warriors all had strong internal strength, but when exposed to high temperatures, their bodies weren't able to withstand it. "When they come across trouble, they can only wait for death to arrive after they've exhausted all their internal strength." The only drinks Teng Qingshan took were the occasional sips of water.

    Frankly, Teng Qingshan wouldn't care even if he didn't have even a single drop to drink.

    He just didn't want to appear strange in front of others.

    This temperature had no impact on Teng Qingshan, whose physique was outstanding.


    Suddenly, a gust of steam surged from the lava lake.

    "So hot!" Many warriors, who were seated close to the center, all quickly shrunk back when they came into contact with the steam.

    "The gust of steam was at least a hundred degrees hot. What happened?" Teng Qingshan was also astonished as he quickly looked in the direction of the lava lake. In the center of the lake, that 'Black Fire Spirit Fruit', that was growing on top of that gigantic black rock, was emitting red light as it consecutively shifted colors between red and black. Each time the color changed, a gust of steam would surge out.



    No matter how hot the surging steam was, the warriors did not falter.

    "The Black Fire Spirit Fruit has matured!" Someone suddenly shouted out.

    An uproar broke out in the initially silent underground, and even the warriors behind them started to push forward.

    "Hu hu~~~"

    In an instant, the entire Black Fire Spirit Fruit turned a crimson red! Even its surface was covered by a burning flame!

    "It has matured!"

    All the warriors close by stood up, and in an instant, a number of figures flew towards the black boulder in the middle of the lava lake.

    "Grab the Spirit Fruit!"

    "Kill them!"

    A riot broke out!

    The warriors in the back also did not falter. Each of them were trying to think of ways to dash to the front. Those who were not able to push forth would shout out 'Kill them' or 'Grab it', to incite more chaos. The whole situation turned fanatic all of a sudden. The numerous figures who had flown towards the black boulder even brought the atmosphere to its peak!

    "Kill them!"

    "Swish!" "Boom!" "Pu!"......

    In the blink of an eye, a large number of concealed weapons, such as flying daggers and lancets, flew towards the first batch of men who had dashed for the black boulder. Even experts without concealed weapons started to pick up stones from the ground and fiercely threw them in their direction. The stones thrown by First Rated Warriors carried a force to be reckoned with.

    "Seven people!" Teng Qingshan stayed in his spot calmly.

    "Bang!" "Bang!" "Pu!"

    Amidst the noise and the cries, six out of the seven men suffered from serious injuries and fell into the lava lake. The seventh person only managed to hang on for a second before a piece of stone smashed his neck, and took the plunge shortly after.

    Seven people fell into the lava!

    The lava in the middle of the lake had a golden color. Upon falling into the lake, flames started appearing on their whole body as the warriors were engulfed by flames! At the same time, they cried out in a piercing voice!


    The piercing screams sounded like the wailings of ghosts.

    "Chi chi~~~" In almost an instant, the flesh of the seven people turned into ash, leaving only a pile of white bones floating in the lake, but very soon, the bones had also dissolved.

    Not a trace of them were left!

    Upon seeing this, the fanatical warriors, who were tempted to make their move, gasped, causing the atmosphere to freeze in less than second.
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